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 My First Lad - (a nice original topic title)

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 07 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 2:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Good Day,

I am Dr. John zuma, working in department of fund released order in first
National bank of South Africa, I know the letter might come to you as
surprise, but take it like your own deal.

Mr. ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ, from SPAIN executed a contract through Federal
Ministry of Aviation here in South Africa, the contract worth of USD 29,
000,000. Million Dollars, but on the process of him claming the money, he
died with his family in Bomb Blast in MADRID SPAN disaster that occurred in
SPAIN, we involve you to authenticate this clam.
Meanwhile, his money has been signed to pay in my office before I will give
order to the bank for final endorsement of his money.

Nobody knows what is going on except me and my colleague, the man's
information's are Contract Sum: USD 29,000,000 Million Dollars.
Contract number: FMA/FMF/3-X99/2001 You will act like the beneficiary of
this money; I will give you more information about the transaction.
I wait for your urgent reply

Kind regards,

Dr John Zuma.

N/B don't forget to include your direct telephone/fax number

Dear Dr John Zuma,

I am interested in this obviously very 100% risky free deal! Please contact me urgently so we can arrange the semantics! This is very important. I am a very busy man with many offers like this coming my way every single day. Please reply asap and give me all the information and details that I will need so that we can get this transaction under way.

Dr Phil Maballs.

Dear Phil Maballs ,

Thanks for your response to my business proposal to
you.Thanks you a lot for willing to help me actualize
this transaction.I will be glad to invest this money
in any area you directed as far as profits comes from
it.So i am very much happy that you have responded
back accepting to finalise this business with me.

Before we proceed i need you to send to me the
following informations

1.Your full/complete names and address
2.Your personal /company profile
3.Your marital status and age
4.Your experience in the field of investment
5.Your private phone/mobile and fax numbers for easy
communication .

6) A valid copy of any of your identification
documents , like international passport or national ID

Please be informed that due to my position in the bank
and other security reasons, I would not like to show
physical involvement in this operation. Therefore, I
have to contact an attorney to help us in the area of
filling application and obtaining all relevant
document that needed by the
bank, As an insider, I know that the fund cannot be
released without the availability of some transfer

Once the transaction is concluded and you confirmed
the money into your account, I will then have to come
down to your country after resigning my work and meet
with you for the sharing and the investment of the

You can call me anytime on:+27-73-2169959

Awaiting your reply immediately,

Best Regards

Dr John Zuma

Dear John,

It's very important to me that you address me correctly. I am a Doctor
after all. From now on I would like you to begin all e-mails with:
"Please Phil Maballs", otherwise I'm afraid I cannot do business with
someone so rude enough not to address me correctly. Very important!

Now, before we exchange information I would need you to handwrite an
agreement defining all terms and how much percentage of the money I
will be receiving. Once we have established this, then we can proceed.
Please, handwrite an agreement, scan it in and attatch to an e-mail

Thank you,

Dr Phil Maballs.

Dear Dr Phil Maballs,

I am very sorry if i did not address you the proper way.

Any i could not prepare any agreement now without first having your informations which i will use.

So i want you to urgently send to me your full names and address, your private telephone/mobile and fax numbers including your country and city code.

Once i got these informations, i will then prepare the agreement and then have it send to you after which we shall proceed on the transaction.


Dr John Zuma


Dear John!

You clearly did not understand me. I requested that you begin each
letter to me with 'Please Dr, Phil Maballs'. It's a simple request!
All you have to do is type those words at the beginning and say what
you want to say, and I'll be happy! How stupid are you not to
understand that? Sheesh.

Regardless, I wish to urgently press on. As you know I am a Dr who
suffers from deafness and testicular afflictions. As such I do not
have a telephone. IT's very difficult to use one when you can't hear
what the other person is saying.

With that said, you have my full name already so should have no
problem filling out the agreement.

I would like from you your full name and some photo ID so that I can
open a bank account in both of our names. I would deposit a small sum
of money to help you should you require the use of a lawyer to come up
with the agreement. Please send me this information so I can send you
some money and we can get on with this deal. Stop holding things up!

Dr Phil Maballs

p.s. remember: Please Dr, Phil Maballs!!
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Lol...slap em hard, slap em fast. Whens the next update on this risky free transaction? Laughing

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Remember a pet is for life and not just for Christmas, I sincerely hope your pet hasn't sustained any long term damage, and next time please break him in slowly, it's for the best.
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