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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello All

I have been baiting this person for the last 3 months.
They started on the following site and i got them to go in deeper through yahoo messenger in conversation with me. I don't know if they thought that was good or not, but here is all of the conversations from those chats.

They started out as most of these do generally, but they never did bother to send me anything via email, but that doesn't matter now. What does matter is that they have wasted the last 3 months and lost some of thier material.

Enjoy the read and i hope that maybe it can help some of you, you may be able to use some of these tactics.

Dennis W Demars

september 25 2005 2:00 AM CST

cutesexy4u: hi Dennis
cutesexy4u: how are you doing this morning?
denniswdemars: hello
denniswdemars: i am fine
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: why are you up at this time
cutesexy4u: you should be sleeping?
denniswdemars: just got in needed a break from some code i was going over
cutesexy4u: ok i see
cutesexy4u: whats the time overthere?
denniswdemars: besides i'm a night owl most of the time
denniswdemars: 1:52 am
cutesexy4u: ok i se
denniswdemars: it should be about 7 am there? lol
cutesexy4u: yes its about 7:55 am
denniswdemars: ok then my sense of time isn't off yet lol
cutesexy4u: lol
denniswdemars: i'll probably crash in about a couple of hours but for now i'm awake and up
cutesexy4u: oh cool
denniswdemars: so whats on your agenda for the day?
cutesexy4u: Pls Dennis can i ask you some questions pls?
denniswdemars: of course ask whatever you wish
denniswdemars: you will get the truth for answers though
cutesexy4u: are you an Honest and trustworthy guy?
denniswdemars: just so you aren't suprised by anything
denniswdemars: yes i am
cutesexy4u: pls i want you to be honest ok?
cutesexy4u: so you can be trusted right?
denniswdemars: i am always honest
denniswdemars: yes i can be
cutesexy4u: yes thats great
cutesexy4u: Dennis i will need you to do me a favour ok?
denniswdemars: ok, which is?
cutesexy4u: Yesternight, i met with a client and we had a discussion about business, so
cutesexy4u: she wants make some payment but she would issue an American check which is going to take long to get it cashed overhere, and i know its going to be easy to get it cashed overthere,
cutesexy4u: so i just need you to help me get it cashed ok?
denniswdemars: ok, what bank is she looking at using? what is the amount of the transaction? is it legal? also how is she looking at doing the dispersal of funds back to there?
denniswdemars: i am now thinking in banker mode
cutesexy4u: its 100% legal, ad you will have it sent back via western union
cutesexy4u: you know western union right?
cutesexy4u: ???
denniswdemars: yes i do
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: so you have no problem at all, the check will be issued and mailed to you
cutesexy4u: all you have to do is to get it cashed and have it sent via western union
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: so let me have your name as it should be written on the check/
cutesexy4u: ?
denniswdemars: Dennis W Demars
cutesexy4u: ok i got that
cutesexy4u: let me have your address where it should be sent
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: the amount of the transaction?, because certain amounts the IRS here will ask questions about, even though it is a legal transaction
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: its $5500
cutesexy4u: i dont think that is much right?
denniswdemars: my address here is, #10B 603 SW 14TH ST, Grand Rapids, MN 55744
cutesexy4u: phone # pls?
denniswdemars: no that amount is not an issue, but i can check the rates that western union will charge to ship it back
cutesexy4u: ok thats cool
denniswdemars: my phone number is 218-244-6697
cutesexy4u: is that a cell phone #?
denniswdemars: of course you will need to add the country code
cutesexy4u: yes i know that
denniswdemars: yep, only number i have and it is always on
cutesexy4u: ok thats cool
denniswdemars: what else needs to be done with this?
cutesexy4u: nothing
denniswdemars: will that be in a certified or cashiers check?
cutesexy4u: i will let you know when its been sent
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: i think its going to be in Cashiers Check
cutesexy4u: how long do you think its going to take you to get it cashed?
denniswdemars: you will be sending the instructions for shipping it back along with the check?
denniswdemars: well if it is a cashiers check then it will probably take 2 to 3 days to clear the bank? because banks always check all checks, it's standard procedure with them
cutesexy4u: ok thats cool
denniswdemars: and then they will release the funds and the it could be western unioned back, but it could take up to 5 days for the bank, thier funny that way sometimes
denniswdemars: they like to verify everything
cutesexy4u: ok i understand
cutesexy4u: are you going to send it from the bank?
cutesexy4u: you can get the cash and go to any western union agent to send it down ok?
denniswdemars: sending via western union they prefer cash
cutesexy4u: yes thats ok
cutesexy4u: western union is cool
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: so the bankk will cash it, after they do all of thier checks and balances
denniswdemars: and then sending it is straight forward
cutesexy4u: with western union right?
cutesexy4u: right?
denniswdemars: correct with western union
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: i will let you have the information you need to send it down later ok?
denniswdemars: on which bank will the cashiers check be drawn?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: i dont know yet, all i know is that its from a US bank
cutesexy4u: i will find out
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: ?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: Dennis i have to go get ready for church
cutesexy4u: i will be back in 3 hours
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: will you be online?
denniswdemars: i think i will, but if not, i may be asleep, i will be on in the morning
cutesexy4u: ok cool
cutesexy4u: i will look up for you
cutesexy4u: ok?
cutesexy4u: bye dear
cutesexy4u: i'll pray you lol
cutesexy4u: i'll pray for you
denniswdemars: ok lol
denniswdemars: i'll talk with you later then
cutesexy4u: ok dear
cutesexy4u: bye
denniswdemars: bye

October 4th 2005 3pm cst

cutesexy4u: hello dennis
denniswdemars: hello
denniswdemars: how are you
cutesexy4u: how are you doing?
cutesexy4u: i'm fine dear
cutesexy4u: and you?
denniswdemars: doing ok
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: i tried calling youtoday
cutesexy4u: but i droped a message for you
cutesexy4u: did you get it?
denniswdemars: oh, my phone is on
denniswdemars: haven't seen anything about it on my phone
denniswdemars: which number did you dial?
cutesexy4u: are you there?
denniswdemars: just checked, no messages on the phone
cutesexy4u: oh my God
cutesexy4u: maybe i dialed a wrong number
denniswdemars: possible, what number did you dial?
cutesexy4u: i dont have it here with me
denniswdemars: oh ok, well it's 218-244-6697
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: i will try this some otther time
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: ok
denniswdemars: so what else is new with you?
cutesexy4u: i just want to let you know that you will be getting the check tomorrow
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: so i want to give you the information you need to send it down to me as soon as you got it cashed
denniswdemars: ok go ahead
cutesexy4u: are you there?
denniswdemars: what is the info?
denniswdemars: yes
cutesexy4u: ok hold on pls
denniswdemars: ok
Joseph Khumalo
82 Barth Road
England Se181sq
cutesexy4u: thats the info you need to send it down via western union
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: do you know any western union location around you?
denniswdemars: i know of a couple about 40 miles from me
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: so you will get back to me with the western union MTCN #, as soon as you have it sent
cutesexy4u: so that i use that to get it overhere
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: yes i will, as soon as i have the info for it and get it sent off i will let you know
cutesexy4u: ok dear thanks a lot
denniswdemars: your welcome
cutesexy4u: i was told you should have it cashed immediately because its a travellers check ,
cutesexy4u: so you should get the money immediately
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: you sent that to my mailing address correct?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: yes dear
cutesexy4u: let me have your mailing address again to be sure
denniswdemars: ok just verifying, and it was an american express travelers check?
cutesexy4u: yes dear
denniswdemars: #10B 603 SW 14Th AV, Grand Rapids, MN, 55744
cutesexy4u: i will check on that later
denniswdemars: ok
denniswdemars: how much was that travelers check for?
cutesexy4u: its for $7000
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: so you should get it cashed immediately if its an American Express Traveller Check right?
denniswdemars: should be able to yes, it will depend some on my bank though as to if they have that much in cash on hand
cutesexy4u: ok
denniswdemars: thier a small bank
cutesexy4u: ok i see
cutesexy4u: but they should have enough for that
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: i would think so, if they don't, it will take an extra day, as they will just order funds in from the nearest larger bank that they work with
cutesexy4u: ok cool
denniswdemars: and hold the process until they have the funds on hand
cutesexy4u: but pls update me as soon as possible ok?
denniswdemars: i will do that
cutesexy4u: thanks mydear
cutesexy4u: so whats the time overthere?
denniswdemars: your welcome
denniswdemars: 3:45 pm in the afternoon
cutesexy4u: its 9:45 pm here
cutesexy4u: so what are you doing?
denniswdemars: -6 hours from you
denniswdemars: working
cutesexy4u: yes dear
cutesexy4u: oh hope i'm not disturbing you?
denniswdemars: your not
cutesexy4u: ok cool
cutesexy4u: pls dear can you hold some munites
cutesexy4u: i have to go take a cool shower now
denniswdemars: sure
cutesexy4u: ok?
cutesexy4u: thanks mydear
cutesexy4u: i'll be right back
denniswdemars: ok

November 1 2005 7pm

cutesexy4u: hello Dennis
cutesexy4u: how are you today?
denniswdemars: doing ok
cutesexy4u: thats cool
denniswdemars: just got home a little while ago
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: the UPS was at your place today to deliver the check
to you
cutesexy4u: i guess they should drop a note for you
denniswdemars: yes i saw thier note
cutesexy4u: cool
denniswdemars: i'll be calling the local office here tommorrow
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: do you have the package tracking # with you?
denniswdemars: yes
cutesexy4u: ok cool
cutesexy4u: so when are you going to do that tommorow?
denniswdemars: in the morning after they open i will call them
and have them hold it there and pick it up
cutesexy4u: ok thats cool
cutesexy4u: so will you go to your bank from there?
denniswdemars: after that on my lunch bheak i will go to my bank
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: so do you still the western union information i gave
denniswdemars: yes i do
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: can you comfirm it to me now?
cutesexy4u: to be sure you have it correctly
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: looking it up, i have it saved in a text document
cutesexy4u: ok pls check
denniswdemars: this is what i have - Joseph Khumalo
82 Barth Road
England Se181sq
cutesexy4u: yes you got it right
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: so make sure you go along with it tommorow
cutesexy4u: so that you can have the money sent immediately you
get it cashed ok?
denniswdemars: ok, but i may not have time to do it tommorrow, on
my lunch break, it may be the next day, also remember, that my
bank may impose a waiting period on this
denniswdemars: before i can send anything via western union
cutesexy4u: yes but its a Travellers Check so you should get the
fund immediately
cutesexy4u: ok?
denniswdemars: nevertheless, travelers cheque or not, my bank
requires a period of time to pass, before they cash any check
denniswdemars: i can't change thier policy
cutesexy4u: ok no problem then
cutesexy4u: its ok
cutesexy4u: so how was your day?
denniswdemars: good otherwise, and yours?
cutesexy4u: it was ok
cutesexy4u: but its kinda late here
cutesexy4u: whats the time overthere?
denniswdemars: i hear that, it's 6:48 pm here
cutesexy4u: its 1:50 am here
denniswdemars: ah ok
cutesexy4u: i need to go get some sleep now
denniswdemars: ok talk with you later
cutesexy4u: so when are you going to be online tomorrow?
denniswdemars: it will be about 3:00 pm here, when i can be on
cutesexy4u: ok i will look up for you at that time ok?
denniswdemars: ok
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: goodnite Dear
cutesexy4u: talk to you later
denniswdemars: goodnite
cutesexy4u: Mad bye
denniswdemars: ok
denniswdemars: bye

November 2 2005 6:49 - 7:00 AM

cutesexy4u: hello Dennis
cutesexy4u: how are you doing this morning?
denniswdemars: good morning
denniswdemars: doing ok
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: are you just waking up?
denniswdemars: yep
denniswdemars: having my first cup of coffee
cutesexy4u: oh thats nice
cutesexy4u: whats the time overthere?
denniswdemars: 06:49 am
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: will be going to work soon right?\
denniswdemars: in an hour
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: i can see you got the parcel from UPS yesterday right?
denniswdemars: yes, they stuck it inside my door
cutesexy4u: oh thats cool
denniswdemars: almost tossed it in the trash, by mistake
cutesexy4u: oh really?
denniswdemars: yep, almost forgot that i was recieving something
cutesexy4u: Smile
denniswdemars: with the exception of expected mail and correspondance, i toss everything else in the trash, keeps my mailbox empty, lol
cutesexy4u: Smile
cutesexy4u: so when are you going to the bank to cash it?
denniswdemars: i will be going to the bank on my lunch break, but remeber what i said about my bank, they take thier own time on thier procedures
cutesexy4u: ok
cutesexy4u: i'm also at work
cutesexy4u: i will check on you later ok/
cutesexy4u: i have to go back to work now
denniswdemars: ok
denniswdemars: have a good day
cutesexy4u: you too Dennis
denniswdemars: thx mandy
cutesexy4u: BYE

November 3 2005 9:15 - 9:30 AM

denniswdemars: gm
cutesexy4u: how are you today?
denniswdemars: doing ok
cutesexy4u: cool
cutesexy4u: are you st home?
denniswdemars: no at work
cutesexy4u: ok cool
cutesexy4u: so have you gettin the check cashed ?
denniswdemars: not yet, the bank has it, they have a new policy on all checks, given to them by the federal reserve and the FBI, to combat terrorism they are now requiring all checks to be verified and checked out before cashing, they tell me it will take about 2 - 3 weeks before they can release funds
cutesexy4u: oh my God
cutesexy4u: thats too long
cutesexy4u: it can be
denniswdemars: nothing i can do about it
denniswdemars: they have the checks, and they are running thier procedures on it now
denniswdemars: it's out of my hands
cutesexy4u: but you can also take it to the local check cashing places
cutesexy4u: there you can get it cashed immediately
denniswdemars: there aren't any here, the bank has the checks and they send them to the FBI for verification, and then the FBI sends them back after verifying thier validity
denniswdemars: and then the bank can cash them, this is the new procedure that has been instituted
denniswdemars: i don't have the checks
cutesexy4u: But what is the meaning of all this Dennis
cutesexy4u: i'm not a Kid
cutesexy4u: how do you mean bank send check to FBI
denniswdemars: I am telling you what they told me
denniswdemars: just that, they physically send them to the FBI
cutesexy4u: i have never heard of this
denniswdemars: well as they told me it is a new procedure handed down by the Federal Reserve to combat terrorism and when it comes to fighting terrorism, the way to do it is cut off thier funds, is what they say
cutesexy4u: i'm not disputting that but i wont aggree its going to take 2 weeks
cutesexy4u: thats too long
cutesexy4u: how can that be?
denniswdemars: i don't know, but that is what they are telling me and they have the checks, it's out of my hands
cutesexy4u: so are you saying you cant get them back if you want to?
cutesexy4u: ???
denniswdemars: i don't think so, they do shipments to the federal reserve daily, so they are probably already enroute to the nearest federal reserve office and from there, i would assume they are catalogued and then shipped over to the FBI, and after the FBI does, whatever it is they do, then i would assume that they are shipped back
denniswdemars: correct, i can't get them back
cutesexy4u: so when do you think you will get the money now?
denniswdemars: welcome to the world of the government doing what it does
denniswdemars: i don't know, i have no idea
cutesexy4u: you should have told me all this Dennis
denniswdemars: except for what they told me that it may take 2 - 3 weeks
denniswdemars: i didn't know this until i got to my bank, this is the first i have heard of this also, but then it doesn't suprise me, they are always putting new procedures into place
denniswdemars: to do different things

Haven't heard from them lately
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