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 Got flowers!

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Iím sure you all know about those letters from Africa saying they want help collecting millions of dollars. I started collecting them, they can be quite entertaining. Let me tell youÖ..
I received a letter wanting my help collecting a large sum of money. Here is my standard reply:::::
My dear sir; I would so like to help you but I know very little about banks since 1984 when the bank said I was overdrawn (which I was by 14 cents) and they charged me 25 dollars. I have since kept all my hard earned money in my mattress. (I tell you this in the strictest confidence)
I did however inquire that in order to handle a transfer of that size you would have to send me $500.oo on a US postal money order so I could open an account. Then I would require 40% of total to pay taxes on such a large sum. So after all that and your generous offer of 30%, I would be happy to help youÖ..
Well I thought that would be the end. They contacted me by messenger saying he was soooo attracted to me. Oh Boy! The games begin! He said he lived in Utah but he was working in Africa, he understood that I couldnít help with the transfer but he was owed $9000.oo for some work from a company in the USA. Could he have the person send me the money and then in turn wire it to him there. Yeh right! So sure I said SEND ME THE MONEY! I really didnít believe it would go any farther. It took a while for the mail to get it here so in the mean time we chatted.
It was around Valentines day and he kept asking about the check. I wasnít in a good mood that day and when he asked why, I said No one ever got me flowers for valentines day and that I knew he really didnít care about me just his check. He said heíd get me flowers because he was falling in love with me. (yep rolling on the floor by now) Well the next day I about shit my pants when the flower truck pulled up. I got a BIG basket with candy, tea, tea pot, large vase of flowers, teddy bear, and balloons. (worth over 100 dollars! The check came that day and I called the bank on the check. Of course they say there is no such account. Later that day he contacted me on the messenger and I said the check still hadnít come. I was happy with my flowers but my mom cried because she didnít get any. He said he was sorry and she would be happy tomorrow as he hoped he would when the check came. Yeppers the next day a different flower truck came with a basket for mom with fruit, candy, flowers and teddy bear!
I contacted the FBI about the check and they would get back to me but in the mean time I was to keep in contact with him. I kept telling him that it hadnít come, probably because I lived far from a town with post office. He started sounding desperate and said he really needed the money to pay rent, could I loan him 500. I said I couldnít and he asked would I sell stuff for him. I said I didnít know but if he tells me what he has Iíll try to find a buyer. 2 days later I get a big box from Old Navy store full of jeans in different sizes. Now I worry, am I receiving stolen goods? This was on a Friday so I decided to call the store on Monday. Lo and behold but on Saturday I get another box of jeans. 8 pairs all together. Ok shits getting a little to deep for me. On Monday I called the FBI and they had me send a copy of the check and said I should get a hold of the store, and have no farther contact as they would use my old ID and contact this person. I contacted Old Navy store and they were glad that I had let them know because a larger shipment was being sent on that credit card. Because I cooperated they let me keep the jeans and sent me an email the next day telling me it was a stolen card and thanked me again! Since then I havenít gotten any flowers but I do play with them.
I am putting it all on a free site that Iím building and when I get done I will put the address on here for you all to see.
I now only respond to those that are a little different. Like the one from a 20yr old African boy that wants me to be his mom. I have started a site to share my life (Ha Ha) With my adopted African if youíd like to see what I have so far take a peak. Wink
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