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 my first form

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 4:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my third bait, I have been taken my time with this one, sort of leaving long breaks between emails, this seems to really get them going.

I have set up a couple of websites for my toilet roll business, 1 in Canada 1 in the UK, my company is called “Ring of Soft Pleasure”

The story is the usual “Julien seems to have been left a trunk of money from is boss who died, he needs some help getting it out of the country” it seems my toilet roll business is just the thing for him to invest in. but first he will have to fill out them HOMELAND SECURITY forms before I could even begin to help. He had the forms for a few weeks, and has had to go and get a labouring job in the fields to pay for his cyber café use;

Dear Jonathan
Thanks for your mail.
To the best of my knowlegde,i have tried my possible best
to be simple and clear to you.
If you can not help me with 50 pounds,i am not afriad of leting
go because i know my stand and i will certainly breakthrough.
I want to fill out that form and fill in the passports and with
the logo sign.
How can i hold the logo?will i print it out and hold it to snap
a passport? Are you having a security check on 50 pounds?will that cost you
anything?is it a taboo to help someone who is genuiely in need?
Do you know how expensive this facilities are in the gambia?
I will have to print the forms,and it is about 7 pages,i will
now scan all of them and send them to you.
Do you think that it is very easy to get this job done without a penney?
There is no need to write too much letters,if you do not see this
issue as a rigtheous cause,then you are not purposed for it.
I have told you the truth and noting but the truth but you dont
seem to understand and beleive my words.
If i have goten this money now,i would done filled out this form
and send it back to you.
I must confess that i am suprised that at your response.

My reply;
Hello Julien

Julien you are very clear, I understand your circumstances but I can not possibly send you any money, until this form is filled in.

“How can i hold the logo?”

Print it out and hold it in front of you.

Do you know how expensive these facilities are in the Gambia?

I am so sorry about the expenses that you will have to cover, but I will send you the money as soon as I receive the forms, I will not wait for them to obtain SECURITY CLEARANCE, because I do consider you to be an HONEST person, and approval of security forms can take anything up to 3 weeks.

Please understand this is how our business works, if you do not want to communicate through me please go through our website, I really ought have directed you through the website were my personnel assistant handles these matters,

I am only trying to fast track your security form so you can take delivery of some money to continue our transaction, I should not have to pay for your internet use/printing/scanning.

I will be in the UK for a further 2 days. Remember sending money from Canada can be a little Difficult, because of the ANTI TERRORISM laws.

Good Night
Jonathan Creep

Now check out his passport then check out the forms. I sent these in colour so I’ll be expecting them back in colour; can anyone see anything else wrong????


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