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 CEMENT & His shattered foundations - *Completed*

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Nurse Nasty
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 9:53 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello Supplicants,

This is my femdom theme. Please be warned some images are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
i am still going with the frustration baiting. I'm slowly working out my modailities. I just like giving them the 'run-a-round'. This one is long, as they all seems to be after your format the bloody thing to put in here. I have changed some names and crossed them out so as not to suffer death by google... again.

The Players:
ME. Mistress 'Bitch'.
Mugu - C.l.e.m.e.n.t.A.g.u.m.e. (name altered to avoid google death) I did not alter any reference to him in my emails.

Okay strap on the gimp mask and fasten the shackles...

FROM: MR C.l.e.m.e.n.t.


Attention:Dearest one,

I am MR C.l.e.m.e.n.t., the director in charge of auditing and
section of Banque Togolaise Pour Le Commerce Et L'Industrie Lome-Togo
in West Africa....


I suggest you get back to me on my personal email:
or you call me on +2289490278 as soon as possible stating your wish in
this deal.

Yours faithfully,
MR C.l.e.m.e.n.t.

Now for the naughty nurse. I've started recycling my own scripts.

Dearest Cement,

I am sorry I didnít get back to you as soon as
possible. I had a very big party last night and I was
up to my knees in jizz cleaning this morning. Plus I
am having trouble walking today due to the enormous
amount of pelvic work I have been doing lately.
So Cement thatís my problems out of the way, how in
the name of Aphrodite can I help you. Are you in any

I am looking forward to your next email, it's will
give me something to read while I pluck. Cement, I am
an honest hard working woman who loves her job. I get
to work from home and on my back. So my time and body
is flexible.

I have to pop down to market to pick up a few items. A
new phone for starters. I got one of those vibrating
phones. I can't seem to find it, but occasionally I
hear it ring and then I really need to pee. Must be
the ring tone I have that sets me off.

Okay. I will be back soon. Let me know what I can do
for you. My beaver is eager. Nudge. Wink.


Dear Mistress,

Thanks for your response towards my asistant,I want to assure you that this is hundred percent risk free please get back to me for neccessary details

I start calling him 'Cement', and the rest writes itself.

Hi Cement,

Happy Bukkake! It's that time of the week. I am having
a few of the boys over tonight! I get a lot of emails.
It is better if you call me Mistress. Put it in
the title. All my important emails go to a different

Now you appear confused. I'm didn't contact any
assistant. You contacted me and I wrote back. Your
email is abrupt. I am not even sure what it means? I
am feeling a bit sick today, so it may be the drugs
I'm on or the pounding I copped last night. I did get
back to you for urgent response. As for this 100% risk
free deal you have, is there any real risk involved?

Please don't be so short with your mails. You have
given me no clear indication that the contents of your
cerebellum contain data. Look Cement, We really need
to concrete our relationship. If we can't sort out a
proper balance of required materials, then we'll end
up with slop or muck, the last thing we want is a weak
slab and bad foundations.

I apologise if english isn't your first language, but
we can oralise our way through this together. Trust is
very important to me in my business, and thats why I
have safety words. It's a command to bark if your in
pain or suffering. Ours shall be 'Togmamoflate'. Okay?

Just copy and paste our safety word into our emails at
the top. I will know it it you, and my emails will
goto my important folder.

Please read through this email. I not like be ignored.
Look I have a group session now, so I need to limber
up and find some KY. So email me back soon with as
much detail as you can. And Don't forget the email
title and saftey word. I don't want to miss your


I am waiting for your response.

I pushed a little too hard. I ease off, just to get his balls rolling. But I can't help chucking in a few stupid words, and keep getting his name wrong.


I am having one of those weeks. I have been very
cranky and I may have taken it out on you. I wish I
could be sorry, but my morals are flammigated at the
moment and I feel terrible about the way I have
treated you. Is it possible that we could make up? I
will let you chastise me. I have been a very naughty
girl, and sometimes I have to be reminded of how rude
I can be. If there is some punishment you could think
of I shall do it.

Mr.Ague, I will anxiously await your mail. I don't
have much work on today, so I could direct my full
attention to your responses. I would gratefully
innucubated for your understanding in this matter.

I just get so excited at work, and stressed. My
clients are always riding me like a carousel pony. I
never knows who's there and I keep going around and
around. I need a holiday.


Jackpot. He's on the hook.

Subject: "Togmamoflate"

dear mistress,

I thank you so much for your kind emails which portray
your honesty.

Firstly I want you to know that this transaction is
100 percent legitimate. More information on this will
be best understood after going through this details
about this transaction and particularly when we
commence on this project. My dear, I will say I did
not contact you by a stroke of luck but by destiny and
the fact that it took concerted effort to locate you.
I am only a bank staff and the deceased herein was a
customer of my bank

The reason why I am contacting you is to seek your
assistance in the claim of the deposited sum with the
bank. The idea behind this transaction is that you
will put claim to this fund That you are not a real
relative will not be a hindrance, after all, first,
second or third cousins might not share the same
surname. People bequeath wealth and will to unknown
persons not sharing the same ancestry or linage. what
will give you an advantage ovee this money is the
secret details of this account.

This claim is solidly based on documental proof. You
are to front as the next of kin to the deceased
presenting yourself as the beneficiary of the fund
that was deposited by the deceased. since 1999 to
this day now one have come forward for this fund and
there is no one for my bank to contact because the
deceased did not leave a shorty or next of kin during
the time he opened this account.

My bank in question for quite some time now has been
demanding for the relatives of the deceased customer
to come forward and claim the said funds. But no sign
of them and this is going to 6 years now which have
made my bank put the fund in a dormant position.

I have all relevant documents to this claim at my
disposal as the director of credit and foreign bills
at my bank. I will draft an agreement which both party
will sign for the confidentiality and security of the
transaction. I will also draft a text of application
which you will retype and send to my bank as the next
of kin to the deceased customer applying for the
release of the fund which your deceased relative have
left in their custody. After the application is
received by my bank management, they will make proper
verification and confirmation to ascertain if you are
the true next of kin to the deceased customer by
requesting from you the secret details of his account
e.g pin code ref: numbers mother maiden names etc,
which will be my responsibility to provide to you and
you will in turn send to my bank for their scrutiny
as it is written in the deceased customer file jacket
inside my bank in the customer data.

The reason I am going into this deal is due to the
fact that if after 6years which is just a short while
ahead and no one come forward for this money the
management of my bank will confisticate the money
and register it as unclaimed fund and at the end of
the day they will share it among themselves by
requesting for large loans from this fund of which
they will not pay back this is the practise from my
experience in banking here in my country as corruption
is the master of the day by board of directors of most

As you have notice my bank must not know I have
anything to do with you as soon as you contact them
with the application of claim.

This is an opportunity that comes once in a life time
and I have decided to make good use of it. I sincerely
hope that we will work together in truth and in faith
without having any atom of greed to cheat each other
as I do believe that this business will certainly
bring us together for good friendship and serious
business relationship as I will finally come over to
your country for settlement once this fund has been
released to you.

You are free to call me on my cell phone for private
conversation:+ 228 XXXXXXX.

hneceforth contact me on this email. hence you operate
a yahoo account it may be possible for us to chart
with the yahoo messenger one of these days.

Warm regards



Please view my bank ID card. I will like to see a photo of yourself too.

please call


Fan-mugu-tastic FAKE ID. I love this one. I think someone spent all of 3 minutes putting this masterpiece together.


Hi C.l.e.m.e.n.t.,

Thank you. You are doing well supplicant. I am
pleased. You have performed well. As for my image. I
have some very nice promotional shots I had done last
wednesday for my new e-card, but I also have my
drivers licence as well. File is attached. I scanned
it in this afternoon. Usually my assistant does these
things. She as usless as a glass shard dildo, and as
painful to have around. Although she is a whiz with
anything electronic, especially the photocopier and
Please let me know what is required of me. What do you
wish me to do.



*Attached (2meg) MP3 (I believe it was a robbie williams song) - renamed 'mypassport'.

Also the 'bank' jumps right in here.

------------------TEXT APPLICATION------------------

TEL/FAX: 228 9114779

Attn:Mr Tom,

Dear Sir,

Application for the release and transfer of $10.5M
(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollar only) from account A/C:1932120012304/bcg/tg.

Please be informed that I wish to come for the
claim, release and transfer of the sum of
($10,500,000.00) from account number
1932120012304/bcg/tg with your bank to my nominated
bank account.

The above amount/money was deposited in your bank by
my deceased cousin (Mr XXXXXXXXXXX) who died
in a plane crash on 31/10/1999 and owned F.I.K. SARL
Import & Export Company Togo. I am his cousin and
named next of kin with all documents to proof. I
wish as the heir apparent to claim and instruct that
the above-mentioned amount be transferred into my
nominated account.

Please accept this late application as it was due to
family logistics problems consequently upon his
funeral rights, I hope you will understand and
expedite action.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Full name:?

I have sent you the text application. However i did
not see your photo so please resend.

Please note for now I do not want you to have any
verbal communication with my bank hence they might put
forward to you some strict questions as regards this
account of late Mr XXXXXXXX. So I want you
to use email as your communication let them understand
this is your best way for communication.

Fill in your contact details below the text
application of claim so that you can be easily be
reached by my bank mangement and send via my bank
email which I have provided in the text application.

Pls do confirm to me that you have sent the
application of claim to my bank. i await your photo.



i will appreciate if you could call.
+228 XXXXXXXX C.l.e.m.e.n.t.

Hello Clemant,

I am waiting for your reponse?


Attached (3meg) MP3 file - renamed 'passort'

dear Mistress,

Please resend the photo I could not open and view the
one you sent to me earlier.

As soon as i see your pics I will send you the
application form that you will send to my bank for
this claim.

please provide your phone number or simply call me on


Hi Cement,

I don't understand why you can't view it. I will
attach it again. It's a jpeg image. Every computer in
the world should be able to see a jpeg image.


Hi Cement,

Have you got my picture yet. I have heard nothing from


Hi mistress,

I did not received your photo it came out the same way
empty attachment.
You are not showing me sign of your seriousness about

Send your photo if you want to.
I have right here waiting


Dearest Cement,

It appears as though you are confused Cement. Maybe
it's a language barrier issue or the fact I'm
glosterised by your tone. I do not understand how you
can guage my seriousness to this little business we
have with your inability to view a jpeg image. I have
sent it through twice now. The exact same image. What
type of computer are you using?
I have a very busy weekend cumming up. I will be flat
out strapped to my clients. I will scan and send
through a new picture whenever I get a free moment.


Well Cement,

I hope you have better luck with these, and please for
future reference I am not accustomed of being accused
of being unserious about business.

Now the image I have provided a very recent picture of me.

I do hope you can send your picture soon.

Okay i have to pop out for a few hours. I have an
evening engagement I cannot get out of. I have a
triple team with some couple. Wish me luck!


I have choosen this woman for a very specific reason... She has a great ass. Also uncannily she resembles Keira Knightly, who i use for clothed shots, and this lass for my ass shots. I do apologise to both these ladies.



Dear Mistress,
I have been able to receive the photo.
please we have wasted so much time so please send the
application to my bank as soon as possible via email
or fax of my bank i provided in the text application.
please send it immediately so that we can start
processing this inheritance at once.


I contact the 'bank'.


EMAIL: btcibank

Attn:Mr Tom,

Dear Sir,

Application for the release and transfer of $10.5M
(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollar only) from account A/C:1932120012304/bcg/tg.

Please be informed that I wish to come for the
claim, release and transfer of the sum of
($10,500,000.00) from account number
1932120012304/bcg/tg with your bank to my nominated
bank account.

The above amount/money was deposited in your bank by
my deceased cousin (Mr XXXXXXXXX) who died
in a plane crash on 31/10/1999 and owned F.I.K. SARL
Import & Export Company Togo. I am his cousin and
named next of kin with all documents to proof. I
wish as the heir apparent to claim and instruct that
the above-mentioned amount be transferred into my
nominated account.

Please accept this late application as it was due to
family logistics problems consequently upon his
funeral rights, I hope you will understand and
expedite action.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Cement,

I have sent my application off to the bank. Whats the
next step after this?
Cement could you explain the process to me so I will
have everything ready for the bank. I would be forever
cumberlized. I'm not a big fan of surprises Cemenet.
Last time I swas surprised I couldnt walk for a week.
Long story.


Dear Mistress,

Thanks for your email I appericate that you have send
the application. what is next is for us to keep our
fingers cross and wait for my bank to reply to your
application. Immediately you hear them let me know.


I don't think I ever got his name right... If I did get it right I apologise. I tried to be inefficient as possible.

Hi Clammat,

i have heard nothing from the bank. What is going on?

dear Lana
I have check through their is not sign or file opened
in your name which means the application might not
have reached my bank. Are you sure you sent it to the
right email and fax?



Dear Madam,

Re: XXXXXXXXXXXX, A/C :1932120012304

Find as attachment our acknowledgement letter to your tendered application of claim.

Our verification excerise mode (Official Questionnaire) will be sent to you shortly.

Kindly confirm receipt of this attachment.

Yours truly,

Mrs Roseline


Attached is the first of crappo forms.



ATTN:Mistress, london

Dear Madam,

Re: XXXXXXXXX, A/C :1932120012304

View attached document to find our official questionnaire.

A processing claim of £700.00 (Seven Hundred Pounds only) should be sent via Western Union Money

Transfer or Money Gram to Mr Dennis (Processing claim officer)

Dennis XXXXX
Ru Du Boulevard 13 Janvier
Lome Togo

Kindly confirm receipt of this attachment.

Mrs Roseline XXXXX


And here is the other. 'The TEST Questionaire'... It was at this point when I thought,'hey it's your job to fill out stupid paperwork'.


They sent this to me 4 times. It doesn't matter... I send this.


I have forwarded to you the email I have sent to the
bank. What is going on?


I wait a day. I get 2 more of the same emails from the 'bank'.

Hi Celment,

I have recieved 2 emails from the bank I will be
forwarding them to you as well. I forgot to warn the
bank about a password in the subjecy heading so I
missed it. Sorry Cement. I will however need to change
our password if that's okay? Our new subject heading
email password is 'BUKKAKE COCKTAIL'. (I know it
sounds stupid, but I will know it's from you - This
will be our new password.

Anyway. I need you to fill out the form for me and
email it back. plus I need you to validate any forms
for me. Please remember the subject heading. I don't
want to lose any emails.

Thanks for your professionalismly in this matter,

The questionaire. I dont fill it out. I make 'Cement' do it.

Hi Cement,

This is the other email. Please make sure I have
everything now to see this through.

After this all settles, would like to fly up to london
to visit me for the weekend. I could have a car pick
you up from Gatwick or Heathrow. We shall sort out the
finds then, but you will be my guest and I will ensure
that the weekend you spent with me and my staff will
be something you will never forget. Everything will be
'on the house' as they say.
Please tell me what type of women you like, and if you
have any particulars fantasies I can have organised.
Please remember I am not shy in this field, so your
privacy in this matter will be respected.


please note subject title. Cement does as he is told... good boy, you may kiss my boot. But he deosn't like talking about his fantasies.

To: Mistress

--------------------THE ANSWERS-------------------

(1)State the full name of the deceased =MR XXXXXXXXX

(2)-State his native country = UNITED KINGDOM

(3)State his occupation/profession =IMPORT/EXPORT

(4)State clearly the date the deceased died and what
lead to his death = 31ST OCTOBER 1999. THE DECEASED

(5)State the type of account he ran with us,the amount
on it as of his time of his death = CHECKING

(6)Was the deceased married if yes state his wife name
and how many children = MARRIED/BUT NO RECORDS OF WIFE

(7)Was the deceased residing in this country if yes
state his residential address = 18 RUE DUE SOVIPE BLVD

(8)Was the deceased a member of any registered
organization here in Lome Togo= ELITE GOLF CLUB LOME

(9)Secret question= MOTHER MAIDEN NAME, and answer =
TEASDALE Pin code Number= FIK9150BCG


my long lost cousin loves his golf. I think he played here.


Looks nice. Open fairways, minimal water and sand traps, plus I think I see an internet cafe in the members club.

Dear Mistress,

I have sent you the answers. they are in bold letters
send along with the processing claim fee.
Note these answers are vital and should be secured
very well.

yes I will be coming to Uk immediately transfer is
made to you. i am so happy with the current
development. You have done very well.

Warm regards


I send off the answers to the 'bank'. (we dont need to see them again)

Hi Celment,

I have sent the answers to the bank. i hope to hear
from them soon. As for coming to London, I can still
arrange to have a car pick you up. i have a limo
service under contract. They can pick you up, drive
you straight to my place at XXXXXXXX. Then we can
celebrate. You still haven't told me what women you
like. (or do you forget what type of business I run?)
In your next email tell me what type of women you like
and how many okay? I have attached another crappy web
camera picture for your viewing pleasure. I'm having a
bukkake cocktail to celebrate our riches!

Oh yes. That and the bank wants £7000.00 I must sent
via western union or moneygram. Seeing as we are in
this together we can split the costs 50/50. Can you
send me £3500.00 and I'll pay the other half, and send
it from here. If I send you the £3500.00, then you pay
it from your end, it might look a bit strange. Think
of this as insurance, well I am.


I attach another 'webcam' picture of myself.


I also misprint the amount the bank wants. The Bank says £700, I say £7000. Just to see if I can setup my greedy lad to take the well dangled carrot.

Dear Mistress,

Thank you for your email.
I have to confess to you I do not have such money
ready I earn just below 250 a month. It will be
impossible for me to send you any money. I assume you
willnot have any problem paying this fee hence I have
supplied you with the right answers. I agree withyou
this is team work but unfortunately I have no money.
tHat is why I am taking this matter very serious and
have decided to profit from it. Please bear with me it
is only a short while as soon as you send this money
the funds will be awarded to you and transfer will
i am sorry if this may come as a disappointment.


I then get this a few hours later. I don't know what set him off. I might have missed a email I sent him? He goes all CAPS on me.





You can actually hear the air being cut by my fierce slapping arm.


Firsty you are typing in captials. In Western socitey
that is considered yelling. I do not appreciate your
tone at all.

You are being abrupt and rude.

I only asked a question? Why are you so angry?

Are we not partners?

Do you do business often?

Is this how you conduct yourself?

Please answer my question to clarify your rudeness to

Not happy. Especially your frustrating '?????????' in
your subject heading. I think you had better
apologise. Remember it is my money I am sending here.
I asked a simple bloody question about spilting the
costs, and you flying off your handle?????????

Being bitch slapped really hurts. Your last email was
a slap to my face.


My dear Mistress,

I am sorry if I offended you please accept my
apollogies. I do not mean to upset you.
We are partners and I appreciate it.

Please I am concerned about this project and would
not want anything jeeperdise it. I am only a bank
officer with a very low income if I convert my monthly
pay in Uk Pounds it is less then 100 pounds. I want
this to be a success and it is only with your
asssitance this can work out.

Please I again apollogies and hope you will be able to
come up with the money required.

Waiting your email.


'jeeperdise' I have never seen this model Wrangler?


I understand your
situation now perfectly. I have no problem at all in
coming up with the £7000. I also think that you won't
jeapodise this deal. Why would you want to jeapodise
this deal?

As for this money. It's quite a bit of money for me to
send to a stranger, really. You would understand that
of course seeing as it takes you five years to make
that much money. I am going to need some insurance
from you. You need a pay rise. Hell some of my girls
make more than £2000 a night. You really need to
change your business. Now I can understand why you
this money so bad.

I will have to get back to you on this, but as for the
money I have more than enough of hand to make this
happen. Let make this happen Cement. Don't screw this
deal up. Just don't panic. We can do this. I need you
to relax and just trust in me. I will get back to you.


Dear Mistress,

I am happy you understand my situation.
surely things will be good for me soon, immediately
you clear this money into your possesion.
The amount mentioned on the questionnaire letter is
700pounds not 7000 as you wrote.

I will be waiting your email.

THWARTED... 'Honest' scammer??? Okay... Initiate PLAN 'B'...

ummm... now I left it Plan 'B' this morning on my desk... somewhere...

Dear Mistress,

the most important assurance you have is the fact that
I am doing this with you and the one that supplied the
answers. The processing claim officer (Mr Dennis) whom
youare to send the money to works inside
my bank I know him he is my senior in office. sister
this is my dream and I will not want anything to spoil
it. Just truth me and give me a chance to show you
that what I have brough forward to you will not only
benefit you but also bringus together as a family and
business partner hence you will be guiding me on a
profitable business venture upon the success of this

i look forward to your email


Hi Cement,

Whew. Thanks for picking me up on that. Only £700?
That is still 7 months of salary for you isn't it?

This seems very low. Do you think I will be asked for
anymore than the £700? Will there be any other costs I
might incur?


Dear Mistress,

The moment this processing fee is paid my bank will
award you this money hence the answers you have sent
are the exact answers as they are written in late Mr
XXXXXXXXXXX secured file jacket.
There will be no other fees coming from you
immediately an approval is issued to you any further
fee such as cost of transfer will be deducted from the
account. the reason for this fee (700 pounds) is due
to the dormant position of this account since it as
been over 5years without anyone coming forward for the
money and transfer can not commence on a dormant
account it must be activated and normalised before
transfer can take effect. this is way my bank is
demanding this processing claim fee from you. I ask
that you try your best to send the money tomorrow and
to your surprise transfer will commence within 7
banking days. I am very very confident about this


I am confident nothing will work in your favour.


I have instructed my houseboy Renaldo to send the
money via western union tomorrow. I am too busy to do
it myself today. I email you with progress soon.


I email the 'BANK'.

Hello Mrs Roseline Urman,

I am still waiting for you to supply me with w
breakdown of the £700.00

I was also wondering if you could supply me with a
bank account number at your facilities. I could try a
direct deposit in your account. This would be more

Get back to me today.

Mistress Bitch

Seeing as I was thwarted by his 'honesty'... I decide on another tactic. Introduce another bank looking to do exactly the same scam, with a new ID. I obscure it enough to never be used again.


I was just emailed a letter from someone at your bank
who has attached a bank ID card that looks similar to
His is claiming that someone named Mr. XXXXXXXXX
has left funds at your bank and they need a partner to
help complete another deal?? I have attached the ID. I
wrote on it so you could print it out. I am completely
stirupped about this??? Does this man have anything to
do with you? I responded to his email with a little
confusion and skepticism.
What does it all mean???

Mistress Bitch

Find a pressure point and poke it. Twist it. Stick a white hot sewing needle through the head of his ba... achem...

Please I must warn you to stop dealing with that
person I do not know him but this person might have an
idea about late XXXXXXXXX and might want to
take advantage of this opportunity. I will advise you
stop your contact with him.

This man claims that his deal is with a Mr. XXXXXXXX
. That name is not the same as our man XXXXXXXXX
He told me he is from the same bank you work
for. Even his ID looks authentic.
His deal is actually for $42,000,000. He
wants to give me 35% of that sum? I don't know whats
going on here Cement. All I have said to him is that
his deal is interesting. i'm hoping to find out more
information about him. I have told him nothing about
our deal, seeing as we have been talking longer.
He told me that he is willing to to provide some proof
of this deal and where he works. I am concerned
Celment, he also warned me of people with similar
deals who work for his bank who can't prove
I want our deal to work cement. I am wary.
What do I do here?



Dear Mistress,

I have do some examination on that ID it is fake look
closely at the picture do you not recognise that
person? That is the America movie star Denzol
Washington. please look closely.


awwwww.... crap.... thwarted again. Well its Denzel posing as 'Samuel jackson'.

The 'bank' is starting to get worried. This is in reference to me making a bank deposit.

Dear Madam,

Re: XXXXXXXX, A/C :1932120012304

Be advise that the above payment requirement is being made due to our departmental structure and

the fact that you are personally not a customer of this bank.

Note, we do not accpet cheques/money order or bank transfer. On this note you are advice in your

own interest to simply respect our banking policy so that we can work in our capacity to satisfy you.

The £700.00 (Seven Hundred Pounds Only) is to enable us re-activate your cousins dormant account

due to the fact that your family did not come forward in time for this claim. We can not transfer from a

dormant heritance account until it is normalised and re-activated.

We therefore ask, you to pay for the claim processing fee as in line with our banking policy. This

process is mandatory, and if not completed we may temporary suspend your claim application on till

further notice.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Send money via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram as earlier
stated to;


Ru Du Boulevard 13 Janvier
Lome Togo

Yours truly,

Mrs Rosesline XXXXX

Director Foreign operations Dept.

I leave it sit with him for a few days.

Dear Mistress,

Have you been able to see that the ID of that so
called officer of my bank is fake. Please email me.


Well I certainly do not think Denzel would be working at your bank you idiot.

I write back to the bank.

Mrs RoseslineXXXXX,

Thank you. Please attach bank id so I can attach it to
the Moneygram. It's just so i know who I am dealing
with. You understand of course. thank you.

Mistress Cow

I am wary of 'cement' now. I want something from him.

Sorry Cement,
I have had an extremely busy night. I went straight to
sleep after my group session. I was so tired yesterday
I did even really notice the picture, but it does look
a little like that actor. Please Cement, for give my
stupidity. I am going to ask this other man why he
sent me a fake id. I also had another look at your ID
as well. How do I know that your ID isn't fake? I am
going to need some insurance from you Cement. We are
so close. I am going to need a picture of you. Just so
your pictures match. Your ID, upon closer inspection
looks worse than the other one. You understand of
course. I just need insurance thats all.
This is common practice I guess. I asked my contact at
the bank for bank ID as well. You guys do this all the
time so it's actually no trouble and thats why you
have bank id's for just this type of job.

Get back to me with you picture. Hold up your bank ID
in the picture. Thanks.


I of course ask Denzel why he's working at the bank. I then send this to 'Cement'.

Hi Celment,

I asked him why he was using denzel washington as his
picture. He claims that he looks exactly like him. He
claims he gets that mistake all the time.
He's also claiming that the deal is
real and I should give him some money to release his
funds. I also told him I was doing another deal.
I told him that he is a lair and a stupid idiot for
trying to trick us. He sent back a email with some
text I couldnt read. I think it's in some african
language. Can you translate it for me?


What the hell does all that mean? Did he call me
anything bad????

Waiting for your response,

I touch a nerve? Personally I see nothing with pouring lemon into a paper cut. He addresses a few concerns here...

Dear Mistress,
I am disappointed with your email so you can take me
so low just because I asked for your assistance for
something that will be beneficial to you and I.

Note my bank is not happy is the first place that you
are coming forward for this money because it was
thought that no body will come for it after over
5years now. If you are familer with banks you will
understand that no bank will be happy when a customer
wants to close his or her account not to talk of an
I am a man of principle and i do not joke with my
words I have a family and a name to protect. I do not
know you but have trusted you with a very vital
information of this account of which if my bank knows
I contacted you and provided you those answers I will
be sacked and put in jail for fraud. I am not a kid or
a fool. Just because one hopeless fool sent you a scam
email you have decided to see me as a bad person and
lose your trust in me.
If you want us to contiune send
me your phone number or call me on +2289490278
If you do not want to go ahead well it is not too late
I am a poor man but i am happy only saw this
opportunity and wanted to use my possion to make some
good money. Most importantly if this money is not
cleared soon it is my bank top directors that will end
up enjoying this money as way of loans while I earn
peanut but put so much work in my service as a banker.
that Id is old I was 54years old on september 1 this
year so i am not a kid that you can play around with.
Pay this moeny if you want this to succeed or we can
as well forget this whole thing money is not
everything but a good name.How can you ask my bank for
them to provide you an ID when you are the one that
came forward to them to put claim to this money. If
those answers are not correct by now my bank would
have stopped contacting you. you file have passed
through my deask twise it is the answers you have you
have submitted that is making them corresponding with
you because they have no choice they have to follow
inheritance procedures it is your right to claim your
family money if you have the secret information i have
given it to you. but you are allowing 700pound come
between us and 10.5Million USD. asking my bank for an
ID is an insult.



I meant no insult to anyone. As for my 'mere' £700, i
told you i have no worries about that. i was just
taking a few precautions. Once I realised that other
man was trying to trick us I told him to leave me
alone. He sent me that rubbish which I couldn't
understand. Do you know what he said? I have block him
contacting me.

All i asked you for was a original picture Celemnt.
That's all my friend. Nothing you couldn't do. I have
told you that when this deal clears that you will come
visit me and I would take care of you.

Actually I had already sent Renaldo to Western union
with the money. He came back a hour ago with some
bloody security sheets that need to be filled out??
Who do I send this too. After the London bombings a
few months ago the lady at Western Union told Renaldo
that everyone we send money too from London must fill
in these security sheets. I am having my houseboy
scanning them now. Who should I email them too?

As for your picture. If you don't have one don't worry
about it. You can send it later. Let's get these
security forms sorted out first.


Dear Mistress,

I can not say much anymore the ball is in your court
if you want this to work out as you claim fine I
understand the process of sending money by western
union any security form issue to you must be filled by
you all you need are, the name of the receiver,
address and destination country.

Please fill the form yourself with the details my bank
gave to you it is as simple as that.


I then get this from 'cement' as proof????


Now compare this with his ID.


I let it slide.

Hi Clement,

Actually it's not as simple as that. I have 5 forms
here which are security validation forms that Western
Union here in London have given my houseboy in the
event that I am sending money to Nigeria. Western
Union in London wanred Renaldo that all transfers to
your country, due to the severe amount of corruption.
These form need to be sent to the reciever before the
money can change hands. Not my rules Cement.
Personally I think it's a bullshit way American
company, such as Western Union, are certain that money
being sent doesn't fall into the hands of terrorists.

I will send the forms to the bank. The contact there
will have to fill them out.



Nigeria? did my bank say they reside in Nigeria?
Please kindly note that this is not Nigeria but the
Republic of Togo a country far away from Nigeria
inshort my bank have no branch in Nigeria No wonder
you have such problem please let them know you are
sending funds to Togo Lome TOGO.


I know that... but it doesn't matter. As long as you keep correcting me and writing emails, and your losing sleep and wanting to punch your computer it wouldn't have mattered if you lived on another planet. These forms still apply. (Insert sound of whip being cracked)

Dearest Clement,

I do apologise. I am very upset with my houseboy for
his stupidity. I beat some sense into him for this
mistake. I am sending him back to Western Union to
make the correction. You just can't find good help
these days. My arm is sore from whipping him. I will
make sure I double check these things next time. I
awlays say if you want something done right you have
to do it yourself.


I contact the bank. They will have to fill the forms out. (WU security forms provided. USE THE 'SEARCH' FUNCTION)

Mrs Rosesline Urman,

Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay, one of my
staff members had messed up some paper work, which nas
now been clarifed. He'd almost sent the money to the
wrong state. Seeing as this has been fixed, I have
attached security validation forms that need to be
filled outby the reciever, Dennis XXXXXXX.
Apparently any
transfers of funds that leave London to Africa, due to
the corruption, fraud and terrorist activities in your
country needs to have these forms filled out to ensure
the monies are used for there intended purpose. I say
print them out, fill them out and rescan them and send
them back. Within 24 hours of getting these back I
will have the money wired to you through Western
Union. This not my rules. Personally I think those
bloody americans and their companies are just covering
themselves. Plus after the london bombings people are

Thanks so very much for your understanding in this

Mistress Bitch

I let Cement know everything is fine.

Hi clemnt,

I have sorted out what went wrong. These forms have
been sent to the bank for the correct person to fill
out and return to me. Western Union said that any
monies going anywhere in Africa, including Lome, Togo,
is considered a 'high risk' state for corruption and
fraud. So it's a legal requirement for parties
recieveing money to fill these forms out. They are
destroyed after confirmation. So all is good. Thanks
for your patience. Your money and funds will soon be
released as soon as I have the forms.
So get your visa ready cement, you'll be free man
soon, and very rich.


Dear Sir,

Re: Processing claim fee,

We have a western union section inside this bank so your western union form is not original western union do not require such process. We are sorry but we feel very concern about this form Therefore we shall not complete the form.

If you are the original next of kin as you claim to be we advise once again send money via western

union or we shall suspend your claim

Yours truly,

Mr Tom

Director Foreign Operations Dept. BCG-TOGO (Banque Commerciale du Ghana SA auTogo)

The forms are not real??? I don't care...

Hi Tom,

I have just emailed you. These are not my rules.
Please fill them out so Western Union here can get the
money to you. It's no trouble at all. If you have
concerns about these forms, which are usual
requirements then I am concerned.


He's reassured...

Dear Lana,
I do not know how to thank you but note all will be
well. I seriously look forward to coming to uk

keep me posted

thanks again


Excellent Clemnut,

I look forward to taking care of you personally while
you are here. Sorry to be so forward, but all this
talk of money being so close to is making me feel a
little horny. I actually can't wait until I can fill
my bathtub with the cash and drink champayne. You
interested? I am feeling very sexy at the moment.


Dear Mistress

Please you did not mention about my bank have you been able to send the money?


Hi Clement,

The money is with western union at the moment. i am still
waiting for the paperwork from your bank to gat the
control number which will release the funds. Also the
other security validation forms have not been filled
out and sent back to me. So until I get them and take
them back to western union I cannot send the funds.
The holdup is your friends at the bank. As soon as I
get these forms we will both be a lot richer.


Ding.. Ding... Round 7.... In the blue text we have the vivacous Mistress, standing 5'6", weighing almost 50 kgs.. 38-24-36...
in the red text, Cement the frustrated lad from Togo who's read to snap.

Listen if you do want to send the money send it and
stop playing jokes why will you say western union gave
you a form there is no such thing i have cross check
with western union website no such thing anyway we
both will fill it more my bank is not bother the
longer the money is in there possession the better for
business for them.

I am not happy with you I must confess it seems you
have been making a fool of me
Tell me if I am wrong



Am I playing jokes???? Why would I bloody do that? Do
you think I enjoy wasting my time and efforts. Do you
think I like making this transaction taking way too
What website did you go to? My houseboy picked these
forms up? He told me they had to be filled out. Why
don't you call Western Union in London and ask them
about it then?
The money is sitting waiting for this transaction to
be completed. Stop wasting my time with this crap. If
I ask them to fill out some stupid bloody forms then
just do it. It's not hard. Why are you being
difficult. I couldn't find any of these forms on their
website either.
Don't accuse me of fluffing around? What purpose does
it serve me? Either you want my money or you don't? I
don't even care if they write total rubbish on the
forms. How are they ever going to check it?
Just tell them to get their act together.
I don't give a shit about the pittance it costs while
these million sit in an account. I CAN'T SEND THE


I wonder what happens when the lads finally break under the pressure. Some fly into a rage and hurl abuse, some probably even kick something and storm off. Not our Cement, I am sure he buried his face into his hands... This is the last thing I heard from Cement.

I am confussed!


CONFUSSED. Well I am as well...

what is there to be confussed about?
I am still waiting for your friends at the bank to get
the forms to me.


I then shoot this off to the bank...

Hi Tom,

I just double checked with Western Union whom I called
last night, and asked if they do have a Western Union
branch in your bank. They told me that Western Union
operate independantly to your bank, and the forms I
was handed by my houseboy to scan and sent are locally
produced for dealing with high risk countries such as
your own, due it's high level of corruption and fraud.
I am now having second doubts about dealing with
unprofessional people such as yourselves, and will
wait until you or a member of your staff fill out
these forms and get back to me. My hands are tied in
this matter. I also went to a moneygram to see if they
had similar policies, which they do. Again that is
because of the lazy and stupid people who are breaking
the laws.
Fill them or not. My funds are with Western Union
awaiting release of those forms.



what is going on. I have heard nothing for a few days now???



What the bloody hell is going on?

Why are you ingoring me?


I then end the bait with a complaint letter. It's from one of those auto-complaint letters. Not worth reading as its rubbish. But they did.

Cement comes back... yah!!!

Dear sister,
I am not ingoring you. You are proving difficult i
have been able to enquire about the form you sent for
my bank to fill it is not ok by my bank those forms
look suspecious

suspecious? What do you mean suspecious? These are the new western union forms.

Hi Celment,

I am not proving to be difficult in any way. It's not
my doing. I am just wondering how long it will take
before you and the bank can get their act together.


Since then I have sent off a complaint letter everyday.I will be sending off 2 everyday until I get a response. For all intents and purposes this bait is done. I do intend re-baiting him in a week or so with the same form. Hopefully waste another month of his time


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 3:48 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hooray, Nurse! 'Twas a very interesting bait. I thought of you when I decided to start a lotto bait with a latina character (still developing).
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Hamm On Wry
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Looking at the two different pictures of C.l.e.m.e.n.t, I do notice one thing that they have in common....

They are BOTH Butt-ugly!


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i bow_down to NN

Excellent bait, but I cant understand why he would not pick up on the inuendo, maybe he bats for the other side and bites pillows?

This made me laugh, oh the innocence of youth!

Every computer in the world should be able to see a jpeg image

FYI i have a couple of computers in my shed that cant display jpegs...

True!!! but they are old, antiques even, probably made when you were about 2 or 3 or maybe even before you were born Smile

Great bait NN, keep us posted it he responds

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@jason - thanks. he didnt pick up on anything, or just ignored it. Personally I think he might have batted for the other team.

as for old pc's. I still have my C64 in the shed. Dont know if it even works... I think I might try and boot it for old times sake. I was a big fan of the audio cassette loading games. I also still have my original atari as well... asteroids rock!



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c64 with cassette... dem were the days, c64s with disk drives? LUXORY!!! I only just got rid of my C64 and C128 (the wife threw them out when I wasnt looking) but I still have my couple of amigas, and even my old apple IIE with 48K memory, C80 expansion board and double disk drives in the shed Smile just last month I held a funeral when I sent my trash80 to the tip sniff sniff Oh, and I have got a couple of old DEC drives that are big as filing cabinets (I only kept them for the steel rack mount cases!) but my true dear to me never to be thrown out old clunker (that wifey is not allowed to touch) is my 1979 pinball machine

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By the time I am through with you,that miserable thing inside you call a baby will come out being a goat and hating you for your wickedness. Barrister Ekene
I have been to this place for four times making fool of myself with invalid numbers.I will rather not go there again: Barrister Ekene
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VERY well done Nurse - you have only been with us such a short time but already you are doing so well! You get a kitty stamp for excellent work

Hello Kitty!

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Another hugely entertaining bait from the Nurse!

I must admit, you are one of the key 'classics' I often nod to in my baits. (Shiver baits I often nod to too). I often ask my Lads to call me 'Mistress, usaully with hilarous results-see sig.. Laughing


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i like "Your Ass"

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(<-- just what you wished for!)

"now if i had a pink pony in my sig , then i would have something to worry about"
*Watch this space and worry*
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