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 My first bait

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 5:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first 419 scam bait.

Please forgive the awful grammar and poor punctuation, it is on purpose.

<b>Original scam letter</b>

<I>Dear Friend,

Please accept my apology for contacting you this way
was due to the urgency of my request.I am in need of a
worthy business
partner abroad, who can handle the investment of
specified funds
which have been lying fallow for sometime .

If you accept to work with me, you would be my
partner to receive the said funds on my behalf, due to
my sensitive
position in my place 0f work, and also to hold it in
some investment
until i can travel to meet with you. At your request I
will intimate
you with the blueprint when I receive your mail.
STATED HERE:[email protected] for security
and make sure you include your private telephone
number for easy
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards,

<b>My reply</b>

Dear Sir

I am a CFN of a multi-million dollar winery business
in New Orleans Utah.

I am always looking for partnerships abroad to enrich
and soothe my entrenched platitudes.

If you would be so kind to send me your proposal of
your business proposal along with a perspective of
your company.

You must forgive me, I do not give out my phone number
out to anyone until I have verified their identity and
or validity.

Ross A. Dustynutz

[Betting that he has a limited knowledge of the English language]

<b>His reply</b>

<I>Westpac Banking Corporation,
63 St. Mary Axe
London EC3A 8LE

Dear Ross,

Thank you for your prompt response toward my proposal.
Below you find the Bleuprint of my Partnership
Proposal. Please, study it carefull and get back to me
so, i will direct you the way forward concerning the

I am Mr. IMED BEN ABDALLAH,Department of Foreign
Operations, Westpac Banking Corporation London,an
affiliate of Global Funds Management.

On January 6th 2001, one Mr. Joseph Huber, an American
National,a consultant/contractor with Gardiner &
Theobald,a leading firm of project and cost management
consultants, made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit,
valued at £26,500,000.00 (Twenty-six Million, Five
Hundred Thousand Pounds) for twelve calender months in
my Bank Branch.Upon Maturity, we sent a routine
notification to his forwarding address but got no
reply…[snipped to save space]</i>

<b>My reply</b>

I have to admit that I could not control my flatulence
with the offer of 35% of 26,500,000.00 pounds offered.

While I like the terms of your proposal, I still have
one little problem: your identity.

Only a fool would lay out a vast amount of cash for a
deal like this without questioning the perpetrator.

The only way I would continue with this deal is for
you to send me a unaltered image of your passport and
or identification papers with a countersigned
International anti-terrorism statement(Form AB2106).

Any delay sending these requested items will terminate
any interest in your proposal.

Ross A. Dustynutz

<b>His rely</b>

<I>Hi Ross,

Thanks for your urgent reply as regards my request,
i have attached my passport information for your
perusal,and i would like to have yours for proper
identification as required for a buisness project of
this mangnitude .As soon as i receive your mail we
can hen proceed if you ready to work with me.I await
your response .

This is my private email address and l will prefer
all your replies come through this email address.



<b>Attached photo</b>

<b>My reply</b>

Greetings Imed

I have received your personal documentation and have
been in the most part satisfied with the results.

As of 9-1-05, 06:00 hours, I will form a comity of my
estranged peers to discuss you gracious offer.

You may have an approval for your offer as early as
18:00 (6:00PM PST) 9-1-05. But because this is a
holiday weekend, you may have to wait until the next
following Monday for word of our action.

Best wishes…

Ross A. Dustynutz

<b>His reply</b>

He sends a fake form for me to fill out

<I>Dear Ross,

Since, you have received my International passport,
l was expecting your also regards my last mail to

You seems not to understand the important of this
transaction, it should be kept confidential due to
the nature of the transaction.because, trust must be
involved in this too.

I have attach Application Forn that needs to fill
and forward to the bank for the release of the said
funds to you as the next of kin to the late Mr
Huber. you can forward the form to the bank using
the fax number on the application form. Please,
forward a copy to me for verification and further

I await to hear you from soonest.


<b>My reply</b>


The comity has adjourned for the evening and we all
have come to unanimous agreement that more information
is required in order to continue this transaction.

We require copies the following official documents:

1-Death certificate of Mr. Joseph Huber.

2-Coroners report.

3-Copies of the letters you sent to notify next of

4-Copies of bank documents showing Mr. Joseph Huber’s

Thanks for your cooperation

Ross A Dustynutz

<Last email>

I will keep you posted on this bait.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 11:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

The passport they've sent you looks real and must belong to a former victim of 419. Some scammers steal the identities of their victims, and I think this is the case.

I'd suggest to deface his name and photo in order to protect his identity.


I wish to inform you that I have not quit from this deal despite the fact that you are georging me wrongly. Macanthoney Williams.
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