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 Dopey Dope

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Sista Act419

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

These lads are getting more and more business savvy Confused
His Yahoo ID suited him so well Laughing

Edited my ID as a precaution.

You currently appear invisible to dopehoodin.

dopehoodin: like to do some bizz?
dopehoodin: interested?
dopehoodin: u there
four_one_niner: yes i'm here, what bizz like
dopehoodin: illegal though but I think we can get away with it
four_one_niner: tell me more
dopehoodin: weed
four_one_niner: what about it
dopehoodin: am looking for someone I can do some selling with
four_one_niner: what kind of quantity?
dopehoodin: small
four_one_niner: how small
dopehoodin: you ask like you seem interested
four_one_niner: well unless you can tell me more than weed, i'll leave you to it
dopehoodin: do you know what i mean when I say "weed"
four_one_niner: well you aint digging the garden are you?
dopehoodin: no
four_one_niner: so what's the deal?
dopehoodin: "indian hem" ok
dopehoodin: trying to make some money
four_one_niner: so you keep saying, so what's in it for me
dopehoodin: you down with this?
four_one_niner: until you tell me the score mate i aint down for anything, what's the deal?
dopehoodin: I can explain how its going to go down
four_one_niner: go on
dopehoodin: but how do I kow yo are not wasting my time
dopehoodin: you are 38 rigth?
four_one_niner: yeah, and you dont know, the same as i dont know how many years i'm looking at if it's a crap deal
dopehoodin: it cam work
dopehoodin: I have faith
four_one_niner: so tell me about it and maybe i can help and earn some money too
dopehoodin: first,do you know what I mean by "weed"
dopehoodin: got to get that striagth first
four_one_niner: weed/pot/ash/resin/skunk/ take your pick
dopehoodin: cool
dopehoodin: then hope you are not some FBI,or CIA
four_one_niner: give me a break and stop wasting my time ok
dopehoodin: just checking
dopehoodin: see,I can supply you weed at a very cheap rate which you can later resell
dopehoodin: get it?
four_one_niner: dont buzz me
dopehoodin: ok
four_one_niner: so carry on i'm all eyes
dopehoodin: do you have a market over there?
four_one_niner: i'm in the uk, there is a market for everything here
dopehoodin: even that?
four_one_niner: deffo that, the more the better
dopehoodin: so you think we can pull this off
dopehoodin: ?
four_one_niner: where are you?
dopehoodin: nigeria
dopehoodin: y?
four_one_niner: ok, so you plan on shipping it here?
dopehoodin: you know ,the way you ask some questions is kind of spoky
four_one_niner: so what are you expecting that i come to nigeria and collect it?
dopehoodin: its a small time thing,you don't need to come over
four_one_niner: cool so how does it get here, on a pigeon that craps over my city?
dopehoodin: do you have a family?
four_one_niner: that aint important, just do business ok
dopehoodin: I wonder y someone 38 will get interested,it spoky
dopehoodin: suspicious
four_one_niner: what the hell does my age have to do with business?
four_one_niner: i want to make money, so business is business
dopehoodin: do you have a number?
four_one_niner: a phone number?
dopehoodin: yeah
four_one_niner: no my mobile is in for a repair, do you have one i can contact you on?
dopehoodin: that's always the case when someone is just having fun with you
dopehoodin: am really loook for someone serious man
four_one_niner: oh so this is what you call fun, well i aint laughing you fool
four_one_niner: so if your looking for serious take your business to someone else, cos your a timewaster and must be rich
dopehoodin: so you are really down?
four_one_niner: why are you wasting my time man
four_one_niner: you want to do business or not?
four_one_niner: so what is your answer?

I guess as I could not provide a number (I could not find my other sim) he truly got the willies Laughing But was pleased with the hour wasted and the minor slap Wink
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