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 1st bait..

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My very first bait:

Cast of Characters:
The Lads
Carl Leuthi: Guyman trying to swing an advance fee fraud, whereby he rents a room on behalf of his “son” with a check that is $2000 more than the first months rent…
James Debby: Carl’s “son”, it seems likely that James = Carl

The Marks:
Harry Parates1c1es: Some guy renting out a room (me)
Gary Grunde1: Harry’s sister’s boss, he runs the “P1um Smugg1ing Internationa1 Mode1ing Agency”. He can be reached at 8l7-977-5952 (also me)

The Setup:
It all started with a “roommate wanted” post on the internet. Within a few days I got several messages like these:

Carl wrote:

(June 28 )

I am Mr Carl Leuthi,i saw your apt onbehelf of my Son who is
coming over to the states,and i have gone through your room status
and believe it's the kind of room he would like.So i'd like to
know if it's still avialable for rent.......About him,he is
honest,friendly, very neat,clean, easy to get along with and he
loves pets.He is 6:7ft with black hair.I believe you will get to
& gt; know more about him when he gets to the states. plz get back
asap....this is my son's Email id, you could get back to me here..
Mr Carl Leuthi.

Of course I had to hear more:

Harry wrote:


the room is still available. When was he thinking about arriving? I'd like to rent the room out as soon as possible.

FYI - I don’t have any pets at present, though my sister's dog occasionally might stop by.

Carl wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me asap,He will be coming over the states next month...He loves pets as well,if you would let him keep one.As regards payment i am footing the bills not him by getting contact with my friend which we both work togerther he is to pay my share out of the deal which he was owning me i will tell him to issue you out the check for the rent fee..and then you send the rest funds back to his travel agent so he could complete is flight fee.I will need your full contact information to make out the payment with no delay.and get back to me more about the communtiy...Hope to hear from you..Carl.

A few more e-mail exchange….gave him a fake address, I think I will rent a mailbox soon, so I can start collecting the fake checks they claim to send.

The Con:
Carl wrote:

Thanks very much joe,i got the information and could you tell me who is this Harry Paratesticles.i will let you know when the check will be sent to you to keep you posted for the arriver..And i will get his travel agent information for you where the rest funds will be sent to as soon as you might have deducted the rent fee which is ($800)..So he could complete is flight fee...Coudk you get back to me the phone number & cell number.Get back asap.Carl

(ed. Note: “Joe Blow” is the fake name I used when signing up for the fake email address, oooooo he might be on to me!)

Harry wrote:

Harry is me. Joe Blow is the fake name I used to sign up for the e-mail to avoid spam.

Please call me at 2O6-339-8O34 to arrange details.

(Ed. Note, despite having actual k7 numbers, lads almost never leave a message, I usually slap them when they don’t but still…)

Carl wrote:

within 3-5 working days you willl get the soon as you do i will want you get back to me asap,as for the travel agent information i will get that to you next week..just want to know if you have a moneygram outlet over there.......Carl.

Harry wrote:

OK we have plenty of
Moneygram outlets around here, how long will it take for the check to
clear once I get it?

Carl wrote:

It depands on your bank...or if you have a cashing point over
there.....what the name of your bank...

Ok…now it’s picture time….

Harry wrote:

My bank is FAKEBANK they are pretty reliable, but it may take some time for them to clear an out of country check.

BTW, do you have a picture of your son? I am kind of curious as to what he looks like, if this works out, maybe my sister can get him a job (she's a modeling agent, and has many male clients)

Carl wrote:

I will get you he's picture.I will be very happy if your sister could get him a job,Cod modeling has been on is though but i told him to go to school have his result then go for what ever he want to as long as you have your result....for how many days your bank will take to clear the check..sorry what do you do for a living and how old are you....

.A few more exchanges… old Am I..what do I do…blah blah blah….where is my pic??

Harry wrote:

Closest airport will be Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (it's pretty much the busiest airport on earth, so you will have no problem getting a direct flight here). What day will he be arriving ? I can meet him there, the airport can be a big confusing place the first time you visit.

Also, my sister says you should call her boss at the Mode1ing Agency. His name is Gary and he is very good at finding work for people from what she tells me. His cell number is l-8l7-977-5952, feel free to call him with any questions.

She also said that a pic would need some proof that it actually is your son, she told me some people take a magazine clipping and send it to modeling agencies -- God only knows why...


He likes the possibility of more money. But now he wants me to go ahead and send the money to him, even though the check hasn’t arrived!

Carl wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me, as soon as you get to send the rest funds to my flight manager evern you could make it to send the rest funds on monday he will be coming over on monday night,.that just the only thing delaying him the rest funds he was to pay the flight manager...that check that was sent to you was..$ will deduct the frist rent and then you send the rest funds for the flight manager to compliete the rest funds he wanted to pay the manager...that just it..i believe my son to see your sister's manager him self...but that does not mean i will not send you the check.. ok..that was why i ask you if you will send the funds after you might have deposited the check at the bank for that not to cust delay you just send the funds down to the information i will gave to you on monday...

Few more exchanges of “did you get the check yet?” “I will send James’ picture soon, but my scanner is broken”..blah blah blah…

Harry wrote:

Just as long as the pic comes in electronic form then Gary will
be happy, we also need it to make your son an ID card
for the security desk in my building.

I am also still waiting for your son's flight info

Now he wants to try and wheedle some money out of me on YIM….
Carl wrote:

How is everything going on over there...I suggest both us us
could chat in yahoomessanger..This my Sceen
name([email protected]) Notify me as soon as you ready to
chat....Any news yet about the check have you gotting it.

Harry wrote:

Hi Carl,

I still haven't gotten the check, but I expect it will take a week
or to seeing as how it's coming form another country.

Gary has promised me a finder’s fee of $500 which I will split with
you for getting his son to audition for him, I can just add it to
the remainder of the check whenever that comes.

My yahoo messenger id is XXXXX but I have never used it,
as it is considered very unprofessional to do so in the states,
especially during work hours. Oh and when James gets here he is
going to need an ID for the building security system, we have a
concierge on duty 24 hrs a day since it’s in a big city. He will
need the ID made before he is allowed to enter the building, so
once I get a passport photo I can get the building security folks
to make the ID and I can give it to him at the airport. -- B TW I
still need his flight info.

Hew more exchanges….blah blah blah

Carl wrote:

His picture is bellow here hope to hear from you..i went to scan it in a friends office....
As for the $250 you are to send..Send it to my Flight manager information today......Via westernunion...

Name:Nicoles Jones..

Use this testquestion and Answer for the sending....

Answer:For picture..

As soon as you get it sent you get back to me with the following information....

Sender's name:
Amount sent:
MTCN control number:
Testquestion and answer...

hope to hear from you today....


And here is the (almost certainly fake) pic….. <img src='' width=400 height=400 >

Anyone out there recognize him?

Carl wrote:

I give you a call by tomorrow when i buy a calling card ok....And i sent you the pic of him,he was happy when i told him you are plaining to help him into a modeling company that was why he had to go get that picture snap...So i will be experting the information as soon as you send the money....You could reach me on my cell number ....(234-802-531-6672) ...Hope to hear from you..


Of course I still haven’t received his “check” but now I have to make good and send half of the “finder’s fee” to him via WU…

Harry wrote:


I just got back in to town. I was way out in the sticks today, and
the only WU desk I could find was at a small feed store. He has the
$250 but since the money is going out of the country he needs a
security questionnaire filled out, he gave me a 4 page questionnaire
that I scanned in. Please return it to me by tomorrow so I can get
this moving. The WU agent I talked to seems very incompetent and
rude, so hopefully there won’t be any problems.

Anyway, here is the survey. (ed note: I attached 4 pages / 2MB worth of WU fakey form JPEG goodness. The phone number given on the form is 206 2O3 4l44 – it should still be operational, if anyone would like to refer a lad to the Western Union desk at Bil1yBob’s Feed and Seed – the forms were based on Inkerman’s template, Thanks Ink)

BTW the concierge in my building said he needs some way to prove
that James is really James, he says he wants a picture with him
holding a piece of paper with: 1) HIS full name 2) MY full name:
Harry Paratesticles 3) Suite 2-B.

I don't think the concierge is being reasonable, but I am worried
now that he might do something to screw up the situation, if he
doesn't get James' ID squared away.

All in all, it's been a pretty trying day, with people not being
cooperative, I sincerely apologize for all of this, and would be
willing to deduct $100 from the 1st months rent for this. This is
my first time doing such a transaction, I had no idea how
complicated it could get.

Hope you are well,


Well, Carl is clearly too smart for this little ploy….

Carl wrote:

You no Herry this not the first time i am recieve money from westernunion...You go there and tell the girl that you are the one sending the money and.....all what i know about that...

They will ask you a security question....Which i will want you tell them,First they will ask you ..
Who are you sending the money to..then you tell them to ....Necolas Jones...
To what addresss.....The you say....(Lagos,Nigeria) zipcode(23401)...

And alter then they will ask you what will you use as a security qestion and answer then you tell them...


That all..Then you willl be gievn a recepit and some information on the recepit.such as the ..

Sender's name:
Amount you send:
MTCN Control number:
And the Testquestion answer which is the security code....

So all what you are to get back to me are....

Sender's name:
Testquestion and answer:
Amount Send:..

That i will be expecting that from you.......and if she don't want to answer you kindly go to another place.....

the information you will send the funds to his ....

Name:Necolas Jones...

As for the picture i wil get back to me son if he stilll have some........let you know asap...
i don't have a scaner i told you that....

My friend herry you need not to worry i believe all will be well.

Harry wrote:


OK back home. Just got off the phone with my cell provider, and he said I can't make or receive int'l calls on my current plan, the "world phone" plan is an extra $35 a month, so screw that. Make sure your son gets a mobile phone that allows international dialing when he gets here, it will solve a lot of headaches for him.

As far as the WU desk goes, I have explained before that the man who runs it is an important client, and he keeps going on about how this transaction seems "highly suspicious" to him, I don't know what he means, but I know the ONLY way this transaction will go through is if you fill out his ridiculous security form. My hands are completely tied at this point.


Carl wrote:

Herry,About the money tell them you not sending any money again go collect it back...i told you i don't have a scaner to send the application out i can only print out but can send it soon as you get it back i gave you some location go try that...i will get him a word phone that not a problem,any good news about the check do you get it......get back to me..What you yahoo sceen name...mine is ([email protected]) IM me ok.


A few more exchanges…a little YIM tag

Harry wrote:

I was on-line on YIM all weekend and never heard from you.

As I have explained before, we are stuck with that awful WU office for the finders fee transaction, I can't get my money back, so you'll have to figure out something as far as scanning the form in.

I still have not gotten your check yet, but I don't know how long it usually takes to get overseas mail.

I will be on YIM for 5 more minutes then I have to go to the office.


That night we had a long pointless YIM session that accomplished nothing

Carl wrote:

Well harry i will try my bast to find a scanner but to say the fact you should be able to get back your money from them, cos you were the one who gave it to them.And tell them you not sending it anymore...i believe you should use moneygram they send money too..that so simple......

i willl witte you again in your YIm chat rooom reply me when you sign in....

Hope to hear from you,i believe you will get the check very soon. ok...


The Check
August 8, the check arrives!!
Harry wrote:

OK I got the check and deposited it. SO I owe you $2200 correct?

The check should clear in 5 days or so.

As far as the other WU transaction goes, you MUST send the scanned form back before we can proceed. If worse comes to worse I am sure there is an internet cafe somewhere in town that can accommodate you.


Carl wrote:

Well harry i never find any...ok.
as soon as the check clear outn of bank get back to me .....

Time to get tough.

Harry wrote:

I will not take any action of any kind until you send those completed forms to me.

I will not respond to any further correspondence that does not include the completed forms, because you agreed to get them filled out.

End of story.

Carl wrote:

What do you mean, you will not respond to my mail...Then what will happen to my money then.That can not be done.I told you i am always fixed up ...tell me wht your stress about me filling the form....then you return my money to me ok.

Since Harry is not getting any closer to a trophy pic it seems like a good idea for Gary Grunde1 at the Mode1ing Agency to get into the act.
Gary wrote:

James or Carl,

Hello I am Gary Grundel, Sally's boss here at Plum Smuggling International Modeling Agency. I just got off the phone with Harry and he said he does not know when James is arriving. I am trying to setup a catalog shoot for September, and based on your photo I think I can use James. If you have any pics of him wearing different outfits I think I can get our client to agree to hire him on -- if he is going to be in town by mid-September. We could probably pay him $3000 for the job.

Do you think James will be in town by then?

p.s. please don't tell Harry about this, he will want more "finder’s fee" money from me.


-Gary Grunde1

..Now the little bugger thinks he can work both ends!!...He asks Gary to pony up the $2200 he is also trying to wheedle out of Harry.

Carl wrote:

Gary is nice I hear from you your self i am afraid when Harry told me he will introduce my son into the modeling company and i ask him, how will that work someone you haven't seen before nor talk to him before.But he told me you will help him in ,and he ask me for his picture i gave that to him and i tell James about it he was very happy.Gray i don't have a scanner any more the one i use at the office is not in a good condition angain,Yes he will be coming to the states this month i am very happy you could reach me your self.......If you could pay his remain flight tickect he will difinitly be at the states immidiately he's Flight angant get the money.....Harry was to send he's flight agant the funds to complete his flight ticket fee due to the check i sent to harry as not gotten to him so he don't want to send the money to his flight manager...If you could pay that......Do you have a yahoo sceen name so we could chat...Or you call me on my # 234-802-531-6672 for more explantion......I will be very happy to hear from you,you such a nice person....

Hope to hear from you i promise i will not tell him ok......


Gary wrote:

OK Carl,

I thought Harry was paying for your airfare with the check, but if he hasn't gotten the check or hasn't paid yet I may be able to help provided you or Harry pay me back once James arrives. (James is your son, he is who is coming here, correct?).

However, if I am going to put anymore money upfront above the $500 Harry has already paid you then I would need to see more pictures -- pictures with a specified pre-determined context so they would have to be transmitted electronically somehow. DO NOT 'scan' them in with a desktop scanner, the quality of those photos will NOT be good enough for publication. If you can't send the photos electronically, then that is not possible and I wouldn't be willing to pay anymore until I see James in person.

If you are taking photos digitally you can download them to your machine via USB --OR-- if you taking the p hotos conventionally, the photolab will surely have the means to store the photos electronically.

I don't have a yahoo account, but you can call me on my cell at 817 977 5952.


Gary wrote:

have just yelled at Harry for not sending the money, but he is standing firm and won't budge. He can be stubborn but he is a man of his word, if you send him the paperwork he is asking for I am sure he will send the $500 immediately

I would like to help, but as I said before I need photos to be in a certain format if I am to use them and pay for them. They can't just be scanned in on a desktop, they must be downloaded from a camera by USB. It's more of a hassle but trust me, it will make all the difference when the photos are published.

You will need to have access to a digital camera, or access to a photolab can do high quality transfers of photos to electronic format.

Best, Gary

Carl wrote:
Well Gary,thanks for getting back to me Harry has been giving me a problem.I told him i don't have a scanner to scan send the papperwork to him..But he will never listen so that was why i don't blieve both you and him,And i told him that if that is the case the money will not get to me then he should wait till when jams get to the states and then he will have his money...Cos you told me the $500 was for james i don't know if you give Harry any money but what Harry told me was just that He will send James $250 and i ask him for what he explain i gave him the information where Harry is to send the money to.And that of James Travelagent information where is willll send the rest funds for james flight document....Harry he is so stupid to understand me as old as i am Harry telling me to look around to scan the Papperwork to him and i can't do that cos i am always fixed up in my office...Well Gary if you want me to trusth you with what you then blieve you...I will like to see your own picture and i will what you get back to me with your cell number so i could reach you.....And never theless you will have to send the $1500 before anything.........If that ok by you get back to me...


Now it is only appropriate that Gary and Harry should happen to exchange information. Harry is not about to let Gary get scammed..

Harry wrote:

(ed. Note: msg is to Gary and Carl)
Hi Gary,

Don't send this guy any money until he has complied with the
paperwork requirement of the Western Union office.

Trust me.

Of course, Gary is too nice for that
Gary wrote:

Well, that sounds kind of harsh. Tell you what Carl, give me the WU forms
and I can re-send the $500 finders fee, it's only fair since I have
used the photo you sent in a catalog already.

Drop me a line.

Apparently this has confused Carl…

Carl wrote:

Hello Gary,
I was trying to call you yestterday to sortthing out with you but your cell phone was on vioces mail which i was unable to reach you....I want you do me a favour by telling Harry to plz send the money he was to send for my son's flight to the states evern at all he is ready to hold on the $500 you gave to him to send to my son's that not a problem.Could you plz help me talk to him,i think he will understand you more better.This papperwork is not a problem for me to fill out and send it to him,is just one one i could print out and the rest unable to print...

Plz just talk to him....i will be happy if you could help me out by that...


Unfortunately, Harry has reached his breaking point, since Carl has refused to send the funds. Harry will be keeping all $500 of the “finder’s fee”

Harry wrote:

OK I just came back form the Western Union office, I just got my
$250 back, and they gave this nice little souvenir form!

Looks like you won't be using western union anytime soon.

I told Gary I have sent you the finder’s fee, all $500 of it!! So now it is all mine, free and clear!
I guess I'll just spend that $500 on scotch whiskey and strippers.

All you had to do was fill out 3 stinking pages, but you didn't so now you get nothing!!!!!


<img src='' width=500 height=687 >
Somehow Carl is unfazed by this…

Carl wrote:

That not a problem telling Gary you have send the money i will email him.....Well any news about the check...

WHA?? You mean the fake $3000 check?

Harry wrote:

Guess what asshole,

I just called the bank, and the check is no good!
Good thing I never sent you any money! At least I get to keep the $500.

Maybe Gary will send you a couple of bucks, but I doubt it!!

So far, I am kind of disappointed that no good trophy pics have resulted. At least now he thinks I bilked him out of a $500 “finder’s fee”. Looks like Harry is out of the picture now, but maybe Gary can have a little more fun with this lad….
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A fun bait to read....... Very Happy

I think I will rent a mailbox soon

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