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 My very first marriage proposal!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2005 2:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My wife isn't happy about this turn of events, but I am as giddy as a schoolgirl with this news!

Brother Johnson Kuwme sends me his intro letter; the Morris Thompson plane crash and $45 million in his bank. I usually take these personally as Thompson was from my home town. I know he has a herd of relatives and also know he would never have put money in a Nigerian bank.

I wrote him back telling him he was a scammer, I knew Morris Thompson personally, and he could perform sexual impossibilities upon his own person. Kuwme took it personally and argued with me for several letters and just wouldn't shut up no matter how many times I told him to go forque off. His main argument was for me to go to the web page (CNN's list of victims) to prove he was not lying. I waited several days, told him I went to the web page and believed him thoroughly. The dumass then started the scam with me.

I had fun putting off his requests for banking info, rather sending messages restating how much I trusted him and his honesty and integrity. I eventually sent him my banking info and got this as my next message:


Dear Sister Helen,

good day i dont have much to tell you now but just a few words that is a word every woman.

always loved to helen i asked you a very simply question but you fail to anwser any of .

my question i come again by asking you if you are married very simply yes or no but if

sister helen i MR johnson kuwme i will love if you be my wife

reply this mail


Of course, I wrote back "YES!!"

In several days, I got his reply, and a very special request...


Dearest Helen,
thanks the mail you sent to me your word can't fade away from my mind. since i read your mail i was very happy but before i procced i will like to im very sorry for the death of your husband.such is life because the bible said that it is apointed once for man to die but after that
comes the jugement darling hold your self every thing will aright in jesus name.i must tell you to be couragious because you have gotting someone who will make feel like a real woman that

dear Helen i will not tell you today that iam a born again christain but i know that God is one he is always on our side and always ready to forgive our sins each time we ask for forgiveness .dear Helen should i call you sweet heart or darling because today i must confuess
to you that i have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with you as long as you accept to live the rest of your life with me too.the bible said that two shall become one body.

Helen lets become one body i need you so much i know i have not seen your face once but i know your i read every day is in my mind and i know i have seen and now is one soul and one body so with this we can achive our aims and goal iam ready to give you my whole heart and my love too. iam still making my plan of coming down to your conutry like i told you
earlier immidately this found is been transfred into your account.darling i will be coming all alone to your country because i have decided to leave my two kids with my grandmother while
i come to meet you iam very seriuos about this found Helen because i know with this huge amount of money we will work things out we can establish our life very well like to open a company buy a nice house which we can stay. And again remember our kids there will live good life their will not lack any thing even when we grow old we can see thing to hold on thing of this and come lets buld one home and stay together as one.

Dear Helen you don't have be afraid of any thing at all iam with you at all time. Because i know any thing that happened to you happened to me too so be i must thank for accepting this proposal here is my pic which you requsted for and i wise to have yours too if you don't mind.And send me your profiles so i can start working on this found because we have much time again i wait for your urgently reply so that i will send you the text of applicatoin which you send to bank B.O.A.lets get fast because i can't wait to meet you in your country i love you
so much i wait to read from you soon next may almight God bless you as you read this mail. here is my pic and my Staff Id card for you to know me, whom you are dealing with and I will like you to send me few details about yourself;
1.your phone contacts
2.your ageand occupation
3.your identitycard or international passport of origin

stay blessed

your one and only

He sure does have a way with the ladies, doesn't he?

Now I see where he can keep his promise to not ask me for money for the transaction, I will have to pay for his visa (and probably MasterCard as well) to come to the USA.

I have posted his original letter to me in the surplus area in case any of you lonely widows are looking for a marriage proposal for your own. Maybe we girls can gang up on him and claim he is a bigamist.
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 1:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

rivercity wrote:
I have posted his original letter to me in the surplus area in case any of you lonely widows are looking for a marriage proposal for your own. Maybe we girls can gang up on him and claim he is a bigamist.

I'll play!!! Aimee Lou would love to have another husband.
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 11 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 9:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My betrothed and I have exchanged a couple of emails. I am supposed to fill out a form and mail (?) it to the bank in Burkino Faso. Unfortunately I have neglected to do this, there have been other things on my mind. Here is a copy of my most recent letter to my Dear One, and the letter that created the reply. Be sure to have a hanky ready!


My dear One,

Please forgive me for not writing sooner as the recent events of our relationship has been quite an adventure for me and my life.

When I informed Mother Superior of our new relationship, I knew it would be a disappointment to God and the Church that I would not be able to take my final vows into the sisterhood and continue to serve God in the manner that I have been training for over the last two years. Mother Superior has turned me away from the convent and I will hve to return to live in the house that I left when I started service to the church. This will be fine as we need a place to live when you arrive and we will have plenty of room when you do.

The difficult choices that I had to make when I was speaking to Mother Superior was made easier when you told me about how you fasted and prayed for seven days and the Holy Spirit revealed to you to proceed with our relationship. If He was to appear to you instead of me then that is His way of communicating with me. I know that it is true because you said it was and that is good enough for me.

Becasue of what is perceived from the Church as an act of defiance, I have decided to take half of the share of the money that will be mine when you finalize the transaction and to donate it to the causes that I have worked so hard for over the last two years. If I can no longer devote my life to God's work in a physical way then I can do it with half of the money that I shall soon see from the transaction you are working with. As a Man of God like yourself can see, this would be the right thing to do and am hoping that you see it the same way. I would like to hear that you are planning to tithe a portion of your share of the money towards God's work. Please tell me that you are going to do God's work with a portion of your share. This will mean so much to me after having to leave the Church in disgrace.

Now that my life has taken so many drastic turns since we have decided to join together as one, there is a lot of work for me to do. I need to return to the house that my late husband and I shared and make the necessary repairs to make it habitable again. The injuries that I received while working in the mines has made me more frail than before and it will take a massive amount of courage and strength for me to see this task to it's completion, but if these are the tasks that I must do then so be it, it shall be done. Without the comfort and aid of the convent and the support that was offered to me when I was studying with the sisters it will be doubly difficult, but if the Holy Spirit has requested through you that I do it then it shall be done.

Unfortunately, now that I have been asked to leave the convent I have no means to support myself until the money arrives from your bank into my account. The church will no longer house and feed me physically because I have left them for a secular existance. The money that I received in insurance settlement from the mines after my injury has long ago been donated to the church and cannot be recovered for my physical needs. I will not embarass to by asking for money becuase it is not my place to do that, so I will find other means to keep myself in nourishment. The only things that worry me is the supply of the prescription drugs that are necessary to keep me alive. I will contunie praying for God's assistance to keep me alive without the benefit of the secular medicine provides life. It is my hope that God will see to my well being despite no longer devoting the rest of my life to His work.

It is with joy and pleasure that I can send to you a photo of the house that we will soon share when you arrive in the USA. One of the children playing in the neighborhood had one of those cameras that uses no film took this picture and put it on a disk so that I could take it to the library where I am sending it to you now. It is an old house but a good one and hopefully I can make the repairs to it so that I can once again live within it's loving and caring walls. This was the house that I shared with my husband before his untimely death and it is where I raised my three children all by myself until they became adults.

Please understand if I do not send emails to you for the next few days as there is work for me to do at my house. The safety board says there is a lot of work to do before I can return to live there. By the grace of God I will be able to perform these tasks without any secular assistance.

I praise the day when we first met and I am knowing that all will be well in the end. May God travel with you until I will be able to write again soon.

With affection and devotion to you and to God, I remain,


JOHNSON KUWME <[email protected]> wrote:
Sweet Heart,
Good day and how is life generally with you hope everything is alright with you.Helen i most tell you that iam very happy to read from you again i
still appriciate your effort i have gone through your mail and all what you meant is very understood by me i strongly believed that any thing that has joined togther shall not be cut off by any one not even your
sisters or brothers after my seven days praying and fasting the holy spirit ministered to me telling me to move forwrd with you tht i should
not get weak or to be discouraged by any one i explained this reletionship to my pastor and he told me to carry out my plan with you
and also i have told my family members about you too.because their all know that i have been for years with out a wife since my frist death now i told them that i have finally found some who is like my lost wife.Their all happy to hear that from me one again i know their will also be happy to see you in african because i know you and i will vist
african one day that is for sure.and you will be happy to meet them too
Dear i know you want me to come to USA yes i will be there with you soon.bceause i have started seriously working on my vizas like i told
before every thing will be read soon inless then two weeks now i will
arrive in see your face im coming there to invest in your conutry by you are making things so heard for me Helen you dont understand whom you are dealing with i understand every side about you
in i know that you are so frigile that a man ,need to handle with care
Helen i have tried to explained myself so to you as a man usually explain things to a woman he loved just liek the way i loved you Helen
i have my picture and my offical id card of which by now you could have understand whom i am.But for now i don't know which way to follow
my point is about the fund i told you about which i have send to you the text of application which you will fill and send to my bank here just for us to claim this
fund out into your account my dear Helen for me here im not happy to be
alone again all i needed from you now is for you to fill up this application and send it the bank like i have told you before.You explained to me that you don't have and computers in your home from this fund i can be able to put up those things in your home so that you can have rest like other woman try to under stand this situation with me Dear Helen.iask you for your picture for me to have a look of whom
im dealing with but uptill now idon't see any thing from you why.or was
it mean you don't trsut me or what ok just go aheand and tell me what else you want me to do Helen the love sake i will do more than what you need from me i promised that don't let any one to put wrong words in your ears.Helen i love you so much that for now you should understand all about my life because i will not push into danderi reall know you
are for me and im yours for ever and ever Helen i will love if you can
help me and claimed this fund into your acconut by fill this application to my bank here in burkina faso thiqs is the only way we can invest in a profitble business over there in your country.we can buy houses cars open up super markets take care of the children think about this i wait to your to hear from you again Helen as soon as possible i will be happy to that you have send this application to my
bank im waiting for that
yours DEAR ONE
Johnson Kuwme.

I am hoping that his reply will include, "Have you sent the form to the bank yet?"

The Widow Knight thanks you for the time you spent reading this.
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