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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I got this random IM from this person tonight. She told me she was from Texas, then MN, then west BFE. I had fun with her.

graceonlovegraceonlove: 0hello
graceonlovegraceonlove: ur name

graceonlovegraceonlove: nice pixc u have
jeepboys_4x4: where do I know you from
graceonlovegraceonlove: yahooperosnals
graceonlovegraceonlove: how are u doing there
graceonlovegraceonlove: ur name
jeepboys_4x4: where are you from
graceonlovegraceonlove: texas from usa
jeepboys_4x4: As opposed to Texas England
graceonlovegraceonlove: urs ?cool
graceonlovegraceonlove: what you doing a living there
jeepboys_4x4: What part of Texas
jeepboys_4x4: I work here
graceonlovegraceonlove: Austine texas
graceonlovegraceonlove: u?
jeepboys_4x4: What part of Austin
jeepboys_4x4: ??
jeepboys_4x4: hello
jeepboys_4x4: I ask cause I am from Austin
jeepboys_4x4: Not from Texas are you?
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
graceonlovegraceonlove: am so sad here baby ?
graceonlovegraceonlove: name is grace smith am from MN,in Saint PAUL 5'7fth tall single heart broken... i help a friend who is a wedding
planner...... i lost my mom 7yrs ago while i was in texas two years ago..... came to MN after i lost my mom
jeepboys_4x4: Still didn't answer my Question, what part of Austin?
graceonlovegraceonlove: north
jeepboys_4x4: Yeah, what part?
jeepboys_4x4: San Antonito North?
graceonlovegraceonlove: what
jeepboys_4x4: Sorry to Hear about your mom
graceonlovegraceonlove: ok
jeepboys_4x4: What town did you live in?
graceonlovegraceonlove: am so sad right here in west africa now babay
jeepboys_4x4: What, What happened to MN, and Texas
jeepboys_4x4: why are you sad
graceonlovegraceonlove: e asked i would come over to africa to see his parents and we can get engaged so i can be happy after all the sorrows i had o.k. I
agreed to go on the trip to africa with him. I saved enough to keep us confortable while we were away o.k. i had about $4,500 with me o.k.
guy and i booked into a hotel room to stay while we were still in town o.k. After a four days after our arrival to this place. My boyfriend left
me a note in thesame hotel room that he has left for the UK and he stole all my stuff including my cash, credit card, Jewelries and phone
too o.k. I was left stranded here with nothing I only have my return ticket and passport to go back to the United States.
jeepboys_4x4: wow, that sucks
graceonlovegraceonlove: hen the Hotel Management foundout that i was the only person left in the Hotel room, they seized my passport and return ticket to go
back home o.k. and they ask me to pay the bills we have encured to the present moment. At the moment i have an outstanding bill of
$350 here on my accomodation and just $300 for the internet services provided for me here o.k. the hotel manager will not release my
passport and ticket for me to be able to make my way back to the US if i didn't pay the bills i'm owing of $650 in total which always have a
tendency of increasing everyweekend o.k. Please i need your help despiratly to get my life back on track and start my search for a life
jeepboys_4x4: what would you like me to do?
graceonlovegraceonlove: time happiness o.k. I promise if U can get me out
I have reported the case to the american embassy here in nigeria,and they have promised to give me back a new american passport.But
The problem now at hand is that,am unable to pay for the hotel bills,for that,the manager seized air ticket to fly back to the
jeepboys_4x4: What part of Nigeria are you in. I have always wanted to visit that dookie hole
graceonlovegraceonlove: lagos
jeepboys_4x4: Rock on
jeepboys_4x4: whats it like there
graceonlovegraceonlove: can u call the hotel manager now so u can know how u wanna help me out of here hoey
graceonlovegraceonlove: honey
jeepboys_4x4: my phone is all crapped out
jeepboys_4x4: it went dookie
graceonlovegraceonlove: all i need is to settle my hotel bill and get back to the state as soon as u help me out opf here
jeepboys_4x4: what else can I dodo
jeepboys_4x4: I would like to help
graceonlovegraceonlove: can u call the hotel manager so he can tell u how u wanna help me out of here honey
jeepboys_4x4: sure
graceonlovegraceonlove: ok
graceonlovegraceonlove: let me get u the hotel manager number now honey
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
graceonlovegraceonlove: +23480-60054393
graceonlovegraceonlove: did you get it now honey
jeepboys_4x4: ok, I am calling right now
graceonlovegraceonlove: call him now so u can how u wanna help me out of here
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
graceonlovegraceonlove: manager s name ...femi daniel
graceonlovegraceonlove: room 20
graceonlovegraceonlove: my name ..grace smith
jeepboys_4x4: ok, no answer
graceonlovegraceonlove: what
jeepboys_4x4: its not working
graceonlovegraceonlove: try it again
graceonlovegraceonlove: maybe is not in the hotel now
jeepboys_4x4: I am tring, its just ringing
jeepboys_4x4: try calling me in the USA 207-376-0768 I don't know if you need more numbers, the country code is 01

graceonlovegraceonlove: plz just try it more
jeepboys_4x4: tell the person on that end to answer the phone
graceonlovegraceonlove: i dont have nay money to call you hoeny can u mail him now
graceonlovegraceonlove: hotel manager
jeepboys_4x4: it would take weeks for the mail to get there
jeepboys_4x4: tell the manager I will pay for the phone call
graceonlovegraceonlove: where are you now or from honey
jeepboys_4x4: USA
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
jeepboys_4x4: are you going to call
graceonlovegraceonlove: i cant bcos am owing them some bill here honey ..plz i really need your help here before i get back to you bcos i dont have any family the state again
graceonlovegraceonlove: know money ..honey if you can help me out of here tonight i will be very glad to meet you to tomorrow
jeepboys_4x4: Do you have another number I can try
jeepboys_4x4: teel the manager that I will pay for the call
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay let me try it now
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
jeepboys_4x4: Have him call me himself
graceonlovegraceonlove: wait
graceonlovegraceonlove: honey
graceonlovegraceonlove: +23480-32404850
graceonlovegraceonlove: did you get the personal ..number now ..honey
jeepboys_4x4: I am tring to call
graceonlovegraceonlove: okay
graceonlovegraceonlove: try the number i gave you ow
jeepboys_4x4: quit buzzing me,
jeepboys_4x4: I have been
graceonlovegraceonlove: why buzz honey
jeepboys_4x4: You are just going to have to call me
jeepboys_4x4: I want to help, just can not call
jeepboys_4x4: that, don't do it
jeepboys_4x4: I think its 01-207-376-0768

jeepboys_4x4: ok
graceonlovegraceonlove : ur name
jeepboys_4x4: John Wayne
graceonlovegraceonlove : but i told you i dont have any money with me here
jeepboys_4x4: tell him I will pay. I have money to help
graceonlovegraceonlove : i have to write it down now
graceonlovegraceonlove : he is try ur number now ..john
graceonlovegraceonlove : are u ..honey
graceonlovegraceonlove : what ?
graceonlovegraceonlove : but the hotel manager try ur number now
jeepboys_4x4: ok, try
jeepboys_4x4: any luck
graceonlovegraceonlove : okay i will tell him now
graceonlovegraceonlove : okay
graceonlovegraceonlove : wait maybe ..honey
jeepboys_4x4: I am waiting
graceonlovegraceonlove : ok
jeepboys_4x4: still waiting
graceonlovegraceonlove : he didnt get you honey why ?
jeepboys_4x4: my phone never rang, did anyone answer
graceonlovegraceonlove : the hotel manager tell it just noise honey
graceonlovegraceonlove : why ?
jeepboys_4x4: Noise?
jeepboys_4x4: what kind of noise
graceonlovegraceonlove : plz call him now
graceonlovegraceonlove : okay
graceonlovegraceonlove : if u can help me out of here plz dont make me sad any more okay
jeepboys_4x4: Are you in Lagos
jeepboys_4x4: what hotel
jeepboys_4x4: I have a friend in Lagos, he might be able to help get you some cash
graceonlovegraceonlove : ok
graceonlovegraceonlove : [email protected]
jeepboys_4x4: tell him to read this, insted of me emailing
graceonlovegraceonlove : did you mail him
jeepboys_4x4: no, have him read this message
graceonlovegraceonlove : what ?
jeepboys_4x4: so what color undies are you wearing?
jeepboys_4x4: opps, wrong person
graceonlovegraceonlove : white
jeepboys_4x4: what about that $5,000 I sent you
jeepboys_4x4: opps again
jeepboys_4x4: wrong person
graceonlovegraceonlove : bye
graceonlovegraceonlove : i have to rest nmow you are not serious
graceonlovegraceonlove : okay ?
jeepboys_4x4: I am taliking to 2 people at once
jeepboys_4x4: I am tring to figure out how to get you some money
jeepboys_4x4: what is your email address
graceonlovegraceonlove : bye
jeepboys_4x4: fuck you
jeepboys_4x4: I hope you rot in that shit hole

That was my own personal nickname, guess I will have to close it. The number is from Rejection Hotline dot com, check it out, its funny
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