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 Tenor Hot's female counterpart?!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Being on Yahoo Chat certainly yields its rewards. Pretending to be Fr. Benedict Arnold, I have successfully baited a Nigerian hiphop star wannabe. I directed her to Mickey Silverstein aka Johnny. We'll see if we can get Tenor and her to sing a duet. Smile Until then, here is our initial conversation. I have made my handle xxx to protect the anonymity of my art. Enjoy!

Session Start (xxx:kellyhiphop2000): Sat Jul 02 13:03:06 2005
[13:03] kellyhiphop2000: hello
[13:03] xxx: Hello.
[13:03] kellyhiphop2000: am fine
Session Close (kellyhiphop2000): Sat Jul 02 13:03:38 2005

Session Start (xxx:kellyhiphop2000): Sat Jul 02 13:03:41 2005
[13:03] kellyhiphop2000: am kelly by name
[13:06] kellyhiphop2000: so wta ur name?
[13:06] kellyhiphop2000: <ding>
[13:06] xxx: Benedict Arnold
[13:07] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:07] kellyhiphop2000: well i had like to discuss bizness with u about my talent
[13:07] xxx: Okay.
[13:07] xxx: Continue.
[13:08] kellyhiphop2000: well am a musician but am not out yet
[13:08] kellyhiphop2000: and i wan you to help me in relocating to the usa
[13:09] xxx: Well, I am a priest here in the United States.
[13:09] xxx: I am also an officer in the United States Navy, so I could look into immigration if you'd like.
[13:09] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:09] kellyhiphop2000: thata will be easy 4 u
[13:10] xxx: So, you are a musician?
[13:10] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:10] xxx: And you are from Nigeria I see.
[13:10] kellyhiphop2000: i have about 30 songs of mine whihc is not out yet
[13:10] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:10] xxx: Oh wow. Thirty songs.
[13:10] kellyhiphop2000: we dont have help here
[13:10] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:11] kellyhiphop2000: but my talents is dying with me
[13:11] kellyhiphop2000: though i go to church and i believe GOD
[13:11] xxx: Dying?
[13:11] xxx: Are you ill?
[13:12] kellyhiphop2000: no
[13:12] kellyhiphop2000: i mean my musical talent
[13:12] xxx: Oh. Well I have a friend who is in the record business.
[13:12] kellyhiphop2000: really
[13:13] kellyhiphop2000: that will be really great
[13:13] kellyhiphop2000: it means u can help me in both ways?
[13:13] xxx: I can try Smile
[13:13] kellyhiphop2000: u can
[13:14] kellyhiphop2000: i believe embassy will grant ur request
[13:14] xxx: Have you heard of Goosedup Productions?
[13:14] kellyhiphop2000: no
[13:14] xxx: Do you have a phone number kelly?
[13:15] kellyhiphop2000: but i know that there are numerous recording label in the usa
[13:15] xxx: My friend Mickey Silverstein can pull some strings for you.
[13:15] kellyhiphop2000: no i have lost my phone
[13:16] xxx: Here is his website: (Link:
[13:16] kellyhiphop2000: and i dont want to steal
[13:16] xxx: Well kellyyou must have some way for me to contact you vocally.
[13:16] xxx: Mickey would really like to talk to you.
[13:16] kellyhiphop2000: yeah my friend have a phone but i dont know the ecxact time u will want to call
[13:17] xxx: Well, go ahead and give me his phone number.
[13:17] xxx: And I will hand it over to mickey
[13:17] kellyhiphop2000: so whats he time now in D.C
[13:17] xxx: Do you have an email address, Kelly?
[13:17] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:18] xxx: It is around 2:17 PM in the states.
[13:18] xxx: I imagine it is pretty late in the evening over there in Nigeria.
[13:18] kellyhiphop2000: [email protected]
[13:18] kellyhiphop2000: how do u know?
[13:18] kellyhiphop2000: have u been here b4?
[13:19] xxx: I have been to Egypt on my travels with the Navy.
[13:19] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:19] kellyhiphop2000: though u are correct
[13:19] kellyhiphop2000: its 7:15pm here
[13:20] xxx: I went ahead and gave your email to Mickey, okay?
[13:21] kellyhiphop2000: have u given it to him?
[13:21] xxx: Yes. [email protected]
[13:21] xxx: or is it [email protected]
[13:22] kellyhiphop2000: [email protected]
[13:22] xxx: What is your friend's phone number?
[13:22] kellyhiphop2000: its this
[13:23] kellyhiphop2000: +2348027070954
[13:23] xxx: and what is your first and last name
[13:23] xxx: ?
[13:23] kellyhiphop2000: my surname is Olumese
[13:23] kellyhiphop2000: First name is Kelly
[13:24] xxx: Okey dokey Kelly.
[13:24] xxx: How do you pronounce that? I'm sorry, I studied Latin not Nigerian.
[13:24] kellyhiphop2000: so how can u help me plz?
[13:24] xxx: O-loom-esay?
[13:25] xxx: Well, Mickey will give you an email and a call.
[13:25] xxx: If he likes your music, he will sign you up with a record contract.
[13:25] xxx: From there, that will probably give you enough popularity for me to contact the U.S. Department of State to get you a Green Card paid for by Goosedup Productions
[13:26] kellyhiphop2000: what if he does not?
[13:26] xxx: I'll contact my Religious Order, the Order of St. Beatricus Arthurus
[13:26] xxx: And see if they can pull some strings.
[13:26] xxx: Okay?
[13:26] kellyhiphop2000: i dont get it
[13:27] xxx: Okay, I am a member of a religious order.
[13:27] xxx: The Order of St. Beatricus Arthurus
[13:27] xxx: We have connections with the U.S. Government.
[13:28] xxx: I will tell them that you are a refuge under our protection, and because of the charitable venture of this matter, they will allow you to live and work in the States.
[13:28] xxx: But let us first see what Mickey says, okay?
[13:28] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:28] xxx: I sent him your name and email. He has helped a lot of people make their start - Mariah Carey...Whitney Houston...Usher.
[13:28] xxx: And he is a good friend.
[13:29] kellyhiphop2000: so how soon can u contact mickey
[13:29] xxx: I already contacted him by email.
[13:29] kellyhiphop2000: oh men thats means u so influencial?
[13:29] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:29] xxx: I can't call him right now...he's at his grandson's Bar Mitzfah.
[13:30] kellyhiphop2000: thankx
[13:30] kellyhiphop2000: Benedict Arnold
[13:30] xxx: You are most welcome, Kelly.
[13:31] xxx: Would you like to pray with me right now before you go?
[13:31] kellyhiphop2000: i am not going now
[13:31] xxx: Oh. I thought you were.
[13:31] xxx: No worries.
[13:31] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:31] xxx: So how is the weather in Nigeria, kelly?
[13:31] xxx: Where are you at in Nigeria exactly?
[13:31] xxx: Lagos?
[13:31] xxx: Adijiban?
[13:32] kellyhiphop2000: am in Edo State
[13:33] xxx: Edo...Doesn't ring a bell.
[13:33] kellyhiphop2000: how?
[13:33] xxx: I don't recall where exactly Edo state is in Nigeria.
[13:34] kellyhiphop2000: its coz u have not been to nigeria
[13:34] xxx: Yeah.
[13:34] xxx: I would like to go once I retire from the U.S. Navy.
[13:34] xxx: Would you like to see a picture of me, Kelly?
[13:35] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[13:35] xxx: Okay, hold on.
[13:37] kellyhiphop2000: k
[13:37] xxx: (Link:
[13:38] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:38] kellyhiphop2000: so how are u coping being a clergy and a navy?
[13:39] xxx: It's hard. Being away from family and whatnot.
[13:39] xxx: But I love traveling.
[13:39] kellyhiphop2000: u look good in ur pics
[13:39] xxx: Yes. That is when I served Mass two years ago for SSPX in Britain.
[13:40] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:40] xxx: I also put together that pictoral guide on "The Latin Mass in Words and Pictures"
[13:40] kellyhiphop2000: really thats nice
[13:41] xxx: Thank you.
[13:41] xxx: Mickey just gave me a call, Kelly.
[13:41] xxx: He says he is really interested in talking to you.
[13:41] kellyhiphop2000: really can he call now?
[13:41] xxx: And that he'll email you or call you soon.
[13:41] kellyhiphop2000: with the number i gave to u
[13:42] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:42] xxx: He will call you, but not right now. He is at his grandson's Bar Mitzfah party.
[13:42] xxx: I'm not there at the moment.
[13:42] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:42] xxx: I'm at sea, on board the Conway Twitty
[13:42] xxx: my ship.
[13:42] kellyhiphop2000: why didnt u attend it?
[13:42] xxx: I'm on duty, kelly.
[13:43] xxx: I'm in the Persian Gulf.
[13:43] xxx: Near Iraq.
[13:43] kellyhiphop2000: oh
[13:44] xxx: They allow us to use the computers to speak with our families.
[13:44] kellyhiphop2000: its means u r not in the usa right now?
[13:44] xxx: No. Not at the moment.
[13:44] xxx: But I am from Washington.
[13:44] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:44] xxx: I will be back in the states though Monday.
[13:44] kellyhiphop2000: ok tru flight or ship?
[13:44] xxx: Flight.
[13:45] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:45] kellyhiphop2000: how much will that cost u?
[13:45] xxx: Oh it is all paid for by the Navy.
[13:46] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:46] xxx: I will be flying via helicopter to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from there I'll take a jet to San Francisco.
[13:46] kellyhiphop2000: being
[13:47] kellyhiphop2000: a clergy and a Navy how is it?
[13:47] xxx: Well, I like working with people from many different faiths, and that is interesting.
[13:48] xxx: And you can't beat the travel. Last year I was stationed in Egypt for awhile. Got to see the Pyramids at Gaza.
[13:48] kellyhiphop2000: how interesting
[13:48] kellyhiphop2000: u travelled alot then
[13:48] xxx: Not a lot. Mostly the mediterranean, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.
[13:49] xxx: My favorite nation that I have visited so far is Morocco.
[13:49] kellyhiphop2000: waoh what about it?
[13:49] xxx: Black sand tea..quite nice.
[13:50] kellyhiphop2000: amazing
[13:50] kellyhiphop2000: GOD is really great about his creation
[13:50] xxx: Yes.
[13:51] kellyhiphop2000: i really believe in GOD
[13:51] kellyhiphop2000: i was born into Christ Chosen Church of GOD international
[13:52] xxx: I am certain your belief will reap good rewards.
[13:52] xxx: I am not familiar with that denomination.
[13:52] kellyhiphop2000: yeah that fact
[13:52] kellyhiphop2000: i want to add u to my list
[13:52] *** (Link: yahoo://0:yahoo-profile:kellyhiphop2000)kellyhiphop2000 has added you to their contact list. You may choose to (Link: yahoo://0:yahoo-accept:kellyhiphop2000)accept or (Link: yahoo://0:yahoo-deny:kellyhiphop2000)deny this action. You may also (Link: yahoo://0:yahoo-add:kellyhiphop2000)add this user to your contact list or (Link: yahoo://0:yahoo-ignore:kellyhiphop2000)ignore this user.
[13:52] *** You have been successfully added to kellyhiphop2000's contact list.
[13:53] *** "kellyhiphop2000" signed on at Sat Jul 02 13:53:12 2005.
[13:53] xxx: I've added you as well.
[13:53] kellyhiphop2000: no add me again
[13:53] kellyhiphop2000: it went out
[13:53] xxx: You are on my list kelly
[13:53] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:54] kellyhiphop2000: GOD is good
[13:54] xxx: Yes. Indeed he is.
[13:54] kellyhiphop2000: r u married?
[13:54] xxx: No. I am a priest, Kelly.
[13:54] xxx: I must remain celibate.
[13:54] kellyhiphop2000: oh
[13:54] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[13:55] kellyhiphop2000: so its possible for embassy to give me a green card?
[13:55] xxx: I can try and arrange it. But Mickey might be able to do it better than I can.
[13:55] kellyhiphop2000: oh that will be wonderful
[13:56] kellyhiphop2000: but i dont have money?
[13:56] xxx: It doesn't matter. I'll talk to Mickey.
[13:56] xxx: He's Jewish. He has millions
[13:56] kellyhiphop2000: oh it means i can be help easily
[13:57] kellyhiphop2000: lord is great
[13:57] xxx: Yes. He is.
[13:57] kellyhiphop2000: the we are relating its as if we have been together for years
[13:57] kellyhiphop2000: but its is the wonder of GOD
[13:58] xxx: Yes. It is. Do not worry. Mickey and I will work this out.
[13:58] kellyhiphop2000: i will be the world happiest
[13:59] kellyhiphop2000: coz i have really been a mocking stock
[13:59] xxx: mocking stock?
[13:59] kellyhiphop2000: yeah]
[14:00] kellyhiphop2000: in my neighbour hood
[14:00] kellyhiphop2000: they laugh at out family that we are poor that we should be avoided
[14:00] kellyhiphop2000: but i always pray to get coz i know he will never fail me
[14:01] xxx: The meek will inherit the Earth, Kelly.
[14:01] kellyhiphop2000: it has really be bad
[14:02] kellyhiphop2000: yeah u are correct
[14:02] xxx: How is your life in Nigeria?
[14:03] kellyhiphop2000: the Lord is great
[14:03] kellyhiphop2000: well my life in nigeria is not pleasing to me
[14:03] kellyhiphop2000: i wouldn't lie
[14:04] xxx: What do you do?
[14:04] xxx: In Nigeria?
[14:04] kellyhiphop2000: i do painting Job
[14:04] kellyhiphop2000: and cost of living is so high
[14:05] xxx: I see. Well, the cost of living is high in the states compared to Nigeria probably.
[14:06] kellyhiphop2000: no not at all
[14:06] kellyhiphop2000: how much do u spend in eating a meal in the usa?
[14:06] xxx: Depends on the restaurant.
[14:06] xxx: $10
[14:07] kellyhiphop2000: the cheapest
[14:08] kellyhiphop2000: here som eatry cost up to 2,000naira
[14:08] xxx: Let me see the relationship between the Naira to the dollar.
[14:09] kellyhiphop2000: 1 dollar is about 135naira
[14:10] xxx: That's about $14 for a meal.
[14:10] xxx: Not cheap at all.
[14:10] kellyhiphop2000: so xpensive
[14:10] xxx: I've never had Nigerian food. Is it good?
[14:10] kellyhiphop2000: yeah its good
[14:11] kellyhiphop2000: i had like u to visit
[14:11] xxx: Well I have some leave time.
[14:11] xxx: I'll see.
[14:11] kellyhiphop2000: it will be amazing
[14:11] xxx: I bet.
[14:11] xxx: Well Kelly, I need to get going.
[14:11] kellyhiphop2000: oh
[14:12] xxx: I have to serve Mass.
[14:12] xxx: Would you like to pray before we go?
[14:12] kellyhiphop2000: what a wonderful time i had have with u
[14:12] kellyhiphop2000: yeah
[14:12] xxx: In Nomine Patris, et Filli, et Spiritu Sancti
[14:13] xxx: Oh Lord, and Clytemnestra's Daughter, bless Kelly and our ventures that we have planned this evening
[14:13] kellyhiphop2000: Amen
[14:13] xxx: Strengthen her, consume her, and control her. Make her a divine procrastinator. Let the advertisies of the heart stretch up to the highwater, and let her ride the cloud above the Jordan.
[14:13] xxx: Amen.
[14:14] kellyhiphop2000: Amen
[14:14] kellyhiphop2000: that was a nice prayer
[14:14] xxx: Yes. Thank you.
[14:14] xxx: My email address is [email protected]
[14:15] xxx: But Mickey should email you sometime later on, okay?
[14:15] kellyhiphop2000: sometime might be long?
[14:15] kellyhiphop2000: no date plz
[14:15] xxx: No. Soon.
[14:15] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[14:15] xxx: Don't worry Kelly
[14:15] xxx: We have things under control.
[14:15] kellyhiphop2000: plz u have to agile him up coz am really tired of what am passing tru
[14:16] xxx: He is a good friend.
[14:16] xxx: He is persistant.
[14:16] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[14:16] kellyhiphop2000: where is thier headquarter of his label?
[14:16] xxx: L.A
[14:16] xxx: Los Angeles
[14:17] kellyhiphop2000: ok thats nice
[14:17] xxx: Anyway, I'm late for mass.
[14:17] xxx: I really need to get going.
[14:18] kellyhiphop2000: i really appreciate GOD for directing me to ur way
[14:18] xxx: Thank God, kelly. Not me.
[14:18] xxx: Goodbye, kelly
[14:18] xxx: Until next time
[14:18] kellyhiphop2000: when can i meet u online again?
[14:19] xxx: Oh I'll probably be online sometime around 8:30 PM
[14:19] xxx: Central Time
[14:19] xxx: That will be 2:30 AM your time.
[14:19] kellyhiphop2000: ok
[14:20] kellyhiphop2000: should in case am offline just say me hi and tell me how ur mass went
[14:20] xxx: Okay.
[14:20] xxx: Goodbye, Kelly
[14:20] xxx: I'll talk to you later.
[14:20] kellyhiphop2000: ok GOD bless u
[14:20] kellyhiphop2000: am mostly on line in central time
[14:21] xxx: ok
[14:21] kellyhiphop2000: in ur time morning to after noon like this
[14:21] xxx: ok
[14:21] kellyhiphop2000: u can come online anytime b4 now
[14:21] kellyhiphop2000: thankx a Million and GOD bless
[14:21] xxx: Okay. Kelly I need to go. I;'ll talk to you later. Farewell

"I am so happy that you are in the Christ Jesus
and i must tell now that i am ready to joint as long as it is Jesus affairs and ready to coperate."-Uba Friday

"FUK U BIA3TCH, ALLAH SPT ON U!"-Mohammad Ahmed
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