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 Aids Charity - Business Plan

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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 4:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been baiting a lad for a while as a woman and have even sent him a pic of me. Now the blighter (quaint expression) is calling me his Brother.....

My Dear Brother,

I do not know how to thank you. I have managed to reduce
the volume. I will send it through attachement.

Please my brother, go through it before you forward them.

I have prepared everything under preassure, please help me
and God will bless you.

Please confirm the receipt.


Anyway, I have been pressuring him to give me a business plan and this is what he's sent me after working on it for a couple of weeks.

It still needs lots of work on it before I send him the $100,000.



1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1
1.2 Mission -----------------------------------------------------------------------------1
1.2 Key to success ---------------------------------------------------------------------1

2.0 Organization Summary

2.1 Legal Entity-------------------------------------------------------------------------2
2.2 Organization History --------------------------------------------------------------2

3.0 Services

3.1 Services Description---------------------------------------------------------------4
3.2 Alterative Provides-----------------------------------------------------------------4
3.3 Printed Collate rate ----------------------------------------------------------------4
3.4 Fulfillments -------------------------------------------------------------------------4
3.5 Technology -------------------------------------------------------------------------4
3.6 Future Services----------------------------------------------------------------------4

4 Analysis Summary

4.1 Segmentation--------------------------------------------------------------5
4.2 Target Segment Strategy------------------------------------------------5
4.2.1 Need ---------------------------------------------------------------------5
4.2.2 Trends -------------------------------------------------------------------6
4.2.3 Growth ------------------------------------------------------------------6

Implement summary

3.1 Strategy pyramid-------------------------------------------------------------------7
3.2 Value proposition------------------------------------------------------------------7
3.3 Competitive Edge -----------------------------------------------------------------8
5.4.1 Positioning Statement-----------------------------------------------------------9
5.4.2 Privy Strategy-----------------------------------------------------------------10
5.5 Milestones -------------------------------------------------------------------------10

6.0 Management Summary--------------------------------------------------------------10
6.1 Personnel Plan--------------------------------------------------------------------------10

6.1Financial plan

7.1 Important Assumptions ---------------------------------------------------------------11
7.2Surplus in deflect -----------------------------------------------------------------------12
7.3Projected cash flow ---------------------------------------------------------------------13
7.4Projected balance sheet-----------------------------------------------------------------14




The Vincent Charity Organization is a non-profit association formed to care for HIV/AIDS orphans and it’s related disease.
The organization was formed in March 2005 as a haven for HIVAIDS orphans. Our management team consist of the board of trustees linking closely with the directors and in addition a professional is employed to keep in appraised of legislative activities and the desired outcomes.
The center provides variety of services.. Among the services is to give meaning to the lives of children in this region who are suffering for something they know nothing about.
Research shows that more than 20 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS virus in the month, of which 15 million are in sub-Sahara (Africa) more than thirteen million lives have been lost. This is an epidemic deadly disease affecting the whole globe.
We have taken up the responsibility of educating these children.. We recognized by means we will have to grow more slowly than we might like because of fund.

1.1 Objectives

1. One hundred orphans for 2005 and over two hundred orphans for 2006.
2. Eighty orphans that are not AIDS orphans for 2005 and one hundred for 2006
3. Net annual income greater than R8,000, 000 to support full expenses

1.2 Mission
The organization is a non-profitable institution. History will judge us on how
we respond to this issue in Africa in particular, and the world at large,
we can not fold our arms and watch while these children are suffering.


2. Organization Summary

The Vincent Charity Organization is a non-profit organization formed in the March
2005. Secondly, educating the general public about the disease and lastly feeding and maintaining the orphans.

1.1 Legal Entity
The Vincent Charity Organization is a legal entity form not for profit making, under section 21 of the company Act 1973

1.2 Organization History
- Vincent Charity Organization was founded in the march 2005 as a charitable institution. The official AIDS story in South Africa in 1982 when two men, said to be homosexuals, died of the disease. Closed to 38 million adults and children worldwide are living with HIV and 73% of those infected are in sub-Sahara Africa.
In the year 2003, three million people worldwide died from Aids-related causes, more than 20 million people have died of Aids-related disease over the past two
Decades. An estimated 25 million people are infected in sub- Sahara Africa.
Although Africa is home to 10% of the world population, it has 70% of people
living with HIV worldwide. The dark scenario could have devastating
consequences for South Africa as a whole communities , families, individuals
and organization.


2005 2006
Funding R 2, 000,000 R 8,000,000
Gross Margin R 25,000 R155,000
Gross margin R 14,000 R 75,000
Operate expenses
Collecting period R 800,000 R1,500,000

Balance sheet
Current assets
Cash R110,000 R600,000
Other R 50,000 R 70,000

Account receivable R0 R
Inventory R0 R
Other current assets R0 R
Total current assets R20,000 R20,000
Long-term assets
Capital assets R0 R
Accumulated Depreciation R0 R
Total Long-term assets R0 R
Total assets R20,000 R20,000

Capital and Liabilities

2005 2006
Account payable R R
Current borrowing R R
Other current Liabilities R R
Subtotal current liabilities R R

Long term liabilities R R
Total liabilities R R
Paid-in capital R R
Retained Earnings R20, 000 R20,000
Earnings R0 R
Total capital R20, 000 R20,000


Total capital and
Liabilities R20,000 R20,000

Other inputs 2005 2006
Payment days R R
Funding on credit R R
Receivable Turnover R R

2.3 Location and facilities

However, the executive director/ association have provided housing for the VCO’s office. At this time we have no website , but we for it.

2.4 Services . To take care of HIV/AIDS orphans.

Activities and events:

1. Monthly dinner meeting for information sharing.
2. Lobbying legislative services
3. Annual award/party for kids.
4. Conference and seminars for staffs and directors.


3.1 Services Description

1. The organization employs a professionals health workers such as Doctors and
Nurses .
2. Communications: we distribute a monthly newsletter a monthly meeting as well as special bulleting and event information with and among directors

3 we introduce events and promote it
4 Training: we conduct seminars and workshops to minimize the spread of the decease

3.2 Alternative providers .

3.3 Printed collaterals

The management team will develop organization brochure to benefit of membership to prospective member and associate .

3.4 Fulfillment

1. The full-time executive director will personally visit eve state that is involve with motorsport, or otherwise in goal and objectives, to solicit their membership in the addition, he will contact business out sides the state that association members.
2. The director and staff will coordinate and produce the activities that will produces the revenue to operate the as provide the services for our members.

3.5 Technology
The Board of Trustee and the association management capabilities team
Including :
1. Complete email facilities on the Internet for working with director through email and website delivery of information.
2. Complete desktop publishing facilities for delivery of the announcements, news and information.
3. Telephone and fax facilities including a toll-free hot-line and consumers.

3.6 Future Services

Among the services planned for the future are:


4.0 Segmentation

Potential Donors Growth 2005 2006 2007
10% 20% 30%

4.2 Target Segment strategy

Past experiment has shown that most organization in our industry association of their own accord. Instead, we must mount a membership drive.

4.2.1 Needs

For most part, our members and potential member are business with limited resources for the training and marketing. Improve their earning and increase the value of their investment and management training and well as marketing information of aids.


4.2.2 Trends

One important trends is the hectic nature of our lives combined competitiveness in the marketplace, not just from our own and wide of product and services targeting our customers addition, mail order and Internet marketers also erode our main
A more positive trend is that new vehicles will be purchased to be increase the soucing of orphans..

4.2.3 Growth

We shall to source for fund from Godly spirited people to support our course. And we shall begin training children in various areas.

5. Strategy And Implementation Summary

5.0 Strategy And Implementation Summary

VCO will focus on three major projects: caring and educating of the orphans.

Other revenue will come from monthly dinner meeting (profit sponsorship) and sale of advertising in the monthly newsletter

5.1 Strategy Pyramid

Our main strategy is the growth of membership. A large member provides revenue from dues .

The tactic to grow the membership are:

1. At least-twice annual visit to all potential member with at least twice-annual telephone to potential associate the state by the executive director,


2. Creating value of membership to encourage potential.
3. Building awareness of the association and the value of

Programs to support these tactics are:
1. Association advertising and promotion to bring custom locations,
2. Special event such as winter conference motorcycle and awards Banquet,
3. Support and development of places for our customers equipment and get training
4. Legislative and government agency activity and education.
5. Mutual legal aids and support.

5.2 Value Promotion

Our member operate with the knowledge and experience of over many years instead of trial and error. The opportunity to peers as well as industry and government leaders provides of the cost of membership.

Our members share in the power of number when dealing with carries distributor and manufacture and other vendors. The opportunity to tap into each other inventory for better customer.

5.3 Competitive Edge

Dealing with highly independent small-business owners requires representing of the value of membership to encourage prospecting time and money with the association.

Direct on-site presentation by the executive direction (and the membership committee) accompanied by presentation demonstrate value of membership will be used to reach member objectives.

Increasing the meeting schedule from twice-yearly to monthly same location same day of the month-will enable more prospective members to attend more meetings. This will build trust among competing business to raise the standard of the in addition upgrading the newsletter to a monthly publication and email notices-will improve the flow in critical information awareness of the benefits of membership.

5.4.1 Positioning Statement

The following table and chart give a run-down on forecasted time executive director in place; we expect first-year sales to over previous years and grow incrementally as members services increase.

Revenue assumption are based on history plus adjustment initiative:

1. Conference revenue are based upon conference done enhanced by the support of the association.
. 2 Awards Banquet revenue are based upon the best estimative committee members.

2005 2006

Dues R120,000 R150,000
Monthly Meetings R 60,000 R140,000
Show R210,000 R250,000
Awards Banquet R 170,000 R 200,000
Conferences R 300,000 R 300,000
Newsletter R 10,200 R 10,000
Total Funding R1,950,000 R2,250,000

.4.2 Pricing Strategy

Our fund-raising programme include monthly objective with a incentive to the executive director to exceeding each month’s executive director will report to the president and the board of trustees and officers and directors will communicate among either by meeting or telephoning (also fax or email), at least executive director will conference with the president at least.

5.5 Milestones

The accompanying table list important program milestone, responsible parties, and budget for each. The milestone emphasis on planning for implementation.

What the table doesn’t show is the commitment behind it. Our includes complete provision for plan-vs.-actual analysis, and follow-up meetings every month to discuss the variance.

6.0 Management Summary

The initial management team consist of the board of director working closely with the executive director. In addition lobbyist is employed to keep us appraised of legislative activities effect desire outcomes. Ultimately the work will be divided and the executive director may need to add staff to the association management team.

6.1 personnel plan

The following table summarized our personnel expenditure (and lobbyist) for the first three years, with compensation increase R43K the first year to about $59K in the third. We believe this compromise between fairness and expedience, and meets the our mission statement. The detail monthly personnel plan for included in the appendices.

2005 2006
Executive Director R390,000 R440,000
Other R 40,200 R 50,000
Total people 7 7
Total payroll R43,200 R49,000

7.0 Financial Plan

• We want to finance growth solely through cash flow. This means we will have to growth more slowly than we no assessment of members or international donors, if necessary.
• The important factor in our case is attention to plan. Therefore, we need to develop a permanent style communication and accountability between the executive of the Board of Trustee and officers.
• We are also assuming beginning cash reserves on June according the Treasure.

7.1 Important Assumptions

1. Dues revenue assumes 50 members (new and renewing executive.) Dir. Visiting all potential members in state and ca association members.
2. Meeting revenue assumes 20 people per monthly meeting each for dinner and meeting.
3. SuperRide revenue comes from registration exhibition sponsor and specials. Separate chart is attached for superride forecast
4. Awards Banquet revenue assumes 400 people paying $5,000 sponsorships.
5. Conference revenue assuming 200 people paying $125 sponsors and exhibitors.

1. Motorcycle shows costs include $10,000 for space, $9,0 $1,000 other costs.
2. SuperRide cost include promotion expense, cost of expenses such as credit card charges, postage for conflict.

2003 2004
Plan Month 1 2
Current Interest Rate 10,00% 10,00%
Long-term Interest Rate 10,00% 10,00%
Tax Rate 0,00% 0,00%
Other 0,00% 0,00%
Calculated Totals
Payroll Expense R43,200 R49,000
New Accounts Payable R170,505 R197,860

7.2 Surplus or Deficit

Our projected profit and loss is shown on the following table increasing from more than R1,950,000 the first year to more than profit may be applied to legislative activities, marketing activities contingencies.

The details monthly projections are included in the appendices

2005 2006
Funding R195,000 R225,200
Direct Cost R128,550 R146,100
Production Payroll

Total direct cost R125,550 R146,100
Gross margin R 66,450 R 79,100
Gross margin% 34,08% 35,12%

Payroll R 43,200 R 49,000
Other expenses R 150,000 R 200,000
Telephone services R 10,200 R 10,500
Payroll taxes R 30,888 R 40,410
-------------- ---------------
Total operating expenses R 550,668 R 670,810
Surplus before interest R 100,782 R 110,290
and taxes
Interest expenses
Taxes incurred
Net surplus R 100,782 R 110,290
Net surplus/sales 5.53% 5.01%
Include negative taxes TRUE TRUE

7.3 Projected cash flow

Cash flow projected are critical to our success. The monthly in the illustration, with one bar representing the cash flow per other the monthly balance. The annual cash flow figure are in the more important detail monthly number are include.

2005 2006
Cash received
Cash from operating:
Cash funding R195,000
Cash from receivable
Subtotal cash from R195,000

Additional cash received R R
New current borrowing
New other liabilities
New long-term liabilities
Sales of other current assets
Sales of long-term assets
New investment received
Subtotal cash received R195,000
Expenditure 2005 2006
Expenditure from
Cash spending R 130,713 R 160,050
Payment of account R168,948 R197,595
Subtotal spend on R182,661 R213,645

Additional cash spent
Non operating (other)

Sales tax, VAT, HST/GST
Paid out
Principal repayment of
Current borrowing
Other liabilities principal
Purchase other current
Subtotal cash spent R1,820,661 R2,130,645

Net cash flow R 120,339 R 110,555
Cash balance R 240,33 R 350,895


7.4 Projected balance sheet

The balance sheet in the following table shows managed but net worth, and a suffiently healthy financial position. The are included in the appendices.

Current Assets 2005 2006
Cash R24,339 R35,895
Other current assets
Total current assets R24,339 R35,895
Long-term assets
Long-term assets
Accumulated depreciation
Total long-term assets
Total assets R24,339 R35,895

Liabilities and capital

2005 2006
Accounts payable R10,557 R10,823
Current borrowing
Other current liabilities
Subtotal liabilities R10,557 R10,823

Long-term liabilities
Total liabilities R10,557 R10,823
Paid-in capital
Accumulated R120,000 R220,782
Surplus/deficit R100,782 R110,290
Total capital R22,782 R34,072
Total liabilities and R24,339 R35,895
Net worth R22,782 R34,072
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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My character was so pissed of with him she sent him this:

I am incandescent with anger by your last email. How long have we been exchanging emails? Did you receive my photo? How would you like to be addressed as Dear Sister? Are you taking drugs or alcohol? I'm a woman for Gods sake!! Please treat me accordingly.

Now then, the Business Plan. It's not what we were expecting but it has managed to delay the decision to donate the money to another charity for a week - and only a week.

We were expecting it to be in USD. How can we be expected to know the costs unless it is in USD. Secondly, we need a detailed explanation as to how these figures were arrived at. Thirdly, more details about the Board of Trustees - who are they and their backgrounds. Point 1.1 states the charity is a legal entity. We need to need the registration documents.


P.S This is a short terse email because I'm so very angry with you right now. There is so much more I want to say to you but the needs of the charity must come first.

Managed to get a groveling emal back:

My Dearest XXXXXXX,

I can feel your anger all over me. I am very sorry for such a blunder. Please forgive me for such a mistake. I know how this kind of a thing hurts; I know it is a painful thing. Please accept my apology.

I drafted two mails yesterday and asked my new staff to assist me type out the mails and send to you and the other to my junior brother, because I was rushing to Welfare department to sign some documents in respect of the final aspect of the registration of the orphanage. I wonder what he was thinking when he addressed you as ?My dear Brother? I was so angry yesterday that I fired him immediately. But, I woke up this morning and decided to call him back because he is a family man . I have decided not to ask him to assist me send any mail again

I do not take drugs and for the past 6months I have not tested alcohol. How could I have addressed a queen that you are as ?my brother?? I did receive your picture. I was waiting for the right time to comment on that. I have seen not only your facial beauty but also your inner beauty, which counts more than the outer beauty. I have seen the beauty in you from your previous mails. I have seen that you are a kind person. You are not just a woman; you are a very beautiful woman, made by God on a special day. A rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley, an apple tree among the trees of the forest. How could I have addressed you like that?

May you find it in your heart to accept my apology? ?Please say to me you are not angry with me any more. I can still feel your anger. You have done everything. You have been able to hold on up to this time. I beg of you to finish this good work you have stated.

On the business plan, I thought I indicated the exchange rate of Rand to Dollar, which is R6-USD1. I shall put everything right the way you want it.

However, most figures are based on mere assumption. I shall endeavor to be more explicit. We are just beginning; we hope to take up to 80-100 children for a start as soon as the certificate is out. I remember that I have told you something about the accommodation and the certificate. I also mentioned the bank issue and we later agreed to hold on until the certificate is ready. And when your friends mounted pressure on you for the business plan you then asked me to try and put something you can at least show to them. We cannot bring these children together without getting the necessary things like the accommodation and certificate. We may be charged and prosecuted. The money we are sourcing from God spirited people like you and your friends is to get a good accommodation for the orphans. I remember I told you about that. I also told you that the registration of this charity home has not yet been completed. Although the name ?VINCENT CHARITY ORG? has been accepted and approved, but it takes time to complete the remaining aspect of the registration which I was called upon to sign some documents yesterday.

. I was driven by the plight of these children whom are scattered all over the places with no one to carter for them. Remember that you swung into action immediately you received my first mail for assistance and you were able to put together the sum of US100, 000.00 within a very short period. And something told me that you are God sent for these children. How I wish you could phone the authority to ask about the name ?VINCENT CHARITY ORGANIZATION? If the registration has been completed and if not what is holding it. I believe they will be able to tell you something about that.

Remember I told you in one of my mails that the consultant, whom I asked to prepare the business plan had an accident. And that I will manage to put something together because of your friends who wanted this the business plan before the release of the fund. He was discharged few days ago and he told me categorically that a complete business plan must include the charity number and the registration number. These two number are not in the business plan I sent to you yesterday because the certificate is not ready yet.

Have you forgotten that you were the one that gave me the website where I can find Business Plan?

XXXXXXX, I want to say some thing about the board of trustees. The law requires that they must be Board of trustees in the registrations of any charity organization in the country. The three people we have chosen as members of board of trustees are just elderly men whom I feel I can run to for few advise if the need arises. They are there because the law requires them. They are not playing any significant role. They may be of help financially in the nearest future if they chose to. We have not banked on them for any financial support but for moral support.

In conclusion XXXXXXX, I do not have the guarantee that the certificate will be ready within this one week you gave me. I will of course try my best and leave the rest to God. But you may wish to phone the authority in charge of the registration. I have suggested that you phone the authority in charge because I want you to be part of this. I want you now and in the nearest future. I want you around on the day that the doors of this charity home will be open. You have show that you are a woman of substance. You have proven that you are the kind of person one will trust. I want you to do more than the great things you have done. One accommodation was reserved for us based on the amount you have raised for charity.

What do I do now? I want to hear from you that you have forgiven me. Please it is very important. It was all my fault because I allowed it.

Thanks for your understanding


I think he should stew for a day or so before I reply.
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Hamm On Wry
419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Uh huh.... blaming the victim...

Have you forgotten that you were the one that gave me the website where I can find Business Plan?

That is good for another slap and at least a 2 day ignore...


Fake church kill Nigeria
Fake charity account United Kingdom
Mortar x11
i never believe that you can matreat me this way--- Veronica Wachira, Senegal

Screwing with others siggy lines is NOT a nice thing to do! In character, yes,!
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is excellent!

I have a lad starting a business center for me and had not even thought about something like this as a hoop for him to jump through. Would you mind sharing the link where the original directions for making the plan was so that I can get my lad started right away?
Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 06 Mar 2005
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Location: Just where I want to be right now.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


You have a pm from me.
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 4:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I was so angry yesterday that I fired him immediately. But, I woke up this morning and decided to call him back because he is a family man . I have decided not to ask him to assist me send any mail again

Pure class - I love the lads that are clowns


"dont u know ur wife is in my bed mate u thief"
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