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 He thinks im a godfather (With SANTA trophy), more to come

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 5:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Any suggestions or comments on where to go next (or in general) would be very appreciated....

This is my first scambait, although ive dealt with scammers before, and i know the game; I cant stop laughing. After some time of dragging it along in the usual way, just wasting the 419'ers time, i decided to do something a bit different. I called the scammer out, told him i knew what was up. But instead of telling him to go away, I suggested that he let me teach him how to scam. I made up a bullshit story about how im one of the most notorius scammers in US and was looking for someone to pass my "tricks" onto. He bought it hook line and sinker. Several times he even called me a "god sent". Not to mention he gave me his personal cell number (i think im gonna have to give it a ring tommarow).

I posted the whole message log (but blacked out the cell numbers) at if you want to read it. Let me give you guys a quick background. He (posing as a she) contacted me 2 days ago. He claimed to be a female model in london on contract. He, playing a she, acted as if he liked me. Eventually the scam started by asking for 400$ for a phone card to talk to me. Ill post a few of my favorite parts though (i am debeomorium, the scammer is the other guy)...

this is where i first tell him i want to take him under my wing...

(00:30:29) debeomorium: now, do me a favor... let me teach you how to really scam people... i have a reputation here of being one of the best match stick men (scammer) in the US.. although no one knows my name... i think you have promise... id like to teach you how to do it right. if your willing.
(00:31:01) debeomorium: screw 400$ at a time... i can show you how to get half a million at a time out of people, and they will have no way to figure out what your doing till its too late.
(00:32:27) deida12345: wat u saying love?
(00:32:40) deida12345: i dont get u?
(00:33:04) deida12345: pls if dats wat u been thinking once again
(00:33:08) debeomorium: come on now... i dont want to spend all day getting you to drop this game.. if you want me to help you then you need to accept my help now. otherwise im just gonna go.. it isnt worth my time.
(00:33:36) debeomorium: listen... how do you think i got so rich .. my companies are just a front... ive made millions off of people. mostly americans
(00:34:38) deida12345: how?
(00:34:39) debeomorium: and ive been looking for someone to teach my tricks to. im giving you a once in a lifetime oppertunity, but i get sick of things quickly.. so this is your last chance.. take it or leave it.. no more games (i know that probably isnt your picture, your probably even a guy, dont worry)
(00:35:15) debeomorium: do you have access to a computer in private, where it cant be tracked back to you?
(00:35:39) deida12345: yes why?
(00:36:30) debeomorium: well thats important... since you are probably not actually in london, it will make people suspicious if they see where your from. especially if its a place like nigeria.. which im sure is why you said you were in london in the first place.
(00:36:53) debeomorium: by the way, you need to improve yoru english a bit. i dont mean to be harsh.. but i knew you didnt speak english as your first language from the first time we spoke.
(00:38:59) debeomorium: with a private computer you should be able to gain someones trust and then send them a trojan, a special file that gives you access to their system without them knowing it. once you do this you can see everything on their computer.. including confidental information, and bank information.
(00:39:11) deida12345: well was ur main levels men?
(00:39:55) debeomorium: a lot of people have online banking, and save their info, sometimes without knowing it. once you get this you can literally transfer all the money from their accoutn to an offshore account, and then transfer it back to another account. if you do it right it wont be traceable
(00:39:59) debeomorium: men and women, mostly men.
(00:40:09) debeomorium: women seem to be more skeptical for some reason
(00:41:14) debeomorium: by the way, im giving you this opportunity cause ive dealt with many scammers and most of them are very unoriginal. i thought your approach was intelligent and original. i admire that.
(00:41:14) deida12345: wat is it then let me know ok
(00:41:29) deida12345: well just let me know ok
(00:41:53) debeomorium: well if you want to make half a million in one shot there is a lot to it. i dont want you to get in trouble, so you need to cover your tracks.
(00:42:33) debeomorium: your going to have to open 2 or mroe off shore accounts (the more the better) and your going to have to get some fake registration information... i can help you do all of that.
(00:42:47) debeomorium: also, i need to show you how to get the trojan onto their system without them knowing it.
(00:44:25) debeomorium: by the way, my real name is bill (i wont tell you my last name, no one knows that who ive delt with on this level). im not here just to give you details. i want you to be a student, this is the big time, not some penny deal.
(00:45:08) deida12345: well bill am nigerian and am alex by name
(00:45:13) deida12345: welcome to the game
(00:45:17) deida12345: lerts deal
(00:45:18) debeomorium: its a pleasure to meet you alex
(00:45:22) deida12345: am ready to be ur boy
(00:45:27) deida12345: am 22 years old
(00:45:37) deida12345: i reproduce money orders and cheques
(00:45:40) deida12345: dats my game
(00:45:46) deida12345: but i love uyr game better

This is where he gives me his cell phone number, and tells me what he does...

(00:45:59) deida12345: this is my direct cell number
(00:46:10) deida12345: 234-80XXXXXXXX
(00:46:37) deida12345: thanx 4 accepting me
(00:46:50) debeomorium: i think you have a lot of potential.
(00:47:45) debeomorium: of all the 419'ers ive met youve had the best story.
(00:47:49) deida12345: u stored my number yet?
(00:47:54) debeomorium: yup, i did.
(00:47:58) deida12345: u sound nigerian?
(00:48:00) deida12345: are u?
(00:48:19) deida12345: u even know d code number huh
(00:48:24) deida12345: as in 419

doesnt he seem thankful, im so generous, heheh...

(00:50:17) deida12345: just give me 24 hours i will get u accounts drops ok
(00:50:51) debeomorium: will you be able to provide the proper false documentation to get off shore accounts that wont trace back to you?
(00:50:53) deida12345: am ready to go all ouyt 4 u bill
(00:51:00) deida12345: yes ofcourse bill
(00:51:03) debeomorium: good, thats what i like to hear!
(00:51:18) deida12345: i got about 3 londoner and 4 americans who work 4 me ok
(00:51:39) debeomorium: great, a man with connections! i like that.
(00:51:47) deida12345: they can create a fake profile account 4 me in BOA or wellsfargo bank or any bank at all in america or london bill
(00:52:21) deida12345: dont worry am gonna make my dreams since i believe u God sent bill
(00:52:35) debeomorium: wonderful, i prefer to use camen island accounts. harder to trace. but that should work too.
(00:53:21) debeomorium: its getting late here.. so i wont be able to chat for too much longer tonight. im not at home at the moment either, i have a logn drive ahead of me.
(00:53:34) deida12345: wow ok bill

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 16 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Although i had made a reference to trojans while talking to the scammer mentioned above i want to make one thing clear. I in no way advocate the spread of trojans. Nor will i provide the scammer with the information neccesary to actually follow through with sending the trojans. I mearly used the term to seem authentic.
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 16 Jun 2005
Posts: 45
Location: Philadelphia, PA

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:34 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Again, please any advice or input on this matter, or where to go next is greatly appreciated. I have this guy wrapped around my finger as you can see. He will do anything at this point....

Well today i gave my man a little slap for not trusting me. I threw a nigerian quote at him and he got a little lippy. Apparently he thought i was nigerian and didnt like that, i set him straight. It also gave me a great lead to make him prove he actually trusted me (with degrading pictures of course). And i got them. I got him to hold up a sign in 3 pictures that said "Mia Azzburns" (my ass burns). The full conversation log is up at but ill give some of the more interesting quotes again.

Here are the trophy pics, he used a webcam so they are a bit blurry. But he is going to send a picture with his girlfriend in tommarow as well that is clear. Atleast this one has the sign though.

This is where i claim to be able to help him into the country, he offers to launder money for me as well...

(22:32:07) deida12345: listen men
(22:32:16) deida12345: i want uto have dis in mind bill
(22:32:32) deida12345: i wanna leave here men and be wit u in d states can u be able tododat 4 me?
(22:33:52) debeomorium: Yes, i may be able to arrange that. But first you have to prove tome that your worth investing in. If after we talk a few times i feel your living up to your potential i can arrange for you to get into the states.
(22:34:37) deida12345: men u d greatest bill
(22:34:45) debeomorium: If you cant get your own visa it wont be easy to do. But ive done it before. But if im going to put my neck on the line i just need to trust you first.
(22:34:46) deida12345: thanx somuch fromd bottomofmy heart bill
(22:34:55) debeomorium: your welcome.
(22:35:19) deida12345: wellu gonna be in 4 suprises cos i will be ur best studnt bill
(22:35:45) deida12345: i readdiploma in computer engineering so i would be a fast learner
(22:36:15) deida12345: apart from dat i have been making some enquiries cos nigeria aint got no money laundering laws and no much taxex here
(22:36:21) debeomorium: good, i was hoping you might be my best student. Time will tell. but i have faith in you.
(22:37:05) deida12345: so i was trying to set up a domicilliary account here in nigeria wher u can be transfering funds and i invest all d funds in nigerian stock exchange
(22:37:34) deida12345: cos my colleague is a bank manager so he is willing to arrange dat 4 me if i cut himin
(22:39:38) debeomorium: Alright, that sounds like a great angle. But just like getting you in the country. We need to create trust between each other before im ready to let you handle any of my money. I dont mind showing you ways to steal your own money from other people a half a million to a million at t a time. But lets give it some time before i start shooting 10's of millions into accounts in nigeria.
(22:40:36) deida12345: great men

He is even more impressed by my knowledge of nigerian (thank you google)...

(22:41:27) deida12345: howold r u bill?
(22:41:49) debeomorium: i am 49.
(22:42:35) debeomorium: most of what i told you before when we were playing our little game is lies, not just the name i gave you.
(22:43:11) debeomorium: I knew at the time you were trying to mark me as a mugu, so i lied. but my real name is bill, and im 49
(22:44:24) debeomorium: Consider it an honor. Few people ever get close enough for me to tell them my real name, or age (even if it is just a first name)
(22:44:33) deida12345: wow u know alot of codes men
(22:44:39) deida12345: u sure u aint a nigerian?
(22:44:52) debeomorium: Ive been in this game a long time guymen.
(22:45:01) deida12345: shit men
(22:45:08) deida12345: u even know wat mugu is
(22:45:16) debeomorium: I do.
(22:45:20) deida12345: men u almost nigerian men
(22:45:23) debeomorium: and your right, im not nigerian.
(22:45:35) debeomorium: thank you, thats a compliment.
(22:45:40) deida12345: i was very shocked dat time yesternite when u said 419
(22:45:50) deida12345: i was like
(22:45:59) deida12345: damn who could dis guy be?
(22:46:07) debeomorium: haha
(22:46:20) deida12345: so i kinda tried still being a babe
(22:46:29) debeomorium: its hard to be in the game this long and not know the lingo
(22:46:41) deida12345: yeah u right men

He says he is ready for any test i can give him...

(23:09:21) deida12345: till i met u i just knew dat men i was gonna shine again
(23:09:50) deida12345: and they all gonna bow cos none has ever been to america b4 in dis black african hood b4
(23:09:54) debeomorium: Well now is your time to show it.
(23:10:10) deida12345: but am gonna be going to americalike shit after i might have passed all ur tests
(23:10:41) deida12345: am gonna make d kinda money dat my chairman a greedy man has never seen b4 in his life
(23:10:43) debeomorium: I have faith in you alex.

Apparently im not the first person to use him like the idiot he is...

(23:12:48) deida12345: dats why i was always used by dat chairman
(23:13:07) deida12345: they all bought flashy cars wit dat money dey cut me offfrom
(23:13:15) deida12345: which was why ileft to be on my own
(23:13:27) deida12345: even though i dont have anything right now
(23:13:58) deida12345: iknow its just a matter of time and God will make my enemies bleed
(23:14:02) debeomorium: Well once you get to america youll own many cars and a mansion like me. If your dedicated and apply yourself. Im sure you will.
(23:14:18) deida12345: u dont know and feel so glorious mymeeting u have made me

This is where he thinks im out to get him cause he thinks im nigerian. But in the end i set him straight and require him to prove his trust, he calls me a "god father". (translation of the pidgin quote: "As the subject proceeded to occupy my peripheral vision, I had to bow in respect. Why, you ask? The subject was dressed impeccably.")...

(23:21:50) deida12345: i think am gonna be d greatest african of all time
(23:22:48) debeomorium: and remember ... "As im enta for man eye, I jus tux. Because why? Na so so baffs im throway comot." thats my favorite pidgin quote.
(23:24:04) debeomorium: Did i get the quote right?
(23:24:34) deida12345: YOU ARE NIGERIAN
(23:24:38) debeomorium: I am not.
(23:24:41) deida12345: WHY WERE U FOOLING ME MAN
(23:24:42) debeomorium: I am just well educated
(23:24:48) deida12345: AFTER I OPENED UP TO U
(23:24:56) deida12345: U FOOLED ME RIGHT MAN
(23:24:59) debeomorium: i didnt fool you.
(23:25:12) debeomorium: I cant speak the language...
(23:25:28) debeomorium: I was tought that quote once by an old nigerian friend of mine
(23:25:36) debeomorium: i am offended that you even think that
(23:25:41) debeomorium: go away now. youve lost my trust
(23:25:49) debeomorium: I do not appreciate that in the least.
(23:25:56) deida12345: MEN I CANT BELIEVE U SAID DAT BILL
(23:25:59) debeomorium: You are not worthy of what i have to teach anymore.
(23:26:01) deida12345: IS DAT REALLY U BILL?
(23:26:12) deida12345: ARE U SURE U AINT NO NIGERIAN?
(23:26:22) deida12345: DAT QUOTE WAS JUST TOO HEAVY FOR ME
(23:26:42) debeomorium: you will get no where with such rash reactions
(23:26:51) debeomorium: dont mistake wisdom for trechery
(23:26:59) deida12345: MEN I AM SHOCKED MEN
(23:27:17) deida12345: DAT QUOTE IS ONLY FOR DEEP LOCALS MEN
(23:27:23) deida12345: MEN AM SORRY
(23:27:27) deida12345: BUT U GOT ME THERE
(23:27:35) deida12345: U THREW ME OFF BALANCE MEN
(23:27:59) deida12345: PLS ACCEPT MY APOLOGY OK BILL
(23:28:20) debeomorium: Well, i wont stomach that sort of attitude if i am to take you in, give you what i have learned and ask nothing in return.. if you wish for me to trust you, to believe you are worth my teaching then how can you expect me to take such accusations from you.
(23:28:51) deida12345: AM SORRY PLS
(23:28:56) deida12345: U SHOCKED ME MEN
(23:29:41) deida12345: U FEEL ME NOW?
(23:29:53) debeomorium: No, you MUST learn self control. If one of your marks is fooling you, dont have an outburst. use it to your advantage. Any knowledge you have that the other person isnt aware of is an advantage for you... If you act like that when you deal with yoru marks you will get no where.
(23:30:26) debeomorium: NEVER give away your suspicions.
(23:30:30) deida12345: JUST MAKEME SEE REASON MEN OK
(23:30:57) debeomorium: I will forgive you this time... As long as you learn from your mistakes i am happy. But if i ever see that attitude again i will have to rethink this relationship
(23:31:05) debeomorium: if you dont trust me, FULLY, then leave now.
(23:31:18) debeomorium: I never asked for your number. you offered it. Remeber that.
(23:31:43) debeomorium: if i wanted to fuck you over, i wouldnt have done that.
(23:32:59) deida12345: YEAH U RIGHT MEN
(23:33:07) deida12345: WHO TAUGHT U DAT QUOTE?
(23:33:16) debeomorium: I will forgive you this time, but i will NOT tolerate that again. If i ever feel, even for a second, that you dont trust me, that you arent willing to take my wisdom, then i will leave without another word. remember that as well.
(23:33:28) debeomorium: An old nigerian friend of mine. Id rather not share his name.
(23:34:02) debeomorium: I helped him get out of nigeria years ago, and he taught me much wisdom from your country.
(23:34:22) deida12345: WHERE IS HE NOW?
(23:34:52) debeomorium: He died unfortunatly. But he was an old man when he did, and he lived a happy life.
(23:35:20) deida12345: WELL KOOLTHEN
(23:35:32) deida12345: I CANT WAIT 4 UR CALLMEN
(23:35:47) debeomorium: I look forward to is as well.
(23:35:52) deida12345: I GREW COLD SWEATS JUST NOWMEN
(23:36:58) debeomorium: Then perhaps you should rethink if you really trust me enough to go through with this. We will surely do things that will scare you more then a silly quote. You must be willing to have faith in me if you want to continue. If you dont, then as i said, leave now.
(23:38:02) deida12345: ;)
(23:38:10) deida12345: i can never be sacered of money making
(23:38:18) deida12345: am all out wit u men
(23:38:32) deida12345: till ilose my brath u gonna be my God father

Now to work on getting that trophy... First lets set the stage...

(23:45:18) debeomorium: For now i need to believe you trust me again. Ive lost that faith... I will have to think of a way for you to show you trust me for us to continue. ill give it some thought.. thats my main concern right now.
(23:45:46) deida12345: hey forget about it ok i am fully into u now men
(23:46:15) debeomorium: those are only words... i cant just forget about it. but i am willing to give you the chance to show me you trust me.
(23:46:19) debeomorium: I dotn know how.
(23:46:59) deida12345: hey u stop doubting me ok
(23:47:01) debeomorium: but i will figure out a way.
(23:47:08) deida12345: am ok wit ya men
(23:47:14) deida12345: u gonna make me a big boy men
(23:47:23) deida12345: inshort a biggest boy
(23:47:26) debeomorium: I cant just stop doubting you after youve already shown that you dont trust me, that you have doubts...
(23:48:12) deida12345: hey u could hyave reacted same way if u wereinmy position ok
(23:48:26) deida12345: i was just thrown off balance by dat quote ok
(23:48:58) debeomorium: No, i wouldnt have reacted the same way. I gave you no reason to be suspcious of me... I never asked a single thing from you.
(23:49:17) deida12345: nope i meant dat i am not as experienced as u are
(23:49:18) debeomorium: Ive given you every sign im here to help you, to teach you. Not once did i give you a reason to doubt me.
(23:49:43) deida12345: so just stop bothering ok
(23:49:48) deida12345: amkool wit ya
(23:49:50) debeomorium: Im willing to forgive you, But i must know you trust me.. words arent enough... but i will give you the chance to show that. Just give me time to think up how...
(23:49:59) deida12345: i wont ever showmy emotions again men
(23:50:09) debeomorium: So if you truely do trust me then stop worrying, you will have the chance to show it.
(23:50:20) deida12345: hey dont give me no heavy task men
(23:50:24) deida12345: :D
(23:50:39) deida12345: cos i nkow u will wanna give me a nut 2 crack
(23:50:41) deida12345: lol
(23:50:45) deida12345: just kidding
(23:50:51) deida12345: but pls do not worry
(23:51:18) debeomorium: dont worry, whatever task i give you will only be to show me your trust. I wont tell you to do anything that will risk your neck. not yet anyway.
(23:51:52) deida12345: well just know amlooking 4 a father and son relationshipmen
(23:52:11) debeomorium: If you trust me, then dont worry. you will have your chance to proove it when i talk to you next, after it hink about an appropriate task. If you dont trust me, then keep worrying, cause you will fail.
(23:53:19) debeomorium: Hopefully we will have that relationship. It is what i want too. But first you must ease my mind, show me you trust me, i will have it no other way.
(23:55:31) deida12345: listen men
(23:55:42) deida12345: i told u how bad it has been 4 me
(23:55:55) deida12345: so why will i dount u when u came at my most lowest ebb
(23:56:02) deida12345: men i trust u wit my life men
(23:56:24) debeomorium: good, then you wont mind showing it.

Now i go for the kill, and i got the trophies...

(23:58:13) debeomorium: because you showed you have doubts.. you need to ease my mind now. If you truely give me your loyalty then you wont mind me asking you to show it.
(23:59:26) debeomorium: I wont make it too hard either. I will pick something that wont put you at risk, but will show that you trust me. I must have that from you after your outburst. I wont continue without it.
(00:00:20) debeomorium: Anyone would be proud to be my student. I have a reputation that has not went unoticed. I only have one requirement of the students i take in... there must be trust and loyalty.. and it must be unwavering
(00:01:09) debeomorium: And i promise you, on my life, and my families life, i will never seek to hurt you.
(00:02:38) deida12345: ok
(00:02:57) deida12345: i acceptdat there must bea punishment 4a sin
(00:03:22) debeomorium: Good, then are you willing to show your trust, if you truely do trust me.
(00:03:40) deida12345: yews ofcourse men
(00:03:44) deida12345: yep
(00:04:56) debeomorium: good. then lets start simple... a gesture to show you do trust me. A picture of yourself. No harm can come to you from a picture. And it shows that you trust me. You would not send an actual picture of yourself to someone you did not trust.
(00:05:23) deida12345: just a picture of myself?
(00:05:29) deida12345: just only dat?
(00:05:48) deida12345: wowdat aint nuthing then
(00:05:51) debeomorium: thats enough to ease my mind, for now... it shows trust withotu putting you at risk
(00:05:58) debeomorium: How will i know its really you though?
(00:07:31) debeomorium: how about if you hold something that will have the name of one of the aliases i used to use on it... that way i know it is really you?
(00:07:52) debeomorium: it also shows that i trust you, by telling you the name of one of my aliases.
(00:08:22) deida12345: well dat aint nuthinok
(00:08:38) debeomorium: good, i told you i wouldnt hurt you, see.
(00:08:39) deida12345: amgonna buzz u wit my id where i use camnow men
(00:08:47) debeomorium: alright
(00:08:47) deida12345: so u see me and my homies right now men
(00:09:01) debeomorium: i cant view the camera though.. it will have to be a digital picture
(00:09:13) debeomorium: can you just take it as a picture and send it?
(00:09:30) deida12345: well i aint got ascanner
(00:09:39) debeomorium: yea, but if you have a camera you can use that cant you?
(00:09:52) deida12345: if u prefer i may send u pic at home but its wit me and my babygirl
(00:10:13) deida12345: yes i can put my cam on now 4 u to see me and my homies right now
(00:10:28) debeomorium: But i need you holding a sign with one of my aliases onit so i know its really you. it also shows your willing to put time into it.
(00:10:40) debeomorium: can you use the cam to just take a picture though and send it through e-mail
(00:11:00) deida12345: i cant cos i dont have a scanning machine
(00:11:10) deida12345: just acam
(00:11:11) debeomorium: you dont need a scanner if you have a cam
(00:11:21) debeomorium: the cam can just take a picture and saveit right on the computer
(00:12:04) deida12345: well i dont know id dis cam up in here can do dat
(00:12:11) deida12345: u aint ok seeing me on cam?
(00:12:30) debeomorium: no, that would be fine.. but i cant view a web cam.. cause im not using the same program to talk that you are.
(00:12:48) debeomorium: so unfortunatly it has to be a picture.. otherwise iw ould be fine with just seeing you on cam.
(00:13:56) deida12345: well since u aint got enabled programto view my cam then i will got 2 scan a pic when i get home and send as attcahment to u men but its wit my gf if u dont mind ok
(00:15:12) debeomorium: I wont have any way of knowing its really you though. you could just take anyones picture and send it to me... thats why i figured it would be best if you hold a sign that says one of my former aliases on it.
(00:15:25) debeomorium: cant you just take another picture, it cant be that much work.
(00:16:22) deida12345: mmmmn its costly
(00:16:32) deida12345: u dont want me to scan my normal pic right?
(00:16:55) debeomorium: you can always figure out how to use the cam you have on the other computer to take pictures.. im sure it can do it.
(00:17:44) debeomorium: besides, this shows me how much initative you have.. if you cant get me a simple picture what hope do you have in scamming a million dollars out of some americans pocket.. this isnt easy work.
(00:17:51) debeomorium: you will be presented with challenges all the time.
(00:18:37) deida12345: well i will have to use funds to get allk dis done
(00:18:47) debeomorium: I will have all the faith in the world in you if you can show this gesture. It is a huge leap forward for us.
(00:18:49) deida12345: can u give me like 2 days to come upwit some funds
(00:18:53) debeomorium: yes, i can.
(00:19:05) deida12345: i need to hala at my mama cos she aint here wit me
(00:19:11) deida12345: shes in another states in nigeria
(00:19:17) deida12345: am in lagos
(00:19:28) debeomorium: i understand if it takes a day or two.
(00:19:33) deida12345: she is in another state callled abia state
(00:20:10) deida12345: by saturday evening i should have done dat ok
(00:20:21) debeomorium: Here is what i want you to do .. when you take the picture hold a sign that i can clearly read that says "mia Azzburns" on it. that is one of the first aliases i ever used. Sound good?
(00:20:57) deida12345: ok
(00:21:10) deida12345: can u send me$500 to get my ass together?
(00:21:16) debeomorium: and dont tell anyone that you know the person who used that alias.
(00:21:53) deida12345: ok
(00:21:59) debeomorium: No, i wont send you money until weve established some trust. But once i get that picture we can start getting 50,000$ wire transfers your way to start.. if you can handle that we will mov eit up to 250,000$
(00:22:19) debeomorium: Then we will get you to america and move it up to 500,000$ to 1,000,000$ a pop.
(00:22:32) debeomorium: But first we need the trust to move forward.
(00:22:40) debeomorium: I dont think im asking very much of you.
(00:24:21) debeomorium: Its getting late here, and im still at the office. I want to know if i can count on you pulling through on saterday before i head out.
(00:25:25) deida12345: hey am taking d pic right now men
(00:25:33) debeomorium: great, ill wait here then.
(00:25:40) deida12345: am trying to take d pic wit d cam now ok
(00:25:47) debeomorium: ok .. i can wait for a little bit.
(00:26:01) debeomorium: dont forget to make sure i can read the sign clearly.
(00:26:07) deida12345: just add me wit [email protected] now ok
(00:26:15) deida12345: yep no problem
(00:26:16) debeomorium: sure
(00:26:43) debeomorium: i added that name, but i dont see it online.
(00:27:49) deida12345: i just added u now
(00:28:23) deida12345: listen men
(00:28:40) deida12345: i wanna cover my face wit d sheet of paper i used in writing d code
(00:28:44) deida12345: hope u dont mind ok
(00:28:52) debeomorium: i do, that shows lack of trust.
(00:29:15) debeomorium: this is to show me you trust me... if you dont want to go through with it thats fine.
(00:29:26) debeomorium: but i will find another student.
(00:44:08) debeomorium: still there? did you send the e-mail? sorry about signing off for a second.. my program froze up
(00:50:01) deida12345: have u gooten d pic?
(00:50:07) debeomorium: yup, just got them.

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For the record when he sent me the e-mail he apparently used a different account then the one he used when he was trying to scam me. I tend to think it is his REAL e-mail, and therefore his real name that showed. For the record his full real name is Alex Segun.
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If you think you have his real name and address and his contact info (pictures included), you can email this information to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. I don't know if this can led to an arrest but at least he is on the file with EFCC, which can be a nightmare for this lad.


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In order to do that i think there is just one more piece of the puzzle i need, his home address. I have just about everything, but not a home address. I dont think it will be too hard to get it either. My ideal goal would be to get this asshole arrested.
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Way to go man! I will read your bait with great interest! Goof luck to your bait! Very Happy

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Ive been thinking about where to go next, i had a great idea. Im gonna fish his home address out of him on the guise that i want to get some forged documents (visa, passport, etc.) to him. Ill say i have government connections who will make it happen (so he thinks they arent just forgeries, but the real deal obtained illegally). This way i can get his home address. Ill Insist it be his home due to the sensativity of the documents. Ill put fear into him stating that if anyone else got these documents, and knew of their origin, they could use it to get him put in jail. So he will think it is in his best intrest to get it send to him. Of course, he will never get any such documents.
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Not even a "How you dey mugu OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KEEP OFF GUYMEN U NO DEAD ME WIT UR CHICKEN" birthday card? Smile

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has anyone ever told you that you'd make a wonderful reverse-baiter Smile
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... aside from the fact that I want to support scambaiting rather than detract from it, perhaps. Besides, baiting baiters can't possibly be as much fun as baiting scammers. And I really doubt my Pidgin would be up to the task of writing a letter I could be proud of.

Still, if I ever need to pose as a mugu myself, for whatever reason, I'll take your (compliment) as a confidence boost. Very Happy

You are awesome and your type is rare in this sinful planet. - Mary Chung

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I would never advocate reverse baiting... your simulated illeteracy is just impressive Smile
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Looks great and I just started... I say go get 'em!
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Beautiful, it seems that Santa caluse is comming to town...

In our most recent discussion i managed to convince the petty little mugu that he needs to send me a picture of him in a santa clause outfit. I told him that i was part of the mafia with close ties to the godfather. I told him i could get him into america with the help of the mafia, and get him all the needed documents and 5,000$ to get him here. Of course, there is a catch.

I said that i told the godfatehr all about him, and that he was pleased till he got the picture. I said the godfather was mad that he put in so little effort to do such a simple task. The godfather had some demands to reconcile the situation. My god father is a devout catholic, ever since his child hood he loved santa and collects anything related to santa. Under this guise i said the godfather demanded a picture of him, in a santa suite, holding a sign saying "HO HO HO merry christmas". The mugu said it would be hard, but he will have the picture to me today. So hopefully a nice little santa picture is on its way. If you want to view the full conversation logs again they are at but i will give you some of my favorite quotes....

I introduce him to the mofia....

23:12:05) debeomorium: do you know what the mofia is?
(23:12:17) deida12345: mafia?
(23:13:17) debeomorium: a crime orginization... you used the word "godfather" yesterday .. a "godfather" is the guy that runs it. the italian mafia is very large and has alot of control in america
(23:15:11) debeomorium: I mentioned them to you today, i want to start your initation into the mafia. If they approve they will be able to get you to america very easily. and when you get here you will be able to use those connections to make a lot of money
(23:15:50) deida12345: kool i belong to d bucaneer fraternity here in college
(23:17:16) debeomorium: they liked what i had to say about you. i told them you have connections, your smart when it comes to thinking up new ways to deceive people, and most importantly you are loyal and do what is asked of you (the picture).
(23:18:59) deida12345: wow thanx 4 d recommendation uncle bill
(23:19:11) debeomorium: your welcome
(23:19:13) debeomorium: they are able to obtain a real visa and passport, it wont be legal, but it will be valid and legal. so if it is used to get in the country it will pass any inspections without any trouble. Their not willing to do that just yet.. but i think i can convince them to help you.
(23:20:17) deida12345: bill u make me feel like crying wit happiness men
(23:20:32) deida12345: i havent yet fully believed was happening to me
(23:20:36) debeomorium: the only problem was.. when one of them saw the picture you sent they got mad at me... they scolded me, and you , because the picture was such poor quality. i tried to explain to them that it was the only camera you had availible. but they didnt accept that... they said they wont tolerate such shitty work from anyone who wants to be a member... Im trying to fix the situation though.
(23:20:38) deida12345: its still like a dream men
(23:21:30) debeomorium: I need to prove to them your as hard a worker as i beleive you to be... If i can do that i can get you into america very fast
(23:21:42) debeomorium: i think thats the most important thing.. to get you into america. that way you can make the big money
(23:22:44) deida12345: wow i cant justbelieve dis happening to me
(23:23:07) debeomorium: its a great opertunity, not many people get the chance.
(23:23:25) debeomorium: I know the godfather personally.. so i have alot of pull... but i need more to convince them tohelp you out.
(23:25:29) deida12345: jeff can u send me ur pic pls?
(23:25:36) debeomorium: the picture really pissed them off man.. they wanted better quality.
(23:25:40) debeomorium: sure, i can send you my picture.
(23:26:55) debeomorium: they dont really care about the picture though... i think its jsut that their pissed that you didnt put effort into yoru work.. they only want people who will go all the way!
(23:27:40) deida12345: men am ready to do any shit bill and u know dat right

Now I tell him how to win the godfather back, santa time...

(23:42:18) debeomorium: I think i know how we can win the trust of my godfather. It will be a bit hard for you to do, and I know it will sound a bit weird... but i think if your willing to trust me, as you did yesterday. I can get you into america within a week or two.
(23:42:48) deida12345: for real?
(23:43:09) debeomorium: yes? but we need to win my god fathers love first... and i know exactly how we can do that.
(23:43:22) deida12345: how?
(23:43:32) debeomorium: if you take this leap of faith with me i can get you into america, i have no doubt of that.
(23:43:51) debeomorium: Are you a christian man? (it doesnt matter to me what religon you are, but my godfather is very religous)
(23:44:59) deida12345: am a catholic
(23:45:18) debeomorium: good, so is my godfather (catholic's are christians, its just a type of christian)
(23:45:22) debeomorium: do you know what christmas is then?
(23:46:04) debeomorium: It is a holiday that catholics, and all christians celebrate. It is in honor of the birth of jesus christ.
(23:46:17) deida12345: yup
(23:46:43) debeomorium: christmas is my godfathers favorite holiday, ever since he was a little boy. he collects anything that has to do with santa clause.
(23:46:50) debeomorium: do you know what santa clause is?
(23:48:37) debeomorium: santa caluse is part of a story we tell our children about christmas.. on christmas we get a tree and put presents under it for our children. We tell them santa clause comes every year and leaves the presents under the tree for them... he is the jolly man with a big white beard, a large sack of toys, and a red outfit.
(23:49:26) debeomorium: my god father, to this day, loves anything to do with santa caluse.. figureines, post cards, letters, pictures, anything.
(23:49:39) deida12345: ok i get all dat
(23:51:24) debeomorium: When he got mad about the quality of the picture, saying that he wasnt sure if you worked hard enough, i had asked him what you could do to show him how much you really want this... he laughed and said that you should retake the picture.. this time he wants it to be big, clear, and he wants you in a santa suit (a red outfit) with a white sack, a white beard, and a sign that says "HO HO HO Merry christmas" on it. Im sure if you show my godfather this gesture he will be very greatful and he assured me he will get you into the country.
(23:52:00) debeomorium: You also said you do forged checks... if you sent some of thoughs it would help as well. but with a picture like this i dont even think youll need to send forged checks. he will appreciate the gesture very much.
(23:53:44) debeomorium: I know it will be hard for you to get a real picture taken, and ot make it look like your wearing a white beard. But it will make all the difference int eh world. If you cant do it though it may take a few months to convince my god father how loyal you are.
(23:53:51) deida12345: pls i cant get dat outfit men
(23:54:03) deida12345: i can scan a barclays bank money order to u if dats ok
(23:54:20) deida12345: or an internationa money order ok
(23:55:07) debeomorium: it cant be scaned.. they need to be genuine forgeries... and that probably wont convince my godfather... he asked for a picture, and if i cant give him that it will tkae a long time to convince him to help get you into america
(23:55:52) debeomorium: the outfit doesnt need to be fancy .. just need to wear all red, anything will do (just a red tshirt and red pants) and a white bears.. for the beard you cna use cotton balls or something, it doesnt need to look perfect
(23:56:04) debeomorium: and just use a pillow case filled with sand or somethign for the sack
(23:57:33) debeomorium: with a picture like that i can have a real visa and passport along with 5000$ to you within a week of receiving it... otherwise it may take a very long time to win my godfathers trust. he gets very mad when he doesnt get what he asks for.
(23:57:42) deida12345: well listen bill
(23:58:03) deida12345: i will get a red shirt and some cotten and a pillow case ok
(23:58:17) deida12345: and just figure something out wit it men
(23:58:52) debeomorium: good, im sorry to make it so hard for you. But my godfather is a tough guy.
(23:59:05) deida12345: i feel u
(00:00:36) debeomorium: let me know how that progress comes. Ill tell my godfather. im sure hell be very happy to hear it and await the picture. he will be greatful im sure. and it really pays to make a godfatehr happy in america.
(00:02:55) deida12345: well bill dis task is really tasking men
(00:04:05) debeomorium: i know, but atleast you cant get in trouble with the law for it. and to be honest, once you get here to america the tasks will get alot harder. this isnt an easy buisness, especially if you want to make many millions of dollars
(00:04:50) deida12345: lol
(00:06:12) debeomorium: Do you think youll be able to do it?
(00:07:00) deida12345: men am thinking hard now
(00:07:18) deida12345: thinking of where 2 come up wit d costume
(00:08:03) debeomorium: you dont own any red cloths? or is the the beard that will be trouble?
(00:09:37) deida12345: i gat red tops but aint gat no beards shit
(00:10:00) deida12345: and i got to take d picture wit a beard
(00:10:10) deida12345: so how am i gonna do dat now bill?
(00:10:16) debeomorium: yea, but cant you take some cotton and some glue? make a beard?
(00:10:36) deida12345: ok maybe i can do dat
(00:11:10) debeomorium: great, my godfather will be so excited.

How to get out of the money request, godfather wont let me...

(00:11:49) deida12345: bill pls send me small money bill ok pls
(00:13:31) debeomorium: i would have offered.. but my godfather is watching our relationship closely.. he told me very clearly not to send you money until i got a better picture. I asked him why, cause i wanted to send you the money so you could just buy a santa suite. He said that anyone who wants to be a part of his mafia wont have any problems doing it on his own.
(00:13:40) debeomorium: If i sent you the money my godfather would be very mad at me.
(00:13:59) debeomorium: But i do have permission to send you 5,000$ along with a real visa and passport if you can manage to get this picture.
(00:14:39) deida12345: well he cant get 2 know alright pls
(00:14:52) deida12345: am ok wit just $1,000
(00:15:02) deida12345: to get my ass togethr men
(00:15:04) deida12345: pls bill
(00:15:07) debeomorium: My godfather is a very powerful man, he will know.
(00:15:35) debeomorium: he is probably watching right now. so id suggest you not ask me to go against his wishes again. he wouldnt like that.
(00:15:47) debeomorium: and if we get him mad, then i wont be able to help you anymore.

He promises to send that pic to me today, his friends are laughing at him too...

(00:48:20) debeomorium: my godfather already said i could send money.. but only after you show some effort by sending that picture... im sorry, i wish i could send the money.. but i cant.
(00:49:06) deida12345: kool am gonna send dat pic bill
(00:49:18) deida12345: am gonna do dat today men
(00:49:46) debeomorium: great, that will really impress him.. the sooner its sent the happier he will be.. make sure its nice and clear. too
(00:50:22) deida12345: pls my pic shouldnt be used against me bill
(00:50:39) debeomorium: of course not.. you are my friend, your like a son to me.. i would never do that!
(00:51:32) deida12345: well ok then
(00:51:51) deida12345: i can face d crime and d time
(00:52:44) debeomorium: i will do everything in my power to make sure you dont get hurt. besides.. ive told you my name, sent you my picture, you even have my private line.. i put myself at too much risk to fuck you over.
(00:53:24) deida12345: well no doubt men
(00:53:45) deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
(00:54:19) debeomorium: well you will be the one laughing when you call them from america from your new home.
(00:54:31) deida12345: saying alota stupid things dat i was overlooking like u being a special cia who will fuck me over immeditly i get 2 d airport 2 meet u in d states
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Apparently this guy is part of the "buccaneer fraternity". I did a little research and i only came up with one relevant link at concerning this crime orginization. Have any of you guys ever heard of it or know what its about? I plan to post the conversations very shortly, stay tuned.

deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
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Unfortunatly i didnt get the santa clause picture just yet from the lad. However, i think i was able to put his fears to rest and get him back on track. He assures me he will get me the santa clause picture soon. As always here is the full conversation log and i will give you some of my favorite segments...

I make sure there is no backing out, and resolve his difficulty in getting an outfit again...

(20:10:14) deida12345: hi there
(21:19:21) debeomorium: hi
(21:19:49) deida12345: hey bill good evening
(21:20:18) debeomorium: to you to.. im sorry i didnt have the time to call today.. its been very hectic.. i had to go to the doctors today
(21:21:40) debeomorium: i have this aweful pain in my neck i had to get looked at last minute.. luckily it isnt too big a deal.
(21:22:18) deida12345: oh...ok sory 4 dat
(21:22:46) debeomorium: me too, its very painful.
(21:23:25) debeomorium: I told my godfather that you were going to get him that santa clause pic, and that you said you were going to do it today. He got very excited. he cant wait to see it
(21:25:39) debeomorium: He even wants to talk to you personally, after he gets the picture. He wants to thank you.
(21:27:34) deida12345: thank me 4 wat?
(21:28:54) debeomorium: for the picture.. i told him to explect it.. he is very happy and is awaiting it eagerly
(21:30:16) deida12345: well i couldnt get a costume men they all costly i cant afford d costume
(21:30:24) deida12345: dis assignment is unerving me men
(21:32:01) debeomorium: you dont need to buy a costume
(21:32:04) deida12345: i dont know wat else to do now bill
(21:32:04) debeomorium: just make one.
(21:33:16) debeomorium: all it takes is some cotton and some glue, shouldnt be too hard to make. I already told my godfather you said youd have it.. im not sure i could talk him down from thsi now.
(21:35:42) deida12345: cant i just do a pic dat shows me clearly wit no need wearing a costume?
(21:36:07) debeomorium: that would be fine for me... but my godfather is the one making the crazy demands.
(21:36:57) deida12345: is he older dan u?
(21:37:09) debeomorium: just a little older.
(21:38:02) deida12345: well am gonna just get my red shirt and wear it wit a cotten gumed to my breards dats all
(21:38:40) debeomorium: thats all you need.. plus a pillow case (or any white sack) and the sign.. that will be plenty.. if your nto wearing red pants though make sure you cant see yoru pants int eh picture
(21:39:24) deida12345: well d pic is gonna be from my waist line upwards
(21:40:07) debeomorium: thats fine ... just make sure we can see the white sack, the sign, and the beard. I dont want my godfather to get mad and make you do it again.. so just make sure you get it right...
(21:46:03) debeomorium: id you dont want to do the picture then i cant get you into the country. But Id still like to continue teaching you. Things will just be harder.

He is scared, and his friends are callign him stupid (well he is!), but i set him straight and santa is on the way once more...

(21:54:16) deida12345: well jeff cant u invite me to a conference chat wit d godfather so he see me on cam bill?
(21:55:09) deida12345: hi there
(21:55:11) debeomorium: yes, he wants to talk to you... but he wants that picture first. He already told me that the second you got that picture he wants to talk to you as well.
(21:56:25) debeomorium: listen.. you need to understand how important this godfather is ... he has about 10,000 people who work under him and he is worth 3,543,000,000 dollars (that 3 billion, not million)... and he controls everything on the east side of america
(21:56:48) debeomorium: this isnt a man you want to question... if he asks you for something, you should do it.. or else its going to make your life very hard.
(21:57:18) deida12345: am i gonna be like a prisoner when i get 2 america?
(21:57:32) deida12345: or killed or something?
(21:58:05) debeomorium: no, of course not... he doesnt kill people unless they try to fuck him over... the worse that can happen is that he will cut you off.
(21:58:29) debeomorium: Ive been working for him for years, and he has never threatened my life.
(21:59:57) debeomorium: If you try to kill any of his family, or steal his money though.. then he will strike back... just dont attack him and you will be fine.
(22:00:34) debeomorium: I am like a son to him, once i prove to him thatyour a hard worker andd he decided to let you in to the mafia then i will be able to pledge for you... which means he wont hurt you.
(22:01:49) debeomorium: I want you to be like a son to me... I pledge to you, on my life and my families, no harm will ever come to you. I will protect you as i would any of my 4 children
(22:02:48) deida12345 logged out.
(22:11:30) deida12345 logged in.
(22:12:15) : Buzz!!
(22:12:19) debeomorium: im here.
(22:13:13) deida12345: did u send me a spyware bill to my system just now?
(22:13:26) deida12345: did u do dat bill?
(22:13:58) deida12345: hey!
(22:14:58) debeomorium: no
(22:15:36) deida12345: i was booted out of my system now and i scanned it and found 5 viruses just sent in now bill
(22:15:53) debeomorium: im offended u still dont trust me
(22:16:02) debeomorium: i thought we worked that out
(22:16:19) debeomorium: this just wont do
(22:16:43) deida12345: am only asking u if u did
(22:16:54) deida12345: i was booted out just now
(22:17:08) deida12345: dats why u see my signong in and out
(22:17:26) debeomorium: well it wasnt me
(22:17:32) debeomorium: you should be more careful
(22:18:18) deida12345: i dont know how i got d virus called green watever but i have scanned it out now though
(22:18:27) deida12345: lusten bill i wanted 2 ask something
(22:18:41) deida12345: are u or Godfather ind white powder racket?
(22:19:16) debeomorium: do you mean "white power" and if so.. no.. thats the KKK, not the mafia (or also called nazi's)
(22:19:54) deida12345: i meant coke
(22:20:38) debeomorium: ahh, we have our hand in that, and several other lucrative buisnesses
(22:21:26) deida12345: well u work wit LAPD?
(22:22:14) debeomorium: no, we control them... they listent us.
(22:22:51) debeomorium: when your in the mafia its hard to get in trouble cause we control the law
(22:23:12) deida12345: k
(22:23:44) deida12345: well iwas wit my bank colleague cos hes my only close confidant but he was telling me weird stories men
(22:24:15) debeomorium: has your collegue ever been to america?
(22:24:37) deida12345: he said a guy was killed by an american who was duped by some nigerians
(22:25:05) deida12345: he was lured to america by d american dat was duped and killed as soon as he arrievd d airport
(22:25:33) debeomorium: thats a lie... if someone killed a nigerian in an airport he would go right to jail..
(22:25:38) deida12345: am only a kid of just 22 and i got a family who depends on me so i dont wanna die like dat
(22:26:11) deida12345: well he said d american went 2 jail but it was mission accoplished 2 him
(22:26:19) debeomorium: have i ever given you a reason to suspect i would hurt you?
(22:26:28) deida12345: well nope
(22:26:30) debeomorium: if i didnt like you i could have had you arrested already
(22:26:43) deida12345: i told him of d pics i had taken and he was mad at me
(22:27:24) debeomorium: well he doesnt trust me.. so he should be mad... but if you do trust me then you shouldnt worry about it
(22:28:10) deida12345: well dis pic of a thing is now getting kinda scary am not getting comfortable wit it bill
(22:28:28) deida12345: sincerely speaking bill cant u help me out here
(22:28:46) debeomorium: why would it scare you, i already have a picture of you.. how can another one hurt you?
(22:29:45) debeomorium: the only reason it would scare you is if you didnt trust me... i think we need to cut off our relationship... i still dont think we have the trust we need.. im very disapointed
(22:30:34) deida12345: well listen men
(22:30:41) deida12345: i do consultations u know
(22:31:02) deida12345: so its just d digfferent views dat i tell u dat my pplz tell me men
(22:31:39) debeomorium: no, you dont trust me. We simply cant continue.. im sorry. good bye.
(22:32:18) deida12345: ok then bill but i will always remeber u bill
(22:32:26) deida12345: u were a great friend to me
(22:33:02) debeomorium: i pledged for you alex.. this hurts my reputation.. i tell the god father you will do soemthing, and you dont.. its the same thing as me slapping him in the face.. that is why i must cut you loose... i cant risk that any further.
(22:33:15) debeomorium: good bye.
(22:33:27) deida12345: i will do wat u say though but it only depends on if u do call me and let me know u care cos u promised calling me 4 two days now
(22:33:34) deida12345: but u never did
(22:33:56) deida12345: i told all my friends aboiut u men and they all say i was stupid to do wat i did
(22:34:15) deida12345: aqnd they say i havent even spoken 2 u b4
(22:34:32) deida12345: i told dem i had ur numberf and we tried calling u but it wasnt just going
(22:34:49) deida12345: bill u shoulnt blame me at all i tried my best
(22:35:04) deida12345: i did wat i had 2 do bill
(22:35:13) deida12345: i did everything u asked me to do
(22:35:20) debeomorium: no, you didnt, your best would have been that picture... you told me you would have it, and you did not. i cant accept that. it would have been different if you refused to get the picture from the begining
(22:35:28) debeomorium: i have every right to be mad!
(22:35:58) deida12345: i did get d pic 4 u but d father xmas thing wasnt just it men and u know it
(22:36:23) deida12345: well u know wat
(22:36:44) deida12345: am gonna stop listening 2 my friends and see wat will be d end of dis shit
(22:37:01) deida12345: by monday morning u gonna receive my full father xmas costume

It comforts him to know why the godfather wants a santa outfit, also it seems it will cost him some money he doesnt have, good....

(22:42:03) deida12345: well then i will get d santa clause pic
(22:42:15) debeomorium: I hope so alex
(22:42:40) deida12345: but its disappointing 2 me 2 hear u say dat u dont trust me when i gave u my pic within 10 minutes d very first day u asked 4 it
(22:43:18) debeomorium: and its disapointing to hear you dont trust me when i pledged you as my brother to my godfather
(22:44:16) debeomorium: It hurts to hear your so suspicious when so little is asked of you.
(22:45:19) deida12345: well i just hope 2 get dis straigtened out when i get d pic
(22:46:29) debeomorium: when i get the pic it will be all straightened out. i am just worried that i will not get the picture to my godfather.. he is so excited to have a new picture for his collection, and i promised him... if i tell him that i lied to him then it will crush me. it will cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to loose his trust.
(22:46:57) debeomorium: you are playing with my life here alex. without that picture you might as well steal from my own pocket at this point.
(22:47:12) deida12345: well wat collection u talking of?
(22:47:28) deida12345: wat kinda collection of pics does he have?
(22:47:38) debeomorium: santa clause pictures...
(22:47:46) debeomorium: i told you .. he collects anythign to do with santa clause
(22:47:53) debeomorium: it is why he made this request in the first place.
(22:48:54) debeomorium: i send him a picture of me in a santa outfit every year, as do alot of his close friends and family. it means a great deal to him.
(22:51:09) deida12345: well u never told me all dis
(22:51:25) deida12345: atleast i wouldnt have been worrying myself to death bill
(22:52:42) debeomorium: i thought i did... but maybe you didnt understand what i was saying at the time. Im glad it puts your mind to ease.
(22:53:01) deida12345: yes it has now
(22:53:32) deida12345: am sorry i coulnt do it today
(22:53:45) deida12345: was kinda stressed up thinking about it all
(22:54:37) debeomorium: Well, my godfather was expecting it today.. but he wont be too upset if all he has to do is wait a day or two.
(22:57:12) deida12345: ok then
(22:57:27) deida12345: well am kinda not happy today cos am broke
(22:57:38) deida12345: i think i got to borrow 2 do all dat shit
(22:58:09) debeomorium: well my godfather will let me send you 5,000$ along withthe visa and passport once we get this picture.. so you wont need to borrow it for to long.
(22:58:26) deida12345: i just cant wait 2 get all dis over wit
(22:58:47) deida12345: dat will be great bill

He told his buddy to get the accounts ready for the big money ill send his way, his buddy still doesnt beleive him, to bad this guy doesnt listen to his friends....

(23:05:56) deida12345: well was discussing wit my baker friend about opening a forex account to receive wire transfers directly from america
(23:06:24) deida12345: u know we went 2 school together and grew up together but hes parents were rich and mine was just in d middle
(23:06:30) deida12345: so hes my all in all
(23:06:47) debeomorium: great
(23:06:56) deida12345: he was there 4 me when i initiated in d bucaneer fraternity we did dat together
(23:07:04) deida12345: so hes my close confidant
(23:07:49) deida12345: he told me dat he will always close d account when we have transfred more dan $500,000 and open another one wit another fake profile name
(23:07:57) deida12345: just to keep safe
(23:08:26) debeomorium: thats smart of him
(23:09:05) deida12345: so wat else u w3ant me to tell him cos he aint believeing me yet
(23:09:11) deida12345: he so full of douybts men
(23:10:24) debeomorium: thats up to you.. i can get you teh 5,000$ without his help if i need to
(23:10:45) debeomorium: and once you get here we wont need his help anyway
(23:11:23) deida12345: well ok then
(23:12:15) deida12345: cos i have already told him dat we gonna make d forex account huge wire transfers weekly and he was just opeing his mouth men
(23:12:20) deida12345: u needed to be there
(23:12:40) debeomorium: hahah, well youll show him when the big money starts comming in

So he wants to know what to expect when he comes to america and into the mafia, also he smokes ganja. I almost feel bad fucking over a fellow pothead, ALMOST....

(23:13:59) deida12345: well pls can u give me some details of wat 2 expect when i get 2 be wit ya
(23:14:28) debeomorium: yes i can.
(23:14:55) debeomorium: first you will meet the godfather (you can even talk to him before you get here) ...
(23:15:00) debeomorium: one second im getting a phone call
(23:15:19) deida12345: k
(23:20:54) debeomorium: back
(23:22:48) debeomorium: basically there are several ligitimate buisnesses that pay us a tax.. one way we make money is going to these buisnesses and collecting from them. Also we get alot of money from coke and other things... there are alot of different things you can do to make money.. launder money, coke and other drugs (marijuana too), or even use computers to steal it... we will find something that you want to do.. we wont make you do anything too hard unless you want it.
(23:24:52) deida12345: was d hard thing u talking about?
(23:25:13) deida12345: killing mutherfuckers?
(23:25:38) deida12345: :D
(23:25:44) deida12345: jusk kidding
(23:25:55) debeomorium: we try to keep the killing to a minimum
(23:27:57) debeomorium: But its been known to happen... id suggest you keep your nose out of that though. it gets dangerous
(23:29:28) deida12345: yeah yeah
(23:29:45) deida12345: u take coke?
(23:30:48) debeomorium: nah, used to though. you?
(23:31:00) debeomorium: i can get that for ya real cheap if you do.
(23:31:20) debeomorium: hell, once you get down here it will be free.
(23:31:33) deida12345: nope i dont take coke
(23:31:40) deida12345: i only smoke ganja
(23:31:52) debeomorium: me too

I get out of having to call him till i get the santa picture, great!...

(23:43:14) deida12345: plsssssssss calllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeee billllllllll
(23:43:25) deida12345: okkkkkkkkkkkkk???????
(23:43:59) debeomorium: im not sure if i should wait till after that picture now... im still worried you wont send it. and i dont want to get myself in any deeper if your not willing to send it.
(23:44:27) deida12345: am gonna do watever dats is gonna take me out of africa ok
(23:44:35) deida12345: 4 good men
(23:44:58) deida12345: so take it dat by monday morning i will send it first thing men
(23:45:30) debeomorium: if it shows that i call you from my home phone that is the last thing the cops would need to get me arrested. So im a bit leary now... but once i get that pic i promise you i will call you that very moment (my cell number should be able to call internationaly by monday)
(23:46:21) deida12345: ok then bill
(23:46:27) deida12345: good morning now ok
(23:46:41) deida12345: bye bill

deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men

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Great work, especially this:



I too feel a tiny bit bad playing with stoner mugus, but its stoner criminals who give the bad rep to the rest of us.

As far as I knew, Twang was that citric acid power stuff.

I hope your plans work out. Nail the bastard. Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 2:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

WOW! Nice talking! Good work! Very Happy

So, do you want to be the hitman to get Joseph Jerry or Jerry Joseph? Twisted Evil

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Thank you. Im proud of myself, not bad for my first scam-bait. The Santa picture will be the iceing on the cake though. I cant wait till monday. Stay tuned.

@wilson: LOL, feel free to introduce my hitman character to your mark. Ill get his ass in line with some fear Smile

deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 4:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So he sent in a picture after all... but... he forgot the sack.. slappity slap time.


deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
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Keith Nambla
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 6:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

X-Max? That's by Microsoft, right?

You are awesome and your type is rare in this sinful planet. - Mary Chung

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 11:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Great work!

He's obviously not camera shy...
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

If there was ever a better example of a mugu, it is this fellow. I managed today to convince him to send ANOTHER santa picture. This time with the right sign, and a white sack. If all goes well i should get it before the end of the day. The full conversation log, as always, is at but let me give a quote here, the conversation was shorter this time so i didnt leave too much out of the quote....


(08:02:56) debeomorium: he was upset that you didnt follow the instructions for the picture. He is concerned that you dont put effort into your work.. i spent a great deal of the night trying to change his mind. I told him it was a lot of work for you to even get a picture. I managed to convince him that we just had a misunderstanding... it took a lot of work, but he is willing to give you a second chance. He even gave me permission to give you his number (he rarely does that for people) provided you promise him to re-do the picture and get it right.
(08:05:29) debeomorium: it wasnt just the white sack that he was upset with.. but the sign was wrong .. it isnt "hee hoo" its "ho ho ho" and it isnt "xmax" its "x-mas" or " christmas"
(08:05:41) deida12345: redo d pic???
(08:06:11) debeomorium: :( unfortunatly... he wasnt willing to add that to his collection because of the sign mostly, and the lack of a sack.
(08:06:26) debeomorium: i told him how hard it was for you .. and he said "well he should have gotten it right the first time"
(08:06:27) deida12345: i thtot u hguys wanted a better look of my face men other dan d caricature invovled?
(08:06:53) debeomorium: no.. it isnt about having a better looka t your face.. we could care less what you look like.. he just wanted a santa clause picture for his collection
(08:07:10) deida12345: pls can u do me a favour?
(08:07:17) deida12345: i need atleast $500 now pls
(08:07:33) deida12345: do i deserve atleast such now pls
(08:08:17) debeomorium: you do deserve it... but my godfather wont have it until he gets the santa picture the way he asked for it... ill send you 5,000$ like i said if he gets that. i cant defy him.. im so sorry my friend.
(08:08:46) debeomorium: ive already set the 5,000$ aside for you.. i was hoping to send it out with the last picture :(
(08:12:13) debeomorium: what would you like me to tell my godfather?
(08:12:51) deida12345: yeah yeah i feel u
(08:13:50) deida12345: just let hiom know am gonna try my best today to get a pillow case and d correct inscription
(08:14:22) debeomorium: alright, i will let him know. he will be happy to hear that your willing to make sure you get it right.. he really appreciates a hard worker
(08:14:28) deida12345: i have already accepted my fate on dis long ago despite restrains from friends in dis game who think am goin crasy
(08:15:12) debeomorium: If i were here to hurt you i think there are better ways to do it then a picture.. especially when ive already seen your face.
(08:15:31) debeomorium: lets make sure you get the picture right this time... this way i can get you that money quickly...
(08:15:47) deida12345: k
(08:16:20) debeomorium: the sign needs to say "ho ho ho merry christmas" and you need a white sack in the picture.. It would really help if your shirt was all red too, but any red shirt will do if you cant find a better one then the one in the picture.
(08:17:07) deida12345: am gonna use a black shirt today cos am going now 2 do it
(08:17:18) deida12345: i will be back in 2 hours from now
(08:17:24) deida12345: gonna be on a black top
(08:17:24) debeomorium: this is all we will need to get you that 5,000$ to start you out and get you into america. then you can expect 500,000$ within a month of getting here.
(08:17:36) debeomorium: no no .. it cant be a black shirt
(08:17:37) deida12345: wit a white pillow case wit d sigh
(08:17:42) debeomorium: it has to be a red shirt... he wont like that.
(08:17:56) debeomorium: if its a black shirt he will make you redo it again.
(08:18:00) deida12345: ok no big deal ok
(08:18:08) deida12345: i will get a red shirt
(08:18:12) deida12345: let me run along now ok
(08:18:14) debeomorium: great...
(08:18:17) debeomorium: alright.. good luck friend.
(08:18:24) deida12345: am going to d photographer dat helped me
(08:18:35) deida12345: thanx 4 wishing me well bill
(08:18:43) deida12345: i knbow u will never hurt me
(08:18:46) debeomorium: its my pleasure.. i appreciate your effort on this.
(08:18:55) debeomorium: your like a son to me, i never would.
(08:19:00) deida12345 logged out.

deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:19 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well this mugu sent the new pic like he promised... There is one problem with getting santa pics though. Anyone dumb enough to fall for it is also too stupid to get it right. I asked for a white sack in the new picture. Somehow he took this to mean a blue pillow. go figure.. slap time... here is the pic...


Also an alternative from the same set

Lets see if i cant fish the RIGHT picture out of him this time.

deida12345: my friends were kinda laughing me silly yesterday when i was scanning my real pic 2 u men
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 10:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Pfft... I'd be surprised if anything could convince the godfather that this idiot has an IQ above 30. Definitely not material for sending money to, let alone bringing into the family. There's a reason the instructions are so simple, and this guy is it. Very Happy

You are awesome and your type is rare in this sinful planet. - Mary Chung

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