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 Funny excerpt...

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Hal Ninekay
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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 8:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is so funny, I have to post it here:

I wrote:

Dear W.,

How are you?

I'm having a happy day, because a friend of mine fixed my computer!!! No
broken fonts, no faulty colours... wonderful!

That dude btw. is a script editor, I worked with him in the past (well,
not directly, but we know each other). That got me an idea... I would
like to write down a plot based on our deal. Of course it would have to
become a bit more dramatic, such as your sensational escape from Benin.
But I can picture it clearly. Guess what, we'd become a couple at the
very happy end!

How does that sound to you? - The rights on the story would certainly
add another couple of millions to our accounts Wink And hey, you could
certainly get a guest role... people love those cameos!

I mean, you'll have to think about what to do in the future anyway,
don't you?

Oh, I havn't spoken to Jackie in a day... is everything alright between
you two?

Yours excitedly,


and my second character wrote:

my alter ego wrote:

Dear W.,

Thanks for the info!

I hope you're better than me - it's a quarter past ten in the morning
and I still had no sleep, d'oh Sad

However, I'm at S.'s place now to get some things required by the
bank before she takes off to Seattle for the rest of the day. Well, I
hopefully got everything, but she is a bit disappointed because you did
not answer her last email. Something about a business proposal or story
board, dunno. She has advised me to stop this transaction as she feels
that you do not take her serious. I don't know much about that and I
think it's a bit childish of her. However, I'll proceed with the
transaction, but it'd be great if you could write her some response to
calm her down. She's very sensible in this respect...

Oh... about the 1050 bucks... well, that's just another typo I guess?
Seriously, they take that much for a little activation? - Hmm, S.
is a bit stressed now, so I have to talk into it in the evening.
Nevertheless, I'll go to our local bank and check the options.

Please make sure that you send her that email. There's no such wanky
thing as a sad actress, and a few kind words can do greatly!

Okidoki, she's finished her bath & dressing and I we gotta hurry to the
airport. We'll talk later.



and now... this guy can't distinguish between fiction and reality:

lad wrote:

Dear S.,

Thanks for your mail.I wish to let you know that am happy about your
ideas towards us becoming couples at the very happy end of this
transaction!However,i appreciate all efforts of your representative

I will advise you to please make sure that every needed informations
by the payee bank is provided to them so as to facilitate immediate
sucessful conclussion of our deal for us to have a wonderful
weedluck at the end of this deal.However, you should make
arrangments on where i will stay upon my arrival in your country as
soon as this transaction is concluded.

I will prefer to buy a house worth of us$200.000.00,where we can
move in as husband and wife as soon as this deal is over because for
now i have to mornitor all transaction in the bank to enable us have
a smooth and sucessful transfer into your account.Please bear with
me for my late response,is due to the nature of this transaction and
it's confidentiality. I will like to hear your voice as soon as you
recieve this mail so that i can be rest assured that you are not
angry with me.

Call me on this direct number 00229NOTYET,for us to discuss

Thanks and have a nice weekend.
Dr W. B.

I can't stop laughing Confused


United Kingdom United Kingdom Netherlands - they came to me as a big surprise...
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

sucessful conclussion of our deal for us to have a wonderful
weedluck at the end

Weedluck? What is that? Like you find a joint in the couch or something? And is that number really NOTYET? Sounds kinda stupid to put that in there.

funny though!
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