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 my newest padwan

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 6:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I will start by saying that Im not the biggest expert about Star Wars. I run a business exporting StarWars (only) collectibles and since recently watching the movie... I was inspired.

I found this lad in the small business room in the yahoo chatrooms. I've had fun with him for a little while.


jack_asseryny (00:44:15): hi
embromazda_1 (00:44:35): fine
jack_asseryny (00:44:50): fine what?
embromazda_1 (00:45:0Cool: what about you
jack_asseryny (00:45:25): what?
embromazda_1 (00:45:33): ok
embromazda_1 (00:45:46): my name is
embromazda_1 (00:45:53): smith
jack_asseryny (00:46:09): ok
embromazda_1 (00:46:17): you
jack_asseryny (00:46:1Cool: agent smith?
embromazda_1 (00:46:49): sorry what you dop
jack_asseryny (00:47:00): what?
jack_asseryny (00:47:07): you need to speak more clearly
embromazda_1 (00:47:15): what is your job
jack_asseryny (00:47:32): contractor
jack_asseryny (00:47:34): why?
embromazda_1 (00:47:49): just to know
embromazda_1 (00:48:14): am a biz man
jack_asseryny (00:48:21): are you?
jack_asseryny (00:48:29): what area?
embromazda_1 (00:49:29): i do travel all round
embromazda_1 (00:49:51): to do biz
jack_asseryny (00:50:36): of what kind?
embromazda_1 (00:50:46): and i have a plastic comp
embromazda_1 (00:50:53): in Nigeria
jack_asseryny (00:51:04): plastic computers are the best
embromazda_1 (00:51:07): also in Asia
jack_asseryny (00:51:11): nice
jack_asseryny (00:51:19): ever been to thailand?
embromazda_1 (00:51:32): ok
embromazda_1 (00:51:40): ithat is fine
jack_asseryny (00:51:46): what is fine?
embromazda_1 (00:52:05): sory
jack_asseryny (00:52:16): are you trying to confuse?
embromazda_1 (00:52:46): i think you said you have being in thaland bf
jack_asseryny (00:52:54): yes i have
jack_asseryny (00:53:03): im asking if you have
embromazda_1 (00:53:14): ok
embromazda_1 (00:53:17): yes
embromazda_1 (00:53:46): buy is not a plastic company
jack_asseryny (00:53:53): no?
embromazda_1 (00:53:57): is not plastic computer
embromazda_1 (00:54:02): ok
jack_asseryny (00:54:07): so its not
jack_asseryny (00:54:0Cool: ok
embromazda_1 (00:54:47): where you stay
jack_asseryny (00:54:54): at home
embromazda_1 (00:55:06): i mean your country
jack_asseryny (00:55:12): oh
jack_asseryny (00:55:15): US
embromazda_1 (00:55:20): ok
jack_asseryny (00:55:25): are you in nigeria?
embromazda_1 (00:55:47): am right now in hungry
jack_asseryny (00:55:56): well eat something
jack_asseryny (00:55:59): i can wait
embromazda_1 (00:56:33): what is your name
jack_asseryny (00:56:56): hey buddy i dont want you to pass out on me
jack_asseryny (00:57:01): if you are hungry, go eat something
jack_asseryny (00:57:07): get a pretzel or something
jack_asseryny (00:58:00): my name is jack
embromazda_1 (00:58:17): i mean in hungary
embromazda_1 (00:58:2Cool: you should know now
jack_asseryny (00:58:40): how would I
jack_asseryny (00:58:55): im not psychic
embromazda_1 (00:59:05): ok
embromazda_1 (00:59:07): sorry
jack_asseryny (00:59:14): its ok
embromazda_1 (00:59:16): for that
embromazda_1 (00:59:22): um
jack_asseryny (00:59:56): are you meditating?
embromazda_1 (01:00:09): on what
embromazda_1 (01:00:13): see
jack_asseryny (01:00:14): you said
jack_asseryny (01:00:15): ummm
embromazda_1 (01:00:30): am thinking of something to do
jack_asseryny (01:00:37): uh huh
embromazda_1 (01:00:39): because
embromazda_1 (01:01:17): i have a client in uk
jack_asseryny (01:01:26): ok
embromazda_1 (01:01:47): that want to send me check
embromazda_1 (01:02:06): am now thinking of it
jack_asseryny (01:02:11): and
jack_asseryny (01:02:21): think hard
embromazda_1 (01:02:5Cool: because my kids need to pay for their school fees
jack_asseryny (01:03:31): wow
embromazda_1 (01:03:3Cool: and i dont know if you can help me to collect it can send it to them
jack_asseryny (01:03:41): your client pays for your kids school?
jack_asseryny (01:03:46): thats nice
embromazda_1 (01:03:54): no
jack_asseryny (01:03:5Cool: oh
embromazda_1 (01:04:14): he own me moiney
jack_asseryny (01:04:19): for school?
embromazda_1 (01:04:42): on anothing thing
jack_asseryny (01:04:46): oh
jack_asseryny (01:04:47): ok
jack_asseryny (01:05:02): so how are your kids?
embromazda_1 (01:05:1Cool: am now think for someone who will help me top collect it
embromazda_1 (01:05:33): they are fine
jack_asseryny (01:05:3Cool: thats good
jack_asseryny (01:05:47): my daughter had a son last month
jack_asseryny (01:05:50): its getting so big
jack_asseryny (01:06:02): it reminds me of my son
embromazda_1 (01:06:16): ahahah
embromazda_1 (01:06:19): soprry
jack_asseryny (01:06:23): why do you laugh?
jack_asseryny (01:06:2Cool: do you think its funny?
embromazda_1 (01:06:30): no
jack_asseryny (01:06:35): i think thats an insult sir
embromazda_1 (01:06:3Cool: i filll bad
jack_asseryny (01:06:41): i have not insulted you
embromazda_1 (01:06:46): sorry
jack_asseryny (01:06:50): ok
jack_asseryny (01:06:53): you fill what?
embromazda_1 (01:07:02): bad
embromazda_1 (01:07:22): ok
jack_asseryny (01:07:23): for what
embromazda_1 (01:08:15): for what you sai9d
jack_asseryny (01:08:22): dont feel bad
jack_asseryny (01:08:30): its ok
embromazda_1 (01:09:04): ok
embromazda_1 (01:09:37): can you help me to collect the money
jack_asseryny (01:09:42): what money?
embromazda_1 (01:09:57): i mean the check
embromazda_1 (01:10:06): from my client
jack_asseryny (01:10:09): for what?
embromazda_1 (01:10:53): i mean my client in uk
jack_asseryny (01:10:59): yeah i know what you mean
jack_asseryny (01:11:06): i mean for what do you need my help
embromazda_1 (01:11:27): yes
embromazda_1 (01:12:23): they need the money by next weak
embromazda_1 (01:12:36): and an not around
jack_asseryny (01:12:39): are you going to answer me?
embromazda_1 (01:12:44): if you can help me
embromazda_1 (01:12:50): i will be glad
embromazda_1 (01:13:00): yes
jack_asseryny (01:13:11): so go back, and look at what i asked you
jack_asseryny (01:13:16): and answer
jack_asseryny (01:13:35): you are a pretty confusing fella
jack_asseryny (01:13:42): no offense
embromazda_1 (01:14:12): what you should know how to pay the school fees is what is painning me right now
jack_asseryny (01:14:20): oh
embromazda_1 (01:14:22): please i need your help
jack_asseryny (01:14:26): i thought school starts in august
embromazda_1 (01:14:45): no
embromazda_1 (01:14:54): their in Nigeria
embromazda_1 (01:15:24): i want you to help me about it
jack_asseryny (01:15:50): what do you want me to do?
embromazda_1 (01:16:23): i want to tell the client to send the money to you
jack_asseryny (01:16:37): why not to you?
embromazda_1 (01:16:47): so you help me to collect it and send it to them
embromazda_1 (01:16:5Cool: because am not around
embromazda_1 (01:17:00): now
jack_asseryny (01:17:05): neither am i
jack_asseryny (01:17:13): im in america
jack_asseryny (01:17:26): home of the proud, land of the brave
embromazda_1 (01:19:07): so you help me to send it to them in Nigeria
jack_asseryny (01:19:53): i dont understand why you cant do it
jack_asseryny (01:19:57): or your client
embromazda_1 (01:20:27): not like that
embromazda_1 (01:20:52): because he dont want to pay tjhe money
jack_asseryny (01:21:23): so how is he going to send it to me then if he doesnt want to pay?
embromazda_1 (01:24:23): i will tell him to send it online so you help me to collect it and send tothem
embromazda_1 (01:25:01): please i need your help and i will be glag if you can do that\
jack_asseryny (01:25:15): well im not sure
embromazda_1 (01:25:1Cool: because i love them
embromazda_1 (01:25:25): why
jack_asseryny (01:25:25): thats good
embromazda_1 (01:25:32): please help
jack_asseryny (01:25:42): i would, helping is not the problem
embromazda_1 (01:25:56): i dont want them to be send out of the school
jack_asseryny (01:26:05): do you have a picture of your kids?
embromazda_1 (01:26:52): yes but not here
jack_asseryny (01:27:03): you dont carry a picture of your kids at all times?
embromazda_1 (01:27:19): tes
jack_asseryny (01:27:26): so you do have one
jack_asseryny (01:27:37): can i see it?
embromazda_1 (01:27:4Cool: not here with me
embromazda_1 (01:28:19): please can i tell him to send it to day
embromazda_1 (01:28:49): so i can give you the information to send it to
jack_asseryny (01:28:57): send what to?
embromazda_1 (01:29:10): imean the money
jack_asseryny (01:29:13): oh
jack_asseryny (01:29:19): how much?
embromazda_1 (01:29:3Cool: is 3000USD
jack_asseryny (01:29:47): not that much
jack_asseryny (01:29:54): im not sure though
embromazda_1 (01:30:05): please i beg you
jack_asseryny (01:30:11): well answer me this
jack_asseryny (01:30:20): whats your ancestry consist of?
jack_asseryny (01:31:22): ok fine dont answer
jack_asseryny (01:31:26): whatever
jack_asseryny (01:31:36): i'll be right back
jack_asseryny (01:31:41): im going to go smoke a bowl
embromazda_1 (01:31:59): ok
jack_asseryny (01:32:15): actually
jack_asseryny (01:32:29): before i go, just so you can see that you can trust me if we do infact work together
embromazda_1 (01:32:43): ok
jack_asseryny (01:32:44): whats your email, so i can send you a picture of what i did last weekend
embromazda_1 (01:32:52): ok
jack_asseryny (01:33:13): so what is it?
embromazda_1 (01:33:34): [email protected]
embromazda_1 (01:34:07): are you going to mail me now
embromazda_1 (01:34:14): ok
jack_asseryny (01:34:1Cool: yes
embromazda_1 (01:34:19): expecting you
jack_asseryny (01:34:22): before i go smoke my bowl
jack_asseryny (01:34:25): are you leaving?
embromazda_1 (01:34:32): no
jack_asseryny (01:34:53): well you better be here when i come back from smoking the nugs
jack_asseryny (01:34:55): ok?
embromazda_1 (01:35:09): but am going to see some one
embromazda_1 (01:35:15): right now
embromazda_1 (01:35:17): ok
jack_asseryny (01:35:23): ok
jack_asseryny (01:35:24): wait
embromazda_1 (01:35:35): when are going to see me next
jack_asseryny (01:35:3Cool: are you going to email me?
jack_asseryny (01:35:42): right now
embromazda_1 (01:36:41): ok i will do it next two hours
embromazda_1 (01:37:14): have you send the picture of it
jack_asseryny (01:37:20): yes i have

Anyway, after that we've just been wasting time trying to get a trophy. Somehow I ended up changing his name into Anakin, and started to make into a somewhat of a Star Wars theme. I'll just post some of the stuff I think worth ready among all his nonsense.


jack_asseryny (00:00:37): so how are the kids?
embromazda_1 (00:02:16): they are saking of money
jack_asseryny (00:03:01): they are sacking for money?
jack_asseryny (00:03:03): thats terrible

He then convinced me to lend him $3000. I send him the funds through Western Union modality thanks to PS. I told him I would release it to him after I receive the trophy... I mean, proof of trust picture. I also tell him that he should not try to play with me like my last "business partner" Mr. Guyman.


embromazda_1 (12:08:2Cool: still the FORCE
embromazda_1 (12:08:57): the code is FORCE that is ther is between me and you
embromazda_1 (12:09:22): thanks make to day and send the money to the kids
embromazda_1 (12:10:04): they are cry in the house please make the cry stop by you please with the FORCE tahnks

I tell him that Im tired of his games and I will cancel the $3000 unless he gives me the photo.


jack_asseryny (00:26:22): anakin
embromazda_1 (00:26:33): hello
embromazda_1 (00:26:47): i have being expecting you
embromazda_1 (00:26:55): how far
embromazda_1 (00:27:06): do you see my offline
jack_asseryny (00:27:23): yeah
embromazda_1 (00:27:2Cool: the message sending to you
embromazda_1 (00:28:00): just try to have the truths in my
jack_asseryny (00:28:14): i have canceled the money as I've said i would
jack_asseryny (00:28:19): I will talk to you no longer
jack_asseryny (00:28:2Cool: it makes me sad that you've led us to this
jack_asseryny (00:28:3Cool: goodbye anakin
embromazda_1 (00:28:49): come never go
embromazda_1 (00:29:01): see not like that
embromazda_1 (00:29:17): but because i dont have time and chance
embromazda_1 (00:29:54): i know money can not make you go down you just tryu to do it with me
embromazda_1 (00:30:10): you see what i can do to it
embromazda_1 (00:30:10): ok
embromazda_1 (00:30:1Cool: still there
jack_asseryny (00:30:23): i've told you
jack_asseryny (00:30:27): I will deal with you no more
jack_asseryny (00:30:34): no photo, no trust
jack_asseryny (00:30:36): bye bye
jack_asseryny (00:30:40): ooooooooooo
embromazda_1 (00:30:43): just for you to understand about
embromazda_1 (00:31:05): come if you do like that is not good

I take back the $3000. He convinces me of lending him $6000 total. Again, I tell him, no photo, no jack. This one takes slapping well. He sends me a fake as a .cmx... I cant see it.


embromazda_1 (23:04:13): the picz is ready
jack_asseryny (23:04:16): the force told me you where here
jack_asseryny (23:04:21): email it to me
jack_asseryny (23:04:23): so is the money
embromazda_1 (23:04:26): can i send it now
embromazda_1 (23:04:31): ok
jack_asseryny (23:04:33): of course
embromazda_1 (23:04:41): i will do it right now
jack_asseryny (23:05:09): ok anakin
jack_asseryny (23:05:12): i'll be here
embromazda_1 (23:08:00): ok
embromazda_1 (23:08:04): just wait
embromazda_1 (23:08:16): right now i will send it to you
jack_asseryny (23:08:46): ok
jack_asseryny (23:08:51): im here waiting
embromazda_1 (23:09:19): ok
embromazda_1 (23:09:25): still on it
jack_asseryny (23:12:5Cool: so how are you anakin?
embromazda_1 (23:13:24): yes
embromazda_1 (23:13:32): just wait
embromazda_1 (23:13:33): ok
jack_asseryny (23:14:00): im asking how is your health
embromazda_1 (23:16:22): is ok
embromazda_1 (23:16:27): what about you
embromazda_1 (23:16:33): are you ok
jack_asseryny (23:16:40): definitely
jack_asseryny (23:16:43): how are the kids?
embromazda_1 (23:17:26): they are expecting the money to day
jack_asseryny (23:17:37): do you know what time it is in america?
embromazda_1 (23:18:47): what is time right now
jack_asseryny (23:19:14): its 11:20pm
embromazda_1 (23:19:49): ok
embromazda_1 (23:20:32): sorry i'm still attaching the picture ok
jack_asseryny (23:20:43): ok
jack_asseryny (23:20:47): must be a big picture
jack_asseryny (23:20:53): is it just one?
embromazda_1 (23:21:15): no i'm scanning it
jack_asseryny (23:21:21): oh
jack_asseryny (23:21:27): ok
embromazda_1 (23:21:32): but is a bold one
jack_asseryny (23:22:05): bold?
jack_asseryny (23:22:21): does it have a sign?
embromazda_1 (23:22:4Cool: yes
embromazda_1 (23:23:09): please made the money right now
jack_asseryny (23:23:13): whats a cmx?
embromazda_1 (23:23:14): still there
jack_asseryny (23:23:19): ades.cmx
jack_asseryny (23:23:24): i have nothing to open it with
embromazda_1 (23:23:37): why
embromazda_1 (23:23:4Cool: everything is their
jack_asseryny (23:23:53): you must convert to .jpg
jack_asseryny (23:23:57): or at least .bmp
embromazda_1 (23:24:06): ok
embromazda_1 (23:24:23): let me try
jack_asseryny (23:25:3Cool: ok
embromazda_1 (23:26:3Cool: may be tomorrow
embromazda_1 (23:26:49): i dont know how to do it

So he says hes going to convert it for me.

Jedi time...


embromazda_1 (00:19:09): can you please explan about force to me
embromazda_1 (00:19:14): talk to me
embromazda_1 (00:19:40): what is the really about the force
jack_asseryny (00:19:42): ok
jack_asseryny (00:19:4Cool: the force is what unites all living things
jack_asseryny (00:19:59): its like gods force
jack_asseryny (00:20:05): but only for good people
embromazda_1 (00:20:17): which force is that
jack_asseryny (00:20:35): the force
jack_asseryny (00:20:39): thats what its called
embromazda_1 (00:21:34): ok
embromazda_1 (00:21:43): i dont yet know it
jack_asseryny (00:21:59): people with strong force are called "jedi"
jack_asseryny (00:22:13): i am a jedi
jack_asseryny (00:22:19): you will be a jedi as well someday
embromazda_1 (00:22:54): how
jack_asseryny (00:23:03): training
jack_asseryny (00:23:10): focus the force inside you
jack_asseryny (00:23:16): and do good things
jack_asseryny (00:23:22): only good people can become jedi
jack_asseryny (00:23:29): bad people turn to the dark side
embromazda_1 (00:23:47): how you will train me
jack_asseryny (00:24:31): theres many rituals to perform
jack_asseryny (00:24:3Cool: but its mostly from the inside of the mind
jack_asseryny (00:24:46): you must decide to do good
jack_asseryny (00:24:52): money is no matter to a jedi
embromazda_1 (00:25:1Cool: but whatr tell me
embromazda_1 (00:25:47): i mean but what is matter to jedi
jack_asseryny (00:25:5Cool: jedi only care about doing good
jack_asseryny (00:26:17): you must also learn to fight with a light saber
embromazda_1 (00:26:33): how
jack_asseryny (00:26:45): practice
embromazda_1 (00:26:49): what is the meaning of saber
embromazda_1 (00:27:35): tell me
jack_asseryny (00:27:36): its a sword
jack_asseryny (00:27:3Cool: made of light
jack_asseryny (00:27:41): that cuts anything
jack_asseryny (00:28:01): like the kid has in my picture ----->
embromazda_1 (00:28:2Cool: ok
embromazda_1 (00:28:46): but i dont like to be fighting
jack_asseryny (00:28:59): jedi must fight evil
jack_asseryny (00:29:01): and the sith
embromazda_1 (00:29:03): why you like to be fightting
embromazda_1 (00:29:13): ok
jack_asseryny (00:30:01):
embromazda_1 (00:30:22): what is this
jack_asseryny (00:30:39): talks about light sabers
jack_asseryny (00:30:44): all jedi have one
embromazda_1 (00:31:22): one of what
jack_asseryny (00:32:09): lightsaber
embromazda_1 (00:32:19): ok
embromazda_1 (00:33:44): i can see
embromazda_1 (00:33:55): can you send me one
jack_asseryny (00:34:05): all jedi make their own
embromazda_1 (00:34:22): so how to make my own
jack_asseryny (00:34:44): patience my padwan
embromazda_1 (00:35:05): talk to me
embromazda_1 (00:35:19): how can i make it
jack_asseryny (00:35:29): i said patience anaking
jack_asseryny (00:35:32): anakin*
embromazda_1 (00:35:35): come you can send me one
jack_asseryny (00:35:35): it takes time
embromazda_1 (00:35:44): when is that
jack_asseryny (00:35:47): no i cannot, it goes against the rules
jack_asseryny (00:36:04): when i and the council see it fit
embromazda_1 (00:36:35): so you can give me one or send it to me
embromazda_1 (00:37:10): talk to me
jack_asseryny (00:37:37): i'll think about it
embromazda_1 (00:37:47): so if you dont talk in council you can do it to me
embromazda_1 (00:37:5Cool: why thinking about
embromazda_1 (00:38:40): do you think i dont know the meanning
jack_asseryny (00:38:54): meaning of what?
embromazda_1 (00:39:02): i know just send me the saber
embromazda_1 (00:39:26): so i can see and be using it
embromazda_1 (00:39:29): ok
embromazda_1 (00:39:46): what do you think i can do
embromazda_1 (00:40:2Cool: and i want my own to shinning like this i'm looking
embromazda_1 (00:40:32): talk to me
embromazda_1 (00:40:37): still there
jack_asseryny (00:40:51): yes im still here
embromazda_1 (00:42:56): so what can i do to make the saber be like your own
embromazda_1 (00:43:25): talk to me
jack_asseryny (00:44:04): anakin
jack_asseryny (00:44:07): its very complex
jack_asseryny (00:44:14): i will teach you another day

I wait and he sends it to me, of course, now I can see it and know that its fake.


jack_asseryny (10:43:46): YOU THINK IM A FOOL
jack_asseryny (10:43:56): WITH YOU FAKE HEAD ON THE PICTURE
jack_asseryny (10:44:00): NO MONEY FOR YOU
jack_asseryny (10:44:02): GOOD BYE
jack_asseryny (10:44:04): NO MORE JACK
jack_asseryny (10:46:44): OOOOOOOOOOOO
embromazda_1 (17:47:3Cool: hello
embromazda_1 (17:47:44): i see your offline
embromazda_1 (17:47:51): what is that
embromazda_1 (17:48:00): is a real head
embromazda_1 (20:41:35): WHY TYHIS
embromazda_1 (20:41:43): TALK TO ME
embromazda_1 (20:42:04): mr jack
jack_asseryny (21:35:29): anakin are you there?
embromazda_1 (21:41:57): yes
embromazda_1 (21:42:06): stillthere
jack_asseryny (21:42:10): yes anakin
jack_asseryny (21:42:13): what is wrong?
jack_asseryny (21:42:21): why do you sent me pics with fake heads/
embromazda_1 (21:42:30): have you got the picture
jack_asseryny (21:42:3Cool: yes i looked at it
jack_asseryny (21:42:41): do you think im stupid?
embromazda_1 (21:42:52): ok
embromazda_1 (21:43:21): please what do you want me to do
embromazda_1 (21:43:32): is a real one
jack_asseryny (21:44:02): anakin
jack_asseryny (21:44:04): do you think im stupid?
embromazda_1 (21:44:0Cool: how do you know is some thing like that
jack_asseryny (21:44:15): because
jack_asseryny (21:44:17): i know photography
jack_asseryny (21:44:24): i can see with my program that it is fake
jack_asseryny (21:44:45): if you look close enough, you can see the parts where it was cut with a computer
jack_asseryny (21:44:4Cool: or something like that
jack_asseryny (21:44:52): but its not right
jack_asseryny (21:45:00): are you going to send me a real one?
embromazda_1 (21:45:35): no
jack_asseryny (21:46:07): ok then
jack_asseryny (21:46:0Cool: bye
embromazda_1 (21:46:16): come
jack_asseryny (21:46:23): no real photo, no money
jack_asseryny (21:46:25): i told you
embromazda_1 (21:46:30): what can you do for me
jack_asseryny (21:46:39): nothing without a real photo
jack_asseryny (21:46:41): ok?
embromazda_1 (21:46:51): ok
embromazda_1 (21:47:11): what do you want me to do
embromazda_1 (21:47:53): or what do you think i can do
jack_asseryny (21:48:05): you can send me a real photo
jack_asseryny (21:48:06): no fakes
embromazda_1 (21:48:06): talk to me
jack_asseryny (21:48:13): then i can send you the $6000
embromazda_1 (21:48:15): ok
jack_asseryny (21:48:1Cool: let me ask you this
jack_asseryny (21:48:23): do you want the money?
embromazda_1 (21:48:32): but you think of fakes
jack_asseryny (21:48:3Cool: answer me
jack_asseryny (21:48:41): do you want the money?
embromazda_1 (21:48:56): yes
jack_asseryny (21:49:03): well send me a real photo
jack_asseryny (21:49:05): no fakes ok?
jack_asseryny (21:49:09): im not mad at you
embromazda_1 (21:49:2Cool: ok
jack_asseryny (21:49:3Cool: be wise anakin
embromazda_1 (21:49:5Cool: i will send you a real one tomorrow

So here we are:

Sent the control numbers today so he can go fetch the money. Apparently hes not the one picking it up, so I offered to buy some more pictures from him for my charity work at the Assery Foundation. We'll see how it goes from here.[/mask]

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, I keep on thinkin Im done with this lad, but his tactics always come to me as a suprise. I apologize about all the smily faces.

So, he didnt feel like getting off his lazy bum to go to WU to check on Jack's money so I had to photochop a receipt for him and all that good stuff. I had my friend Niggula act as our dear Axeman to tell the lad his money was gone.


From: Niggula
To: anakin

I have been following your accounts and watching the magas, you have gotten close to one but I have outsmarted you, Odunsi. You stupid little pipsqueek man, 6500 is all my money. You are a pathetic man and your penis must have told you what to do because you tried to con this maga and I have conquered. I know all about the force and its in my wallet now. Your maga is stupid to believe such a petty man. Your little man is sending more money and I will be there at Western Union to collect the funds.

Stupid mugu, and stupid Jedis.

You are an ugly man, "Anakin"

take your tags off of your shirts before you wear them you fashion ***.

Usman Wins, Jedi Lose

Of course, Jack knows nothing about this, yet anakin think he is not telling him the truth.


embromazda_1 (00:57:44): bye for now
embromazda_1 (00:57:46): lies
jack_asseryny (00:57:54): stop playing games
embromazda_1 (00:58:10): bye
embromazda_1 (00:58:16): lies
embromazda_1 (00:58:19): liar
jack_asseryny (00:58:23): ok
embromazda_1 (00:58:23): liar
jack_asseryny (00:58:25): bye
embromazda_1 (00:58:32): go away
embromazda_1 (00:58:39): liar
embromazda_1 (08:57:20): hello
embromazda_1 (08:58:19): ok for me to belive you send me the receitp you take to pay westernunion money transfer ok bye for now

Well what do we do to gain his trust?


from: Niggula
to: anakin

You are so stupid and I find it so amusing. Mr Jack sent you your money. He send it through the union of westerly and the force is in my pants and you want it "anakin" admit it you want the force in my pants so bad it makes you drool like a 15 year old saint bernard in the middle of july. You had that man so convinced you were a Jedi and you got the money but Im just too smart and you are stupid. I find it funny that you didnt ask him for more money. You should tell him to send more so I can get it.
This skywalker is walking away now...
Goodbye you pathetic goat...

A little more photoshopin' and distrust towards UB.

jack_asseryny (17:53:15): so do you think the hackers stole it?
embromazda_1 (17:53:17): yes
embromazda_1 (17:53:29): the money is not with me and the kids
jack_asseryny (17:53:45): so do you know who UB is?
embromazda_1 (17:54:11): no
jack_asseryny (17:54:1Cool: i think he stole the money
embromazda_1 (17:54:1Cool: i dont knowhim
jack_asseryny (17:54:27): there was a virus in my computer
jack_asseryny (17:54:44): are you playing a game with me?
embromazda_1 (17:55:07): no
jack_asseryny (17:55:23): well this bellos guy stole alot of my money
embromazda_1 (17:55:54): so what do you think we can do
embromazda_1 (17:56:00): for now
jack_asseryny (17:56:14): well, i think thats not your fault
jack_asseryny (17:56:20): alot of people try to steal my money
jack_asseryny (17:56:26): so, we have to make new emails
embromazda_1 (17:56:49): ok
embromazda_1 (17:56:57): can i do another one now
jack_asseryny (17:57:15): yes, we need new emails
jack_asseryny (17:57:24): but you must understand anakin
jack_asseryny (17:57:27): that i have to be careful
embromazda_1 (17:57:57): ok
embromazda_1 (17:58:04): i willmake right away
jack_asseryny (17:58:13): ok anakin
jack_asseryny (17:58:14): remember
jack_asseryny (17:58:16): jedi dont lie
embromazda_1 (17:58:25): ok
embromazda_1 (17:58:34): jedi dont lie
jack_asseryny (17:58:50): of course not anakin, lies are the path to the dark side
jack_asseryny (17:58:55): usman must be a sith lord
jack_asseryny (17:58:57): of somekind

Its a shame me and Niggula had a last minute trip out of state and made him wait a few extra days for his money. Finally I send him this:
jack_asseryny (17:59:1Cool: anakin
embromazda_1 (18:19:15): hello
jack_asseryny (18:19:25): anakin
jack_asseryny (18:19:2Cool: how are you
embromazda_1 (18:19:39): finw what about you
embromazda_1 (18:20:00): how far about the money
embromazda_1 (18:20:07): have you send it
jack_asseryny (18:20:09): i have sent it
jack_asseryny (18:20:10): yes
jack_asseryny (18:20:19): im scanning the receipts so you can see them
embromazda_1 (18:20:21): ok
jack_asseryny (18:20:30): i will email them to you breifly
embromazda_1 (18:20:35): what about the MTCN
embromazda_1 (18:20:44): ok
jack_asseryny (18:20:47): yes, its on the receipt
jack_asseryny (18:20:49): hold on
jack_asseryny (18:21:20): what was your new email?
embromazda_1 (18:21:4Cool: ok
jack_asseryny (18:22:03): well what is it?
embromazda_1 (18:22:09): let me open it first
embromazda_1 (18:22:09): ok
jack_asseryny (18:22:14): [email protected]
jack_asseryny (18:22:16): right?
embromazda_1 (18:22:29): ok
jack_asseryny (18:22:51): ok you can check your box now
jack_asseryny (18:24:11): did you see it?
jack_asseryny (18:27:00): let me know as soon as you have the money
embromazda_1 (18:34:2Cool: hello
jack_asseryny (18:34:31): yes
jack_asseryny (18:34:35): did you get the receipts?
embromazda_1 (18:34:41): jack
embromazda_1 (18:34:41): sorry is because of the system
embromazda_1 (18:35:01): let me chech
embromazda_1 (18:35:01): ok
jack_asseryny (18:35:04): ok
jack_asseryny (18:35:0Cool: you do the checking deed
embromazda_1 (18:35:34): just wait let me check
jack_asseryny (18:35:37): ok
embromazda_1 (18:36:11): why cant you send the information to my box
jack_asseryny (18:36:36): its on the receipts
embromazda_1 (18:36:39): i mean all the information
embromazda_1 (18:36:41): like MTCN
jack_asseryny (18:36:4Cool: yes, its on the receipt scan
jack_asseryny (18:36:52): because you think i lie
jack_asseryny (18:36:55): and jedi dont lie
embromazda_1 (18:36:5Cool: can i tract it now
jack_asseryny (18:37:0Cool: sure
embromazda_1 (18:37:16): ok
embromazda_1 (18:37:1Cool: want
jack_asseryny (18:37:24): two
embromazda_1 (18:37:56): why
embromazda_1 (18:37:56): you send that to me
embromazda_1 (18:38:04): you said you want to send receipt
jack_asseryny (18:38:06): because, i have better scammers to deal with
jack_asseryny (18:38:10): im tired of playing with you
jack_asseryny (18:38:14): lol
jack_asseryny (18:38:1Cool: toodles
jack_asseryny (18:38:20): did you have fun?
jack_asseryny (18:38:22): mumu
embromazda_1 (18:38:24): ohohohoh
jack_asseryny (18:38:44): now we all laugh at you
jack_asseryny (18:38:47): the biggest mumu
jack_asseryny (18:38:4Cool: hahahaha
embromazda_1 (18:38:51): so you think i'm scammer
jack_asseryny (18:38:57): maybe
jack_asseryny (18:39:00): you are a mumu for sure
jack_asseryny (18:39:02): lol
embromazda_1 (18:39:07): so you lies
jack_asseryny (18:39:12): of course
jack_asseryny (18:39:13): so do you
embromazda_1 (18:39:15): i dont know you like this
jack_asseryny (18:39:16): we both play
embromazda_1 (18:39:17): ok
jack_asseryny (18:39:1Cool: we both have fun
jack_asseryny (18:39:22): i know
embromazda_1 (18:39:30): ohohoh
jack_asseryny (18:39:30): i was just playing with you the whole time
jack_asseryny (18:39:32): wasnt it fun?
embromazda_1 (18:39:35): you like that
jack_asseryny (18:39:37): of course
jack_asseryny (18:39:40): i like seeing your picture
embromazda_1 (18:39:44): why you do something like that
jack_asseryny (18:39:46): and you think you have to steal my money
jack_asseryny (18:39:52): because, so we can laugh at you mugu
embromazda_1 (18:39:5Cool: i think you say some that is nice
jack_asseryny (18:40:19): thats the reason im done playing with you, you dont make sense
jack_asseryny (18:40:22): your english is bad
jack_asseryny (18:40:24): but i dont blame you
embromazda_1 (18:40:49): why you saying some thing like that
jack_asseryny (18:40:52): because
jack_asseryny (18:40:55): its fun
embromazda_1 (18:41:02): ok
jack_asseryny (18:41:05): lol
jack_asseryny (18:41:10): did you like the pics?
jack_asseryny (18:41:20): you are now a jedi
jack_asseryny (18:41:21): well
jack_asseryny (18:41:23): kind of
embromazda_1 (18:41:56): i dont know what to say again
jack_asseryny (18:42:12): tell your oga that you are the dumbest mugu
jack_asseryny (18:42:22): and lost time with Jack
jack_asseryny (18:42:35): your own jackassery has lost your own time
jack_asseryny (18:42:43): stupid mumu
embromazda_1 (18:42:56): ok
embromazda_1 (18:43:04): you think you can lies me
jack_asseryny (18:43:09): yeah
jack_asseryny (18:43:11): i have the whole time
embromazda_1 (18:43:25): ok
embromazda_1 (18:43:36): sorry are you in usa realy
jack_asseryny (18:43:43): wouldnt you like to know
embromazda_1 (18:43:44): just tell me
embromazda_1 (18:44:00): just tell me
jack_asseryny (18:44:11): ok, im done with you
jack_asseryny (18:44:14): bye bye and have fun
jack_asseryny (18:44:1Cool: i know you are not a good scammer
jack_asseryny (18:44:20): so you are now free
jack_asseryny (18:44:21): bye
jack_asseryny (18:44:25): oooooooo
embromazda_1 (18:44:49): come just tell me
jack_asseryny (18:44:55): no
jack_asseryny (18:44:5Cool: im in your closet
jack_asseryny (18:45:09): lol
embromazda_1 (18:45:21): where you are
jack_asseryny (18:45:25): oh yeah, you probably dont have a closet
embromazda_1 (18:45:26): just tell me
jack_asseryny (18:45:32): up your moms ass pal
jack_asseryny (18:45:35): stop being annoying
embromazda_1 (18:45:49): ok
jack_asseryny (18:45:49): why would i want to tell you where i am?
embromazda_1 (18:46:19): i want to send you something in you country
jack_asseryny (18:46:26): send it to
jack_asseryny (18:47:0Cool: 419 mugu st stupidfuck NY 12992
embromazda_1 (18:47:37): come i want to do business with you
jack_asseryny (18:47:4Cool: god damn you are a retard
embromazda_1 (18:47:49): how far can will do
jack_asseryny (18:47:55): ok
jack_asseryny (18:47:5Cool: i will do business with you
jack_asseryny (18:48:02): if you stop telling lies
embromazda_1 (18:48:1Cool: come i'm in nigeria
jack_asseryny (18:48:26): i know
jack_asseryny (18:48:31): ok, i have to go
jack_asseryny (18:48:33): we'll chat later
jack_asseryny (18:48:39): bye mumu, have fun with the magas
jack_asseryny (18:48:41): you are not a guyman
jack_asseryny (18:48:46): your a small boy
jack_asseryny (18:48:50): lol
embromazda_1 (18:51:3Cool: ok
embromazda_1 (18:51:42): come i want to tell you some think
embromazda_1 (18:51:44): ok

I have to log off because my girlfriend is going crazy about going to her dad's and how Im taking too long. Of course I come back and resume business.

jack_asseryny (23:55:25): ok tell me that somethink
embromazda_1 (23:55:4Cool: hi
jack_asseryny (23:56:07): what do you want to tell me?
jack_asseryny (23:57:43): hurry up, i dont have all night
embromazda_1 (23:58:10): please let make business right now
jack_asseryny (23:58:14): ok
embromazda_1 (23:58:25): please just forget about all roung
jack_asseryny (23:58:30): and?
embromazda_1 (23:58:35): i beg you please
jack_asseryny (23:58:54): ok
jack_asseryny (23:59:01): only if you send me more fun pics
jack_asseryny (23:59:04): i'll buy them at $50 each
jack_asseryny (23:59:24): i think thats good business
jack_asseryny (23:59:26): you look good in them
embromazda_1 (00:00:17): come please just forget about that mess i do
jack_asseryny (00:00:31): ok i will
embromazda_1 (00:00:36): please less talk of business
jack_asseryny (00:00:44): ok business it is
jack_asseryny (00:00:46): what do you want?
embromazda_1 (00:00:54): thanks
embromazda_1 (00:01:03): i know you can help me out
jack_asseryny (00:01:19): probably
embromazda_1 (00:06:11): please i want you to do it with one love
jack_asseryny (00:06:21): yes, i like bob marley too
embromazda_1 (00:06:45): ohohohohohohohohoh
jack_asseryny (00:06:52): oooooooo
embromazda_1 (00:06:52): doyou mean it
jack_asseryny (00:06:54): yes

So I send him a new address, new photos, same phone number and same name. He wants to send me a MO for $4000. Would Jack mind? Of course not!

embromazda_1 (00:55:44): thanks
embromazda_1 (00:55:50): i want to go
embromazda_1 (00:55:5Cool: thanks bye for now
embromazda_1 (00:56:05): my good friend
jack_asseryny (00:56:40): bye
embromazda_1 (00:56:53): thaks my friend
embromazda_1 (00:56:57): one love
embromazda_1 (00:56:59): one love
embromazda_1 (00:57:00): one love
embromazda_1 (00:57:03): bye
jack_asseryny (00:57:05): yes definitely
embromazda_1 (00:57:07): its ok
jack_asseryny (00:57:09): godspeed
embromazda_1 (00:57:24): i love the way you talk to me

Im glad I made a new friend dispite all this. Rolling Eyes
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tooooo funny... i cant stop laughing. So did you ever send him a light saber?
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I was thinking about getting him to pay for the materials for one. Every jedi must make his own. Wink Twisted Evil

Im still talking to him on and off, so hopefully I can throw that in there somewhere.
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