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 Mr. David Thompson- Auditor General

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G all day

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 10:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Got my first spam scam on May 27. Since then I have sent 3 responses, mostly stream of conciousness stuff. I'll see if I can't get him to open up a little, as his emails have been nothing more than requests for my phone number.

First email:



I want to transfer to overseas (US$35.5m}
from a Bank in Africa,I am seeking a reliable and honest person who
will be capable and willing to do this transaction with me promise
that he/her will never let me down in future or you help to seek an
honest and reliable businessman who can assist us.

I am Mr David Thompson, the Auditor General of a bank in
Africa,,during the course of our auditing I discovered a floating
fund in a domiciliary account opened in the 1990 and since 1993
nobody has operated on this account, after going through some old
files in the record I discovered that the owner of the account who
is a foreigner died without any traceable next of kin hence the
dormant nature of the account and if i do remit this money out
urgently it will be re-channeled into the bank's reserve.

I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money can
only be approved to a foreigner or into foreigner account.I need
your full co- operation to make this work fine as i will use my
office to see that the transaction is hitch free and
On the conclusion of this business ,you will be given 25%of the
total amount ,70%will be for me ,while 5% will be for expenses both
parties might have incured during the process of this
transaction.Please send your private telephone numbers as a need
may arise either to call you in the day or night as occasion

I look forward to your earliest reply through my
private e-mailaccount; [email protected]
Or [email protected]

David Thompson {Auditor General}

My response:

My Dear Mr. Thompson

I am in receipt of your e-mail dated 27May2005. I am intrigued by your proposal to transfer 35.5 Million dollars(US) to an overseas location. I stand ready to assist you in any way possible.

Due to the sensitive nature of this transaction I would require, as a sign of good faith, a letter of credit from the banking insitution in question. Mind you, my good man, I have no doubt as to your trustworthiness or integrity. Our banking laws are such that transfer of funds to an overseas account, regardless of point of origin, would require a letter of credit, as the resources in question would need to be catalogued. Would you be so kind as to send me an email with a facsimile copy of this letter of credit? Jolly good!

In addition to a letter of credit, my organization would also require an Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. This is merely a formality, as our banking laws are very strict in regards to the intentions of overseas member banks who wish to conduct business with us. Your pledge of fealty to the USA would certainly go a long way toward the establishment of trust and good will that is the hallmark of such transactions. Here is the Oath of Allegiance, in its entirety:

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America.
And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God,
indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All."

So, could you send me the letter of credit and a signed oath of allegiance to the United States, post haste? The sooner you send me these documents, old chap, the sooner we can get down to the important business of transferring these funds. As always, discretion is of the utmost importance, so not a word to anyone regarding this affair. It will be our little secret.

Ta-Ta, for now, Dear Mr. Thompson. May the coming year bring you health, happiness and, the Good Lord Willing, a healthy profit from the business we are so keen to conduct.

Sincerely, Your humble servant,

The Honorable Wilberforce Winthrop III

second email:

Dear Honorable Wilberforce,
how are you today? i got your response.but can you provide me your tel number so i can call you
Here is mine +234 8043226693 or 234 803871 4972
Best regards

My response:

My Dear Dave

How are you , old boy? I have just finished a Video Teleconference with the Winthrop Foundation Executive Council. You will be gratified to know that the Council has taken the extraordinary step of forwarding your proposal to the Foundation's Steering Committee. Under normal circumstances your proposal would languish within the Executive Council's Legal Affairs Department, but they have seen the merit of proceeding directly to Stage 1(a) of the Debenture process. You should be right pleased!

The Winthrop Foundation, historically, rarely involves itself with sums as small as 35.5 million dollars. As a rule, the Executive Council will not get involved in Account Transfers that amount to less than 200 million dollars. In fact, most of our clientele are accustomed to Transfer amounts of 500 million dollars or more.

The Council did express reservations, though, regarding our commission as expressed in your original correspondence. My Dear David, you must understand that the profit margins on account transfers are very slim, especially when the dollar amounts involved are less than 100 million dollars. Your initial proposal suggested a commission to the Winthrop Foundation not to exceed 25% of 35.5 million dollars, with 70% of that amount reverting back to your bank's reserve, and 5% going toward incidental expenses that either of our parties may incur. Might I make a suggestion? I propose a division of 28% to 67%, with the 5% going toward incidentals to remain unchanged. I dare say the Council and the Steering Committee will be agreeable to such a disposition of funds, by jove!

Our initial requirements, of course, remain the same. I shall look forward to your next email, with both the Letter of Credit and the signed Oath of Allegiance attached. In the meantime, our Legal Affairs team is hard at work on Stage 1(a) of the Debenture process. With any luck, we can broaden the profit margin, which can only be beneficial for both of us. Jolly Good!

Health and Happiness to you, Old Chap.

Best Regards, your most humble servant,


third email:

Mr Wilbie,
thank you for your mail,but if your can call me with the telephone numbe i gave you so i can explain everything.thank you and bye bye
Best regards

My response:

Dear Mr. Thompson

I have received your most recent email concerning your proposal to initiate an account transfer with my assistance. As I said in my initial email, I stand ready to assist you in any way possible; However, there are certain requirements that must be met for this to go any further.

I ask that you not send any more correspondence that does not have an attached copy of your letter of credit or a signed oath of allegiance. Furthermore, I would like to know a little more about you and the organization you represent. This is business that can be conducted using email, and in fact the Winthrop Foundation pioneered the use of email and the internet in achieving its fiduciary goals.

At some point in the future I would expect to actually meet with you in person to discuss the arrangements for conducting this business. But please, my good man, you must understand that I require your cooperation in this matter. Otherwise, I would have no option but to cease the current efforts being made in the Stage 1(a) Debenture process and to cease all further communication with you.

Best Regards, Mr. Thompson


Interesting to see if "Mr. Thompson" has more to say in his next message.
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