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 my darling alfie :)

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This was passed onto me by the original receiver of the scam letter who i later refer to as david, yep david that cant be trusted, anyway this is the first email i received from my darling alfie.

Alfred Atkins to me
Hide options Apr 27

From: Alfred Atkins <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: somchai somsak
Date: Apr 27, 2005 7:38 PM
Subject: Thank for your response.
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Dear Sir,

Thanks for your response and willingness to participate in this transaction.I appreciate your advise on the interesting investment strategy you sugeested as wellI hope to execute this plans as soon as this transaction is successfully completed.I have my passport attached to this mail for prove of my identity. I want you to understand that this transaction is 100% risk free,and my only concern now is the security of my own share of the money when transferred into your account.I need your full co-operation to make this transfer work fine because the management of the bank is ready to approve this payment to any foreigner who has correct information of this account, which I will give to you upon your positive response and once I am convinced that you are capable to handle this transaction. What I mean here is, can I trust you? You know the amount involved and this is my life. If I can trust, then letís proceed with the actualizing of the transaction.

I want to let you know that I need a reliable account details from you where the fund will be to transfer.If you can be fast, the transfer can be concluded in less than 7 banking days but you should keep the business to yourself. You should not tell your bank that money is coming to your account until all the needed legal transfer documents is ready in your name.I will tell you what and when to tell your bank with the entire necessary Legal document to back the source and origin of the fund.With the account information, I will start to process the Foreign Payment Approval in your favor from the H.M Teasury.Once the fund is approved for transfer in your favor, you as the foreign beneficiary will be required to sign the Final Fund Release Order in person in the presence of the management of the bank here.

During your visit to the bank down here Scotland, you will still be here after the signing, if your bank has An online banking service and confirm from your bank that the money is already in your account before traveling back to your country.In case you may not be disposed to come in person to the bank for the final signing, we can hire a Government accredited attorney to represent you in all the signing of all the necessary transfer order documents as you would have probably done if physically present.

As soon as the lawyer signs the documents the funds will be transferred to your nominated account by swift transfer (T/T Remittance). Since the owner of the account died without a "WILL", the attorney will prepare all the supporting proofs, which will be needed by the bank for the fund to be transferred to Your account as the beneficiary.


Send me as a matter of urgency the following;


Further details await your urgent response. Please you should send your details to me as soon as you get this mail,and always reply me with this new email address.Call me with my number 447040103950.

Thanks and God bless you,

Alfred Atkins

Now I got to admit I wasnt sure whether to be a man or a lady, but anyway thats his supposedly passport in my avatar.

somchai somsak to a_atkins60
More options Apr 27

Dear Alfred

Is it alright if I call you Alfred?

Alfred is such a nice name, my brother was called Alfred, it was quite
upsetting the way he died under the harvesting machine, but he had to
go, anyway enough of remineising.

Alfred I believe it would benifit us both if we excused David on these
negotiations, David is a very greedy chang(thats slang for man where
we live) and i believe he will try to steal the money, he really
cannot be trusted, I believe this transaction is best done between the
two of us and our banks.

If this is agreeable I believe this transaction can be sorted very
quickly, please do not email David again as I honestely believe he
will steal all our money.

Did I tell you about my children? well maybe this is not the time for
it but i am sure as we become closer friends you will want to hear
about them.

God Bless you

at this stage I wasnt sure whether to go more into religion or really what the hell to do with him.

Alfred Atkins to me
More options Apr 29

My Dear Friend,

Thanks for the email you sent to me. I am very happy to hear from you and i thank you once more for your advise in this matter concerning David. Please let us proceed this business once you can assure me that i can trust you.

PLease, let me have your full detials so that we can proceed with this transfer. Hope to hear from you soon.



well that got david out of the picture so now the money is all mine Smile

somchai somsak to Alfred
More options Apr 29

My Dearest Alfred,

I have spent many hours admiring your picture on your passport, you
seem to be a very strong man and stern, last night I dreamed about
you, how you licked my nipples and that sort of thing, my husband died
five years and two months ago, he was an evil man who didnt believe in
God, it was quite a slow painful death as at that time I did not know
how to use arsenic, anyway, onto more pressing matters my dearest
friend, I have taken my passport to the British embassy here in
Bangkok and I should have a visa for the UK next week, I am so
excited, is it true that the Scottish people do not wear
undergarments? do you wear undergarments?

I am at work now so I do not have all the details you have requested,
this evening when i get home I shall send them all to you.

Here I am the assisstant manager of this branch, and my manager has
said there is no problem for me to get a loan for the flight money,
but from my understanding hotels are very expensive there, would it be
okay if I stayed with you? I will pay for this out of my share of the
money when i get it.

Would you like to see some pictures of me?

Normally in the evenings I goto Paltalk and the naughty Asian rooms, I
like to expose myself on there and play with myself in front of my
webcam, do you do that aswell? Its very exciting, now that I have a
small webcam I can fit it inside of me, although the torch does tend
to hurt a bit.

anyway my dearest beloved, may God smile on us today.

your beloved somchai

I decided to become a sex starved woman, with a deep belief in God of course, but he dont seem to be that interested Sad

Alfred Atkins to me
More options Apr 30

Dear Somchai,

Thanks for the email you sent . However, i will be very happy to see you in London as well to see your picture too with your full details i requested for.

Furthermore, i want to know that you are require to come with the sum of $8,900 US Dollars which you pay for the stamp duties and for the clearing charges to the bank.

Please, let me know your arrangements and your flight schedule.



hmmmm, he seems so serious, so time to throw a spanner into the works, and send him me sexy pic Smile

omchai somsak to Alfred
More options May 1

Alfie my darling

I have spent all weekend trying to get that sort of money, 8,900
dollars is a lot of money, I have sold all my gold and last night I
worked as a Bukkake girl at a chinese party, it was actually quite
good and they want me to go next week, while they were doing that all
i could think of was you, you look so strong in your picture.

Anyway Alfie, I have some bad news and some good news, it looks like I
am only going to get about 6,400 us dollars, do you think you could
lend me the rest baby?

I have arranged a flight to Gatwick via Dubai to meet you, I will be
flying out on thursday, but the good news is that in Dubai I can pick
up a few million dollars so I may not need that loan baby, my friends
all told me the internet was the way to make money, but I did not
believe them, how was I to know that there are loads of people out
there willing to share their money with little old me, alfie, i feel
sure that you know how i feel about you, but I really do like the idea
of a few million buckarooes, and Alfie, lets be honest, you are not
really offering me a lot are you. anyway Alfie, here is an email I got
on Friday from my new friend.

Dear Sir,
I know you will be surprised to receive this letter from me,but please
this letter is a request from a family in dare need of assistance. I
SANI AHMMED from Angola the first, and only son of Brigadier HASSAN
AHMMED communicating to you from , United Arab Emirates Refugee Camp

I got your name and address from a business desk in chamber of
commerce and industry in DUBAI. And I on behalf of my widowed mother
Mrs.AMINAT AHMMED, decided to solicit for your assistance to transfer
the sum of US$35.2 millio! (thirty fIVE million,two hundred thousand
United States dollars only) inherited from my late father into your
personal or company's account.

before his death, he was Brigadier in charge of arms and ammunition
procurement for the Angolan Army. In his 'will' he specifically draw
my attention to US$35.2 millio! (thirty fIVE million,two hundred
thousand United States dollars only) which he deposited in a box for
private security company in Dubai, IN FACT I QUOTE' My beloved son,I
wish to draw your attention to US$35.2 millio! (thirty fIVE
million,two hundred thousand United States dollars only). I deposited
the box containing the fund in a security company in ALGERIA as

During the war I was very dedicated and committed to winning the war
against the rebel unit. I found out that the senior army officers and
government functionaries were busy helping themselves with go!
vernment fund and properties,sending them to foreign countries. Due to
this, when I and the former special adviser to the president were
assigned by the president ( Eduardo Santos) to purchase arms in
ALGERIA, we saw this as a golden opportunity and diverted the money
and shared it, of which I got a total sum of S$35.2 millio! (thirty
five million,two hundred thousand United States dollars only).In case
of my absence and on earth as a result of death, only you should
solicit for the assistance of a reliable and sincere foreign partner
to assist you transfer this money out of Dubai for investment purpose.

I deposited the box in your name and you can claim it alone with
deposit code. Your mother is with all the documents. Take good care of
mother and your two sisters. Do not disappoint me! Bye! >From this
word of my late father, you will understand that lives and future of
my family depend on this fund as such.

I will be grateful if you can as! sist us. We are now living in United
Arab Emirates Refugee Camp, as political asylum seekers, financial
laws and regulation of DUBAI does not permit us certain financial

In view of this, I cannot invest this fund in DUBAI hence;I am seeking
your assistance to transfer this fund out of ALGERIA for investment
purpose. For your effort, we are prepared to offer you 25% of the
total fund while 10% will be set aside for any expenses incurred
this transaction.

Please, note that this transaction is 100% risk free and the major
thing I demand from you is to assure me the safety of this money when
it finally gets to you. Further information and arrangement will
commence as soon as trust confidence and good relationship is
established.I shall be most grateful if you maintain the
confidentiality of this matter.
All we need from you and please endeavor to maintain the
confidentialities of thi! s humble appeal for avoid public awareness
for too many hands spoils the Soup.

NoTE.You are expected to come over here in Dubai to meet me sothat wer
can get things finalize and then i will accompany you to the Security
company where the fund is deposited for you to sign the authority
letter in the office of the security company then the director of tyhe
company will hand over the consignment to you.

I want to inform you that the security company where my late father
kept this consignment doesnot knmow the real content in the
consignment so i will notlike them to know anything about it, what i
really want from you is to stand as my foriegn partner andclaim the
consignment on behalf of my family.

As soon as we claim this consignment,We will open the box and beging
to transfer the money bit by bit in any reputable bank here in Dubai,
and this shall be under your suppervision, after which you can
authorise the bank in Dubai to re-transfer the total money into your
personal or companies account in any part of the world you may deem
We are going to write an agreement for both party as soon as we meet
in Dubai to agree on the term and condition we are going to follow for
the actulization of this transaction.

Please, confirm your interest immediately by sending to me your
private telephone and fax number for communication. You are strictly
advised to reply through this Email Addres :[email protected]
Best regards,

Now Alfie baby, you realise that I have to go and get this money
first, did I tell you about my dreams last night? you are sooooooooo
good, anyway darling I shall be back at work on tuesday and tuesday
night I shall sort out everything, I love you sooooo much Alfie, Alfie
my darling, would you like to see me by my webcam naked? I hope you
would because I enjoy it soooo much.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:54 am Reply with quoteBack to top

so heres the pic i sent of me Very Happy

pls dont pm me as this is really not my picture and Im really an old ugly man.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 11:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Alfred Atkins to me
More options May 2

Dear Somchai,

Thanks for the email you sent to me. However, i am very happy with your arrangements and i will be waiting to see you face to face. Furthermore, i will advise you to come to London first so that we can complete the transfer immediately and after the completion of the transfer both of us can travel to Dubai together to do the business and after that we can travell to our country together.

Finally, i will arrange to complete the money for you so that you can pay the stamp duty fees to the bank and get the money transfered to your account immediately before our travel to Dubai. Hope to hear from you soon.


Alfred Atkins.

hmmmmm, so he wants to get his dirty little paws on my money and then off we goto Dubai.

somchai somsak to Alfred
More options May 4

Alfie my darling,

I have been back to the British embassy two times now, they say I need
a garauntor for my visa, can I put you down as my garauntor darling?

I have rebooked my flight for next week, yes baby I am coming to see
you first and then we can fly to Dubai together, I am just so excited,
infact I am touching myself now.

Alfie, I dont suppose you have any nude pictures of yourself do you?

Lots of love from your little Somchai.

alfie seems to have been losing interest at this point Sad and it took me a couple more emails to get him back, maybe he is gay. so back to sex again Smile

somchai somsak to Alfred
More options May 11

Alfie darling

Are you dead? i havent heard from you in so long.

Anyway Alfie baby, I cant get a visa for the UK. I was so looking
forward to meeting you.

I have my flight booked to Dubai for Tuesday and Mr Mohhamad will be
meeting me and giving me loads of money, if you wanted I could send
you some so you could come to Thailand and we could meet up, you
could stay at my place although it is very small, or we could stay in
a nice hotel if you wanted, if we got married then i could come to the
UK with you.

I really miss your emails, also do you have anymore pictures of
yourself? they dont have to be naked ones if your shy, I joined one of
those sex clubs? on the internet, they have many pictures of naked
black men, I really didnt realise that a penis could be so large, from
my studies of this over the last few days it seems to me that brown
penises are the smallest, then white the medium size, and then there
are these great big black ones, are all black men so big?

Anyway Alfie I hope you can come to Thailand.

- Show quoted text -

well no reply,hmmmmm, okay, back to money Smile

somchai somsak to Alfred
More options May 19

Alfie darling

I am rich, I am in Dubai now and have been for the last couple of
weeks, I have been so busy and that Mr Mohhamad is such a naughty man,
I might add that he has a black penis but it is smaller than the white
ones on the internet, anyway Alfie baby I want to meet you, I am just
so excited, I checked my account in BKK yesterday and I have millions
of baht, yes darling all the money come to my account, tomorrow I am
flying back with Mr Mohhamad and have to give him his share when we
get to BKK.

Alfie this maybe a bit forward of me, but I would really like to meet
you, if it was not for you I would not have all this money, I still
cannot get a visa to the UK, maybe I could send you the flight tickets
to come here for a holiday? or the money so you could get the tickets,
we would have a great time darling, please say yes...

Alfred Atkins to me
More options May 19

Dear Somchai,

I appreciate your interest in the transaction,but I must confess you are not really helping me out in the proper way.This is a very important transaction and as much as I want this money,I will not like to joepardise my chances with the fantacies and pleasure that you present me rather than the business progress.Please,do let me know if you are truely interested in helping make this transfer successful.

Well,as for the ticket fee,I will be glad if you will send it through Western Union Money Transfer.Just let me know your true decision,and kindly get back to me.

Thanks,I hope to hear from you soon.


now I got to admit that at this stage I was at a loss of what to do, I thought about having him at western union saying some secret password, at this time i didnt know about this site so i was pretty much winging it, in the end i resorted to sex, although he has shown little interest in sex.but alas this was the last email i got from my alfie....


somchai somsak to Alfred
More options May 26


It has been a nightmare, I was date raped on Saturday by seven guys,
they made me do disgusting things to them, although I have to admit I
did enjoy some of it, they stole my bank book and atm cards and
clothes and everything, i have lost everything, all that money from
Dubai, I have been crying for the last few days in the police cell,
the rapists, left me on the main street and the police arrested me for
prostitution, I want to kill myself, you are the only person in the
world I feel that I can trust, Alfie darling can I and my three year
old daughter come to live with you? I have about forty thousand
dollars left in my apartment, My daughter has never met her father and
I have always told her her father was mr bunnyman, could you be a
father to my darling little Lena?she is so excited about meeting you
and keeps asking for a picture, Alfie darling, I know this is asking a
lot, but could you take a picture of yourself in a rabbit suit, please

Alfie this morning I went to the embassy again, they had a new man
working there, not that evil woman who refused my visa the last time,
now Alfie I do not want you getting angry about this, but I am seeing
him tonight, if I do what he wants he said he will give me a visa, I
feel so soiled now that one more is not going to make much differance
Alfie, please forgive me darling but I am only doing this for you, I
shall be thinking of you tonight Alfie and only you...

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