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 My Girlfriend

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Dick Stulsampl
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Location: Life of a 419 scammer...loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it.

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 6:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I receive a scam from this 419er "named" Binnet.


My Dearest Binnet:

I was so moved by your letter. You have been through so much. I do
not know how you got my e-mail, but I do want to help you.

I think I may be able to help with your investments. I am a 32 year
old lesbian (I hope you are not offended) that started an organization
called Sapphodelic, Inc. The goal is to invest money in businesses
owned by other lesbians. This has proven quite lucrative. Our
portfolio increased from $1.1 million in 2002 to slighltly under $19
million last year. We invest in everything from Brazilian wax
studios, to claim diggers, to beaver pelt distributers, to tuna
plants, to vibro-engineers, to fish taco restaurants, to strap-on

So, if you have the money, I can assure you that we women of mutual
love can help it grow to new wealth.

I understand by your letter that you need to transfer funds from your
lunatic political system. That should be little problem. There may
be some fees involved, but we can probably work that out.

Please, let me know what you need of me.

Anita Uttreamin
Sapphodelic, Inc.


Good Morning my sweet,
Thanks a lot for your acceptance to assist me out from this particullar predicarmant that iam facing now.Iam happy with you for this and but onething is that you have to know iam straight forward with you too and really love to come over to you immediately the fund is in your posession.You know you will send some money to me from my own fund when it is in your posession.Because i knew maybe you cannot agree for sending me money to process my Passport and oth valuable document to come over to you.I hope you knew already what to Invest/Establish so that it will keep on yeilding something good for you and me.I know you will surely welcomed me there to come to be yours for real???Well can you pls call me with the church telephone so that we can talk more about me and you.or can you ask my Revrend more about me explanations about me in full details to you????
REV KELVIN TOBMAN [email protected] 0221-515-54-36
Iam waiting for your contact details so that bank contact will be given to you immediately for you to contact the bank for them to go on with the transfare.Your Adress,Tel,Fax,Full Names,Age,Nationality etc were surely needed as soonas possible.So that Rev will go ahead for preparations of a certain Document which is an agreement between you and me so called a Power of Attorney and he said it is a Lawyer that will process this from here this is what the bank said.Therefore iam waiting to hear from you as soon as possible .Remember it is my great for the Revrend to go by himself to meet the lawyer face to face so that everything will not be so much expenssive for us.But if you insist to deal with him yourself,Then ask me for the lawyers contact details i will get it from the Rev then forward to you immediately.
Yours lovely one,,


My Dear Binnet:

It warms my heart that you call me your sweet and that you want to
come over me. I assure you, I feel the same.

I will contact the Reverand - I hope he does not disapprove of my
lifestyle. That would not be acceptable.

Yours in mutual love



Hello sweet,
Iam happy hearing from you today and was very happy today after reading from you.Iam fine thank you for asking of me and thanks again for your acceptance and for sure you need not to tell Rev about that and you know everyone has his or her own life to live too.I dont see any reasson why he will be angry with you too.But it is needless you let him know this.Well iam sending this from the church side and because you have to know that iam working in the church just cleaning and sweeping almost everyday and this is how i managed geting my living.Revrend is very good for me too and even this morning he told me you emailed him and that he already replied you and that even few minutes ago he told me he will be checking his box after having meeting with people around here then he will get bak to you too.Well thanks once more for everything and iam concern to come over to you too.What about your family and your good friends????I hope fine and cheers for now.
Yours sweet one;;


The rev contacts me:

God bless you Amen.
I got your message and thanks for asking.You are welcomed.Yes the young
Miss Binnet Kageme a daughter of one Late Mr Sampson Kageme of Rwanda;;
Is with us here.Iam Rev Kelvin Tobman.Sincerely ;She told me about you and:
I already asked her if for sure she knew much about you,And she said yes
But i wanted to let you know one thing now.As par the fund,Yes everything
Reality because she came here due to the political crisis in her country
Ressulted the death of her Father.Yes she came here with some valuable;;;
Documentations that is related to this inherritance(USD$ 5,420 00000)
five million four hundred and twenty .And her name is written as Next of
Then i have undergoing certain investigations about this.And finally there
is a ;
Certain advocat whom is acting on this issue.Just today i got a message from
For a comfirmation about thie fund.He said that everything is reality
Has heard from the bank in London.But whatever the young girl planing to
About this transactions,,She has to process a Power of Attorney which will
Between her and the Co-benefficiary.And it will be prepared by a
Based lawyer because this is a place whereby the Benefficiary of this fund
Ressiding as of this juncture.For this reassons,Iam advicing you to forward
Us your full data as to get you the bank details immediately.Also i will
give a go;
Ahead to the Lawyer to start the proceedure of the document.Thank you;;
Once again Anita Uttreamin' blessed be unto you and may the almighty God,
Always keep you blessed now and evermore in Jesus name we pray Amen.
Yours brotherman in Lord Jesus..
Rv Tobman Kelvin.

Thank you Reverand:

I was afraid you would not allow me to enter into business with Binnet
due to my lesbian lifestyle. I am happy to see you do not hold my
love for female flesh and juices against me.

I will do what is necessary. Do you have information about Binnet
(her age, her looks, her hobbies, etc.)? Any photographs (especially
any in Catholic school girl outfits)?



Blessed is yours Anita,
According to your message,I findout that you are a Lessbian but to my own
This world is something everyone has his/her own life style to live.And
maybe i dont have,,
Right over you to stop you what you agreed yourself with.But as for my
Daughter Binnet;
She is obedient,simple,respectful,innocent,royal and kind little girl.But i
dosent have to tell;
You more about her for this moment.I will inform her to give her Picture to
you.As for her
Full contact details,Enclosed is the informations******
Miss Binnet Kageme
Her Address in Senegal
Apprt No 213 Villa D Ashlim Dakar Senegal.
West Africa.
Birthday is 12/06/84
Fathers Name Mr Sampson Kageme

She is sincere and so much love God.Anyway this is all what i can say about
her for now.
Blessed be yours in Jesus name we pray,Amen.May the almighty God keep you
Now and ever-more Amen.When we got your full infor then i have to forward
the bank
Details to you.Also have to start processing the document as i told you
Rv Tobman Kelvin.


Dear Reverand:

I can tell by your tone that you do not approve of the fact that I
dine of the flesh of other women. However, since you are a man of the
church, you have probably chosen celibecy over women meat, so I
forgive your disapproval based upon your lack of experience.

I have been informed by my sweet Binnet that you are angry with me.
Please tell me why. I certainly hope this is not some homophobic
reaction on your part.

Thank you

Hello mine,
Iam happy hearing from you today and thank a lot for that too and but you have to know that for sure i havent do this before and but maybe when iam with you i will really love to do with you too and but pls dont tell Revrend that i wanted to do it with you and because maybe he will be angry with me too and for sure he told me that you wrote him and that he is demanding for your full informations because this is what he will use to fax the bank in london to let them know about you so that everything will be easy for you when you contacted them.also for a certain legalizations of an agreement between you and me which you will see and sign before sending to the bank too.Anyway all what i wanted to let you know is that presently i havent any black picture becaus e you know it is not easy here for one to take this picture and maybe if i take it going to the labouratory to wash it maybe they can be able to publicize my picture every where this is why if really you want to see another private side,why cant you live it until i comes over.Pls iam sweet and sexy and i will also like you too.send yours for me too.with your informations so that bank contact will be given to you too.Cheers for now and happy wekend to you too.
Yours sweet;;
My dear Binnet:

I must tell you, you are very beautiful. You have the deepest,
sweetest eyes I have ever seen.

I am sorry the Reverand is angry. Why is he upset? I thought that I
gave all information. I will go back and re-read his request.

Here is one of my photos - my ex-girlfriend Aja took it. (I attach a photo off of the internet….like she did)

Darling you are looking good too.
But i want you not to expossed to Revrend this anymore because he is a man of God.Maybe he dosent like this.He is not angry with you because he told me that this world everyone have his or her life to live and he cannot jurge anyone at all only God will do that.He said he told you to get your full information so that bank contact will be given to you immediately also for him to start the proceedure of the document which is an agreement between you and me as to regards with this transactions.I will love to come to you to be with you and to do it with you too.Pls dont tell Rev this i want to start it with you when i come there.Thank you for this my dear.Happy weekend to you too and how is work and your family too???Thanks for praising my picture to you too and cheers for now my sweet.

My Dear Binnet:

Please know that I will not tell the Reverand anything. I can tell he
does not approve of me and my lifestyle. I take heart in your words
and can hardly wait to hold you in my arms. I can teach you many new
things as we explore each other's secret sensations.

Please, ask the Reverand to tell me the exact information he needs - I
still do not know. I will of course respond right away.

Good evening sweet,,,
Rev gave me already you details and now he said i should go ahead with given you the bank contact details so that you can Fax and after call them in phone.Do this first thing tomorrow moring just tell them that you are foreign person whom is acting on claim of the fund,that is belonging to one late Mr Sampson Kageme of Rwanda.and that you are directed by the Next of kin to this fund Miss Binnet Kageme of Rwanda.The Amount is .---(USD$ 5,420 00000 Five Million Four Hundred Twenty.Iam looking forward hearing from you Good nifgt to you too and bye for now.
Yours sweet



Wellington House,
East Road,
Cambridge CB1 1BH
Inland Section ( Mr Ed Harris)
Tel 0207 748 3071
Fax 0207 748 3079
My lovely one:

I love reading your messages. I must be honest with you, I pleasured
myself last night while looking at your photograph. I hope that does
not offend you - but your eyes just drive me wild. I imagine that one
day, it will be your fingers, your lips, your tongue instead of my

I will contact the bank. However - don't they have an e-mail? I
prefer e-mails as it allows me to maintain a complete electronic
record of my banking. My bank here has an on-line banking program.
Perhaps we should use them instead.

Your love

Good day my sweet,,
Iam more than happy hearing today from you my love.But anyhow i wanted to let you know that i want for sure all that we have agreed on.But before proceeding further more,I wanted to findout first how you are doing and how are you generally my dear???How is work and your family etc???As for us here it is better too and but i know only but oneday everything will surely get alright for me and you only if you are serrious with me.I have to go now and hoping to hear from you soon then i will surely tell you about this week programmes on my end.Well as i discaussed with Revrend,He said your Adress,Fax,Telephone,Nationality,Age inface everything about you will be soon as possible for getting the document ready for you and me also for informing the bank about you.So that when you will contact them,it will be easy for you and me.cheers for now and have a good day.
Cheers and have a lovely day for now.

Oh, you make my heart go flutter and my clitty dance for joy! To know
that you share my feelings of love and lust make me so happy I could
do a jig.

OK, I will try contacting the bank. I am surprised they have no
on-line capabilities. Do they have indoor plumbing? I mean, this is
the year 2005, the bank should move beyond the abacas into the
computer era.

I can hardly wait to hold you in my arms, taste your love, and
introduce you to my friends.

Good evening darling;;;
You see i just come around this night because iam highly motivated while sleeping and hoping to be with you.But as you said you love me,I will love you more too but dont try to do it around with other people only me and you darling.I like to shave it all time and but really you will taught me more when i come over but i hope we will live together????And nobody to disturb us???Pls are you sure you will not expossed to Revrend this???Pls dont.because maybe he will be angry with me.But i want it with you only and nobody else.But the money will be for starting proceesing my document as soon as possible darling.If you send me the money,that means i will start to process my document as soon as possible and if it is out then i will be even on my way and the procedure of geting our fund will be going on too.Ok thanks for everything my love.I will ask Revrend so that first thing tomorrow morning i will give you his informations so that when you send me this money,he can claim it and he will direct me also a best way for all my documents.He said as far as there is money he will help me on everything until i come over to you darling.You know i do not trust another person here only Revrend .he will give me his informations so that you can send the money tomorrow as you promised darling.I have heard what you said as par the bank.Iam hoping for goodness when you contact them my love.Good night and greetings to everyone around you too and cheers for now my sweet.
Your love;;;
My Dear Binnet:

Thank you for your words of love and lust:

I am pleased that you love to shave it all the time. I am de-haired
there also. I use to shave, but found it difficult to also get around
the anal area, so I went had had lasar hair removal. Not the most
pleasant experience, but the results are great. I will never have
hair around my little love box and backdoor again. You really should
try it...maybe I will take you down there when you come over here.

I tried calling the bank yesterday - the phone would ring twice and
then click like someone answered, but it was just silence. Are you
sure the number is correct? I tried to check on the internet to see
if I could confirm the bank's telephone number, but I couldn't even
find any website or on-line information.

Seriously dear, I am afraid this is not the right bank. Perhaps you
should have Reverand contact a better, more modern bank that has
working equipment so that we can do this ASAP and risky free.

Take care my little honeyhole.

Yes darling
I will like it that waqy and but i have to maybe start now buying or do i have to watch the area whereby i will be lerning more of this or cn you send me a casette whereby i can watch or listening what name each of them were callled or do you prefare for me to live it until i comes over there????well i will really love it together with you and will lick you too and you will tourch me too this is all wht we will have to do.inface i wanted to know if to star now for buying some of the things which i will be using for practice and i will buy a bag whereby i will be hiding them so that nobody can be able to see it.I love you too iam going now to read your second message then i will know if it is necessary for repling now.Happy weekend my love.
Your sweetheart.
Yes you are right.
But as iam seing,maybe you can hold on a little while iam with Rev here now and i hope he said he will be sending to you what he recevies today from London and i think you will contact them as he said.Well about shaving and cleaning every where even my armpit i always clean every where very well darling.And when i come over i think you will shave me and i will shave you too i think this is best this way.Also i have to go now and hoping that tomorrow you will send me the money as promised.Rev said he will send to you what he receives today from london and maybe something good for us too.Good night my sweet.
Your lovely one
My Dear

I am so hot now reading your messages. I will shave you and keep you
shaved in every intimate area. I will shave it, lotion it and kiss
it. You can trust me me.

When we meet, I will teach you the things I like such as rubbing me
sideways and not vertically, inserting a finger in my back door as you
lick me, and using cucumbers, dildos and baseball bats on me. I will
do the same for you.

This short message from the rev:

Secure Trust BANK
Contact Person:Kent Oxford
Director, Foreign Operations

Fax: +44-8701309015

E-mail: [email protected] or
[email protected]
Short message back:

Oh...OK. I think I understand now Rev. Homophobe.
Now – back to Binnet:

My Sear, sweet, sexy Lesbian Play-toy:

You like my cute name for you? I am getting so excited just thinking
of you. I got your e-mail where you told me that you are shaved and
that pleases me. I will love the smoothness of you.

I will send you the money right away. I hope you buy yourself pretty
things and possibly some naughty toys that we can use together.

Yours in love and lust

I write again….
I stopped by the WU office today, but there was a huge line (so many
people sending money to poor AIDs victims and lawyers in Africa) that
I finally had to leave. But I will go back in 2 days (I have
meetinmgs all tomorrow). Not to worrow, I will send you the money and
a little extra to make up for the delay.

Good day my love;;
Once again,i have heard all what you said and i wanted to know if there is only one place to send money????Here a lot of this because this people is doing this like business here and almost every street has about 4 or 5 offices and well i have heard as you said and iam waiting.But i wanted to know if for sure rev sent to you the information as he said earlier????Because he said he receives a news from london and he said he wanted to direct you on what to do i hope this will be a better news for us darling.i have to go now cheers and happy weekend to regards to all people around you.


Good Morning darling;;;
Iam happy hearing from you today and but there are at least two major things to let you know.
Firstly was about the Bank.Revrend said that he got a phone call from london .The bank is asking him to pls identify fully whom you are and what do they do for you too.Infact this is what you will explain to the bank now.Tell them that you are my forign partiner whom is acting on claim of the fund that is belonging to my late father Dr Sampson Kageme and the amount is 5.420 00000 Us then tell them that you are directed by the next of kin to this inherritance Miss Binnet Kageme.% Revrend Tobman at senegal.002215155436 .Well they must surely act accordingly to your request my love.
Secondly <was to let you know that presently i havent no other pictures now but i will take as many as pictures for you when iam in posession of receiving the money that you are sending to me darling.I will buy a complete film and then call one of my girl friend to snarpp me all types of photo i will send to you to develop and wash them yourself.Dont be afraid for that i will supply you with many pictures of me.Iam waiting for the Western Informations so that we can be able go for the retreivtion .Darling you have to know that he is a real man of God i trust him he will never cheat me at all.He will help until i comes over to you darling.What about family and other good friends over there with you my love???I hope fine.Happy weekend my sweetheart.This is another picture of me here.Have a lvely day and Cheers for now my sweet.
Your sweety.Binnet
As i told you that,I came into this country,
And by the special grace of God almighty,I mate the Revrend and after explaning all my situations to him,He told me that it is right for us to contact the bank maybe something have to be done about this,But unfortunately to us,The bank do not accept it from us because of my Reugee Statues here also because of my young age to deal with this fund.Then Revrend tried to conssult one Lawyer whom has confirmed everything and finally said when i got someone to help,Lets give his contact details so that he can assist us to legalize and to handle this matter without any problem between you and me.Well since the bank is demanding for those this,Kindly contact the lawyer so that he can tell you what next or he can give you those documents because we has handed them over to him for this moment.
And when you contact him,Just tell him that you are directed by The young girl /Rev Tobman to let you know the proceedure to affording the power of attonry also you have to inform the lawyer that Revrend told you that he will have to assure you of supplying the Death Certificate of Late Mr Sampson Kageme of Rwanda and his Statesment of his Account.Or if it is necessary ask him to give to you or is that necessary for giving to you this???Or maybe it is between the Lawyer and the bank only.Well he will advice you what best.
Iam waiting for good news soonest and good day my sweet.Iam still waiting for receiving the money as you promised today wenesday to send it to me.


Iam waiting and by the way,how are you doing and how is the family and all your well wishers????I hope very fine all round.well as for us here,everything is cool with us and thanks for what you wanted to proove to my life too and i will be sincerely looking forward for the money as you said.Take good care of yourself and cheers for now.What have you being doing since today and yesterday in the house????What do you eat today and what will you eat in the night time???As for me,i ate rice or superghetti almost everyday with tomatoe source and sometimes fried eggs and bread or sallads well all this i love even snacks too with juice all is my favourites etc.
Your Sweet.Binnet
Dear Binnet:

I need to run, I have an early meeting. The bank contacted me and
they need the following from you:

1.A power of attorney permiting you to claim and transfer the funds to your
online bank account on her behalf. This document must be endorsed by a
Senegalese resident lawyer registered with Senegalese Bar Association.

2.The death certificate of late Dr.Sampson Kageme (Her deceased father)
comfirming the death.

3.The A/C number of late Dr.Sampson Kageme with our bank.

The bank's website wasn't working so don't be surprised if it does not
work for you.

Take care - I will write soon.



p.s. For dinner I ate bearded clams and fish tacos.
My Dear:

I met a young lady last night at a party (attached is a photo of us).
I think I am in love.

Nevertheless, I want you to have what I promised you - a Western Union
payment slip paying you everything that you deserve for your actions.

Take care


I attach what is becoming my m.o.:

<img src="" title="Free image hosting powered by">

"Just f*ck away with money and ever in your life dont mail me again." Mrs. Ruth David **
"I blame my self for showing you my nude picz. You betrayed the love, care and trust i ve in you. The worst of it all is that you mailed telling me that you ve attached the Western Union pay slip, while you didn't". Suzy Marks**
"How can you addresse a woman with my intergritty as bitch, I donot need your assistance again, Please let me be." Lady Mariam***
"My last daughter is very fund of you. I told her about you because her is just like a handbag to me." Juliana Jones
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