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 NB: first time with joy at the bank [in progress]

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 12:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I was over ambitious, but thanks to feedback from my mentor, Quantum I'm a bit more direct, and in this case downright hostile. This isn't over yet, but hopefully I won't get stuck at the "give me money" part.

joy william to me

Dear kann1 huggench1sez,

Thanks for your mails and also thanks for your
willingness in assisting me and my only son in this most
valued transaction.

Based on the documents you are requesting, I have
attached all the documents issued to my late husband by
the bank on the day he deposited the money for you to be
fully aware of the details and also contact the bank as the
beneficiary of the money and send them all your bank
details for them to transfer the money to your account.

blah blah blah

You know I'm getting tired of working for my money. Since I'm wealthy now more people should be doing all my paperwork.

Kann1 huggench1sez to joy

I will give you 3% of my share to contact the bank for me.

Please confidentially call me if you have questions about life, the
universe, and everything.
+1 206-yyy-xxxx


Thanks to the forum for the passport modality. Smile

joy william to me

Dear Kann1 huggench1sez,

Thanks for your mail and also thanks for your phone

I tried to call you on your line you gave to me but it
entered answering machine and I did not drop any message.
Based as you said that I sould help you contact the bank. I
will go to the bank tomorrow and tell them to contact you
for the transfer of the money to your account.

Please when the bank contact you try your best to do what
ever they will ask you to do for the transfer of the money
as the beneficiary of the money.

Thanks and get back to me soonest,

yeah K7 is great for accepting voicemail without ringing! No you twit. I don't want the bank to contact me. I want you to do ALL the work.

Kann1 huggench1sez to joy

I screen all my calls. If I don't recognize the number of the caller it goes to voicemail. Please be sure to call me from a quiet location. I have difficulty hearing. That's why I have a sensitive phone.

So looks like the bank contacted me. I guess I'll have to tell them to contact my new, wildly overpaid, personal assistant. 2% of how many dozen million? I forgot.

nfo boaci
<[email protected]> to me
More options 3:24 am (2 hours ago)
ATTN: MR. KAANI huggench1sez


We write to inform you that we are been instructed by your partner Mrs. Joy
William to contact you regarding to the transferring of the sum of US$18m
which was deposited in our bank custody by her late husband Mr. Peter

You are hereby advised to send us your bank details to enable us transfer
the said funds direct to your nominated bank account as the appointed
bonafide beneficiary of the said funds.

We hereby await for your urgent response to enable us update you on the
details concerning the process of transferring the said funds.

Yours in Service,
Dr. C. Johans
Director Internationa Remittance Dept.

oh, ok. what's 2% of 18,000,000?

from me
to: "bank"

Actually, no. I think you misunderstand. I have contracted Miss Joy as my personal assistant in this matter. She has several documents for you concerning this transaction that I've already filled out. She should have given them to you already.

Is that lazy bitch not doing her job? I'm paying her 360,000 to do simple clerical work. Is that not enough money to pay a secretary in your country? Could you recommend a more competant person to help me conduct this transaction instead?

Thanks a bunch

backstory. Kann1 is the personal assistant to my initial character. She's a bit hostible because her boss is apparently controlling and abusive. She's now interacting with former contacts with a pitch to grift 5% to hire an assassin. Telling them the latter up front doesn't seem to phase them. Not even when I mention it in every email. Oh, and I've killed a guy that broke into my house last month so I'm a little leery about giving out my home address.

edit: name munged with '1's to hide from google

protest warrior
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