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 Suddenly Susan

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 7:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Friend, After due deliberation with my children, I decided to contact you for your assistance in standing as a beneficiary to the sum of US$13 Millon (Thirteen Million United States Dollars Only) First, let me start by introducing myself, I am Mrs. Susan Shabangu, a mother of three children and the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security of the Republic of South Africa, Vice-Chairperson of the National Labour and Development Institute. Member of the African National Congress (ANC) Steering Committee, under the President of South Africa MR THABO MBEKI.Visit this site for my profile _ ( …..

blah blah blah blah blah…… you get part of the funds….blah blah blah …….

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your family.

Yours faithfully, Mrs. Susan Shabangu.


OK, I would like to help you. I am a struggling Brazilian waxer and only have a few thousand saved up, so I am grateful of your offer as it can help me obtain my goal of buying a house of my own, finishing my education, getting breast implants and helping the poor.


Dear Anita,
I want to thank you so much for all your efforts so far considering your tight schedules may God bless you.
I can deduce from your last correspondence that the Attorney is capable of actualising our dreams.
Do their on-line translation sites randomly pick the least used words? Please do try to send to them what was required from you and as for me i would have to make sure i am able to retrieve the Deposit certificate, which is the certificate that my Husband used to deposit the fund into the security company, it is a very important certificate that i have to notorised from the Federal High court in South Africa before i can send it to you.
I can see that the Attorney is doing a nice work as i would advsie that we have to follow all his advise religiously and diligently so that we would not spend all the time.
Do not ever forget that this is a mutual beneficial transaction that would change our lives for good and there was some questions i asked about you , i think you have forgotten, but i would want you tell me more about you as this would mark a new beginning of our relationship.
As soon as you have sent the passport just let me know as i would start immediatly to secure the deposit certificate, this would cost me some money, but i would try to see that i get it by all means.
Alway remember the watchword CONFIDENTIALITY.
My greetings to your wellwishers as i expect your swift response.
Best regards


My apologies - what questions haven't I answered? I will answer them all.


How was you weekend? I hope it went down well, please note that it is very important that you always rest after a hard day work as this would make the body system to relax and would give you long life.
I wanted to knoe if you are married and have kids? these were my questions.
Have you been able to send what was required by the Attorney? as i have already started how to notorise the deposit certificate at the Federal High court.
Please my sister, we have to make sure that this fund gets into your account this week as i have some pressing family need that requires my immediate financial attention since my husband is no more.
I would want to know the present situation with regards to this mutual beneficial transaction and you can also send me a copy of your passport.
I hope to hear from you soonest.
Best regards.

In the meantime, I send a pathetic passport to her attorney "Mr. Allison".
<img src="" title="Free image hosting powered by">

I get this back.

<img src="" title="Free image hosting powered by">
<img src="" title="Free image hosting powered by">
I pretend that I don't get the fax....they keep sending it.
Dear Susan:

Thank you - I agree that I must rest more often. I hope you do as well.

I did send my scanned passport to Ms. Allison. He stated that he was
finally able to open it and all is fine. I haven't heard anything
since then. Is this guy reliable? The fact that he uses a little
girl's name as his last name makes me wonder.

I am not married. I used to be but my ex-husband found out that I was
having an affair and left me. How about you?


Dear Anita,
Good to hear from you again and i hope all is well with you, i am really pathetic about your story,
I don't think its my story that makes you pathetic but i know something might have happened or lacking from your matrimonial home before you went ahead for an extra-marital affair. I would advise that if you are still young without kids, you have to remarry, but as for me i am already old and i lost my husband some years back, i just have to take care of my children and grandchildren now. First she advises me to rest, then she wants me to do what's best for my kids. This is the Dr. Phil of 419ers I have already pledge to the peolpe of my community that sponsored me to school that i would provide them with portable and pure water as soon as i get our own share of the fund.
As for the Attorney, i do not know what you mean by his name is a girl name, but i am sure he is reliable, but very busy as he has a lot of jobs handling. I would advise that you should call him today unfaillingly to hear from him and be sure that you have been writing to him as you are aware that we have a lot of internet scammers these days. .
No! Say it isn't so! Razz We cannot afford to make any mistakes at this time for someone cannot just reap where he or she did not sow.
My sister, i have always trusted with all my heart and i would not want you to dissapoint me, please youi have to be disturbing the Attorney so that he would know how serious we are as his responsibilty is to see that he legitimate all the procedures before the bank send you the he is very important as we cannot do anything without himas i cannot come out because i am still in active civil service that would want reputation to messed up.
As for the deposit certificate, my Assistance just told me that the Federal High court requested for US$2,345 for the notorisation, so that is what i am trying to raise now, do bear with me as this would soon be sougthed out. You have to very steadfast at this stage and be very available.
I hope to hear from you soonest as i extend my greetings to you wellwishers.
Best regards.

Dear Susan:

No, I have no children. You are so wise to know that something was
missing in my marriage. That something was sex. My husband never
touched me, not even on our wedding night. I think he might have been
secretly gay. So, I ended up looking for love and found it, first
with our postal worker, then with the meter reader, then with my next
door neighbor's wife, and finally my husband's brother. That is when
my husband walked in. After watching us for about 40 minutes, he left
and I have not seen him (or his brother) again.

I have contacted the lawyer's chambers twice. Are they any good? I
think you need new lawyers. These ones are not responsive at all.




I hope the story of my affair has not offended you. Trust me, I am
not proud of it, but that is my life.


Dear Anita,
Good day to you, your family and business, i hope all is well.
I am in receipt of your message and the content was okay and i like your courage and confident in telling me about it, becos if it is in Africa they would rather want to die with story and even refuse to forge ahead.I have to let you know that if there is any way i can be of any help to you do not relent to let me know about it.
All throughout yesterday , i have been busy in trying to raise the said amount for the notorisation, well i finally mortgage my car in order to borrow the fund, which i would pay back in two weeks time, so i want to plead with you that as soon as you get the fund you have to send the monies i borrowed first.
As for the Attorney, please you have to call him as if we have to look for another Attorney now we have to pay a retainership fee again and i do not have money now, so what i would advise is that you have to call him soonest and let him know and you have to take inventary of the all the amount you use in calling him as this would be refunded since we have set outside some amount for contigencies.
I want to reiterate once more please call him as there is a saying in mycountry that says "A MAN THAT WANTS SOMETHING MUST HAVE THE LONGER HAND".
I want to tahnk God that i have successfully retrieve the Deposit Certificate from the Federal High Court, you have to keep this document very confidential and secure as these are classified document,if you do not keep it well another person can use it to coolect the money and all the informations in the certificate you have to write it down and if possible memorise it as you might be asked anytime once the Attorney begins to act according to his responsibilties.
My sister, we are spending more time more than expected and this is not good for this great project of mutual benefit.
I hope you are calling the Attorney as i expect to hear from you.
Best regards.

"Just f*ck away with money and ever in your life dont mail me again." Mrs. Ruth David **
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