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 Easibor on YIM

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2005 11:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Do you guys remember Easibor from a few months ago? Jaywalker, Gunnar Rea, Darius, and I chatted with him this afternoon...

me: hi
easibor : hello
easibor : who is this?
me: this is christina
me: i saw your website
me: it sounds like a good idea
me: are u still selling the books?
easibor : which site precisely?
easibor : have a number of site
me: the anti scam site
me: i dont want to get scammed
easibor : you want the book?
easibor : its now free
me: yes
me: where is it?
me: did u write it?
me: wake up!
easibor : nope i client of mine did
easibor : just a minute will send it to u
me: who is ur client?
easibor : believe what u think. but i did not WRITE THE BOOK!!!!!
easibor : am a website developer
easibor : just sent u the book
me: no
me: email it 2 me
easibor : which add this?
me: what is the isbn # of the book?
me: [email protected]
easibor : do u want the book or not?
me: yes
me: email the book 2 me
easibor : u are very very funny
easibor : i know u think there is no book
easibor : but dont worry am mailing it now
easibor : by the way which site did u see?
me: the 419 exposed site
me: who is the author of the book?
easibor : Jaimon Minko
easibor : when did u see it?
me: in late march
me: a few friends got a copy of it
me: wake your butt up!
easibor : just sent it
easibor : i know u dont expect to get the book
easibor : and stop lying
easibor : u didnt see the book from any friend
easibor : have u gotten it?
me: yes
me: hold on
easibor : k
easibor : check it out?

Jaywalker, Gunnar Rea, and Darius joined in the conference...

jaywalker: hi
easibor: hello
darius: Hi
Gunnar Rea: mjallo, scammer coming??
darius: Hi, I heard you were selling a book?
easibor: so cp...where are u?
easibor: am not selling any book
jaywalker: we would like to purchase
jaywalker: as we don't want to be scammed
easibor: where is cppreston
me: im here
jaywalker: am here too
jaywalker: does the book have a flashy and shiny cover?
easibor: so cp have u seen the book
darius: Is it good CP?
easibor: very funny okidoki?
easibor: how does the cover affect the quality of the book
darius: It certainly has some value, it has to look nice
easibor: so how did u guys get me email addy?
darius: who?
easibor: and why is cp suddenly mute?
me: I am still here
easibor: rgra.... i was askin how u guys got my email add?
me: we heard about it from some friends
easibor: cp have u seen the book now?
easibor: and does it make sense?
easibor: hi guys i have to leave soon!
darius: why?
easibor: am at a cybercafe
me: we want to know more about ur book
easibor: paying for the time
easibor: cp... you already got the what else do you want to know?
darius: what does the book costs
me: tell us more about the book
darius: If I am going to buy it like cp recommended, it must be good, but please tell some more about it
easibor: see cp... i dont know more than u do already
me: what?
darius: yeah, but I dont know nothing
easibor: i didnt right the book, am just a web developer
me: well, tell us about it
me: tell us about who wrote it
easibor: the books was done by client of mine
darius: web devoloper, whats a web devoloper?
darius: do you make webs?
me: whats a web?
me: like for spiders?
easibor: cp you can send the book to rg and bj....( which i know u have already done)
easibor: and see you guys am not dumb....
me: what is a web?
easibor: i know ur are all scam baiters
darius: yeah, I want to know, I only know webs for spiders
darius: what?
easibor: and u guys think i am a scammer
darius: a what?
darius: scam baiter?
me: do you work with spiders?
darius: wtf is a scambaiter?
me: baiter? are they pple who catch fish?
darius: Has that to do with the web thing? spiders are scambaiters?
darius: I dont understand, can you explain?
me: are the spiders supposed to catch the fish?
easibor: very very funny
darius: are you there easibor?
easibor: bye guys am off
me: why are u going?
darius: pleas answer my question
me: we're interested in ur book
easibor: fif you want the book. get it from cp..
me: my email got messed up
me: you send it to rgrapple
darius: mr Appleby
darius: thats me
darius: do you want my email adress?
darius: How do I pay for it?
darius: Hello?
me: easibor?
easibor: CATCH YA
easibor has left the conference.
darius has left the conference.
<I invite easy back to the conference>
easibor has joined the conference.
me: hold on please
darius has joined the conference.
me: we want to know about your book
Gunnar Rea: yeah. Are you not here to tell about it?
easibor: cp dont ask that question it gets me angry
darius: Hi, is Easibor your name? My name is Roger, how should I call you?
me: why does it make u angry?
me: christina here
easibor: look
me: look at what?
darius: sorry
Gunnar Rea: I am Sid
darius: but nobody answers my questions, and now you also dont Easibor, I just want to be friendly
Gunnar Rea: what question tick him off?
jaywalker: damn he's gone
darius: no he is not
me: we want to know about your book
me: that question
jaywalker: i was talking about my cat
me: Easibor, we are trying to be friendly
darius: Easibor, can we be serious for a moment please?
easibor: am still here
Gunnar Rea: I will not buy or market a book that I know nothing about. Tell us a bit mate
jaywalker: where are you based easibor?
easibor: ok
darius: ok everybody shut up now
easibor: the book was written by a client of mine
darius: Easibor, what is your name?
easibor: by name Jaimon Minko
jaywalker: and what country are in?
jaywalker: we are from romania
darius: Ok, my name is Roger Appleby, I am a publisher, Sid Ondik is our corporate lawyer, so he wants to ask questions
easibor: it aims to exposed some of the tricks used by 419 fraudersters to scam people of thier cash
darius: Bjorn is from Romania, and is our sales manager
easibor: u can call me easibor.... that is ok!
darius: Ok easi
jaywalker: my official title is Count Toulouse
easibor: so u guys have a business deal for me or what?
jaywalker: yes
me: we do
jaywalker: we would like to buy the rites to 100,000 copies
jaywalker: how much would that be?
darius: We are looking for new books, to publish, but we cannot just do that before we know more about the writer or his agent
easibor: forget it... the book is free
easibor: free for all!!!!
jaywalker: the book is free?
easibor: as cp i just sent him a copy
darius: well, I just had a quick look at it, and I see some money in it
easibor: yeah its now free
darius: can we use it then?
me: Eas, I'm female
easibor: ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaywalker: but i want to pay for it
me: we want to buy it
easibor: does the fact that u are female,, change anything
darius: Easy, I need to know the name of the writer, for sending a contract so we can sell the book
jaywalker: i enjoy makes expensive and pointless purchases
easibor: why do you want to pay?
me: yes it does
Gunnar Rea: we just like shopping
easibor: if you have money you can send it to some charitable org
easibor: tell me
Gunnar Rea: a sensational feeling
me: u said "as cp i just sent him a copy"
Gunnar Rea: I like to get stuff for my cash
darius: because otherway we later you will send laywers at us
me: the correct way to say it would be "she"
me: no he
me: not he*
darius: do you understand what I am saying?
me: we don't want to get sued
Gunnar Rea: can we sell it at our online shop?
easibor: rg... you said u just had a quick look at it?
Gunnar Rea: we'd make a lot of money from it I am sure
darius: yes
darius: CP faxed me a copy
easibor: but i thot rg said "her" emial is messed up
easibor: sorry CP
darius: it probably went ok then, and it got in
easibor: besides what is the url of ur online shop?
darius: she faxed it to me, just two minutes agao
jaywalker: can i send you 30.000 Lei via Western Union, just as a token gesture
Gunnar Rea: but can we sell it?
darius: Easy, I somehow get the feeling this is not going right
Gunnar Rea: if we want to? And you will not complain afterwards when we make a lot of money
me: no, do not put quote marks around the word her. it's not needed
me: easy, r u there?
jaywalker: he doesn't beleive you are female
jaywalker: i would be insulted by that
Gunnar Rea: if that is how he wants to play I don't belive "he" is male
Gunnar Rea: is she still there
easibor: "FAXED" an ebook book?
easibor: how is that done?
me: I'm here
darius: I am sure you know what a fax is
Gunnar Rea: I know you are. I am talking about miss easibor
darius: and I am sure you know that pdf files can be printed
easibor: enjoy... choose a gender for me... i dont mind!
Gunnar Rea: very good mam
easibor: anyway.. i asked for the url of your online store?
easibor: and nobody is answering me
darius: Easy, I need written permission so I can sell the book, can you do that for me
Gunnar Rea: what do you want to buy?
jaywalker: the url for our store is
jaywalker: check it out
jaywalker: we are not a fly by night book store
easibor: owe.. you guys own the great AMAZON!!!!
Gunnar Rea:
Gunnar Rea: you can find Bjorn's info under contact
jaywalker: yes i own amazon
jaywalker: haven't you heard of it
jaywalker: we are quite big in the US, UK and Germany
easibor: i have
me: excuse me, easy! I'm Christina Preston, cpreston, short for Christina. Did you even bother reading my last reply where I explained that? Have you any idea of the offense that this sort of cavalier attitude can cause a lady? I am hurt, insulted and appalled. I think you are no gentleman!
easibor: i am actually a shareholder
jaywalker: so am i
jaywalker: thats why i own the company
easibor: lol
darius: Easy, I am going to leave this chat soon, you dont want to work with me
easibor: so when did you start the company
me: why dont u goo to amazon yourself
me: go*
me: look there
easibor: anyway cp
me: yes?
easibor: can i ask you guys one question?
me: yes
jaywalker: go ahead
easibor: and girl
darius: sure honey
me: yes, sweetie?
easibor: how did u get my email addy?
jaywalker: we are the great amazon, we know everything
jaywalker: we know what colour underwear you have on
me: we are aware of all that goes on online
darius: Easy, you were acting so smart but asking such dump questions
darius: I asked you ten times a question and you never answered me
darius: correct me if I am wrong, but you dont want to make some money?
me: are u there, easy?
easibor: any way am off by
easibor: meant BYE
me: why?
darius: I am going to sell it anyway, sorry you wont get any money of it
darius: sue me, if you want
jaywalker: we've already had 2000 orders placed
me: we will get all the money
jaywalker: we are charging $30 for this book
me: wait, 3000
me: the orders are coming fast
jaywalker: another 1500, up to 4500 now
darius: yep, its going great, your loss easy
jaywalker: this book is hot
me: 5 thou now
jaywalker: 6000
me: youve missed out easy
jaywalker: easy money
me: were rich now
jaywalker: we were rich before
jaywalker: we own amazon
darius: thanks easy, for being ignorant
me: but even richer now
jaywalker: i love been rich
me: 7 thou
jaywalker: i spend it on stupid things
me: like what?
me: I'm going to go car shopping now
jaywalker: like enomorously large turnips
me: and get a mansion
me: easy, what kind of cars do u like?
darius: I am going to buy another plasma tv for in my new range rover
me: what about onions, bjorn?
jaywalker: nah only root veg for me
me: carrots?
jaywalker: oh yeah baby
darius: and some monkeys
jaywalker: i like monkey
darius: and a big gun to shoot the monkeys
easibor has left the conference.
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That was fun, that 'webdeveloper' was a bright dude, not the average mugu, but definately a mugu

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