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 My First Love Bait (Ongoing)

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 7:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is my first bait, so bear with me. It is ongoing, so we shall see where it goes. It seems like a golden opportunity.

To start off, I recieved the standard Mugu starter kit letter about a womans late husband leaving money in a trunk, yadda yadda yadda.

I replied:
Mrs. Fatty Robinson:

It is with great sadness and heartfelt flatulence that
your e-mail was recieved today. After reading it, I
cryed for a very long time.

I am most interested in helping you. I am sure we will
talk much over the coming weeks and we can become very
close friends. You can trust me in this fully. I am
very happy that you are willing to talk to me and
discuss other things than business before we work on
this deal.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I can help you. I own a medium sized business
here dealing in thin rubber products and my estate
stands ready to assist you, because it is the right
thing to do.

2. You can completly trust me. Really.

3. I really do not want to talk about how much money I
am going to need to complete this transaction. The
time will come for this, but I want to get to know you
first, as a friend.

So please be assured that I will help you, but it is a
custom in my culture to get to know people as friends
before a business relationship can be opened. I am
hoping to hear that you are younger than 40 years old,
as I am looking to assist younger persons with my

Regards and Kisses

Mr. Dickie Driver, Esq.

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 7:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

She followed up by sending me the standard follow-up Mugu letter about talking to a the security company/securing a barrister/etc. Funny thing is, she sent it twice. Here are my replies:

Mrs. Fatty Robinson

Your letter was recieved this morning in good form. It
did my heart well to read it as I enjoyed my morning
meal of Post Toasties and filet mignon.

My dear fatty, I have a few concerns though. I stated
in my first letter to you that in such a private and
critical endeavour such as this, we must establish a
private and personal friendship before I will move
forward. Please do not misunderstand me, I clearly
intend to assist you, as this matter presents a great
opportunity to enrich myself (and you). I just want to
get to know you better first.

Second, why is your name "HENRY" Robinson? I thought
you were Mrs. Fatty Robinson? It is a bit confusing,
because I certainly do not want to be working with a
married woman (unless I gain certain "services" from
the wife).

I hope you understand my concerns. I want to help, but
I can't help unless I am a friend and know the person
well, perhaps even biblically. We will have a great
time with the money when we get it! Maybe you can even
come to live with me, who knows!

Regards & kisses

Mr. Dickie Driver, Esq.

Followed by a mild slap

Mrs. Fatty Robinson

Why did you send me the same e-mail twice? Is this a
joke of some sort? How am I supposed to help you if
this is all I get from you? You need to read my e-mail
and learn about what I expect from you. I know what
you expect from me, but this is not just about you.
Its about us.


Mr. Dickie Driver, Esq.

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 7:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Then the fun begins with her first non-form response:

My Dearest Dickie,

Thank you for message and the point you made in your message to me.

Actually, I have agreed to co-operate with you as far as you will help me to claim this consignment out from the security company and move it to your posession.

Please,let me know the informations you need from me that will make you to have the trust and confidence on me that I will not let you down after you might help me to have access of this consignment out from the security company.I am ready to follow all your instruction and directivies.

In my first letter to you, I told you that I have once married before my husband died and before he gave to ghost,he adviced me to move out of this country with my only remaining son (Henry).I want to let you know that the law of my country warranted me to marry you and as well live with you forever. My only remaining son Henry is 12 years of age. Please, bear it in mind that I am ready to have you as my husband without minding anything but you will only promise me that you will take care of me as your wife.

Do not be confused about the name Henry you saw in my email address, Henry is my only remaining son and I used his name to create my email address because I have a special love on him.

Please,I am expecting you to write me back and let me know the informations you need from me that will build up your moral to help me in this project .

I am urgently waiting to hear from you as soon as possible and please in your next message do not fail to send me your personal picture.

Remain blessed in the Lord,

Yours Beloved Lover,

Mrs.Fatou Robinson

Where did I say I wanted to marry her?

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 7:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is where we stand:

My Dearest Fatty Robinson

It warmed my heart to hear from you again. I was moist
after I read your letter!

I am excited about this proposition. Let me first say
that you need not worry about the consignment, I am
going to take care of you and young Henry, I do not
want to disappoint you. I understand that these things
can be very tricky and difficult and will take some

Second, I hadn't mentioned that we are going to get
married or I would take you as my wife. I was hoping
we would get to know each other better before we got
married. But I can tell you are a very interesting
woman and a woman who knows what she wants. It makes
me very excited in a gentlemenly way to hear that you
are ready to be my wife. Are you going to leave young
Henry in Africa when you come to me or are we going to
have to find someone to take care of him?

So lets get right to it. Lets form our relationship.
Tell me about yourself, tell me what you like. Tell me
what you look like, better yet, send me a picture as I
would love to have a picture of my beloved Fatty to
keep me happy until we are together. This is our first
step in our relationship. Once we have our
relationship, I will do whatever it takes to take care
of your consignment, I promise to the almighty!

I have attached my photo. I am the man in the middle,
the picture was taken with my good friends and
clients, the Jaginhoff's at their palatial estate in
the Hamptons.

I will be throbing my love muscle in anticipation of
your next message.


Mr. Dickie Driver, Esq.


I look forward to tips and hints! (If the image doesnt come through, its a picture of Gary Busey.
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