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 Mafia Oga Loses His Maga

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Master of Master Baiters

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 3:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A short and relatively straight bait. Didn't even get to the WU transfer. A few oddities though...

Bills & Exchange Department
South African Nationwide Building Society
18 Donegall Square East,
Jonnesburg South Africa
Email: [email protected]

Dear sir/Madam
I am contacting you in regards to a business
transfer of a huge sum of money from a
deceased customer's account who On the 25th
of July 2000, the deceased, his etc...
Although I know that a transaction of this magnitude
might make anyone apprehensive, I would like to
assure you that we are sending you this mail with the
best of intensions.

Since then We have been trying to get this funds out of
the bank, the sum of US$13,450,000.00 (Thirteen Million,
Four Hundred and fifty Thousand United States Dollars) in
an etc...

Apply for next of kin etc...

Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance
of our mutualbusiness endeavour by furnishing me with the
1. Your Full Names and Address.
2. Direct Telephone and Fax numbers.

These requirements will enable us file a letter of claim to the
appropriate departments for necessary approvals in your
favour before the transfer...



Mr Doke,

This is a huge sum and it makes me apprehensive, but i think
i can help you. I just got my business degree at WU and ive
had this job with Wambam for almost a year now, but im a good
and honest person and i promise i will do my best.



Looking forward to your reply.


Dear ,
Thanks for your mail and the contents were well noted. I am
very happy that you responded to my mail and you are from
the UK because i have been looking forward to have this
transaction done with somebody from London.
Meanwhile, as regards to the transaction i wish to inform you
that everything is right and from the position of things you
should not worry because every modalities relating to the
transaction has been legally perfected, so my dear there is
no cause for alarm
Thus,i wish to inform you that the procedures of this transaction
indicates that i will have to submitt all your informations to the
bank whereby the will start recognising you as the next of
kin/beneficairy of the funds.
Moreover, before we proceed on this, i still need you to send to
me your direct fax number, your complete banking details where
you wanted the money to be transferred into.
As soon as i heard from you the full procedures of the transaction
will be given to you.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Mr Smith Doke

So, he needs a fax number. Well, I don't have one.

Dear Doke,

I understand. What is modalities? You are saying everything is
perfectly legal and such, that's good, I wouldnt want to be involved
in this otherwise. The office doesnt have a fax, just send me any documents I need to see over email.

This is the account we can use for the money:
Royal Bank of Scotland
Account 21494728F


He calls me, asking for a fax number. I say I donít have one
and he simply hangs up on me! So I sent him a very mild slap.

Why did you simply hang up on me? That is very rude.

He called me two minutes later and apologized. I put on my
most offended voice and he eventually folds and says itís ok if I
donít have a fax. That wont last long however. And in comes the

Atten: Mr ,

This is Barrister Douglas Khumalo of Smith Chambers
Johannesburg South Africa. I am the legal attaorney
representing Mr Smith Doke in the transaction that he
hads with you.

Meanwhile, I receieved all your informations in my this
morning which i had been waiting for some time now and
so i decided to move immediately to commence the
process of the transaction.

Thus, with this regard i had to first of all prepare the
CONTRACT AGREEMENT DEED which will be binding
you and your partner Mr Smith Doke together as it
will serve as proof of anybody going against or breach
the contract. So this is the legal tender that will proof
the transaction you have with him.

Therefore i want you to through the Contract Agreement
and have it signed and send back to me if it meets your
utmost satisfaction. Then i and your partner will sign back
and send the copy to you.

You can always get in touch with me anytime as i am the
person that is going to handle the A to Z of the transaction
till you received the money. As soon as i heard from you i
will give you the full details of the transaction.

Expecting your urgent and positive response.

Best Regards,

Barr Douglas Khumalo Esq.

TEL: +27-73-7816193

And the mugu actually sends me a typical mugu
document but as a MSWord .doc complete with Scales
of Truth and Red Seal of Authenticity! Nice template
to create your very own mugu docs. PM me if you want
it, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to post it here.
Anyway, I just took a signature I found on the internet,
pasted it into the document and sent it back.

Mr Douglas Khumalo,

I am returning the document to you signed, i assume
this is the way you do things? Normally contracts are
signed in person.

I have a question on point number 6, exactly what does this entail?
"6. The Beneficiary is the legal trustee of a cash bequest in the sum of

Best Regards,

Atten: Mr

How are you today?

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail with the
signed agreement. I am now resending your partner and
my signed part of the agreement for your documentation
and perusal.
<img src="" width="600">
I also have to resposnd to your question concerning the
number of the agreement. This point stresses that you are
the sole beneficairy of the $13.450 with the bank and so
the funds were trusted in your care
What the... What happened to the millions here? Oh geez.. wasn't paying attention when I read this apparently. I got screwed out
of my imaginary millions!

It pleases me to inform you that your name and details has
been inserted in the bank data system as next of kin to Mr.
Schranner Andreas. This means that you are now legitimate
to inherit his account.

Meanwhile, following the procedures of Inheritance claim,
you need to officially apply for transfer of the funds to
your nominated bank account. On this note, I would like you
to recap the below letter with your company letter headed
paper and fax it direct to the bank on their fax number as
follows: +27-11-4846862.

The letter is for you to ask bank to Transfer the money to
your personal bank account, which you will also put in the
letter. You must fill your correct information in the space
that I indicated for it.

For example: My name is Jack, I am a citizen of England
residing in city and state of London and so on.

The letter is as follows:
(Long annoying mugu document written into the email.
In retrospect, I should have slapped him for this. Missed a
lot of stuff in this bait. I think I'll have to rebait him with
another character.)

Of course, I still don't have a fax... Made up some crappy
"company letterhead" as requested, and sent it as a 2.55 mb
BMP attachment to Mr Doke.

Dear Doke,

Mr Khumalo has asked me to sign yet another document,
this time he wants me to fax it to the bank. Im hoping you
can do this for me as i, like i told you, do not have access
to a fax. Im sending the document to you as an attachment.
The number is +27-11-4846862


Dear Jack,
Thanks for your mail and the contents noted. Please you
must bear in mind that you must have to provide a fax
number because the bank will be sending you some
documents which you will be signing and send back to them.
There is no way this transaction will be done without having
a fax number, so please you should look for one and send
to me while you still provide a fax number where you will
receive your documents from the bank. Please it is very
important in this transaction.
Finally, i cannot download attachment in BMP form, so you
should resacn it and have done in JPG form.
I am waiting.
Mr Smith Doke

Bullshit. Cannot open BMP's? What are they running
over there anyway? And the lad calls me before I even
have a chance to respond. I force him to explain for ten
minutes why he can't receive BMP files, why he can't send
the fax to the bank for me, and why the barrister can't do
it either. He's not bending, however. Well lets send him
some bullshit in return.

Dear Smith,

I will be borrowing someone else's fax for this like i said.
Ill try and send it tomorrow.

You see, were an IT company. We do our business with
computers, thats why we never bothered getting a fax
machine, we never needed one.


Don't think I'm getting any more out of this. And now, thanks to the lad translator:


i hav ur maga [email protected] nau. i hack his
mailbox an si everythin e writes, ok? u go stay away from
am, or i go do fo u wetin i do fo everyone we get for mai
way an make u into womankind. i attach some foto of
previous wrk so u go kno i am serious.

usm4n b3ll0

Attached some pictures from a site I probably shouldn't
mention here... Hopefully you get the idea. Usually I don't
get a response when I do this.

Thank you for hacking peoples email box, instead of you
looking for your own job, all you do is to hack peoples box.
Well i dont have much to say rather than to tell you that
this business is a mafia business and anything can happen
in it.
I dey for South Africa dey try to leave a better life but is
like you are trying to make me call back my former spirit
that i used to do this business when i was in nigeria. Could
someone please tell me what he means by this?

Guy leave this man for me, he is my client...
A word is enough for the wise.


If you do not like this business I suggest you find another.

A word is enough for the wise. The word is Usm4n. Are you listening?

Usm4n B3ll0

Last I've heard of him so far...

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Mortar x11
In Estonia, it only costs $7000 to fix people like me.

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ninja smurf

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 10:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

you are trying to make me call back my former spirit
that i used to do this business when i was in nigeria

basically what he is saying is 'you want to bring out the beast in me'

a threat of some sort, I guess.
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