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 It is a wild wicked world

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I'm afraid I've made my barrister very unhappy. I have him believing someone has hacked both his email and the banks email. This guy has been pitiful from the beginning. He is nicely off script and almost incoherent.

Hello Dearest Partner XXXXX


How are you today? I hope all is well. I received your email this morning with many thanks and well understanding. I am very happy that you have forwarded the mail you receive from those crooks, Yes, my dear I know this very person right, with his number I can locate that idiot. I hope you did not send money to them.

Actually, they acted as the bank, meanwhile they open a mail as the bank, can you imagine this, this very person has been accessing my mailbox. He knows about all my moves, can you imagine that he open my box and took exactly the bank email and open an account in yahoo mail. As if he is the bank, Look my dear, the very first mail you received from the bank, the address must as this like I have it [email protected] and right now they use something of this [email protected] and besides I can he said that He was in Togo moreover the number he gave you is Nigeria number, My dear, I told you that they are after us, Please what ever they tell you donít ever listen to them, they want to finish me, Oh, I am finish, how could someone want to blackmail me, I am finished, what if the bank hears about all this can you imagine what will they say to me.

So my dear, I want to let you know that, those thing you told me about, is happening now, someone is accessing my mail box, I hope this plan must comes out from secretary she might have corneal with some people to take that money from instead of the money been use for the purpose, why must they do this to me, I am so good to people, oh the world is really wild wicked world, However, my dearest Friend, you know and I trusted you, so I advice you should donít ever reply to their mails, whenever they write you try and forward the mail to me, I must fish that person out and deal with him okay.

However, I hope you did not send the money to them, please donít ever send any money to them, even to the bank yet, until I fish out those people who want to jeopardize my life time hope, My dear, Just look at the picture they scan and email to you, Do I look like that, you have my own passport, In fact, they really out to spoil this business, but I assure you that they are going to fail, just bear with me, Donít ever co-operate with them remember my code, this is how we will solve this case, anytime you receive a mail with out a code, donít read the mail and forward it to me for more investigation okay.

I wait to hear from you my dearest friend, as soon as you receive this mail.

Thanks for your understanding,

Barrister 34ank Bo66y.

Are you f*cking kidding me? The Key West Congregation of the Church of Buffet Orthodox? What are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? Who is this?

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