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 Consorting with Royalty

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 06 Mar 2005
Posts: 48
Location: Some where southeast of disorder

PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 4:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've had my Prince on the line from March 14.
He sent the usual it's my pleasure to tell you that so and so and their whole family was killed ect ect, millions of $$$, you know the same ole same ole.
My first reply was:

Tell me more.

Then he sent the usual Security Company Modality.

I played like I was clue less but told him how thrilling it was to deal with Real Royalty and a sad tale about an exhusband stalking me , police taps on my phone to catch him ect and suggested his attachments were infected with a virus and I wouldn't have any more to do with them. When he got pushy about his fees I sent him this:

What Money?

So far all I have received are documents and instructions that don't work. I want to get this right , Please your Highness please tell me what
money, How much will I need? The amount isn't the important thing it's
making sure I do this right.

You never told me If you are married?

Faithfully Yours

Good Morning to you.

I really thank you for your mail & concerns.

Regards to your question,I am married,I am single & still looking.

The money you are going to get after this transaction,Is not even what matters to me

Most.Like I said before that as soon as we clear this money from the security company,that i will come over to your house & that the 20% of the total sum will be your share for your able assistance.

So there is nothing too difficult to understand,I am christain and can marry from anywhere in the world as long as there is love & understanding.But that will be after i have invested this money into a good business & get rest of mind.I am 29years of age,i am a degree holder,i read African Religous & History.That is more little information about my personal life.

Hope you will be satisfied now.So iam not expecting more question from you,Looking forward to see the payment information,i mean you should go & make the payments and send the scan copy of the western union payment information to me.


I'm happy to hear you aren't married, there are so few good Men Of Royalty left.
Now what documents (not the ones with viruses I hope) were we talking about my Lord? Are you sending them to me or is someone else? What money am I sending you? Oh my Lordship I am so confused, please help me sort this out. I plead with you

He had only told me twice a day for a week at this point, I didn't believe he would hang in there despite such lame replies.

Dear Mxxxx,

Compliment of the day.& thanks for your response to my

mail.Please my dear i want to know clearly the document that you are

still looking for that is distubing you in such a way that you could not

even remember to make the payment as you promised to.

Kindly state it clear to me,i mean the kind of help you want me to do

for promising to be of help to you as long as you are ready to

disclose it to me


And then from His Lordship:

Hello MXXXX XXXX why i have not hear from you again both the help you made mention of & even the payment ,you know one thing i have already geting my traveling document ready to come over your country & you know without this consignment being claim out the security company there's no way i come over your side so am hoping to hear from you that you have made the paymeny.

More confusion from me:


Now what do I send on to someone? Do I send it back to you? What do I do with the form? What Form? Sorry I have a lot of things going on right now. I know this is important to you and I'm glad we are working together, but I'm also trying to take care of my regular business too.

Back at you your Highness:

Compliment of the day to you Xxxx why i have not hear from you any longer what's the problem with you.i just want to confirm whether your alright,hoping to hear from you soon.

My Xxxxxx

I am fine. It's kind of you to ask. I guess things are still where they
were a couple days ago. I am waiting for some documents I believe. I still don't understand what it is I am to be doing. My Prince I am really concerned that I'm messing this thing up for us. I'm confused. I ask you to kindly set things right and help me.

I think at this point his head was beginning to spin when I sent him this bombshell:

Dear Xxxxxx
I'm sorry to tell you I have found another business partner in Nigeria.
He has $20M in gold dust I am going to help him remove from Africa.I
will get 25%. Best of all from my point of view he only wanted $1,490.00
in fees. Originally he was asking for $4,500 but I sent him a couple of
my pictures and we talked and he took my Western Union shipment of the
final amount.
Maybe if you had been more up front this would have gone better.

I will now be a very rich young lady.

His Lordship doesn't let a $4500 get away so easy or is he hhoping for one of my "pictures"?

Why am just confuse about your mail which you sent to me,then what did you mean by your doing another business transaction with Nigeria man but i must confess to you that you will regret with this your attutudes towards me oky

Then why cann't you told me since so that we will share this money 50/50% but as you have chosen another business partner in Nigeria then if the transaction between you & them did not work out but i want to tell you i am always there for you ,No matter what happens i still love you & i promise you that i have a plan for you in feature but as SATAN did not want both of us to be one as one forever more.

I am still waiting for you to change your mind i even planing to come as a PRINCE with my possition here in the soil of africa to come over your country to stay with you as husband & wife which means i will be calling you my african queen till death put both of apart,what i only need from you is to pay the demmorage charges even thou you dont have up to that amount then both of us can still do something tangeable by paying the security company half of the money then if the money is being lifted to you then you open the boxes & collect money theri to pay them the remaining charges meanwhile after that i will come over ,so that we will invest the money wisely & start planing how to bare children for better tomorrow.hoping to hear from you that you have change your mind.

Why does he believe the transaction might not work out? Does he know something about doing business with a guy in Nigeria my character doesn't???? Now he wants me to have his children... it only you had told me earlier!!

Now I am really confused. You never wrote me this way before. Your other
letters were all business very Lordly very Royal, I didn't feel that I
had a chance of being of interest to you, now you tell me about childern
and the like. Do you really fell that way my Lord?
My other Man is a MR. Mike Bello, he is all business but I felt that he
was also cheeper an that has moved very quickly. My Prince I've already
sent him money. He wasn't happy about the way I sent it, Mr business
manager arranged it. Mr. Said , my manager, used an agent he knows about
in Lagos, something called Hawala? He sends money to his family in
Africa and the Middle East that way and he says it's the only way to go.
Very Private.
Do you think Satan has a part in my other business? have I been wrong?
Iam confused.

Your Highness

Are you f*cking kidding me? The Key West Congregation of the Church of Buffet Orthodox? What are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? Who is this?


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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 06 Mar 2005
Posts: 48
Location: Some where southeast of disorder

PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 5:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Next his Lordship sends me an Ecard, in fact two of them.

please i just want to confirm whether the LOVE CARD i reach to you please i just want know when your going to make the payment to me

So I write him back:

You are a darling. I received the ecard and how sweet of you.
I am in San Diego most of this week on a weather girl conference. I will
take my laptop and work on getting you the funds. I canceled the other
guy my Xxxxxx but he is really angry and has said he is going to come
and get me. Can he do that?
Maybe I could give you his phone number and you could tell him to leave
me alone? You are a Xxxxxx and he might be a little scared of Royalty.

I'm sending you a little thank you picture. There is kind of a story
behind it, did i tell you what my exhusband has been doing? Well this is
one of the pictures he posted so I don't see any harm in you having it
as there are plenty of guys out there looking at them and probably doing
things to themselves. I was just doing what I thought I was supposed to
do as a wife. A wife should obey her husband, at least that's what I

With Love

He writes back telling me I done good and to send him money. A request that deserves to be ignored. But notice he's cut his request from $4500 to at least send some some money, $3500.

You think he's pretty much off script?

Hello my honey i am very very happy with you and the way you wrote to me
it shows that you really cares for me,you have to canceled him please i
want you to delete all his massages in your mail box & also give to me
his phonenumber so that i we contact him telling him not to worry you any
more or i we get him arrested by police men in Nigeria with my posstion
in africa more expeccailly in this west coast regions. baby is that you
please your so sweet more than honey please i can't wait to meet you in
your country .

Now what is holding you not to pay the money so that it will enable me to
come easelly to your country you know i want both of us to use this money
to open investment which our children that both of us are going to born
will benefit from it so that tomorrow they we not surffer i want you, at
least send some money ($3,500USD)to me so that i we use it to get the
consignment claim out of the security company so that there DIPLOMATIC
AGENT will lift it to you through there DIPLOMANT AIR CARGO.
direct not indirect.
1)................NAME...............Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
4)..........CONTROL NUMBER
5)................QUESTION & ANWSER.
Hopin to hear from you

Here is the awful mans phone number, 2250xxxxxxx, he has called me again and is again telling me I must send him another $5,750.00 to avoid him telling my employer about or transaction.
I am terrified and he claims to know where I live.

Here I borrowed a curse I found here, I should have written down who posted it . I'll look it up again and untill then many thanks to the original poster!

Did you call him? Is he going to stop?

he sent me this..

"Dear Xxxxx
I will send african juju to you before seven days I bet you amadioha,
from the okija shirine will strike you bye. for now if am close to you i feel like cuting off your head with your advisor."

My Prince I am afraid of everything now, who should i trust, this man
seemed nice at first now he behaves like a wild animal and to think I
sent him money. He was alway rushing me to send him money always send money send money, never a nice word. I didn't do anything except send him money.
I am going to try and keep trusting you but I don't know. I dreamed that
you were him. Here is a picture he sent me. Do you really think it's
him? I should have made him send me something with my name on it then I would know.
How do I know who anyone is any more. This is a nightmare, I started out
trying to help him , and yes help myself and now I'm in danger of having
my head cut off

His Lordship tries to make me feel better and get his money.

Please nothing is going to happen with you ok i have try his number but it entered into answering machine the useless man is trying to put fear in your body dont worry yourveryself for that useless man ok i know him more you iam an african man mind you is not going to tell any body anything concerning your transaction with him is just trying to fear in your body so that he we collect the money from you ,you see that was the reason why i told you before had it being that i am with you he chouldn't have being distrubing you .
Please just send the money to me so that i we come with the consignment in the security company.

Heartless bastard here I am with my head and god knows what else on the chopping block and he's more worried about $4K....

I ignore him the rest of the day and as usual that provokes him to expressions of Mugu Love in three colors no less:

please my dearest & i dream to love you and have you as my life wife i cann't hide anything to you cause if i done that which means i am cheating you,my veryself and also my God too because he is the one that see both in hiding place and outsider.

So i try to reach him on phone but all were nothing then after that i went for investigation then i find out that that useless for nothing good is not even a Nigerian man which he claim to be ,do you know one thing the man is living in abijan, (coted'ivoire)you see that man is fake i told you not to give SATAN room in your life because he only come to steal,distroy and to kill .
Give me his email contact so that i we write to him & he we not distrub you anylonger,as for the african juju he we send to you before seven days I bet you amadioha,from the okija shirine will strike you bye is not going to send anything to you please believe me remember i am an africa man full with africa blood & i know african peoples more than you do because your a i want you to call me on phone//////////00228+930 7721, so that i we told you more things to do, and please i told you before that you should aviod him please for CHRIST sake stop attending to his mail please DEAREST delete all his massage in your box.
hoping to receive his email from you.

It takes awhile for a girl to get over African juju you know....

Thank you you have done so much for me and I have done so little for
How can I begin to thank you my Lord.
The evil one was in the Ivory Coast? But he claimed to be in Nigeria, I
sent the money there. Oh this is awful.
I feel a lot better but I'm worrying because my hair seems to be
starting to fall out. Could that be the curse?
I am still a little scared but you make me feel better. I've deleted all
his messages except the one with the juju it claims to be write protected and I'm going to see my Minister tonight to be anointed, do
you think that will help. I can't tell him anything about this though he
would never understand and call me a whore and a harlot. I have always
been afraid of Satan entering my life and have tried to keep him away by
loving the Lord and his only born son Jesus.

I'm sending you something, I hope you understand, I have to do a little
something for you and One of the pictures is the least. Please
Understand my Lord.

I will call my phone compnay and have them turn on International
calling. It is an extra service and I never used it in the past sense it
cost an extra $7.50 a month.
My Love always I am in your debt

His Lordship takes command, more mugu love talk of the worst kind and after chatting me up a bit he once again asks for his money. I'm not sure why he thinks this time will work any better than it has for the past two weeks, and heck then I wasn't facing the flames of the firey pit itself. But what the hell what's a lad to do?

DANGER, adult content, may not be suitable for all ages or enviroments!

Dearest in Life

I must confes to you that sence my life i have not meet a person like you thou we not seeing face to face which i know that whether SATAN like it or not we are going to meet one day in life.

I have seen the picture that you send to me mumy i must tell you that iam dieing here in lome togo africa just because i have not meet you in person,ilike everything in the whole of your body,your eyes,face,niples,finetommy & even your private part sweet heart i can't imageing myself clambing,romacing & deeping my huge DICK inside your body infact i want you to do what i have being telling you so that when i come over you we see how sweet my DICK is.

As for the useless but nothing good man that claim to be a Nigeriaman his africa juju is not going to do you anything unless you beleive that person that's your not seeing can do you any harm in your country (AMERICA)its impossible but remember i told you before that i spent my time in reading AFRICA RELIGOUS, i have my degrees on that so dont harm yourself for nothing at all & remember not to see your pastor for any thing conerning that fake juju or telling him any thing about the transaction you had with that fake man all his work,juju is only but fake so my sweet heart dont take this fake of something above yourself just beleive with me that all those thing is only but fake and stop seeing your pastor for any thing,&please try as much as you can to see that i leave africa nestweek because this country election is comming up nestweek so i dont want to miss you nestweek i want to see myself in your country but please try so that this consignment we leave the soil of africa to your house direct is only this consignment is holding me in this country.and your hair is not going to fall for any reason,the juju has no hand on that oky & stop seeing your pastor for that when ever i come to your country with the consignment and i tell you to stop that your office work so that we will use this money for better investment please try as muchas you can to see that we claim this fund out the security company here in LOME-TOGO AFRICA.

Please retake where you we send the moeny to western union money transfer in Lome Togo

NAME..........Xxxxxx Xxxxxx



CONTROL NUMBER.............

Inshort when you send the money please scan the receipt of the western union money transfer paper to my mailbox oky.

i we stop here till i confirm from you & still to love you till the rest of my life



Now I'm mumy? I send him the sort of picture I sent him and he calls me mumy?
I believe he believe in juju more than my character no matter what he claims.

I wish I had another good long curse to send him....It would probably be worth a week all by itself.

Well that's where things stand today. I don't know what I'm going to do with him at this point. I believe my advisor is about to go missing or my exhusband is going to make is entrance. I think his lordship is still up for more time wasting.

Any suggsetions?

Are you f*cking kidding me? The Key West Congregation of the Church of Buffet Orthodox? What are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? Who is this?

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 06 Mar 2005
Posts: 48
Location: Some where southeast of disorder

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 5:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Things seem to be getting more complicated in everyones life.

Michell Has a run in with the law and more bad juju.

The prince gets mail from the bad guys but I give him credit he is hanging in there. Then he sends an almost completely incoherent email to Michel offering sympathy but mostly asking for money.

Have you heard anything from my advisor Mr. Said? He hasn't been in his
office in two days, No one has seen him. I went to his office to send
you the money and the Police, FBI and IRS were there. They were taking
his computer and files. They asked me who I was and took me for
questioning. I got my Attorney Bernie and he told me to tell them
nothing untill they charged me, and he doesn't believe I'm in any
trouble because Mr. Said was only my advisor. It's going to take seven
days to go to the court and have my Attorney Bernie get control of my
funds, luckily I keep some cash in my safe at home but it's only enough
for me to live on untill then.
I tried to block Mr. B3llos email address but I got another email today
from him at least I believe it's him:

onye ochi di ka gi nne gi ji nna gi gworo ogwu ego ewu.otu agbawakwa nne
gi onwu gbukwe onye obula nu ulo unu.
otu nne gi gbakwa oku.

Prince I am really feeling awful today, I've called the station and told
them I couldn't do the News Tonight. My beautiful brown hair is still
coming out and there is a burning in my , you know my vagina. I know
you said not to see my Pastor so I'm going to see a Catholic Priest in a
minute I called a taxi to drive me. Is there anything you can say for
me, I know you are an expert on the religions of Africa is there some
goog juju you can send me?

My Prince I am counting on you and praying for you. It would help me if
you would send me a picture of you maybe holding some flowers and
telling me your love or holding a poster with good juju? Don't let me
die my Prince, I'm afraid you are my only hope. Help me and I will make
it up to you, I will make you a happy man.

My Lord I pray to thee

he mugu we hav michel mony nou we we hav her emails now well sen her to
hell OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH sone you luves deaded girl haha AJI OTU NNE GI

Dear Michel Leob

Frican Relgious is way of peoples beleive and culture,is like a state of mind is not what one slould wake up and say i am going to take a picture with juju .is like intructing a christain to go and take a picture with God,that is impossible.

You should note that my LOVE for you is more than taking a picture with little flower on it I Love you from the Inner most part of my heart & i will keep on loving you ,and i dont need a picture to remined me of your existancey ,though your far in AMERICA,but you are living in my heart so if you want my picture holding a flowers before you believe me that i Love you ,You are still far from the point .

I whould have like to be with you in the LAW COURT but your still delaying me,to show you my support mostlly now you are in problem,what i want you to know and believe me is that i love you can still do something and stop delaying me by sending the money so that i can come over and join you at the law court so that i will give some reason which they willmake them to believe me and end the case .

Now i want to ask you did you pray at all why then did you demand man made gods from me so you believe man made more than God oh my sweet heart is on fear please change the way you talksto peoples before anger of God will fall upon you inshort you have to do three days praying & fasting asking God to foregive your sin both the one you know and one you dont know oky. I will stop till i confirm that you have agreed with me to do the praying & fasting before you go to the law court you we see that you we win the case oky but please remember to believe God in everything & least i forget why did you send my email address to that useless man so your still doing something with him .

Thisís from



Are you f*cking kidding me? The Key West Congregation of the Church of Buffet Orthodox? What are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? Who is this?

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