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 GOLD in Burkina Faso

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, it seems my first Gold Bait has finally finished but I feel I can enter it here as it was quite successful, as you will see.
I learned a great lesson about field trips which will show up in the final parts of this bait.

We start here with a letter from a PRINCE! Yes, really! A PRINCE! He's selling his family gold! Well, I send out a couple of "Yeah, I'm interested" and we now find ourselves OFF the scripts. Here is my third letter:

Greetings to you, my dear Prince. I am happy to be able to say that I would, indeed, be interested in this purchase. Though, I must admit, I'm not very educated in gold purchases, or it's testing.

Where is the gold now? When will you be doing the testing? Do you know of any good gold representatives that could act in my stead?

I look forward to your replys.

And thusly I get his first off script reply.
Thank you for your e-mail expressing interest in doing business with us. We have the gold here in Burkina Faso it is 23.4 carat in quality. We cannot guarantee any representation on your behalf. You may come down here or deal directly with us on full co-operate offer(FCO).I must assure you that you are into safe hands.

Best regards
Prince Abdallah
For the family.

He "assures me" Im in safe hands....yeah...right....

I ask more silly questions...
Can you provide me with information concernign a trip to your country? I have never been there and would love to see the country when I come down for the purchase. (This turns out to be a prophetic statement)

I would also like to arrange a date for this purchase. I will need a hotel, and transportation. CAn you please arrange this or have it done?


You'll note that I begin here signing all my letters simply wiht an initial. I find this to be a great way to appear personal and yet aloof. It's also confusing as hell.

Below, he responds. I get the feeling from "Bold Step" that he'd rather I didn't come, but we cover this later.
Thank you for taking a bold step to come to Africa .You will be happy with our kind of hospitality that awaits you. We live here in OUAGADOUGOU the capital city of BURKINA FASO in WEST AFRICA .Unfortunately we dont know where you are coming from ,hence cannot negotiate your transportation .I will be advice that you check that from your conutry since You stand a better chance of getting the relevant information. concerning your trip.The world has become a global village so you can get every information about another conutry anywhere .Concering the hotel reservation and transportation it ranges between $100 to $200 dollars a day based on the one you chose.We can arrange it for you if you give us the go ahead. Please let us know when you will like to come down as there are certain documents we have to validaite before your arrival in order to make things move swiftly.Am sending the picture from the family box n the next few minuts

Picture of the family box? His wife? Oh, no, it's just a box of gold dust.
<a href="" target="blank">View this wonderful picture by clicking here:</a>
Note that it must be real gold because it's packaged in a real Hello Kitty
bag and there is even some on the scale! Wow. How about that label,
too. "150 Kilo Grams" So professional.

Thank you for sending the picture, though I am unsure why you would send such a large file. I was unable to open the picture, and infact, it locked up my system.

This is no matter, as Im sure you meant no harm. (No, it really didn't lock up my system, but I like to appear computer illiterate and also wanted him to realize we ALL have problems opening files, so when he gets MY unopenable files, he will not think twice. Such pluck, eh?)

I am proceeding with the plans to come to your country and have a few questions which may help. I find that i must fill out many forms here before I can bring that much gold back with me. Are you familiar with these at all?

Do you have a date in mind for this transaction or am I at liberty to select a date which best suits my travel plans?

Ah, I have breeched the idea of the forms. We'll get to those soon! This simply starts a couple of subjects without slapping him in the face with it.
Sorry for the unfortunate situation. (I think he means about
the file not opening. How kind...)
Since you have agreed to come down personally to do the purchasing, i think it is not a problem. Concerning the document,you dont have to worry because we will assist you to process every thing here. We have our agents here to do that. yours is to settle any other thing at your final destination. you are at leberty to fix your own date but we would appreciate if you can get here
before xmas.please let me have your phone and fax numbers so we can
talk. I have since started processing some of the inportant documents so that upon your arrival things would move swiftly.i have arranged a vist to some of our mining sites when you come.

Ah, he wants me to come there to fill out forms. Sorry, not this patriot!
Here I introduce the forms in their entirety.
Perhaps I was not clear about these forms. I must fill out a government service form in order to apply for the Gold Purchase BEFORE I leave the country. As you are aware, the United States is one of the last
remaining countries on the Gold Standard. In order to purchase large amounts of gold outside the US, I must apply for permission of the government. The first form is the Gold Purchase Permission Application.
This form must be filled out by both parties and submitted in triplicate PRIOR to my even leaving the country on such a purchase venture. This is not a big problem, as I am told that most all requests are approved easily.

The second form must also be filled out and is the US Gold Import Duty and Gold Assignation Request Form and must be filled out only AFTER I receive the Gold Purchase Permission Allowance Certificate.

Lastly, According to the Director of Gold purchases, Mr. F. Knox, I must file a report about this gold in accordance with International Gold Import Export Regulations.

In addition, I'm told there are other rules and regulations that I must adhere to in order to make this purchase, including a photograph of the gold (thankfully you have already provided that) and of the main seller of the gold - you.

I look forward to making this purchase just as soon as I can get some of these forms out of the way. Once I get hold of the first form, I will forward a copy to you to fill out. You can simply scan and return it
when you are done.

The remaining photo is also something I must request from you. According to US Government Gold Purchase Publication, the photo must adhere to the following standards: The Gold Asignation Service [GAS] requires that 'a photo be taken of the Seller of the gold with identity to it's original form 543 and sub heading 32R to be with said Asignation.' What this means is that you only have to have a photo taken of yourself with
the Gold Asignation Service acceptance emblazoned on a sign or placard. According to some of the photos I've seen at the Gold Procurement office, this can be simply a large piece paper stating you have the GAS. Mr. Knox points out that the simple statement "I have GAS" is sufficient. The picture must be taken from the waste up, and be large format. I thank you ahead of time for your help in this.

Because of the amount of work this will take - by both of us, I have decided to purchase all the gold you have avialable at the time I arrive. Can you tell me at this point how much gold remains out of the original 180Kg.? I am prepared at this point to purchase the entire 180 Kg. should you have that amount remaining.

I look forwar to meeting you in the near future.


For those that have never seen these forms, they are here:

Thank you for your information which was rather new to me . I dont have have much experence in the exportation of gold but in any case i am ready to concering the remaining pictures i need to travel to Accra Ghana to get any other things you need. As soon as you get those forms let me have a look at them as i will be consolting someone who has vast experience in this business to assist me.all the 180kg is intact awaiting your arrival. I will therefore want you to do me a farvour by sending me a token amount of $500 to enable me make the trip to ghana to get the relevant informations for you. It is a distance of over 1,000km.we are under financial pressure and all we have is this gold.I dont want to turn elsewhere for financial assistance since that will mean selling some of the stuff which i dont want to do.Any money you send now will be deducted before payment upon your arrival. This will enhance the business.

$500 to travel to Ghana? I could travel across the country for that! Down there it probably costs him nothing to travel, and to top it off, he's not
going anywhere! If you end up reading this entire thing, he never asks for it again, and he never gets it! Ah,but I digress....
Currently, all I request is a photo with the identifying signage showing receipt of the Gold Asignation. I have it in hand, and have had it scanned and it is attached. Once you fill out the form, scan and return it with the photo required, I will make the extra copies here, and turn it in to the GAS office. We can then move on to token payments and begin our

I am looking in to hotels in your area. Can you recommend a good 5 Star hotel? Is there any good golf courses in your area? Also, my company jet will need clearance to and. Can you provide that?

His response over the next few days is to try and get some cash out of me. His email account gives us trouble and he does not receive the forms, which I am more than happy to send yet again - especially since I'm sending him upopenable files...Then he ends up saying "Just type out the form into an email." What? Is he crazy? Im not letting all that terrific graphics work go to waste!
I hope we are not having problems communicating. I am not typing out the form. I have had someone here at work scan the form for me and create a viewable file. He calls it a "JayPeg" or JPG. It is not only
viewable, but also printable.

The way it works is that you must print out the form on white paper and then fill it out by hand. Once it is filled out, then scan the form in and return it as a viewable file (a "Jaypeg") as I have done. I'm not real up on computer stuff but the guys here at work say it's not hard.

I am attaching a new scan. I hope this one is better viewable for you.

I look forward to receiving both the form and your required Photo ID as stated in my letter of Dec. 20. You may recall that this is part of the GAS Form request and is described as:

'a photo taken of the Seller of the gold with identity to it's original form 543 and sub heading 32R to be with said Asignation.'

What this means is that you only have to have a photo taken of yourself with the Gold Asignation Service acceptance emblazoned on a sign or placard. According to some of the photos I've seen at the GAS Procurement office, this can be simply a large piece of paper stating you have the Gold Asignation Service form. Mr. Knox pointed out that a sign with the statement "I have GAS" is more than sufficient - in fact, all the
pictures he showed me at the office showed just that. Most were hand professionally printed signs which he assures me is not hard for you to procure. Also, the picture must be taken from the waste up, and be large
format. I thank you ahead of time for your help in this.

I am also in the process of choosing a hotel and dates for my trip. Are there any tours I should take when I am in town?

Mr. F. Knox. Get it? We go back and forth a while him not getting the forms and me resending and slapping like crazy. I even give him Mr. Knox's fax number so he can return the form to him directly. i even get this tired ol' pic <a href="" target="blank">(click here)</a> Finally:
Thank god we have got it at last.I will fill it out and send it to you
thank you.

Prince Abdallah.

Terse little note, Yeah, I know. But it does seem he's going to fill in the form. Or does it....? He asks for, of all things, A SAMPLE of the type of pic he needs to take. I don't want to create something he can use on others later, so I rely on the tried and true answer:
I have filled out the GAS form i have got the picture taken.Please
can you do me a favour be sending a sample of how the whole thing should appear.Try and send me a sample of a completed form you saw at the GAS office so i can do the same.

I don't want to create something he can use on others later, so I rely on the tried and true other words, I restated what I had already stated.
The GAS form is merely filled out in ink, with simple yes or no answers and simple one word answers. Some had longer answers, but for the most part it was quite simple. He did say they want it to be easy to read, so they recommended printing rather than cursive writing.

I hope this helps.

He responds after 4 days with the forms not filled out and a terrible pic which looks liek someone's being held at gunpoint.
<a href="" target="blank">View it here</a> Oh, an opportunity to slap and slap good.
These are totally unacceptable! Perhaps you don't realize that you left HALF of the form incomplete! There are two columns of questions which muct be completed, and the G.A.S. office will not accept it unless it is!

In addition that picture is totally unusable! It does not have the sign which is required for Identification purposes of the GAS. As you may recall from my previous letter:
'a photo taken of the Seller of the gold with identity to it's original form 543 and sub heading 32R to be with said Asignation.'

What this means is that you only have to have a photo taken of yourself with the Gold Asignation Service acceptance emblazoned on a sign or placard. According to some of the photos I've seen at the GAS Procurement office, this can be simply a large piece of paper stating you have the Gold Asignation Service form. Mr. Knox pointed out that a sign with the statement "I have GAS" is more than sufficient - in fact, all the pictures he showed me at the office showed just that. Most were hand professionally printed signs which he assures me is not hard for you to procure. Also, the picture must be taken from the waste up, and be large format.

The picture must show you or one of your family members holding the sigh which says "I HAVE GAS". THis identifies the person in the picture with the G.A.S. Form.

The company jet is ready to roll, and I am ready to make hotel reservations. I would like to get this gold purchased before gold prices change.

I look forward to your next email, with the required items.

Next, it appears he's eager to please, and he again asks for a 'sample'.
Infact i am totaly confused about this GAS form issue .I told you from the onset that this form is new to me because i am not into gold marketing .That is why i wanted you to send me a sample of what you saw at the office.In any case i will try and see if i can get you another picture and fill out the remaining portion of the forms.It will be good if you can send me a sample.

I dont understand what you mean by forms 543 sub heading 32R.please i would be grateful if you can explain further because we dont have such form .

Well, this is an interesting delimma. How do I tell him how to get a pic and make it fit what I've already said?
I think perhaps you are taking this form and it's accompanying picture as more than it is. The G.A.S. form is merely a way for the US to track incoming gold purchases. According to Mr. Knox, the forms come into his office, are filed away and then never seen again. BUT they do have to be filled in correctly.

The picture is merely that. A photo of the seller (namely you). The addition of the sign is a way for the GAS office to identify that the person in the photo is the one who has filled out the form. Nothing more. In using the sign, he explained to me, it keeps the crooks out there from applying. A real crook would not send his picture with the sign, so anyone that DOES send the pic is given that much more credence. He stated that he is very lenient in how he accepts the photos, but that he requires that the pic be of HIGH resolution (a large photo), from the waist up, and have the sign "I HAVE GAS" being held by the person in the photo.

As much as I would like to send a sample, I have no way of doing that, as all photos in the office of the GAS are kept there, and no one may get to them.

I hope this helps.

To which I get more eager beaverness to please....

please let me have an idea of the size of the placard on which the inscription I HAVE GAS should be written.just one call can settle this
confusion so give me a call on XXXXXXX.

No, not gonna call. Let see what I can do...Oh I love making forms, so off to the forms I go....and we get this:

I can understand how you are being careful with this. but I really think it's not that hard to do. But, to help out, I called Mr. Knox and he took the time to dig out another form which shows how the picture is to be taken! He's very helpful.

I have had the form scanned, and it is attached. I hope this helps you get that all completed.

I'm not sure when to plan the dates for the purchase. Can you suggest how to proceed on that?

But of course, there is no form attached! How could I have been so blind??
It is rather unfortunate the attachement has not been delivered please re-send it.I must assure you that we are ready to do whatever to get the business accomplished. The most inportant thing is that it must be done perfectly.After we receive this sample we now move ahead.

Let's try again shall we? Maybe I shall actually ATTACH the form this time. Yes, a good thought that....
I am not really good at this computer stuff. I thought for sure I had attached it, but I guess not. I'm trying to attach it again, so please let me know if it does not arrive again.

Thanks for helping me with this.

That time I actually attached the form. A couple more emails while he
gets his hotmail account cleaned out enough to actually accept the attachment
and I even send it to a third email address. Finally....

We have received the sample at old man whose picture you have with you does not understand why he should hold a placard and snapp a picture.He has therefore asked one of his sons to do that on his behalf.I want to know if that will be acceptable,because his son has no international ID so can we maintain the old mans passport number which your already have.Please just clear the air so we can forward it immediately.I am still trying to convince the old man anyway.I hope this should not be a problem since you will be coming to meet all of us here .GOD BLESS YOU.

Geez, will it never end!! ha! let's hope not!
It's not up to me, as I'm sure you are aware. These are the rules of the G.A.S. But let's proceed with what you can get, and if the photo is not acceptable to Mr. Knox at the GAS office, then we can try to get the old man to take a photo.

I look forward to receiving both the photo and the completed form.

It takes him about a week to get back to me. I slap him three times during the week.
Finally I get this:
We have not abandoned you the only problem we are having now is how to get a seller licence number as indicated in the GAS form.You know most gold producing countries issued only mining licence so if that can be exempted then we can move forward.

Geez, he's getting relaly nitpicky about this form! Maybe I made it too hard!? Yathink?
I shall contact the GAS office and find out. Since you are not Selling in the US, this may be a moot point.

Ya think he knows what MOOT point means?

Now, in the mean time, another baiter on 419eater notices a few of my posts concerning the forms, the bait and asking for ideas. He PM's me and guess what? We're both baiting the same MUGU! AND in fact, his scammer is asking about the GAS forms! Too funny! The other baiter gives me an idea to handle Mr. Knox and it's back to work we go.

I've been making so many phone calls that I thought this deal would surely have been lost! When all had seemed failed, I made a joke to Mr. Knox at the GAS office about him taking a bribe to ignore the license requirement. To my astonishment, he smiled and held out his hand. I have never bribed an official ever in my life and Ithought surely we would have been caught!

When it was all over, he said simply put your telephone number in the license space and follow it with "Per Mr. Knox" and he will take care of it all. BUT, he cautioned me, everything else has to be in order! So let's continue and get things squared away!!

Ah, that Mr. Knox! Whar a card, eh?

Thank you very much for your we can move ahead and complete the business there is a portion on the GAS form that says(MYLANTA ACT/PATRIOT ACT SELLER CODE.) I dont know what code they are talking about so please help me out .I know that i must fill the whole form and not half as i did earlier.Once i get this information i will send you the completed form and photograph.Sorry for the delay which was due to some misunderstanding on the part of my people concerning the photograph but thank god it is all over now .

God is being thanked a lot. Now, where's my trophy you scammer?
According to Mr. Knox, You can use the following number: 71683762212 This is a General Number used for New sellers.

I look forward to seeing your picture, as it is always good to be able to place a face with the person you are emailing.

Thanks for keeping up on this!
For those of you who don't read the labels, and since you're all wondering where I came up with that number, that's the
Product Identification code for Mylanta. So now lets see if he actually sends the form and pic.
Thank you for your help .before i send this form and picture i need to explain certain may re-call that our head of family refused to take a picture holding a placard and i suggested maintaining his international ID and using one of our family members picture.The fact is that he is the only one who has an international ID.We all have local ID cards that do nottravel beyond west africa.i hope this should not be a problem since you will be coming to meet all of us. There is another thing i want to tell you,there is another co-operative who have 140KG and would like us to help them sell it. I want to know if you can aford to purchase all in adition.this brings the total weight to 320kg.please respond to these questions so that i can forward the picture and the completed form.

Dang, that's a lot of Hello Kitty bags!
Good day to you. I look forward to the picture of you, but will not be needing a picture of your ID. You may recall from the forms, that a candid photo, not an identification is needed in this situation.

As for the extra gold, may I inquire as to the price per Kg for this gold? Or, am I allowed to make a bid?

Im cheeky but thrifty....
Now i understand the picture issue but the old man is gone to the village and will be back on monday.Once he returns i will get him to take the picture and i will forward it to you.Concerning the extra Gold they are ready to give a discount of 2kg to any buyer.I think it is a good deal so if you need it tell me so i can arrange for you.

Ack, all I want is a trophy you silly Mugu! Ok, so we'll wait...but not without a nice slap!
This is getting to be a bit rediculous. I would think that a simple picture would not be so difficult a thing to get taken! Mr. Knox at the GAS office has already received his payment (bribe) and he asks me daily about the form. If this takes any longer, I'm afraid he will not be able to help us get the form commisserated.

Concerning the new gold, I will need a total price and a total weight to figure my agreement to this discount or not.


Lo and behond! I get this next!

Sorry for the delay. It is good you understand the people you are dealing with. They are mostly illiterate, besides Burkina Faso is a very small Conutry and most people dont like travelling. Hence it is just a handful of people who have international ID. In our co-oprative of over 20 men it is only the head of the family who has a passport. The common id here is a local one that does not travel beyond west Africa .i thank god that Mr Knox is co-operating so we must go ahead and finish the business soon. The total weight of the gold is now 320kg at $6.500 per kg. Total amount now is $2,080,000 minus discount of 2kg bringing it down to $2,067,000.i will soon finish arrangements with the transitor (EXPORT)and forward his pro-forma invoice on his fees to you. Are you coming with your company jet?.Let me know so i can start the landing clearance arrangements and also your hotel reservations. I hereby attach the completed GAS form, GAS PHOTO and assay report on the gold. Since you will meeting us soon all you need to do is co-operate. i am ready to expedite action on this business..

WITH Trophies!

I wait a full 5 days before I respond. He doesn't write once. Sheesh, must be busy scamming others...
Please accept my humblest apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I have spent a long weekend trying to get Mr. Knox to agree to accept the forms which you have sent.

Mr. Knox is concerned with the way in which the form ws filled out, as he puts 'rather sloppy' and the picture appears to be forged. I have no idea why he wouild say this, but he points out how the hands appear to be holding something which is not there. He says this is proof that the picture is forged, and that the sign is added electronically! I argued with him for many hours without him letting up. I pointed out how he has other pictures which are the same way, but he is the man in charge and he can do what he wants. He insists on another picture! Can you please have one taken with the hands holding the sign much better? I am so sorry to put you in this position, but without the office approval, we are unable to continue.

I am going to have to rely on commercial airlines in order to get into your country to pick up the gold. My corporate jet will be constricted by the government and if I have no office in your country, then the jet cannot be used for personal flights. What airport is closest to you? In addition, are there any 5 star hotels there? I am going to be spending some time in Dubai, and am also wondering if that is close enough for you to travel for our transaction?

He responds THE NEXT DAY with a new photo!
It is rather unfortunate things are going this way but i know one day it will be over.The picture was not forged and i wonder what kind of machine was used to check it.I have attached another picture and i hope it will work.You did not mention whether you will be buying all the 320kg please let me know if you are interested or not.The only international airport in Burkina Faso is here in the capital ouagadougou and there is a beautiful 5 star hotel called HOTEL SILMANDE.when are you going to DUBAI? do you want us to send the Gold there?please answer these questions so that i can know the next step.I will like to advice that you start preparing to come to Ouagadougou and inspect the goods we have and conduct the neccessary tests so we can continue.
THank you Thank you! This is such a good picture, and I'm sure Mr. Knox will have no recourse but to accept it. I will be taking it down to him just as soon as I can.

I am going to Dubai for a vacation. I will be staying at the Burj Al Arab for 2 weeks. I am just now making the reservations, so I will be planning all my trips together. The Hotel you mention is nice, but is only a 4 star hotel. Are there no 5 star Hotels in your area? Can you assist me in making a reservation? I should be able to purchase all the gold you have left at the time I arrive. How long will I need to stay in order to make the full purchase? One night or two - or should I plan on a long layover. We can finalize our transaction and i can return to the airport and leave the same day, if it is possible. is it?

now the funny thing here is that in recent emails I've accidentaly signed them with the initials of another bait name. He hasn't noticed.
thank you for your swift response.if you will continue this way,this transaction will end very fast.i am happy you said the picture is okay and hope MR KNOX will aprove it this time around.please try and combine your travel to DUBAI with BURKINA FASO .this business will take only two days to complete so let me know when you will arrive in DUBAI and subsequently BURKINA FASO .concering the Hotel,SILMANDE is the biggest hotel here and they maintain that it is a 5 star Hotel.infact it is a beautiful Hotel and you will love it.i have your travel details,i can go ahaed and make the reservations.i am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

I blow him off, mainly becuase I had to leave town for an emergency, but I am quick to write him when I return.
Please accept my humblest apologies. I have been ill in bed for more than two days now, with this terrible flu virus sweeping the US. I am now much better and am returning to work. I am ready to set my travel schedule, as the forms are all accepted by Mr. Knox, the people at work are ready for me to be gone, and the constellations are in their correct houses.

I have lost a few emails here, but tell me again which airport I must travel to? And the hotel? I will be having my secretary make reservations today or tomorrow.

Ah, the secretary....she'll come in handy later....and he never mentioned the zodiac reference. Silly mugu....
in the meantime, using clues given by 419 members, I hop over to travelocity to make up a nice fake itinerary. Alas, it won't work!
I have to admit, I am having trouble making airline reservations. I used the site TRAVELOCITY, but they say that there are no flights! I found the airport in Ouagadougou, but when I try to search for flights, it says NONE. Have you ever used these sites, or maybe another one?

I'm so used to having the corporate jet, that I forget how to do this the norml way.

Im considering actually having the character travel to BF, but not sure how to do it. Im making this up as I go along...LoL
You dont have a problem at all.The easiest way to get to OUAGADOUGOU is via AIRFRANCE.Contact them at once and let me have your travel details.

Well, that was easy. So off to BF I go. ....
Thanks! I had looked all over for this information and yet it seemed hidden.

Due to the lateness of my planning, it looks like I will be in Ouagadougou for only one night. I will be in town long enough to meet with you, and collect the gold. My business has grown effecting and economy of late means that I am more busy than usual. I dare say I am pushing things just a bit in taking the time to take this trip. But, as we both know, gold is a good investment.

I have all forms signed and all things are in readiness for my trip. I will be traveling on Air France, arriving Tuesday at 8:55 on Flight AF370. My secretary is quite good at this and has also booked a room for me. My flight leaves at 6:10 am on THursday, so we should hvae plenty of time. I look forward to meeting you and completing our transaction.

Where shall we meet?

Now, not knowing the ins and outs of Field Trips in 419Land, this guy outdoes himself by checking up on me. Unfortunately, he responds AFTER I am supposed to be in flight.
I am having problems with your flight information.I checked at the airport only to be told that there was no flight on tuesdays rather airfrance flight no AF730 will land on wednesday 23rd march at 20:55 GMT.Please where ever you are now try and make the neccesary corrections.Because there is nothing like flight AF370 arriving on tuesday.

So, in steps the trusty secretary:

I am Mr. Morrows secretary. I am checking his email while he is traveling. He is in transit to Burkina Faso and will arrive on Wednesday.

I'm sure he forgot how to read the itinerary which states that although he departs France on Tuesday, he will not arrive until Wednesday.

Sanka Berrymuch.
Gotta love the name....but let's see if this helps. I even made up a fake itinerary to send if he gets antsy....
But first My character arrives in BF....
There was no one at the plane, I expect we can meet quickly?

I am in town _ Geez, you live here all the time? LOL I have the money with me though it was difficult leaving the US with all that cash! I sure got the looks from the Customs Officials. Thank good ness I had the right forms.

I will be going out to dinner, and look for a response later.

Hope to meet you soon!
And he's in a panic I guess...
please if you are really in town please call this number immediatly 76 58 56 09.this is because i came from the airport 10 minutes ago.i was told by your secretary Mr Sanka Berrymuch that you will arrive this evening and not yesterday as you told us the way which hotel are you?

RAts, I took pains to make sure I was sending email during times I was not in the air, but I guess my figures were off. Rats...Sanka to the rescue...I decide to add a bit of mystery to the bait...
Please let me know if you hear from Mr. Morrow. His plane arrived on time, and I know he had time to check his email via a dial up internet connection at the airport. He told me that he was going to be checking into his hotel and that he would make contact with you later that night, or early the next day. I am now concerned becuase not only did he NOT check into his hotel, but the hotel does not even have any record of his reservation! Even the wooden box he had taken with him to ship the Gold has vanished! In addition to his suitcases and the box for the gold, Mr. Morrow was carrying a large amount of cash (USD) for the purchase.

His itinerary shows that he was to take a flight today from Birkina Faso to the UAE where he was going to spend some vacation time. I have contacted the airline and they say that he did not make his early morning flight! I am very worried that something has happened to him. I hope that the chance occurance of his missing you at the airport did not lead him to do something foolish and get him into trouble.

I shall be awaiting your next letter or any contact
Sanka Berrymuch
I think this may be the one that puts it over the edge and teaches us that Field Trips are only for those who can time things better.

I am sorry to say that the informations i have so far received from you and the last email allegedly writen by mr Morrow is contradictory.The last email i received from Mr Morrow,was dated 23rd march which was last wednesday at 8:37 pm it means this message came before Airfrance landed that same day after Morrow claimed he arrived on tuesday.Now you are telling me he arrived on wednesday.I was at the airport that wednesday evening between the hours of 8:30 to 10;30 at the arrival hall holding a placard with my name boldly written on it so there was no way i could have missed him.Please i will advice you to look for mr morrow elsewhere if truly he has travelled outside USA.i checked the flight manifesto that wednesday and his name was not there.i have checked sofitel hotel he was not there also.i must dary say that i dont believe that mr morrow has come to Burkina Faso so am not ready to look for him any more.

You may contact me on this number 00226 76 58 56 09. for any clarification.

He's starting to sound like my ex wife!
I doubt he's much more than just perturbed but he refuses to answer any more of my emails. I'm planning on baiting him again from another email, but not right away. I left him with this sideways
email, sent as a mistake to Sanka.

Dear Sanka,

Regards to my travels, take this as notice that I will need the Company jet to meet me at the end of the week here in UAE. I am still traveling with the Box of Cash which was meant for the Gold Merchant in Burkina Faso. I still not not know what happened in that transaction, but it leaves me carrying way too much USD in cash! Rather than take it again on a public plane, I am going to bring it home personaly on the Company Jet. Ask the pilot to be sure and bring my Cigars and to stock the stores with plenty of good canadian beer. I am planning a couple of stops on the way home.

Please let my accountant know that I will have an extremely large amount of cash for him when I return. If you hear from Prince Abdulla, be sure to apolgize to him personally!! I would still like to finalize that gold purchase, especially now that we have the authorization from Mr. Knox and if you do anything to further irritate the Good Prince, I will not be as easy as I was the last time!

Should you need me, I have my cell phone.

Now this was all written down slowly, with the thought that it was ended. AHA - NOT SO! For A WEEK LATER, I receive a letter of of the blue, as if I had just missed him at home, and all things are still a go on the transaction!
Here it is:
I am glad to hear from you once again.Sorry for all that happened. This time around I think nothing like that is going to happen. Please let me have your travel plan as soon as possible in addition, I will be grateful to have your cell phone number.Try and come with your private jet to avoid the previous experience. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

AND AGAIN! the next day!
I have being waiting to hear from you and till now I have heard nothing.What is the problem? PLEASE let me hear from you and also try and send me your cell phone number. Thank you.
I have no intentioin of sending him a cell number, but a K7 number exists for us to catch some good messages...
So, I start in when I get off the corporate jet, sending him this.
I have returned from my vacation in the UAE. It was good to take time off, but of course the business sufferes when the boss is gone. I had to have the company jet pick me up and I returned to my house on Sunday. A long flight indeed.
I am not sure how to continue on this transaction. I have contacted Mr. Knox at the GAS and he assures me that we can still finalize the transaction as far as he is concerned. The next step must be to figure out how to get the gold to me, and to get the payment to you.

This presents a problem in that I will be unable to take the time to return to your charming country again for several weeks, possibly even months. Have you any ideas how this transaction can be accomplished with such restraints?

More to come.....
Watch this space..

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Only the link for the blank forms work, other links are brocken including the trophy pic and filled forms, please check the links.
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577NitroExpress wrote:
Only the link for the blank forms work, other links are brocken including the trophy pic and filled forms, please check the links.

Strange, they all worked earlier. I'll check them when I get to work. THANKS!!

(later that same day....)
rats, some of the files are wrong....I'll get it...bear with me...
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