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 The hitman cometh

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I decided to go "scary" on this one. It started out by admiting that my last wife cheated on me.


I do not know how to start this mail. What you told me now came as a shock. What kind of woman was your wife? I feel your pain as it is already. It must have been terrible. I do not know what is wrong with women these days.

I sufferred betrayal in the hands of a woman also in my effort to move this funds out of our country. I was afraid of being exposed so I gave her all the details at once and told her who to contact. She contacted the person and went ahead to open an offshore account in Jessey Island, off the coasts of London to divert the funds. She had previously given me her bank details where our funds was supposed to be wired into. This new Jessey Account wasnot our agreement and ofcourse she did not tell me about it. But i had a strong informant in the central bank who gave me the information. She denied it but it was in her file. So my partner( The executive treasurer ofthe Central bank) stopped the transaction with a flimsy reason. My partner is also in on this one and he has insisted that I Must fly out to your place as soon as the funds leave the bank.

I needthe following information from you

1. your full name and address

2. your company nameand address.

3. your bank information wherethe funds will be wired into.

I am looking at a maximum of four working days transaction. if we are fast enough we will have the funds wired by friday this week because have the treasurer of the CBN on our side. he would take 30% of the funds.

I also need your telephone and fax numbers. Please how old are you?

If you furnish me the details I have requested early enough today,i will pass it on to the CBN before the close of work today. I have a strong PARTNER in the CBN so I am not afraid. Do your best to keep this VERY CONFIDENTAIL.

I await your prompt response,

Nelson Smith(DR)

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So I decided to um go Tony Soprano on this one and hire a hitman with my new money. I was also curious how the scammer would handle knowning that he had a total psycho path on the other end.

George Washington to nelson 7:48 am (38 minutes ago)

Tell me about it. I think I will use some of this money to hire a
hitman to take my ex wife to hell. I feel I can share something as
personal as this since we are to do business together. Whenever I am
betrayed all I can think of is to send that scum to meet Satan in

What of your woman? What did you do to her?


He tries to remain calm and opposed to violence.

nelson smith to me 7:56 am (30 minutes ago)

There is nothing I can do to her. What? Should i report her to the law? What would I say I was doing with her?

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So I suggest we go in on a hit "together" and that I know of a really expensive hitman.

George Washington to nelson 7:59 am (27 minutes ago)

You should have her executed. Just my opinion. I know a man who does
this type of work. After we are done I can have him sent to your
country once he finishes with my ex wife.


He backs off some more. He begins to question my sanity Smile

nelson smith to me 8:05 am (21 minutes ago)

your opinion is good but I am afraid of shedding human blood. i could never endorse that kindof vengance. What George? are you out of your mind? Do you know what you aretalking about? Please get it out ofyour mind. It is not worth it. Honestly it is not. DO NOT DO ANY SUCH THING TO YOUR WIFE.

George Washington to nelson 8:09 am (17 minutes ago)

She is my EX wife and this money will help me get rid of her for good.
She is trying to take my children away from me. ME! The hitman is
very expensive but he never fails. 150k for the contract and another
100k when the job is complete. It is worth it my friend. You do what
you wish with your money but I know what mine will be for. What is
next in our transaction?


Undeterred I tell him I'm going forward with my plans. He is unphased as well, just asks for my info. He is still trying to talk me out of killing my ex wife. How kind he is (rolls eyes)

nelson smith to me 8:20 am (7 minutes ago)


I need the information I requested from you:

1, your full name and address

2. your company name and address

3. the bank where our funds will be wired to

4. your telephone number and fax

I need these information urgently.

what if the hitman messes up and he is caught. Have you considered what will happen if he names you as his sponsor? please reconsider this.have a rethink(JUST MY ADVICE). GIVE ME THE INFORMATIONS LISTEDA BOVE.

Getting darker hehe

George Washington to nelson 8:36 am (0 minutes ago)
Like I said, you do what you will with your share....
This man has been used in business dealings before and is infallable.
He is not some cheap thug who goes for 5,000. His price is high
because he is former special forces and does NOT fail. Let me know if
you change your mind. Your woman sounds like a real bitch!

6152 W. Hermip Point
Rochester Mills, NJ 80233

Brother Bank Hong Kong
Account Number 28008820


I'm not sure which way I want to take this. Maybe have the hitman sent to his country because of my displeasure? I was thinking of subtly asking for his picture after I make some comment about how much I need to trust my parter. Up for ideas on this one.
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