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 Phun with Pharoah - Complete!

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 14 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This scam has got to be one of the oldest in the books - at least dating back to 2002 (or as far as net records show).

This email was sent to my personal email account (lord knows I get alot of 'em)

Introducing Pharoah aka Dave Okadigbo:

To: [email protected]
From: "me" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 09:56:11 -0500 (EST)

Aimee-- contact him ASAP about this offer! Somehow this got forwarded to me on accident! oops. love, me

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Forwarded Message [ Save to Yahoo! Briefcase | Download File ]

From: "pharoah25" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 15:51:52 +0300

Dear Friend,

May The Almighty God Give You The Wisdom To Understnd My Predicament.
I, DAVE PHAROAH OKADIGBO,The Eldest Surviving Son Of Late Dr CHUBA
OKADIGBO May His Soul Rest In Peace]Hereby Solicit For Your Help.I Know It
Might Marvel You On How I Got To Know About You But It Was On My Search
Through The InternetThat My Spirit Directed Me To You.

I Have A Bussiness Proposal For You Which I Hope By The Special Grace
Of God Will Be Beneficial To You And Me.This Bussiness Proposal Is Not
An Illusion But Achievable If Giving Your Maximum Support And
co-operation.I Have To
Assure You That This Bussiness Proposal Is Risk Free.

My Father[Dr Chuba Okadigbo Was The Senate President Of The Federal
Republic Of Nigeria And Also The All Peoples Party Vice Presidential
Flagbearer Of 2003 General Election In The Country Before he was killed by
this Wicked Government.On The Dying Days Of My Father,He Confessed To Me
Of About $5.5m Five Million ,Five Hundrend Thousand US Dollars Kept In
A Financial Security Company And He Directed Me To Transfer This Money
To A Foreign Account Before The Government Knows Of It .My Mother And I
Are Left With No Other Option Than To Invest This Money Outside The
Country Where It Will Be Safe. I Hereby
Propose This To You If And Only If I Can Count On You.

1]That You Take 35%Of The Money
2]I Take 50%
3]5% Will Be For Any Expenses Incurred During The Transfer Of This
4]The Remaing 10% Will Be For A Joint Bussiness In
Your Country. Finally,What I Need From You Is Your Telephone Number And
Your Contact Address For Onward Transfer Of This Fund.I Seriously Count
On Your Support And Cooperation.

God Bless You.

Yours Faithfully,

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 07:00:09 -0800 (PST)
From: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
Subject: I want to help!
To: [email protected]

Hello Pharoah,

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. My sister forwarded me this email and I would like to help you. The church I am a member of, The Church of Bread and Wine, would be interested in assisting you. Please send me more details ASAP!

In Christ Love,
Aimee Lou

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 07:06:38 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: [email protected]

Dear Aimee Lou,

I wish to acknowledged the receipt of your mail and the contents therein.

I will be attending a meeting on Tuesday with the officials of the security company where my late father deposited the fund to negotiate on how best to get the fund across to you.I will email you and brief you on the outcome when I get back from the meeting.Please endeavour to send me your private phone and fax numbers for easy communications

I await your response.
Dave P. Okadigbo.


Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 07:51:36 -0800 (PST)
From: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Okadigbo,

Please contact me via email with the results. I do not wish to give out my private information until you show more proof that this a legitimate business offer. Our church has been subject to fraudulent claims in the past and I do not wish to expose our church body to such negativity. I am sure you understand being a man that walks in Christ's footsteps, the Devil masquerades in drag.

God Bless,

Aimee Lou Butzholz


Sun, 27 Mar 2005 08:27:16 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee Lou,

Thanks for your urgent response.

The Security Company that is handling all the arrangement as regards this transaction are on Holiday and they will re-open on Tuesday.

As a result of this,all arrangement will continue on Tuesday.I will brief you on all details via email and Also I shall send you the relevants documents as soon as the security company resume for office on tuesday for your perusal.




Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:53:09 -0800 (PST)
From: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Okadigbo,

I was awaiting your briefing today. The church elders are disappointed in your lack of response. There are many needy institutions that would benefit from our support. Are you one of them? Please respond as Father Bukache is becoming impatient.

Aimee Lou Butzholz

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:15:05 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee,

I am sorry for the delay in responding to your mail it was due to that my computer was bad yesterday. I am also enclose the certificate of the deposit of the fund and my international passport for your perusal and I wish to have yours for me to have a visual look of whom I am dealing with.

This is what i discussed with the officials of the security company.After much negotiation with the officials of the security company,Two options were seen as the best way to transfer this fund.Namely-:

1)Bank Transfer.

2)Through a diplomatic courier means.

The first one was later dropped Because of the situation of things.They argued that Because the govt of the day hates to hear about Okadigbo Family, they might get to know that i want to transfer some money and that they might go to any lenght to seize the money.I have to tell you that this govt is so corrupt that they will do whatever they like to anyone opposing their wicked acts.So we settled on the second option.They promised to find a good diplomatic courier company that will deliver the fund to your door step.The name of the Security company
The officials made me to know that they are going to box the fund and label it to be a family treasure belonging to you.They promised me that they will make sure you get the fund.
Please endeavoure to keep me posted any time they contact you.They promised contacting you when the whole arrangements are ready.Please confirm the reciept of this mail.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:04:13 -0800 (PST)
From: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]>

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response despite its tardiness. I will forward your proposal to Father Bukache for review. As far as submitting visual aids, unfortunately myself nor Father Bukache hold passports as we have never traveled out of the country. I will do my best to secure a copy of the official covenant of the Church of Bread and Wine. I have enclosed a personal picture of myself. I must add that you are a strikingly handsome man. If I am ever able to travel I would like for you to give me your personal tour of your sacred vestibule.

Miss Aimee Lou Butzholz

<insert borrowed picture here of some skank muffin I found on the internet>

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 02:24:16 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee Lou,

Thanks for your swift response,I wish to acknowledged the receipt of your picture i must to confess to you that you are pretty looking girl.

However,I would like to have your private phone and fax numbers for easier communication and residential address which will be forwarded to the security company.

I await to recieve those information from you.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.

So I stall him for awhile while I mess with other lads....


Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 03:54:41 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee Lou,

I am still awaiting your urgent views concerning this very issues at hand.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo


Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 01:14:56 -0800 (PST)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee Lou,

Let me know your present position now, Are you willing to assist me or not?

Please respond to me now.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo


Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 09:18:46 -0800 (PST)
From: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Okadigbo,

My apologies for not responding sooner. Our church is grief stricken by the passing of the Pope. I am sure you understand being that he was a great spiritual leader for the sheep. I spoke to Father Bukache who said he would like to assist however he is questioning the legitimacy of the certificate you included in your last email. He said, and I quote, "What kind of monkey kindergartner moron drew up this?" Very harsh words from a man of the cloth for which I apologize for his tone as he is very troubled by the passing of the Pope. Can you clarify why it has taken over 3 years to get this money released?

Aimee Lou Butzholz


And so now I'll wait...

I'm going to stall for awhile before I start giving out (fakery fake fake) info.

Any suggestion on where to take this next?

I'm surely going to hell for this one! Twisted Evil

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This has been a test of the emergency nt testing system. Had this been an actual message, you would have been ROFL at the utter and complete stupidity of the mugus. This concludes this test of the nt testing system.

"THANKS FOR MAKING FUN OF ME.." "I DIDNT GET ANY F***ING MONEY AND STOP MAKING FUN OF ME.. OK" Jul13t [email protected] (rebaited from another character)

Closed lad accounts x 24 United Kingdom x1 Cellphone x2
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 14 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Father Bukache finally talks...

((NOTE: I love Gmail, thanks to Amanda Hugankiss for hooking me up))

pedro bukache to xxxokad.,
More options Apr 2 (19 hours ago)

Dear Mr. Okadigbo,

Please accept my apologies for my harsh words earlier. The passing of
the Great Father has affected me adversely. Aimee Lou has discussed
your matter with me. She is a fine girl and pleases me greatly. I
would like to go forward with your proposal.

Here is the following contact information:

Father Pedro Bukache
Church of Holy Bread and Wine
4190 Big Elm St.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
301-977-9821 ((NOTE: Some payphone number at an Exxon station))
Fax 301-926-1208 ((NOTE: this is a fax # for a gay christian organization-- I'm sure they will love seeing something for Father Bukache!!))

Please send me a detailed letter via fax concerning your proposal.
Please note that I prefer that you send it in handwritten form as well
has typed. I will present this to the church elders at our next
meeting on Wednesday. If you wish to call me, please do so at the
number above. Random meetings are held in my office so do not be
alarmed if someone else answers the phone - just simply ask in a loud
clear voice "May I speak to your Holy Father Bukache (pronouced
BOO-kah-KEE)" Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you.

God Bless you and your family,
Sr. Father Pedro Bukache


Dear Pedro Bukache,

Thanks for your mail and many thanks for the information you provided below.

However, I will be sending you the details I received from the security company on how the fund will be sent to you by fax tomorrow as you have required of me.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo


Since Father Bukache cc'd Aimee Lou on the email, she received a more detailed response. Very scripted. That bastard.

Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 07:37:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: "pharoah okadigbo" <[email protected]> View Contact Details
To: "Aimee Lou" <[email protected]>

Dear Aimee Lou,

Thanks for your mail and the contents well understood.

I am sorry for the passing way father pope john paul second. As regarding to your questions,My father deposited the fund to the security company for the past three years without our concent. He only made us to know that he deposited $10.5m to the security company when he was about to die, And also warned me to live the fund there for some years so that the eyes of this wicked government will not be in our family ok.

However, I received mail from your Rev burche and he has giving me all the information i needed from you. I will send it across to the security company tomorrow to enable them communicate with him and send him details on how the money will be sent to him.

I await your update when the security company contacts you.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.

((NOTE: I'm going to slap the lad hard for calling him Rev Burche - wtf is that any ways... dumbass))


Now I'm going to wait for him to attempt the fax. Although I will never see the actual fax, I'm going to pretend I did - my assistant at the gay place will give it to me.
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 14 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 11:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

pharoah okadigbo to me
More options 6:51 am (12 hours ago)

Dear Sr. Father Pedro Bukache,

Thanks for your mail,I am very glad that you wish to conclude this issue with me soon.We have to now work towards getting this fund deposited in the security company here to your country where it will have more security and subsequent payment into the church account.

The USD$10,500,000:00 {TEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS] will be in your custoday as soon as the security company is ready.

My family after due consideration have agreed not to send any of the papers that are involved via fax,this is only for security reasons and you are aware that this issue is very confidential as stated before.

I await your urgent response.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.


So what now? Slap him for renigging on our deal of a written/faxed correspondance? Demand some more visual aids? At least he got the g-ddamn name right this time. Cut-n-paste lalalallalal
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 14 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 7:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a side bait I was doing that I decided to tie into this one. Aimee picked up Christopher off a Nigerian dating (baiting!) site:

Session Start (aimeelou:christopher): Tue Mar 29 03:55:56 2005
[03:55] christopher: hi
[03:56] aimeelou: hi
[03:56] aimeelou: i can't sleep
[03:56] christopher: pls i got ur message this morning
[03:56] christopher: while can''t u sleep
[03:56] christopher: pls can i know u more
[03:56] christopher: ur age
[03:56] christopher: where u come from
[03:57] christopher: ur tribe pls
[03:57] aimeelou: 22 from Maryland, US
[03:57] christopher: ok
[03:57] christopher: n wat do u do 4 living pls
[03:57] aimeelou: i'm a student
[03:57] christopher: dont be offended of the question
[03:57] christopher: ok
[03:57] christopher: hv a pic
[03:58] aimeelou: its on my book of matches
[03:58] christopher: book of matches
[03:58] christopher: how could i go there pls
[03:59] aimeelou: ok just one moment
[03:59] christopher: ok
[03:59] christopher: r u there?
[04:00] christopher: ok
[04:00] aimeelou: be patient
[04:00] christopher: ok
[04:01] aimeelou: ok
[04:01] christopher: u r so beautiful
[04:01] aimeelou: thanks
[04:01] christopher: u like dark men
[04:01] christopher: strong
[04:01] christopher: n deep voice
[04:02] aimeelou: yes i do
[04:02] christopher: i believe2 that jesus is ur saviour
[04:02] christopher: ok
[04:02] aimeelou: amen
[04:02] christopher: can u send me one of ur pic pls
[04:03] christopher: plssssssssss
[04:03] aimeelou: i think i just did
[04:03] christopher: yes
[04:03] christopher: but i want it in my box
[04:03] aimeelou: in email?
[04:03] christopher: yes
[04:04] aimeelou: ok i'll send
[04:04] christopher: thks
[04:04] christopher: [email protected]
[04:06] aimeelou: ok i sent
[04:06] christopher: so wat ur name
[04:06] aimeelou: aimee lou
[04:06] christopher: ok thks
[04:06] christopher: ok
[04:06] christopher: u can call me
[04:06] christopher: emeka or peter
[04:06] aimeelou: hi peter
[04:06] christopher: my dad name is christopher
[04:07] christopher: hi
[04:07] aimeelou: what do u do for business
[04:07] christopher: for now am under project
[04:07] christopher: am working with european union commission
[04:08] christopher: as a oofice assistant
[04:08] christopher: office assistant
[04:08] christopher: after my project am going back to school
[04:08] christopher: to hv my degree
[04:08] aimeelou: very good
[04:09] aimeelou: what do u do for pleasure
[04:09] christopher: i love going out wit my friends
[04:09] christopher: making friends
[04:09] christopher: n hving fun
[04:10] christopher: nu
[04:10] aimeelou: the same
[04:10] christopher: ok
[04:11] aimeelou: i am a member of the student body at church
[04:11] aimeelou: i'm very active in ministry
[04:11] christopher: nice
[04:11] christopher: am a chorista too
[04:11] christopher: i sing in the church
[04:12] christopher: and a member of the band group
[04:12] christopher: i play band and bass guitar
[04:12] christopher: wat instrument do u like most
[04:13] aimeelou: oboe
[04:13] christopher: how do's it look like hv not hard of it b/4
[04:14] aimeelou: its long
[04:14] aimeelou: dark
[04:14] aimeelou: and has a deep sound
[04:15] christopher: wow
[04:15] christopher: good
[04:15] christopher: we u teach me pls
[04:15] christopher: i will like to learn it
[04:15] christopher: i love learning different instrument
[04:16] aimeelou: ok it is very nice
[04:16] aimeelou: i play it all the time
[04:16] aimeelou: when i blow on it hard it has a nice rich voice
[04:16] christopher: ok
[04:17] christopher: wow
[04:17] aimeelou: so what else do u do
[04:17] christopher: i will love to hear it
[04:17] aimeelou: i'm sure u would
[04:17] christopher: i play football
[04:17] christopher: and runing
[04:17] christopher: nu
[04:17] aimeelou: most people praise God when they do
[04:18] aimeelou: i go dancing - although our church does not approve
[04:18] aimeelou: and i study
[04:18] christopher: wow
[04:18] christopher: in my church we praise God with music
[04:18] christopher: we dance
[04:19] christopher: n praise him with all of ur hearth
[04:19] aimeelou: very nice
[04:20] aimeelou: how did u find my name?
[04:20] christopher: i got ur yahoo contact this morning
[04:20] christopher: so i add u to my list
[04:20] christopher: i love ur name
[04:21] aimeelou: how did u get my name?
[04:21] aimeelou: did i contact u, i don't remember?
[04:23] aimeelou: hello?
[04:23] aimeelou: OOOOOOOOOH....u r on book of matches right?
[04:24] christopher: sorry
[04:24] aimeelou: what happened
[04:24] christopher: ok
[04:25] christopher: u gv me ur name
[04:25] christopher: remember i ask of ur name
[04:25] aimeelou: r u sure it was me
[04:25] aimeelou: my brother likes to come on my computer
[04:25] christopher: wow
[04:25] christopher: i ask u of ur name
[04:26] christopher: n u told me
[04:26] aimeelou: oh ok
[04:26] aimeelou: praise God
[04:27] christopher: Aleluyah
[04:27] christopher: nice to meet u
[04:27] aimeelou: i am starting to feel sleepy again
[04:27] aimeelou: nice to meet u 2
[04:27] christopher: while r u feeling sleepy again
[04:29] christopher: <ding>
[04:29] christopher: Mad
[04:30] aimeelou: i'm sleeeeepy
[04:30] aimeelou: but thanks for talkin to me again
[04:30] christopher: ok
[04:31] christopher: i love the pic u sent to me
[04:31] aimeelou: i'll talk to u again later
[04:31] christopher: u r so sexy there
[04:31] aimeelou: thanks
[04:31] aimeelou: lol
[04:31] christopher: ok
[04:31] christopher: take good care of ur self
[04:31] aimeelou: bye peter
[04:31] christopher: ok
[04:31] aimeelou: thnx
[04:31] christopher: bye
Session Close (christopher): Tue Mar 29 04:31:30 2005
Hello Aimee
how are you, i just want to tell you that i enjoy
the moment we both just share together. i want to say
i want you in my heart and in my life. i love you and
i want you to be mine. please i will like you to reply
this message if you love me too. please take good care
of your self. am miss you online.



hi christopher,

thank you so much for your sweet letter. i believe that Jesus Christ our Savior brought us together to fornicate in holy union. i will give my heart and soul to you. i need to share some things with you to make sure you think i'm still worthy of ur love. i hope you don't judge.

with love,
aimee lou


Hi Aimee

The lord have brought us together as one to share our love and feeling tgether. i must say that this love i have for you since we meet have been so strong and have been thinking in my heart, how will i see my queen, how will i get in touch we angel. but this day I offer you the flower of my heart. It's always growing and searching for perfection, always reaching for the sparkling rays of the sun, but only you can give it the care and nourishment it needs to thrive. Love it.
Treasure it. Keep it safe. Give it your light. And it will bloom forever! aimee i love you and i will give you the whole of my heart to show you how much i miss you and how much i love you. i wiant to be with you.


pls honey i need your reply. i need to see your face. i can waite to meet you pls.


Dearest Christopher,

Thank you for this beautiful rose. Forgive me for not writing sooner. My entire parrish has been in upheaval with the passing of the Pope. Father Bukache has been out of sorts and has relied on me to take care of the people. I told you that I needed to share some things with you. I am hearing impaired and have been after living on the streets. Does this make me less beautiful?

Aimee Lou


I want you to knw that Friends are God's way of
taking care of us. Friendship doubles your joys, and
divides your sorrows. Friends are like credit cards,
we need them forever... Many people will walk in and
out of your life, but only true love will leave
footprints in your heart. friends are quiet angels who
lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble
remembering how to fly.dont worry if you are living on
the street, just always pray to God is going to open
your way. before you know it you are staying in a big
house. and i want you to know that A friend is someone
who walks in when the whole world has walked out. i
will always love you and stay by your side as long as
i love you.and dont forget that the Love we are going
to share is from God and this love is not meant to is like a river, will cut a new path whenever
it meets an obstacle. Love is like a mustard seed;
planted by God and watered by men There is only one
happiness in life, to love and be loved.. i hope to
hear from you soonest. i love you Aimee


Hi Aimme
how are you and your work hope all is well with you
over there. i just to know why you have not reply my
mail i sent to you, it make me feel bad each day i
hopen my box and i cannot find your message i feel so
bad. please i will love to see your message. i love
you .


christopher wrote:

Trouble as light as air, luv as deep as the ocean, friends as solid as diamond and success as bright as gold. These are all my wishes for u today, tomorrow and forever. i love you



Though the summer days are sunny and beautiful, they
would be much more brighter if you were here. Every
time I see a flower in bloom, I think about your
warmth and beauty. And I often find myself staring at
your picture, dreaming about the music we could create
together. And then I'm only more convinced that though
the summer holds a magic of its own, nothing could
warm my heart and wrap me in sunshine like the magic
of your smile. And every day, I wish that you were
here to share the beauty of the season with me!



Session Start (aimeelou:christopher): Wed Apr 06 08:10:19 2005
[08:10] christopher: hi honey
[08:10] christopher: how r u today?
[08:10] aimeelou: hi!
[08:10] christopher: i love ur rose flower
[08:11] christopher: why hv u not been online
[08:11] aimeelou: i've been very busy
[08:11] christopher: ok
[08:11] christopher: so how is work
[08:11] aimeelou: father bukache has been ill
[08:11] christopher: sorry
[08:11] christopher: how is the health now
[08:13] christopher: is he improving now
[08:13] aimeelou: he has been out of sorts since the passing of the Pope
[08:13] christopher: oh
[08:13] christopher: am so sorry
[08:13] aimeelou: me too
[08:13] christopher: i wish him quike recovery
[08:14] aimeelou: thanks ur sweet
[08:14] christopher: where r u now
[08:14] aimeelou: i'm at home but i'm getting ready to go to class
[08:14] christopher: ok
[08:14] christopher: pls which country
[08:14] aimeelou: US
[08:14] christopher: ok
[08:14] christopher: i remember
[08:15] christopher: how is the cold
[08:15] christopher: there
[08:15] aimeelou: its been chilly , we've been having snow storms
[08:15] christopher: i will like u to meet my friend
[08:15] christopher: over there is name is chinedu
[08:16] christopher: he travel last three weeks
[08:16] christopher: he's my friend
[08:16] aimeelou: cool
[08:16] christopher: some one help him 2
[08:16] aimeelou: u said chinedu?
[08:16] christopher: yes
[08:17] christopher: pls i want u to help him
[08:17] christopher: will u
[08:17] aimeelou: ok how?
[08:18] christopher: thk
[08:18] christopher: he's looking for job
[08:18] christopher: i want you to find him a job
[08:18] christopher: this is the number u can use in calling him
[08:19] christopher: 07985326273
[08:19] christopher: pls i will like u to help him
[08:20] aimeelou: where does he live?
[08:20] christopher: i dont know u knw hv not been there
[08:20] christopher: may be when u call him he will tell u where is living
[08:21] christopher: pls will u do it 4 me
[08:21] aimeelou: ok
[08:22] aimeelou: i cannot make intl calls but I'll ask Father Bukache if I can make them from the church
[08:22] christopher: ok
[08:22] christopher: u can also write to his email box
[08:22] christopher: if u dont hv the money
[08:23] christopher: this is his email address
[08:23] aimeelou: ok
[08:23] christopher: [email protected]
[08:23] christopher: u can write to his box
[08:24] christopher: he's always online
[08:24] christopher: will both talk togewther today
[08:25] christopher: r u going to write him
[08:25] aimeelou: yeah
[08:25] aimeelou: but i have to go now
[08:25] aimeelou: Sad
[08:25] christopher: thk very much
[08:25] aimeelou: i give you a :*
[08:25] aimeelou: have a nice day/nite lol
[08:25] christopher: :-*
[08:25] christopher: yeah
[08:26] aimeelou: thanks!
[08:26] christopher: so pls
[08:26] christopher: u hv to help me
[08:26] christopher: ok
[08:26] christopher: i believe any day i 2 will come over there
[08:26] christopher: we both r going to see wach othere
[08:26] aimeelou: yes!!!
[08:27] aimeelou: bless you
[08:27] christopher: n will share the joy of friendship together
[08:27] christopher: bless you 2
Session Close (christopher): Wed Apr 06 08:27:19 2005

Session Start (aimeelou:christopher): Wed Apr 06 18:54:14 2005
[18:54] christopher: i hope u got my mail [Offline Message (Wed Apr 06 08:27:56 2005)]
[18:54] christopher: i will be expecting ur reply [Offline Message (Wed Apr 06 08:28:10 2005)]
[18:54] christopher: ok [Offline Message (Wed Apr 06 08:28:11 2005)]
[18:54] christopher: bye [Offline Message (Wed Apr 06 08:28:13 2005)]
[18:54] christopher: i miss u [Offline Message (Wed Apr 06 08:28:17 2005)]
Session Close (christopher): Wed Apr 06 18:54:42 2005

Aimee recruits her beloved to call the Security Company as Father Bukache's representative...

Session Start (aimeelou:christopher): Thu Apr 07 08:11:44 2005
[08:11] christopher: hi honey
[08:11] christopher: how ru today
[08:11] aimeelou: hi i'm good
[08:12] aimeelou: i'm glad ur online
[08:12] christopher: good u got my mial
[08:12] aimeelou: i need to ask you a question
[08:12] christopher: am always online
[08:12] christopher: ok
[08:12] christopher: pls ask me
[08:12] aimeelou: Father Bukache is helping someone in Nigeria
[08:12] christopher: ok
[08:12] aimeelou: we need someone to act as a representative for our church
[08:12] aimeelou: since we cannot travel there
[08:13] christopher: which part of the state pls
[08:13] christopher: i will like to be a representative
[08:13] christopher: which part of the state
[08:13] christopher: pls
[08:14] christopher: <ding>
[08:14] aimeelou: Lagos
[08:14] aimeelou: sorry had to check
[08:14] christopher: ok
[08:14] christopher: n am very far from lagos
[08:14] christopher: am in abuja
[08:15] aimeelou: oh Sad
[08:15] aimeelou: do you know anyone that can help?
[08:15] christopher: can u gv me a phone number which i can use in contacting one of the memeber there
[08:15] christopher: my uncles r staying in lagos
[08:16] aimeelou: sure just a moment
[08:16] christopher: yes
[08:16] christopher: i hv about 4 of my brother there
[08:16] christopher: in lagos
[08:16] christopher: so how did u want me to help
[08:16] christopher: tell me i will make sure i help u
[08:16] christopher: ok
[08:16] aimeelou: wait
[08:17] christopher: ok
[08:18] aimeelou: i need to call Father hold on
[08:18] christopher: ok
[08:20] aimeelou: oh no
[08:20] christopher: wat
[08:21] aimeelou: they won't let anyone else help
[08:21] christopher: wat is the pro
[08:21] aimeelou: but you know what
[08:21] christopher: why
[08:21] christopher: ok
[08:21] aimeelou: i don't understand, they have their rep we should have ours
[08:21] christopher: ok
[08:21] christopher: so wat the next thing now
[08:21] aimeelou: i'm going to talk to Father Bukache about this
[08:21] christopher: ok
[08:22] aimeelou: but i must go to class now
[08:22] aimeelou: next time we talk more about us and not business k?
[08:22] christopher: any time u need me am ready to help u
[08:22] aimeelou: ok
[08:22] christopher: ok
[08:22] aimeelou: :*
[08:22] christopher: i miss u girl
[08:22] aimeelou: have a blessed day
[08:22] christopher: un u
[08:22] christopher: pls reply my mail
[08:22] aimeelou: thx Smile
[08:22] aimeelou: ok
[08:22] aimeelou: i will
[08:22] christopher: i want to se e ur mail
[08:23] christopher: ok
[08:23] christopher: i love u
[08:23] aimeelou: bye!
[08:23] christopher: i really do
[08:23] aimeelou: i love u too
[08:23] christopher: ok
[08:23] christopher: bye
Session Close (christopher): Thu Apr 07 08:23:10 2005


christopher: hi honey
aimeelou: hi
christopher: am happy to see u online
christopher: very happy
christopher: i donk know u r online
christopher: am so busy since
aimeelou: i am!
christopher: hv been so busy
christopher: so how r u doing
aimeelou: very busy myself
christopher: i see
christopher: so wat about wat we r discusing b/4
christopher: did u still need my ssistance
aimeelou: yes, there is someone Father Bukache is doing business with
aimeelou: and we need to contact him but we don't have intl calling
christopher: ok
christopher: u dont want to reply me
aimeelou: can you call?
christopher: yes
christopher: gv me the number
aimeelou: 234-804-542-9802
christopher: ok
christopher: wat the name
aimeelou: Fred Rhodes
aimeelou: tell him your name and you are Father Bukache's assistant
christopher: ok
christopher: ok
christopher: staying in nigeria
aimeelou: yes
christopher: ok
christopher: i will 2 morning
christopher: ok
aimeelou: ok thx
aimeelou: what r u doing
christopher: am writing down the number
christopher: n am closing now
christopher: is there any thing to tell him again
christopher: pls tell me fast
christopher: b/4 i go
aimeelou: you are the best!!
christopher: when i call 2 morow
aimeelou: OK
aimeelou: thanks...pls email me
christopher: ok
aimeelou: [email protected]
christopher: i hv ur email in my box
aimeelou: thank so much godbless
christopher: will i just tell him am father bukache's assistant
christopher: n that is all
christopher: wat ease will i tell him
christopher: pls fast
aimeelou: yes and demand that they send an email to Father Bukache immediately!!
aimeelou: and hang up
christopher: ok
aimeelou: what was ur name again honey
christopher: pls be fast
christopher: i said peter or emeka or christopher
aimeelou: OH..ur on another screenname
aimeelou: did not recognize
christopher: recognise wat
aimeelou: ur screenname...u never chat under this one with me
christopher: u see i love the pic u send to me
christopher: ok
aimeelou: ur welcome
christopher: wat the name of the scream name
christopher: write it out pls
aimeelou: emeka_christopher is the one ur usually on
christopher: yes
christopher: uve not add me b/4
christopher: huh why
christopher: i thought u hv add me
aimeelou: did not have this screenname silly boy
christopher: to ur list
christopher: allready
aimeelou: no
christopher: ok
aimeelou: i added u now
christopher: yes
christopher: i see it here
christopher: pls send me an offline message
christopher: i hv to go now
aimeelou: ok bye!!!
aimeelou: i'll talk to u ltr
aimeelou: ok
christopher: any other thing u want me to tell the person
aimeelou: love you
christopher: just drp it as offline 2morrow
aimeelou: no just hang up...yell at them....father bukache is VERY MAD
christopher: i will read them
christopher: ok
aimeelou: sweet dreams
christopher: nu 2
christopher: bye
aimeelou: bye honey
christopher: n hv a nice day
aimeelou: thx
christopher: any other thing add as offline
christopher: ok
christopher: bye
aimeelou: bye
christopher: bye


christopher: i try to call the person u said i should call
christopher: so i was confuse i try to let person to understand wat i want to say but he refuse n say is a wrong number
aimeelou: thank you for calling them
[14:49] aimeelou: i love u and miss u

OK now to our regularily scheduled bait...
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 7:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Now Father Bukache is bringing in a 3rd party to screw around with Pharoah...

Hello Mr. Okadigbo,

I apologize for my delay - I have been suffering from perinael
cellulitus ((NOTE: infected taint meat - lol )) and have been quite ill. I am concerned that you have renigged on our agreement by not sending the required fax documents to
my attention. Why are you changing the rules, sir? I have recently
made the acquintance of Christopher from Lagos, Nigeria. He has agreed
to take over power of attorney regarding this business. I will provide
contact information once I draw up the necessary paperwork. God Bless.

Father Bukache
~Sit vis nobiscum ((Translation: "May the Force be with you" a little star wars never hurts anything))

Dear Father Pedro Bukache,

Thanks for your mail,I am very for your illness,I guess you are ok now.

Please, Do you realise how confidential this transaction is before contacting a nigerian, If we had wanted a nigerian to assist us make claims from the security company where the fund is been deposited,we wouldnt have contacted you in first place ok. And the reason why the family refused to send it to via fax due to the confidentiality of this trasaction,We dont want a third party in this,Please try to understand.

However,Have you been contacted by the security company?If no,dont worry,You will soon be contacted, As soon as you are contacted,please do let me know asap.

I await your urgent response regarding this crusial issue at hand.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.


Attn :Father Pedro Bukache,

We have finished all the arrangements and have suceeded in depositing the consignment with the courier company for delivery to you on behalf of Mr Pharoah Okadigbo.The consignment contains $10.5 million United States Dollars and is awaiting delivery to you,but the content of the consignment is unknown to the courier company.We made the officials of the courier company to understand that the consignment contains family treasures that belongs to you.

As a result of this, you are hereby requested to contact the courier company immediately to enable them effect the delivery to you without delay.When contacting them,quote the security tag number of the box which is A1/DIP/COUR/11/25/56867/Nigerian. The contact information of the courier company is as follows:-


Address: 8 Walter Egerton Drive,Victoria Island,Lagos.

Tel: +234-804-542-9802

Email: [email protected]

Contact Person: Dr Fred Rhodes.

Contact the courier company immediately, so that the delivery will take place without delay.

Yours Faithfully,

Sir John Ehibe


Dear Sirs,

I have arranged for my representative Christopher Emeka to handle the
details of my case. This is to confirm delivery of
A1/DIP/COUR/11/25/56867/Nigerian. You may contact him at 07985326273.
Thank you.

Sr. Father Pedro Bukache


Dear Father Pedro Bukache,

Please,I am still awaiting your urgent views concerning this crusial issues at hand.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.


Mr. Okadigbo,

I have been in contact with the security company. My representative
Mr. Ekema called and was told that he had a wrong number. I demand to
know what is going on here. What kind of operation is this? Are you
trying to fool a man of God, Mr. Okadigbo? There are starving children

Father Bukache


Now I am going to start making DEMANDS!

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After Pharoah ignored Father Bukache, he decided to get a little more demanding:

Apr 15

Mr. Okadigbo,

Sir, this is bad business. I want a reply and an explaination. This is
ridiculous! God has some spite but mine is worse. Reply now!

Sr. Bukache


Dear pedro bukache,

I wish to let you know that you are not qualified to handle this tranaction any longer. You were warned not to contact anybody in nigeria and you went ahead and do that,So in this regards, We have decided to look for some one else who will abide the rules and regulations of the family.

Best Regards,

Pharoah Okadigbo.


Mr. Okadigbo,

In response to your last email, my assistant and I would like to
extend our gratitude by chanting:

AJI OTU NNE GI ((Translation: Your mother's crotch hair ))
O GI KA M GA EJI EME YA ((Translation: It is you that I will use for it.))
GI NA UMU NNE GI ((Translation: You and your sibilings. ))
CHINEKE KPOKWA GI OKU ((Translation: May God rain thunder and fire on your head))

He would not tell me what this means however I think it will clear up

Sr. Bukache
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2005 10:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I guess Pharoah did not appreciate the chanting:

Dear Pedro,

You called yourself a man of God,and now watch your utterances.

Pharoah Okadigbo

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