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 Father Bukakke and the 419 Fund

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The short and sweet version, Aimee likes dark men who she meets on an online chat site. This Nigerian has fallen on hard times and Aimee and Father Bukakke want to help him through the 419 Fund. He wants to talk to Aimee but her hearing impairment makes this impossible - this really pisses him off. Here's our chat log...

(I've changed the names to protect the retarded) Razz

Thanks to Adebayo for translation...

Session Start (scambustergrrl:johnson): Sat Apr 02 12:49:19 2005
[12:49] scambustergrrl: i actually caught u online
[12:51] johnson: hiiii
[12:51] johnson: longtime
[12:51] johnson: <ding>
[12:51] scambustergrrl: hey
[12:51] scambustergrrl: whats up
[12:52] johnson: why didd u keep silent all these while?
[12:52] scambustergrrl: just stuff goin on
[12:52] johnson: ok
[12:52] johnson: so u got ur cam on now?
[12:53] scambustergrrl: no, no cam Sad
[12:53] scambustergrrl: do u have cam?
[12:53] johnson: noo
[12:53] scambustergrrl: i love webcams i gotta get one
[12:53] johnson: ok
[12:54] scambustergrrl: i'm so tired
[12:55] johnson: sorryyyyy
[12:55] johnson: i am so sad
[12:56] scambustergrrl: why hon
[12:56] johnson: i was duped
[12:56] scambustergrrl: omg
[12:56] scambustergrrl: what happened
[12:57] johnson: i was running a contract
[12:57] johnson: but fell into fraudstars
[12:57] scambustergrrl: what?
[12:58] johnson: it was unbelievebale
[12:59] johnson: i am now running from one place to the other insearch of fund
[12:59] scambustergrrl: did they take ur money?
[12:59] johnson: i was duped
[12:59] johnson: they took al my money
[12:59] johnson: my account was emptied
[12:59] scambustergrrl: omg that is terrible
[13:00] johnson: i am not ok now
[13:00] johnson: i am always seeking for funds here and theree now
[13:00] scambustergrrl: so what r u going to do?
[13:00] johnson: i just cant believe it
[13:00] johnson: i just dont know
[13:01] johnson: i went to bank for loans but they gave me 3 months adavnce b4 they can give me
[13:01] johnson: a whole 3 mnths
[13:01] scambustergrrl: thats not much
[13:01] johnson: u dont understand?
[13:02] johnson: i have to wait for 3mths b4 they can get to my case
[13:02] johnson: and b4 they give me loan, i can take 8 months
[13:02] scambustergrrl: that is terrible
[13:02] scambustergrrl: i'm sorry that happened
[13:03] scambustergrrl: i wish i could help u
[13:03] johnson: plz i dont know if i shd say this
[13:03] johnson: can i?
[13:03] scambustergrrl: sure
[13:05] johnson: can u help me just financially just for feeding?
[13:05] johnson: plz?
[13:05] scambustergrrl: um how do i do that?
[13:08] *** "johnson" signed off at Sat Apr 02 13:08:50 2005.
[13:09] scambustergrrl: hello?
[13:13] scambustergrrl: well lemme know if i can help u
Session Close (johnson): Sat Apr 02 13:13:59 2005

Session Start (scambustergrrl:johnson): Sat Apr 02 13:15:15 2005
[13:15] johnson: <ding>
[13:15] *** "johnson" signed on at Sat Apr 02 13:15:41 2005.
[13:18] johnson: <ding>
[13:18] scambustergrrl: i'm here
[13:18] johnson: ok
[13:18] johnson: sorry
[13:18] johnson: electricity went out heree
[13:19] scambustergrrl: is everything ok
[13:19] johnson: yes the power is restored now
[13:19] scambustergrrl: good
[13:19] johnson: so i was saying if u could help me ..just for feeding allowance
[13:20] scambustergrrl: yeah
[13:20] johnson: i dont have a dime in my bank account again
[13:21] johnson: i had to sell the car i had to pay for my house rent and some major debts so i wont be charged to court
[13:21] scambustergrrl: thats awful
[13:21] johnson: its like i am empty now
[13:21] johnson: from head to toe
[13:21] johnson: the police tried to get the fraudsters , but to no avail
[13:22] scambustergrrl: that is just terrible
[13:22] scambustergrrl: well at least u will always have God
[13:22] johnson: yea
[13:22] johnson: i wil
[13:22] johnson: and i still keep praying they catch them
[13:23] scambustergrrl: well i could ask my church if they can make a donation
[13:23] johnson: but now, i am a BEGGAR Sad
[13:23] johnson: ok
[13:23] scambustergrrl: how much do u need?
[13:24] johnson: u mean for just feeding just to keep body and soul
[13:24] johnson: ?
[13:24] scambustergrrl: hold on...i'll talk to Father Bukakke
[13:25] johnson: thanks...i am waiting
[13:27] scambustergrrl: hey
[13:27] johnson: i am heree
[13:27] scambustergrrl: he told me that they have a very special fund
[13:28] scambustergrrl: for people that need money urgently
[13:28] johnson: ok
[13:28] johnson: i am grateful
[13:28] scambustergrrl: its called the 419 Fund have u heard of it?
[13:28] johnson: whats that?
[13:28] scambustergrrl: i don't know...he told me that he would use the 419 Fund to help you
[13:29] johnson: whats 419 fund?
[13:29] scambustergrrl: he wants u to send an email to me explaining why you need the money
[13:29] scambustergrrl: and also to include a picture
[13:29] scambustergrrl: he'll put that out in the church newsletter and people will donate
[13:30] johnson: u have my pics dont u?
[13:30] scambustergrrl: no
[13:30] johnson: ok
[13:31] scambustergrrl: u can email this stuff to [email protected]
[13:31] johnson: yepa
[13:31] scambustergrrl: Father Bukakke is a very giving man, I'm sure we can raise alot of money for u
[13:31] johnson: like 5000usd?
[13:31] johnson: or EFCC fund?
[13:31] scambustergrrl: lol...maybe not that much
[13:32] scambustergrrl: whats a EFCC fund?
[13:32] johnson: tafa balogun fund
[13:32] scambustergrrl: never heard of it
[13:32] johnson: whats ur phone no? so i can call u?
[13:32] scambustergrrl: Father Bukakke wants to help, he gives u his blessing
[13:33] scambustergrrl: well. thats the problem, i have a hearing impairment and cannot talk
[13:33] scambustergrrl: i don't like to tell people this because they judge
[13:33] johnson: oloshi (Per Adebayo -- oloshi = fool)
[13:34] johnson: or u fit CLEAR CHECK?
[13:35] scambustergrrl: what?
[13:35] johnson: OMO FIYELE (( Per Adebayo -- Omo Fiyele = Please leave that issue alone ))
[13:35] johnson: ABI KO FE DA FUN E? (( Per Adebayo -- Do you want to be cursed? ))
[13:35] scambustergrrl: what are you saying?
[13:35] scambustergrrl: i don't understand
[13:35] johnson: I SAID CAN U GIVE ME UR PHONE NO?
[13:36] scambustergrrl: listen i don't like ur attitude
[13:36] scambustergrrl: i gonna help you and now u yell at me
[13:36] scambustergrrl: i have problem hearing and cannot talk.
[13:37] johnson: are u deaf and dumb?
[13:37] scambustergrrl: deaf maybe but dumb no
[13:37] johnson: ok
[13:38] johnson: i forgot ur state
[13:38] johnson: where?
[13:38] scambustergrrl: Maryland
[13:39] johnson: whats the zipcode?
[13:39] scambustergrrl: why do u need that?
[13:39] johnson: can u send ur pic to my email?
[13:40] scambustergrrl: can u send yours?
[13:40] johnson: so i can have a copy
[13:40] scambustergrrl: they are on my BOM
[13:41] johnson: ok
[13:42] scambustergrrl: so if you send me the letter and the picture i will publish it in the church newsletter to be sent out on Monday
[13:42] johnson: ok
[13:43] johnson: i forgot ur username on bom
[13:43] johnson: can u remind me
[13:43] scambustergrrl: XXXXXX
[13:43] johnson: ok\
[13:45] scambustergrrl: well i'm going to get ready for church
[13:45] johnson: ok...but what does 419 mean>?
[13:46] scambustergrrl: i'll let eveyone know that u need help
[13:46] scambustergrrl: I dunno its just what Father Bukakke said to me
[13:46] johnson: ok
[13:47] johnson: can i ask u something?
[13:47] johnson: <ding>
[13:47] scambustergrrl: sure!
[13:47] johnson: what kind of music do u like ?
[13:48] scambustergrrl: i like gospel
[13:48] johnson: i thought u dont:-> hear
[13:49] scambustergrrl: i have hearing impairment
[13:49] scambustergrrl: I can hear but i just don't talk well
[13:49] scambustergrrl: i'm partially deaf
[13:49] johnson: ok
[13:49] johnson: where do u work?
[13:49] johnson: u never told me
[13:49] scambustergrrl: i work for my church
[13:49] scambustergrrl: and i am a student
[13:50] johnson: ok
[13:51] johnson: whats ur zipcode?
[13:51] scambustergrrl: why do u keep asking me that
[13:51] johnson: i am saving ur data in my box
[13:51] scambustergrrl: 20878
[13:52] scambustergrrl: gaithersburg maryland
[13:52] johnson: ok
[13:52] scambustergrrl: where do u live?
[13:52] johnson: but plz can u still give me ur call no so i can call u bcos i might not be at the computer for a long time
[13:53] scambustergrrl: i'm not callin u
[13:53] johnson: i will call u
[13:53] scambustergrrl: i told u i dont' speak on the phone (except to those that know i am partially deaf)
[13:53] scambustergrrl: why?
[13:54] scambustergrrl: why do u need to talk to me?
[13:54] johnson: plz i dont want to lose u
[13:54] johnson: becos i cant even be at the computer always again
[13:55] scambustergrrl: well you don't need to be
[13:55] scambustergrrl: if you email me the info...thats all you have to do
[13:55] scambustergrrl: once we have the money we can talk about how to send it to u
[13:55] johnson: ok
[13:56] johnson: thanks
[13:56] johnson: but me know say u be oloshi
[13:56] johnson: u wan spoil me yahoo carreer? ((NOTE: BRING IT ON MUTHAFUCKA))
[13:56] scambustergrrl: what is oloshi?
[13:56] scambustergrrl: whats that?
[13:57] johnson: a very kind person
[13:57] scambustergrrl: well i am very kind
[13:58] johnson: so when iwll i be exp the money?
[13:58] johnson: monday?
[13:58] scambustergrrl: i don't know. i am sending the newsletter out on monday
[13:58] johnson: ok
[13:59] scambustergrrl: i'll let u know
[13:59] johnson: but cant u help me from ur pocket plz
[13:59] scambustergrrl: u want me to email u
[13:59] johnson: yes
[13:59] johnson: will you?
[13:59] scambustergrrl: whats ur email
[13:59] johnson: [email protected]
[14:00] scambustergrrl: do u live in the UK?
[14:00] johnson: noo
[14:00] johnson: nigeria
[14:01] scambustergrrl: where is that?
[14:01] johnson: will u mail me now?
[14:01] johnson: in africa
[14:01] scambustergrrl: ohh ok
[14:01] scambustergrrl: ok hold on i gotta open my email box
[14:02] johnson: <ding>
[14:02] scambustergrrl: i'm here
[14:02] johnson: ok
[14:02] johnson: waiting
[14:03] scambustergrrl: u've been emailed!
[14:03] johnson: ok
[14:05] scambustergrrl: whats ur first name
[14:05] johnson: johnson
[14:06] scambustergrrl: and ur last name
[14:06] johnson: williams
[14:07] scambustergrrl: ok i added u to my email book
[14:07] johnson: thanks
[14:07] scambustergrrl: u seem mad
[14:07] johnson: why?
[14:08] scambustergrrl: i dunno you were yelling at me
[14:08] scambustergrrl: i'm not sure why
[14:08] scambustergrrl: i'm a really nice person
[14:08] scambustergrrl: and i like to help people
[14:08] scambustergrrl: i'm sorry i'm partially deaf otherwise i would talk to u
[14:08] scambustergrrl: but it is embarressing u know
[14:09] johnson: is that whyn u say i am mad?
[14:09] scambustergrrl: yeah
[14:09] scambustergrrl: and u called me dumb :'-(
[14:09] johnson: then u are crazy
[14:09] scambustergrrl: why r u insulting me
[14:09] johnson: why did u call me mad
[14:10] scambustergrrl: mad at me not in like mad crazy
[14:10] johnson: oh sorry
[14:10] johnson: omo ale ((Per Adebayo -- Omo ale = prostitute / criminal ))
[14:10] scambustergrrl: is that ur language?
[14:12] johnson: yea it is
[14:12] johnson: it means sorry
[14:12] scambustergrrl: oh ok thanks
[14:12] scambustergrrl: i'm sorry too i'm a little touchy u know the pope died
[14:12] scambustergrrl: and my church is grieving
[14:13] johnson: he is not dead now
[14:13] scambustergrrl: yes he is
[14:13] johnson: i have not heard
[14:13] scambustergrrl: he died on Friday
[14:13] scambustergrrl: he is with God now
[14:14] johnson: ohhhhhh

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Dr Hugh G Rection
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woot. i bet johnson gets an idea for pope 419 letters now. hah father bukkake...i love it

AKA Mugu named Tony Ovie
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 5:02 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dr Hugh G Rection wrote:
woot. i bet johnson gets an idea for pope 419 letters now. hah father bukkake...i love it

Let's hope he uses the name "Father Bukakke" in his scam Twisted Evil
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