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 Scammer down by 75.8$ ;-)

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*** BANNED ***

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi everyone, I've decided to start a new baiting style so it's ok to post my old one (you sould still give it a try) Wink

Scammer's mail will be in normal font, mine in BOLD and the notes in italic are for you that were not sent to the scammr, enjoy.

P.S. I can't expose my baiting name because it's part of my email, so I will remove it and put XXXXXX Cool

From: **********
To: *************
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 5:24:48 +0100

FROM:Victor Martins

Dear sir,
I am making this contact with you on behalf of my colleagues. I am a
member of the TENDER BOARD COMMITTEE of the Federal Ministry of Works and
Housing of Lagos Nigeria. Our duties includes: award, evaluation and
review of contracts. In 1996, my committee (TBC) awarded a contract of
US$150,000,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Million United States Dollars only)
to a joint venture of SPEIBATIGNOLES and FOUGEROLLE, for an
engineering, procurement, construction of pipeline network a Eleme Petro-Chemical
plant. As it were, the acuta contract sum was deliberately
over-invoiced by us (TBC) with the sum of US$25,000,000.00 (TWENTY-FIVE MILLION
UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY). The project was executed, commissioned and
the contractor(s) paid accordingly. My colleagues and I want to transfer
the over-invoiced amount into a viable foreign account. We have
therefore resolved that as long as you can act as the sole beneficiary of the
fund. The following will be the mode of sharing: 25% (i.e US$6.25M) for
beneficiary i.e. owner of account, 10% for expenses incurred during the
course of transfer, and 65% for us the officials. Let me reiterate at
this juncture, that there are top and influential government officials
involved in this transfer and as such I would appreciate it, if this
business is treated with utmost confidentiality. I do hope I can trust you
as regards this matter. In the light of this, I would like you to
forward to me the following information: 1. Your company name and address if
any 2. Your personal fax number 3. Your personal telephone number for
easy communication. This will enable us to forward the information to
the Corporation for purposes of processing and immediate remittance of
this funds to the account that will be provided by you. All modalities
have been worked out and the necessary machinery put in place with the
officials of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN) to effect this transfer within the shortest possible time. It
is worthy to note that this transaction is 100% risk free, my only fear
is the confidentiality of this business from your end. It is pertinent
to note that only an expatriate firm can lay claim to this fund. We are
barred from operating foreign accounts as civil servants still serving
the government. As soon as the payment is effected, and the amount
mentioned above is successfully transferred into your account, we intend to
use own share in acquiring some properties (Real Estates) Abroad. For
this too, you shall also serve as our agent. Please send your reply
through this my email address.
I shall send you my phone number as we progress. Note that this E-mail
is not one of those Internet jokes and should be treated with
seriousness, utmost important and confidentiality. Your quick response will be
highly appreciated. If however, you are not disposed to assist, kindly
destroy this letter, in view of the confidentiality of the proposed
transaction and for the interest of the personalities involved.
Yours faitfully


Dear Martins,

Thanks for your mail, but I must tell you that as a reputable businessman and CEO here in New Zealand
-you will see why I have chosen NZ later- I can not risk getting involved in any illegal transaction, this could ruin my name forever.

I hope you can find a partner in this transaction.

Remain Blessed, Dr. XXXXXX
Playing hard to get Wink


Dear XXXXXX, thanks for your urgent response. infact

Mr XXXXXX I am quite amused when you say RISK, there
is no transaction is 100 percent risk free.
If you take me into confidence, cos thats what I
think is involved then I will send you the details of
this transaction.
I quite understand your position as a CEO in new
zealand -really? I can't understand it myself- , but be rest asured that this this transaction
is risk free.
Thanks once more and God blees.



I'm sure you don't mean harm to any one, and the
transaction looks very big and would be enough for any
one to retire and live happily with his family's
future secured, and god only knows how much I would
love to be your partner in this Razz
BUT as this deal involves some over charged money that
one day may be discovered, and posting myself as some
one who I am not, there is always a risk that we might
get caught and face consequences, that's why I can't
help you with this.

Thanks and I wish you good luck.


Thanks for mail.l understand what you are saying.The
funds in question-US$25,000,000.00 is as a result of
an over-invoiced contract entitlement during the past
military regime.The amount is attacted to a contract
in which the original contractor had done the job and
been paid leaving the balance which we discovered in a
coded dedicated account at the goverment bank.Being
that we members of the contract review panel[C.R.P]are
the only ones who know of its existence,location and
the true nature,we decided to acquire the funds for
There is no question of one day we might be
or being caught,because that would never happen.This
deal is safe-proof and risk free.If we know somebody
would be caught we would not do it,as we are still in
goverment service.In my country this kinds of deals
happens every day,and nobody looks back.
Think of the gains we would make if we go ahead.This
is ones in a life time opporunity that happened only
once.Think over it and if you have any questions let
Thank you and God bless.
Best regards,

time for more flexibility, he's not chasing me forever

Ok Martin,

Can you please give me a couple of days to think about

And I have to ask you that during these days until I
tell you my final decision, you can't contact any one
else asking for help in this matter, if I decide not
to help you, you are free to start searching again.

I will contact you again with my decision in a couple
of days.

Remain Blessed.



> Thanks for your mail.Your request is well noted and
> granted.XXXXXX,l just want you to know that there is
> no need for fear as everything will work out fine.By
> viture of our position on the C.R.P,it is our duty
> to
> validate all claims and enititlement of all foreign
> contractors for our government.We are the ones to
> recommend that the funds be remitted to you as
> contract payment by the frederal ministry of finance
> through the central bank of Nigeria.With this
> recommendation,you will now be know as the offical
> sub-contractor to the major contractor who has done
> and collected his funds.
> My friend this is the only way to make money in my
> country.lf we don't do this we would have missed our
> own opportunity go get our share of the national
> cake
> fot life.We would die poor,God forbid.So try and
> understand why we are doing this.We await your
> response whilst anticipating your co-operation.
> Thanks and God bless,
> Best regard,
> Martins


Dear Martin,

I gave it a good thought with my wife whom I share
every thing with
-yeah, as if any sane man would discuss anything important with the wife- Rolling Eyes and we both prayed to god almighty
that we make the right decision and here is what we
came up with: Before I get involved in this matter or
even talk to you on the phone I need you to write a
document stating that you carry all legal
responsibility of this transaction and that I am not
aware of any thing illegal in it, then sign this
document and send it to me DHL or UPS.

This paper will just stay with me in case anything bad
-or incase I ran out of toilet parer- Laughing , but if everything goes ok, I will just start
helping you by all the means I have, logistically and

I know I am asking you to take a great risk by signing
such a paper, but I am afraid that without this, I
will never get involved in this transaction.

Let me know your decision.

Remain blessed,


He tought he might give me the deaf ear and we can move on, yeah right.

> How are you today?l have not hear from you for some
> time now,Hope all is well?What is situation now?Have
> you done the paperwork l said you should send to me
> so
> that l can do my part?
> Dear XXXXXX,time is not on our side.
> Please get back to me as soon as possiable.
> Best regards,
> Martins.


time to get short and decisive


Refer to my last email to you.



> Thanks for your mail.When you say 'refer to my last
> email to you' l don't understand what you mean.Your
> requst to us was granted, all we wanted now is the
> specimen of what you wanted, -liar- so that have it done and
> send back to you.l also told you that because of
> time
> we can have is notoize and mail or fax to.Also you
> can
> give us and address where we would send it to.
> XXXXXX,try and understand that time is not on your
> side as we have to do quickly,Because time wait for
> no
> one.Please update me.
> Best regards,
> Martins.



If you read my mail carefully then you know that first
you will write the document and sign it then send it
to me by DHL.

The specimen is simple...

I am the undersigned doorkey martins, of (your full
address) hereby decare that I carry all the legal
responsibility for the transaction between me and mr
Zealand involving the transfering of the sum of (the
total sum) to his account.

I aslo declare that to the best of mr XXXXX's
knowledge this transfer is 100% legal and does not
violate any laws of my country or New Zealand.

(your signature) (your address) (your passport number)

DHL this ducument to

XXXXXX, New Zealand

-fake address, and I chose NZ to make the DHL cost as big as possible -

And give me the traking #

The moment I receive it, I will call you on the phone to discuss the business and modalities
-a stupid word those scammers love to use, I'm playing it back to him- and see what I can offer you to facilitate the transaction, logistically or financially.

Remain blessed,


> Thanks for your mail.I have seen the specimen of
> what
> you wanted.That is very okay with us.l will have it
> done as soon as l back to my base.l am in Abuja the
> capital city for offical duty.
> Evertthing will be done as you wanted it.We have to
> move fast so that we can collect this money quickly.
> Once again, thank you for doing this with us,as we
> shall not let you down.We shall do great and
> wonderful
> things together in this our relationship.
> Best regards,
> Martins. I thought he's stopping at this point Crying or Very sad


Dear Martin,

As I can see this is working in the right direction, I
would want you to please tell me what would you expect
the total cost before the transaction can proceed to

I have put 1000$ aside to cover this, will it be
-trying to grease things a little-

Please let me know when the signed paper is on the



Five days with no contacts, then this long crap came, you can read the first ten lines then skip to the next mail

Martins Victor,B.s.c,M.s.c . J.P.
> 14, Queens Court Towers, Victoria Island
> Lagos - Nigeria.
> Phone:234.8042649396
> Dear XXXXXX,
> A very good day to you.l have not heard from for
> some
> time now.Hope all is well?By now you should have
> received the letter which you asked for.As l told
> yuou
> before now,this is about the transfer of the excess
> contract fee,which was we saw in the course of our
> duty as members of[Contract review panel] CRP .We
> intend to keep the money for ourselves.which we all
> have agreed to do with your help.
> Also as said before,the original contractor who
> executed the contract has since been settled and
> fully
> paid. The excess amount which was overvalued is now
> floating unclaimed in the vault central bank
> Nigeria.
> lt might interest you to know that,l am the preson
> that headed the panel that made recommendation for
> the payment,with my other two colleagues.We now
> agree
> to look for a foreign partner who wll help us with
> the
> transfer of the money abroad Which you have agreed
> to
> do for us.We are the only ones who know of it
> existence,location and true nature hence we we
> decided
> to acquire the funds for ourselves.This business is
> 100% risk free,and legal.Also it is a classified
> business and highly confidentail.
> What we need is your full cooperation at every stage
> of this transaction,until the final realisation of
> the
> business.On our part,we assure you of our maximum
> cooperation.
> To maintain absolute confidentiality of this
> transaction,never you inform any person about this
> business.This is because of the position l occupy in
> my country presently.
> By viture of our position on the CRP, it is our duty
> to validate all claims and entitilments of foreign
> contractors on our government .
> We are thus able to able to recomend that the funds
> be remitted to you as contract payment by the fedral
> ministry of finance.With this recomendation, we know
> that an approval for the remittance will be granted
> and the money will be transfered to your nominated
> bank account.
> In order to perfect and legalise the agrangement,
> we shall incorporate your company as a limited
> liability company in Nigeria , register it as
> category
> ‘A’contractor with with Federal minstry of works
> and
> housing, pay income taxes on behalf of the
> registered
> company and make other arrangements which will
> ensure
> that you are regarded as a bonafide contractor
> doing
> bussines in Nigeria for many years .Beyond this, a
> vetted approval will be secured from the attoney
> general of the federation on your behalf stating
> that
> the funds in question is a legitimate contract
> payment
> and does not breach any laws your contry and our
> own.
> For the transaction to commence you should let us
> know
> the name of the company you want to use,to enable
> us
> file claims for the funds on your behalf.This should
> be done immedialely as we are detereined to conclude
> the transfer within the next 10 working days.The
> file
> claim will accompany my panel's recommendation to
> the
> appropriate government agencies for their approval
> for
> the transfer of the funds.
> With the complete officialisation of the transfer
> modalities done,that will cater for any enquiry
> from
> any quarter as to the source of your funds and the
> funds will be transferred into your nominated bank
> account within 48 hours.And at this time two of
> us,partner will immediately travel to meet you for
> the purpose of sharing the money,while the
> remainning
> two of us will wait behind to retrieve and destroy
> any
> evidence linking you or any members of our panel to
> the transaction from the government records here
> fovever.
> Our intention upon meeting you is to give a share
> of
> 20% of the total funds for your cooperation,and a
> further share of 10% to cover any expenses we
> incur
> on both side in the process of getting the money
> into
> your account.We shall retain 70% for ourselves,and
> of
> this our share,we shall again require your
> assistance
> to help us invest a part into profitable ventures in
> your conurty,again require your assistance to help
> us
> procure agricultural equipments and computers
> accessories for importation into Nigeria and give us
> the balance in cash.
> Dear partner,now that we have decided to do this
> with
> you,we count on your trust and honesty at every
> stage.We also count on your full cooperation in the
> little time involved and most importantly,we count
> on
> your discretion and confidentiality.Nobody,not even
> your bankers must know anything about this
> transaction
> till we conclude it as our our new government is
> extremely sensitive about this kind of deal by
> government officals.
> We wait in earnest anticipation of your pesponse as
> time is very crucial to this transaction.
> When you must have gone through this mail,we can
> iron
> out any other issue.My time is london G.M.T. It is
> most importance that you communicate only with the
> provided the provided: 234 804249396.As we rather
> like email being used for lighter communication.We
> await your response whilst anticipating your
> cooperation.
> Thank you and God bless.
> Your faithfully,
> Martins Victor.


I thought he's trying to BS me into forgetting the DHL thing
Hi Martins,

No, the letter is not here yet, give me the DHL
tracking number and I will check it.

Sorry martins, I will not move a finger towards this
transaction unless the letter is here in my safe, I
was very clear from the begining.

If the transaction is 100% secure as you say, there is
no reason you are scared of signing the declaration
and sending it to me.

If you haven't sent the letter yet, I suggest you do
now and send me the DHL tracking number in your NEXT
email, otherwise, I'm afraid I will stop responding to
you and block your email address, my time is very

God bless you.


Then came this Very Happy

> Dear XXXXXX,
> Thanks for your mail.l am very surprise that you
> have
> not got the letter. The letter is coming slowly l
> don't know why.But don't worry you will get it.
> The tracking number is 3560070290. l have done the
> tracking myself and the letter was at Heathrow
> -london
> on the 19th .There is no cause for alarm as you will
> surely get the letter so that we can move ahead.
> Thank you and God bless.
> Best regards,
> Martins.
Now everyone, please go to and enter 3560070290 then click "track" it may give you an error page because of the re-direction from this site, in the error page the number will still be there, just click "submit" Razz

Then I sent him the non-censored version of this

Dear 419 scammer,

You have been ****ed up the ass by the original XXXXXX, I know the DHL shipping had cost you 75.8 USD, sorry for your loss.
-calculated from DHL website, ducument from Nigeria to N.Z. Laughing - But keep this as a reminder that you can't keep living
as worthless scum of the earth stealing people's hard
earned money.

By the way, I have some excess money from saving my
allowance since I was 12, the amount is
435,730,768,657.01 Dollars, I was looking for a
foreign partener to transfer the amount to, you'll
have to send me 1020 Dollars to pay for the "power of
attorney" and all the "modalities".

Let me know if you are interested.



That was the end of it, I hope he'd pulled a gun and blew his stupid brains out Laughing Wink

Thank for reading.

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*** BANNED ***

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice one! Very Happy I love anything to do with things being shipped about, costing the scammer money, so I enjoyed this!

BTW, welcome to the 'Eater.

Ican't hear a word from you-Coucou Doudou
funk you-Oba Sonia
You could be in touch through enamel, if you will come my country - Akhmedaries

Ex-Banks/ τράπεζες που σκοτώνονται πλαστές: Panama United States X3 United Kingdom X3 Nigeria Netherlands x3 Spain
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Very nice modality.

What about not letting on at the end about the bait. Let the Lad wonder what went wrong. That might prolong the life of the modality.
After all one point of this is to waste the lads time and if possible money on us.
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