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 More from Ambrose wise ([email protected]) SCAM HIM PLZ

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 3:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Albert Kabri,
> About a month ago you sent me an email asking about a motorcycle I am selling. I am sorry I could not get back to you sooner as I was very busy. I now have to sell it very soon as I need the money to buy a car. If you are still interested get back in touch. Thanks, Iben Skrunya

Dear Iben, please tell me how much you offering me last.
you last prize will determine if i still want it now.
but if your price is ok with me i will send you down the payment cheque
so get back to me soon.

The last price I was offered was $4800. It runs great and is in perfect condition.
Where are you located? Thanks, Iben

Dear Sir.
Thanks so much for your last price of the motor cycle
I will like to send down the payment cheque for you through one of my best who happen to owns me a lot of money
Now the cheque he will send down to you will be usd$10.000 dollars.
Since you price is 4800 you have to send down the additional money back to me as soon as you receive you the cheque.
I have a shipper who will take care of the shipping of the motorcycle for which I have to send the additional money for the shipping the motorcycle here for me.
So you full name and address and also you telephone number is needed for the payment cheque.

I am waiting for your reply soon.

Thanks so much

Mr ambrose.
That payment situation is fine, when your check arrives I will send you that amount of difference. Please Send to: Iben Skrunya, 111 Rheameindass parkway, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT95BY . Phone here is 028 9027 8636, when you call tell you you are in interested in a person to service your needs. Thanks, Iben

Note:Phone # 028 9027 8636 is a gay dating service,

>Hello mr. Wise,
> I do not know if you got my last e-mail but I tried to to tell you a check arrived here, what should I do now? Iben

Dear sir.
Please i will give you and address and name you have to use to send down the money to the shipping agent ok.
I have call him but i was on holiday.
So wait till monday to get you the address and name for the shipper.
Have a nice day mr.
Ambrose Wise.

Hello Amtoad, I will wait to hear from you, I have lent the motorcycle to my step brother lenny, he is jumping 200 cars today. He is pretty good and has only crashed 15 times out of the 20 he jumped. Hey what do you think of investing this money you sent with a guy I was talking to online? He is president of some country that was overthrown and he has like 15 million dollars he can't get to without me helping him out financially. I am going to give it a try and see what happens. I myself and going out to a new club tonight, it's called russian roulette. It sounds kinda fun, you go there and they put a bullet in a gun and they make each player put it to their head and pull the trigger. Every time someone shoots themselves they put in a new bullet. Last one standing gets to go home. Wish me luck. Iben
More to come Laughing
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