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 The ambrose wise saga....We still torment him daily!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 11:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I am writing back to you about your interest in my 69 corvette. This car is in very good condition and has all options working. The motor is the special ZL1 option with aluminum heads and 585 hp. This was a very rare option in 1969. The car is also equipped with a 4:10 ratio rear and close throw 4 speed transmission. I am asking $10,500 for the car as is. The car has never been in an "accident" with the exception that it unfortunately ran over a woman and her 3 small children in the 70's and all of them died. The husband was a Jamaican man who put a curse on the car and it's driver who died a month later from a massive heart attack. The next owner was eaten by a shark while on vacation only a week after he purchased it. I am the 3rd owner and have had it a short while. I can no longer drive it as I had both legs amputated only a month ago due to diabetes and am undergoing Chemo for cancer.
As I said earlier the car runs great, there is some small problems like the car will start by itself in the middle of the night. While cleaning the undercarriage the other day I smelled a foul odor like rotting flesh. While driving it the other day something happened to the radio as it stopped working and it only made groaning noises. I also though it has a transmission leak because a trail of red fluid was coming out from under the car, I brought it to a repair shop and they told me nothing was leaking.
Well, anyway I am ready to sell it and have attached pictures. Please tell me when you can stop by and look at it, the later at night the better. By the way how much do you weigh and how tall are you? Hope you are in good health as they need to eat, er I mean the people coming with you that is.... Any payment method you have is good. Let me know what you wish to do
Thanks, Walt Disney

Dear Walt Disney

Thanks so much your reply to my email.
Please as the condition stand for now,i will like you to dedult some amount for me from your price so that i will cheque down the cheque immedaitely to you.
As soon as you do this try give me the name and the address that i will used to issue the cheque for the payment.

I am waiting for your emaill soon.

Ambrose Wise

Dear Ambrose Wise,
Thank you for you quick reply. Please send payment to Walt Disney, Magic Kingdom Trailer Park, Unit E-8, Hershey highway, Ocala, Florida, 34470. They found another one underneath the car last night! When is it gonna stop? This thing is pure evil. More are missing the worst is feared. Anyway enough about the weather here. I look foward to hearing from you soon (if it doesent get me too). My son mickey and wife minnie send their regards,goofy too! I will contact you as soon as the check arrives and will try to find the car and get the entrails off again.

Walt Disney

Hi Walt Disney
i will send down a cheque to you with your information and the name here that you state to me.
An additional $7000 will bee added to the cheque which will be cheque of $17.500 will come to you as i promise to send to you.
now the additional money have to send down to me shipping agent.
Please as soon as you get the cheque kindly send down the additional money to the shiper so that he will start get the cra to me immedaitely.

Please updating me about the arraival of the cheque.

Ambrose Wise

Dear Sir.
Please i need your direct telephone number so that we can comminicate for this transaction.

Get back to me soon

Ambrose Wise

Dear, Ambrose Wise,
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, I have been away for a few days.
I had to chase down this machine. I am tired of cleaning up the mess. It's getting pretty clever, I found it hiding out behind a billboard waiting for it's next hit. I havent slept for days, I know its angry and I hope it does not turn on me. Anyway if you want to reach me I will be staying at the hotel Royal Plaza, the phone number is 407-828-2828, Just ask for me Walt Disney. Your payment situation will work for me. I will e-mail you at once when the check arrives.
XOXOX Walt Disney

Dear sir
complement of the day to you and your family.
please i want to know if you have recieve the cheque that i sent down to you.
please try updating me on this issue

i am waitng for your reply soon


HEYbrose Wise,
hEl3o, thunkse fork cuntaactin me agen 456, I am heaving a hard hard hard time, typing these letturs as I broke mye hand and i mmm on pain MedeCashun. That damnnn munster runned me oveeeeeeer. WoW. I gote your cheks todaay. YAAY. Cume and pick up this car,bringamop. My bankz gave me de cash. Heroin is so cool. I CAN FLY. Calll me at this here hoteel, nevernind Just you comee tothe traylerpark. Gabeesh? Ahhh it wants me. NO NO NO, I took a dump..hehe
I ym waitinn for ya , Come onnnnnnnn, gettyn sleepy..ah no
$$??// 7bgf ibvgf;b4u09u90=-**8n5
Sorry-I woke up. I can shout dont hear you! Love ya babe..... Man Wally

dear sir.
complement of the day to you.
since you have recieve the cheque and cash up the money i will like you send down the additional money to my shipping agent so that he will proceed to come and pickup that car on your destination.
i will try call you onj phone to speak to you soon

ambrose wise

I yam ffeeling a bit batter todey, thuswelling has reducing . I knoo its come to finish mee off. Ohh the paain. My hanz are only nubss. It is ouside and jus keeps rev vin up. God why mee? put a speer thru my head,just maake it goway!
You can send wht e ver tou like and im will help you. too. Call me on the batfone, or just comr by. If t you call ask for Mickee Moss, or Don Elduc tell y them you want whats left of walt disnee. It just crashed into the building, gotta gooo, oh nooo!
Hugs and tounge, your girl Wally

Dear Ambrose Wise,
I have not heard from you on this car you purchased. I am happy to tell you that I have completely recovered from the accident. I think it is going to stay away. I really apologize for not getting back to you sooner as I was really in pain and could not properly correspond with you. This car is completely ready for picking up. Your payment has cleared.
Please come and pick it up and tell me where I should send the check for the overage amount and how much to send. I think you will like this 83 horizon you bought. Please let me know when you will come and I will take it off blocks and get the beer cans and garbage bags out.
Thanks for your patience, Walter

Thanks for keeping me updated and sorry for not getting back to you earlier than now.Due to my client`s continuous absence,he has instructed me that i should inform you to send the remaining money directly back to his agent/shipper via MONEY GRAM INTERNATIONAL OR WESTERN UNION money transfer so that the can come for pick up.
Below is my client`s shipper information for the MoneyGram money or Western union transfer;

ADDRESS.........3472 S LA BREA AVE
Email Address : [email protected]

I will be expecting your mail with the money transfer details to the agent/shipper, so that we can schedule with you on th pick-up arrangments after you have done the transfer.

Thanks and nice doing business with you.
MoneyGram outlets where the transfer will will be effected from.

OCALA, FL 34470-6706
Phone: 352-732-3232

6151 SE 58TH AVE
OCALA, FL 34480
Phone: 352-687-8300

Hi, Ambrose Wise,
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner as I was having my anal sphincter adjusted. Please tell me how much money I should send to the shipper and how does the wire transfer work? When the money gets there does it turn into cash and how will it affect my taxes next year. Is this considered a write off? Or just an unintended expense? According to my accountants projections, I need more write offs and less liquidity. Tangable assets are outweighed by the multiplicity of 9's factor and that may start a downtrend. While it is public opinion, it is favored. Tell me what day is good for you to drive the Horizon home. I have to put air in the tires, the bottoms are dry rotted from sitting over those many years. I am still chasing the mice down after they ate most of the interior. I have vacumed most of the rust off the body and there is a little metal left on the car. There is also a bit of window glass left here and there. The urine soaked floorboards do a nice job of holding up the garbage bags. Enough about my house. I look foward to hearing from you and will send the money as soon as you give me the details.
Thanks, WALt MART.

Dear Walt,
How are you?Please did you get my previous mail on instructions on where to send the remaining balance you should send the funds cash through western union or moneyGram to the agent.Mr Victor Shane.Once the transfer is done please get back to me with the details of the wire transfer.

Hi Walt,
Thanks for the amil you are to send the remaining balance$7,100 of the funds to the agent.The charges of the wire transfer should be deducted,that means you will be sending$7,100-transfer charges to Victor Shane.Please do this immedietly so that the agent will settle the shippers and make arrangements for the pick up.I called you at the hotel but was not able to reach you,so please include a number to reach you on.

Please go to one of this moneygram outlet and do the transfer.

OCALA, FL 34470-6706
Phone: 352-732-3232

6151 SE 58TH AVE
OCALA, FL 34480
Phone: 352-687-8300

Hi, Amber rose,
When you called the hotel who did you speak to?
Did you ask for Mickee maus or Don Elduc, they were both told to get me if you called. If you did not ask for them try calling again.Do not ever ask for me directly most people there think I died in the accident.
I am going to incabeza loco Bank this morning to get the money to send to the shipper. I will have to have my currency (zhimphars) converted to phippes and then converted back to dollars for this transaction.
Because of local limitations I will have to send the money in many small amounts that add up to the total amount you requested. Is that ok? On what day will you pick up the Horizon, I need to know as the smell is really bad and the town is going to fine me soon.
Here is to phil mycrackin! Many wet hugs, Wally

Dear Walt Disney

Complement for the day to you.
I have not hear from you since yesterday.
I called the hotel and ask of you and mickee and don but they told me that don and mickee has close and you are not arround.
Please i want to know from you if you have send down the money i told you to send to my shipper.
Kindly send me the information you used in sending the money to him.
I am waiting for you reply soon.
Ambrose Wise

Hey, arose wiser,
I was out of the hotel that day you called me having lunch with peter pan. i am sorry for not getting back to you soner, i just get home. Unfortunealey I was in Jail the past days. i was arested for impersnating a disnee character. i was at a bar celebrating my luck and had way too many dreenks. The next thing i know is I was in a goofy suit fondling little kids. I think i might have a teeny problem with alchol. I guess I was on another binge!
I love ya man.... I am relly sorry i spent yur money and i will make it up t you I prromise....Doont be mad.

I still have some money left. Right now I can send you what i have left is 29 dollers. I will semd it today. Ohh man my head hurts... the room is spinin.
When are you getting the car? I think they found the body in side- crime scene tape is all around it. i think i am in love with tinkerbell.
Call me again and this time ask for jimmy kneecricket, wayne edipooh If they dont com and get me somebuddy is out of a job. My best of this seesun, wal, wally, walet, princess walter

Dear walt.
Please i am not happy for now since i called the hotel asking of you this morning the man telo me that there not body bearing that name there.
So i try to call back to verify is there is any mistake on the call
and it still the man.
So please try send down the money to the agent so that he will try come down to you for the car.
Try get back to me with the information on how you send the money to him told.
I am waiting for you reply soon

Ambrose Wise

Dear rosebud,
I would like to know who you spoke to when you called me. I asked Mickee moss, don elduk, jimmy kneecricket and wayne edipooh if anybody called asking for me and all said NO. I am going to fire all of them if I am not getting my messages. I asked you in my last email if you wanted me to send the $29 and you did not tell me what you wanted me to do.
I have an idea. I have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, tell me where you are , I will meet you at the closest airport and will give you whatever money I have. I am truly sorry for the mixup and I promise I will pay you when I get more money. My rich uncle is in the hospital and probably will die within a day or so. I am getting a large inheritance when he goes and I will use the money to pay you the $3000 I owe you. I might be able to speed up the process if you know what I mean.
Sisnearly yours, waldo

Dear Walt.
Pleasedo take me ungranted for this is never in-joke.
I told you to send the additional money to my shipping agent so that he cans acuquires his move to your distination for the car.
I call the hotel and somebody pick upthe phone and I then ask of jimmy or don, he told me that no one like that in that hotel.
So tell me what to hear from you now.
I have wait for this from you.
Kindly get the money to my shipping agent so that he will proceed his arraving to your place for the car immedaitely.
You promise to send the money yesterday still now you have not done anything about it.
Get back to me immedaitely so that I will know what next to do please.

Mr. ambrose,
I am sorry to say my uncle did die yesterday and this means I will be able to send the money very shortly. I am getting it from his wife today. I am sorry for the inconvienience, no disrespect was intended. Whose name is to go on the moneygram? I will send you a copy of the moneygram when it is sent. Thanks, Walt

Ambrose Wise

Hi Amertose, I am pleased to tell you that I managed to get that moneygram off to Victor shane, a copy is attached below. I want you to know that after you tried to call me and I never got my messages, I interrogated my staff and found that they have all become drug abusers, I fired them all! Plaese tell me when you are coming to get this car, the cieling is starting to fall and the walls have all collapsed. Thanks, Wall banger


Thanks for the mail and information i've forwarded the information to Victor Shane but there is still something missing,there is no reference number which Victor will use in picking up the funds.Also which moneygram outlet was the transfer done from.
Please get back to me these informations.

Koneecheewah Antone,
I got it here in ocala from big joe gundam in the money hut the reference number is on the sheet. Wally gator

Please send the reference number it's a ten ten digits number,Victor is complaining that he can't pick up the funds with out the reference number.The arrangements for the pick up will be betwen you and Victor.
Expecting it ASAP.

Anthony, I put a call in to big Joe and he was not in, they said he would get back later today with the number you need, after his colorectal implants are removed. It is kind of late and they are not open again till monday so if you do not hear from me over the weekend, I will get back to you on monday. Beelzabub to yours, walt

Dear Walt
Complement of the day to you.
Please i am still waiting for the refrence number.
Please get back to me immedaitely

Ambrose Wise

Hi Androse Vise,
I got word over the weekend that things did not go well for big joe at the money hut, he is in the intensive care unit. In the interim his 8 year old son Leon is handling things and I am working with him to get that number for you. Thanks, Walter

please i am on computer waiting to hear from you since.
i will like to get the refrence number so that my agent will pick up the money before he will travel down to your destination for the car.
i am waiting for your reply soon

Amtose, I am werking on 8 yr old leon in the back room Jacko style, hope to have an answer for you soon. Water

What games are playing? Send the reference number now.

Ambre, THIS IS SERIOUS, I have to tell you that I was contacted by the federal bureau of investigation today and they said you were involved in some sort of a money scam. Is that true? You may want to leave town and tell victor also they are coming for him too. I had to give them the info on our deal as they are putting me away for child pornography and that will lessen my sentence. If you like you may write to me, my address will be [email protected].
I hope you understand and I hope they go easy on you. I will miss you very much, you were my only friend ( over 12 years old). Hope I see you in prision, maybe we can do a conjugal together... Love Wally

Leon Scarpelli wrote :
> >Hi Ambrose my name is Leon, im 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. my
>friend walt told me to email you before he went to the BIG HOUSE. he was
>crying and stuff as the FBI took him away, and before he left gave me this
>paper. its a money order, he said you might needd this. Im sad about walt,
>he was my special friend, and showed me all kinds of fun things, like hide
>the baloney and stuff, sometimes he would give me candy not to tell anyone,
>have you ever had jesus juice, its good, but its sour and it makes me
>sleepy. we also played with his gerbil and his monkey, once he hid the
>gerbil and my hiney hole. it tickeled, sometimes we'd look at each others
>pee pees his was funny looking and shriveled, it was fun until he put that
>in my hiney. that hurt it made me bleed. you know what else? I have a belly
>button! anyways Walt said if u want you can come get this thing, but you
>have to know the password. write me back if you want to know the password
>silly goose i love you.
> >
> >Leon

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 Leon Scarpelli wrote :
> >Ambrose,
> > it's Leon, look i am not hearing from you in email and i talked to walt he told me that if you do not get back to me within the next day i am to tear up the moneygram with the refrence number. so if you want this nyumber i need you to let me know asap or im going to rip this thing up. walt might be getting out of jail on bail ina copuple days if he is allowed to put up his hotel let me know if u want the number or im going ot throw it in the garbage.
> >
> > leon.

hi Leon
>i have wait to recieve the frefence number whci you promise to send down to me.
>i see thi as you are still taking me liks childs play.
>get me the number or live it

Dear Ambrose,
i write you almost everyday and u do not respond i am angry with you and for you to write me being mean just makes me madder, i was trying to reach you but u neveer wanted to talk, i will have you the number today when i get home from court. walt said hes sorry and will be writing you soon, dont be a meanie weenie and i will get u the number bye for now. by the way, what do you mean by "GET ME THE NUMBER OR LIVE IT" have a slice of welfare cheese and relax i will get it tonight .
capo leon scarpelli
The Scarpelli Crime Family.

From ambrose:
please if you to call me please do.
i am now in holiday not in africa.
you can reach me with the number there.
i am waiting for your call ok.

> hello loen
>please try tell you friend that i stop over him for the cheque,
>he promise to give me the refrence number i ask of from him
>i sent to him a cheque what of money and asking for just some shippment
>which is also my money too.
>then he stood on top of my money telling all kind of joke.
>so is good for him to tell me the refrence number that i ask of and then
>order fbi to release him from there order wise he will be there till time
>comes for him to come out.
>tell him that i said
>ambrose wsie


hi thanks for getting back to me, I had the day off from school, as I'm
due to testify in a high profile case of another famouse man who touched my
danger zone. when i go to court i will call Walt and get that numbre from
him soon. he told me he is real sorry for the joke, but hes got the moiney,
and he said he owes u a few beers or some exotic dancers or something when
he gets home, i think they might release him on bale in a day or too i will
call him tonite and get teh number for yuo so u can get thwe car. ok. Would
you like a picture of me as a momento maybe u can have for when u get
lonely? send me a picture of you or some lady friends in crazy positions
with farm animals i like that. may the horse be with you my friend, i love
you dearly.

your greatest friend,
Sir Leon Scarpelli

Hi Ambrose,
hope your doing good, i am doing good. Listen, Walt called me last
night, he was in the prison hospital, there was a terrible accident and he
was injured. He told me that he's due into court today but his back is in
extreme pain and its hard for him to sit for a long time. He said he's super
sorry for everything and that in order for me to give you the refrence
numbre you have to send me a pic of yourself. I will also attach a picture
of myself and then we can be like pen pals. once i get the pic. I will send
u the refrence number. He said it has to be this way so he can be sure it is
you, he told me you guys are best bisness partners and he doesnt want to
ruin the chances of this anyway im attaching my pic, please get back to me
so i know you are alive.


More to come.......
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