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 How many song titles can I use?

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Dick Stulsampl
Master Baiter

Joined: 25 Feb 2005
Posts: 143
Location: Life of a 419 scammer...loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I noticed others are baiting her too - - she is busy!

00 225 05 11 77 89
Dear ,

With due respect and humility, I write you this
letter which I believe you would be of great
assistance to me.

I am MRS.MARIAM KOROMAH, the wife of the late DR.
WILLIAMS KOROMAH of the blessed memory. Prior to
my husband assassination by the rebel forces
loyal to MAJOR JOHN PAUL KOROMA, he was the
Director General National Gold and Diamond Mining
Corporation of Sierra Leone.

Two days before my husband was assassinated, he
instructed me and my son (Fred, ) to move out of
Sierra Leone immediately, before the powerful
Economic Community of West African States
(ECOMOG) forces intervened which eventually
resulted into a brutal civil war. I and my
children managed to escape to Abidjan,Ivoire
through the help of my husband friend who is a
boat trawler. We came into Abidjan with some
valuables including a cash sum of $18.5 million
(Eighteen million five hundred thousand
united states dollars only) in two trunk boxes
which I deposited with my son name,(FRED KOROMAH);

For your information we did not disclose the real
content of the boxes to the security company and
we do not want them to know this under any
circumstances, rather we deposited the boxes as
containing family valuables.

Please come and assist us to claim these boxes
from the security company because we have not
document to prove ownership and source of this
money if we are question in the bank, we therefor
need your assistance by coming here to claim this
money on your foreign bank account. You should
also source for good investment opportunity so
that we can invest wisely for the future of my

We have it in mind to reward you with 10% of the
total amount for your assistance as soon as we
hear from you.

Do not hesitate to call my son on this line
immediately you receive this letter inother to
enable us proceed towards retrieving the boxes
and transferring of the fund into your account.

Note: No one else knows about this money, it is
only you who knows about it.

May God bless as you assist us.

Yours sincerely

I reply

Dear Mrs. Koromah:

First, please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your
beloved husband. It is at times of great loss that people find an
inner strength to move forward. Let his memories be the wind beneath
your wings. Now, find faith in your son. I believe that children are
our future.

Second, I am impressed with your strategy and intelligence. Most
people would properly describe boxes as containing $18.5 Million
dollars and, thereby, risk theft. You and your son smartly described
them instead as valuables, thereby eliminating any motive for theft.

I am interested in helping you, but I will need more details before I
can fly there to assist you. If we reach agreement, I am sure I can be
of assistance. I travel very frequently for business and can easily
make a side-trip to meet with you and/or your son if necessary. We
will have to discuss the means to export two chests carrying large
amounts of cash out of your country, but I am confident that we will
be able to do this.

I certainly can assist you and your son with investment advice. Do you
or he have any interests? Money market funds are relatively safe.
However, for aggressive growth I recommend an emerging industry such
as psilocybe distribution, hymen-tissue regeneration, dp video
production, etc.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance.


She bites

From Madam Mariam Koromah Avenue 5 lot 172 cocody Guest house Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire West Africa. Telephone+ 0022507924282.

Hello Dear Richard,

Good day and how are you today Dear Friend I am so gald to receive your kind response concerning the proposal for your kind assistance for establishment in your base.
Thanks for your positive response in regards to this co-operation the proposal I sent to you for your assistance in fund transfer and investment establishment in your base for long time mutual relationship in lucratives areas.
Please you need not to be skepitcal of any type as we have not known before, it was do to the political instablity in our country that make's me to use this medium to search for a means of geting out of our country since the political uprising which have resulted to war in our country since this past years and as I have inherited a good sum which I want to establish with your care in more political stability country of yours.
Meanwhile, I am glad to understood your interest and willingness to associate with me for long time relationship for the mutual benefits of both of us.

However dear friend , what I mean is that I inherited this vital sum of EIGHTEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND USD $18,500,000 USD Which I will need your assistance for the investment establishment in lucratvies avenue over there in your base in areas like (Hotel Management, Real Estate Housing, Stock Market, Manufacturing Etc)

Infact every investment will be on your advise since I am still a house wife before I lost my husband .whom when he was alive deals in and Gold and Diamond mining site at mende northern distrct of Sierra Leone. This fund is a legitmately acquired fund and must to invested in legitimate venture.

This fund is deposited with in a Security Insurance firm here known as the Royal Securities and Trust Inc in Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire west Africa where I am staying now but very willing to travel out due to the political instablity in the country. The fund is deposited with the name of my late husband as the depositor and my name as the next of kin.
I have been at the Security firm to confirm the existance of this fund with the deposit certificate lodgement slip the Security firm issued to my late husband as of the time he made this deposit which I which I will send to you for review as soon as we talk on the phone, send your phone number and fax number to me for more vocal.Thanks for your positive response, this assure's me that you that you will be capable to handle this investment I am asuring that everything is in order,I want you to be rest assured that this project is 100% risk free and legitimate in the sense that there will never be any strange protocols or what ever illegality to be attached to it everything will be transparent to both of us.
Only what I need from you is to a good and honest partner who will assist me to receive this fund over there for establishment . It was due to the political instabilty in our country that make's me to search for a means to get out of the country since most of personals is going away from the country due the crisis that have resulted to war since the past years now.
I thank you very much for bringing out your mind to relate with me, I will be delighted to inform you once again, the exactly areas in which I need your assistance since I have already informed you the source and origin of my fund is inheritance from my late husband.
Just for you assist me to recover this fund to your base into a good account with out much taxes to it and invest it in profitable ventures.
For your assistance in these areas I am suggesting to give you at least 15% from the total fund after the transfer while 3% will be set aside for any expenses that might incur during the transaction. Then rest will be for the investment programme.I need your private phone and fax for more easily communications.
As soon as we speak on the phone I will send to you the documents of proof concerning this deposit for your review , I will also give you the contact address of the security firm in order for you to link up direct with them to confirm the certainty of this project,I waiting for your Urgent response. I have finalise the best way in which the fund will be transfer to for the establishment programme.I am assuring you that this transaction is 100% lagetimate and guaranteed.
Thanks for your understanding and continual co-operations.
Yours Sincerely
Madam Mariam


Looking good

Dear Mariam:

I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. I have faith that we
shall complete this transaction. Please continue to remember your lost
husband. I understand your pain. I lost an uncle once, Thomas. He
was in the space program. No matter how much they called Major Tom,
he only responded "Tell my wife I love her." and then silence. We
miss him, but know that he is in a better place. I think he will
remember me when we meet in heaven. This goes for you and your

Here are some personal details. My full name is Richard Rinckle
Stulsampl. My office is at: 3115 140th St., Flushing, New York 11354
USA. My fax is: 202-406-5031. I was born in England. I now live in
D.C. but work in NY.

Could I please receive some proof of your identity? I am sure you can
provide ID, some papers attesting to your claimed position and the
funds. I am sure you understand this requirement as reasonable before
we proceed.

Also, I like to know about business partners. How old are you? Are
you educated? Any hobbies? That kind of information.

Thanks. I am walking on sunshine.

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Dick Stulsampl
Master Baiter

Joined: 25 Feb 2005
Posts: 143
Location: Life of a 419 scammer...loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 6:56 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

It continues.

From Mariam Koromah
Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire West Africa
Tel+22507924282 (CONFIDENTIAL)

Hello Dear Richard,

Good day and How are you today dear Richard, with hope all is well.
If so may thanks be to Most high God who has make it possible for us to come in contact the first place. I have seen your telephone number and home address I will contact you today on the phone for more clerification.I will not have problems to locate you on our arrival in USA ,Entering visas will not be a problem for us because our church will be our suponsor.I am so glad to undestood how you have bring out your whole mind to relate with me May God bless you and crown our effort so far for smooth conclusion of this noble relationship and transaction.
The most important thing I need from you is just to be kind with me in honesty and dedicated to each other for this noble transaction and relationship.
I want you to be rest assured that You will never be let down of any type I believe that we shall be together very soon,Just be honest and dedicated to us you will not be let down of any type.I am very glad you will be capable to handle this project in area you think it will be more profitable, Now I know that it was God direction to sent you on our way like an angel of the God for our rescue in this war country.

Your only duty is to retrieve this fund as soon it arrives in your baseand invest it properly into profitable venture with out much taxes to be paid to your government during the investment programme. I will want you to handle this fund well I am thinking to invest in the areas like ( Hotel Management, Real Estate Manufacturing ETC) Although I have not being into business before, So every investment will be strictly with your direction as the guardian in USA.

As I informed you on my last message that I will be meeting with the Security Insurance to find out the best way the fund will be uplifted to your base.After going through your positive message this morning I called the Security company director before going to meet with them at their management .I am just coming from the security firm everything went fine I have concluded the arrangement with them they have accepted to release the deposit through diplomatic courrier cargo handle service with sepecial arrangement under the supervision of United Nation Security Officers handling African and Europe affairs since this the crisis started.

During my meeting with them I inform the Security firm director about you, I told him that you are my late husband's family friend who supposed to receive this deposit before the sudden death of my late husband for the pupose of investment in God' s good work and investment establishment.
The Security firm director promised me that they have no right to continue holding my inherited deposit hence I am the original next of kin and the official depositor is no longer alive, He therefore assured me that they will be willing and ready to release the deposit to any beneficiary I desired, But that they will do it in a legal way.
First and foremost He said that he will want to hear from you as the beneficiary to confirm if actually you are expecting the release of the deposit as I said.I will want you to link up direct with the security immediately in order for you to confirm the existance of the deposit and also inquire and give inistruction of the release.

This the contact address of the Security Firm.

TELEPHONE +225-05418342 FAX+00 225 21279686.
E.MAIL: [email protected]

It very important you write to them a fax or e.mail or can call them on the phone to inquire about the transfer details.
During my meeting with the Security firm the director informed me that there is some certain vital legal documents they will require from me to which will enable /permit them to confirm me the official owner of the fund before access will be given for the transfer, which they called (Affidavit of Oath, Official Leter of Claim, to effect change of ownership on your name before the shipment will be done as I instructed.

He said that these legal documents can be procured at ministry of justice here I will be at the ministry of justice tomorrow to inquire how these documents can be obtained.
I have seen your telephone numbers I will contact you on the phone today for more vocal conversation and clarification. Try to link up with the security firm today so that as soon as I obtain these legal papers and submit to them the shipment will be effected.I will not have problems to locate on our arrival,All the necessary things we need for our traveling arrangement like invitation letter visa and hotel accomdation,will be handle by our church.I will send my indentification and the deposit certificate after I may have sopken with you I will call you today.

Call me if possible from your side.
I will stop here. Thanks for your understanding and continual co-operations.

NB:incase if you are contacting the Security firm just let the director Konan Olivier to understand that you are the family friend of Chief Willams Koromah .
Who supposed to receive this consignment before the sudden death of your beloved friend.
Although they will not ask much any question I have explained to them about you, but never you let them to understand that the exact content of the trunk box is money as it was careful deposited by my late husband and decleared to be family valuables.

I amexpecting to hear from you urgently.

Yours Faithfully
I am giddy with excitement

Director Konan Olivier:

I am the family friend of Chief Willams Koromah. I believe you have
spoken with his widow about me. I was supposed to receive this
consignment before the sudden death of your beloved friend.

Please let me know what I need to do to protect my family jewels.

Thank you.

Better let Mariam know too.

You make me want to jump with joy. I have followed your instructions
and know that our treasure awaits us somewhere over the rainbow.

I sent the letter to the security company. I hope they can help us.

Give my best to your children.

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