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 He offered me oral....and then he gets offended

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Dick Stulsampl
Master Baiter

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Location: Life of a 419 scammer...loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 6:40 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first real Scam Bait attempt (I actually have one other that started a day earlier - but I am waiting on a response from that one).
___________________ Intro: I get the usual letter from scammer Koffi Danjima:

TEL:00228-925 7418
Urgent Attention,

I have a proposal for you, this however is not mandatory nor will I in any
manner compel you to honour against your will. (Well at least he is isn't forcing me to take part in the scam).

I am Mr Koffi Danjima, and work with a bank (one of the African leading
banks in the West Coast).

Here in this bank existed a dormant account for the past 8 years which belong
to a American national who is now late Mr Morris Thompson who died on Alaska
Airlines Flight 261. (Sad thing - this appears to be a real death - what a scum bag trying to profit off of this sad event)
More details about the deceased himself,you can check on


When I discovered that there had been no deposits nor withdrawals from this
account for this long period, I decided to carry out a system investigation
and discovered that non of the family member nor relations of the late person
is aware of this account.

This is the story in a nutshell.

Now I want an account overseas where the bank will transfer this funds.Thereafter,I
had planned to destroy all related documents for this account. It is a careful
network and for the past eleven months I have worked out everything to ensure
a hitch-free operation.

The amount is not so much at the moment and plus all the accumulated interest
the balance in this account stands at-(US$14.1million US dollars).
Now our questions are:-

1. Can you handle this project?
2. Can I give you this trust?
3. What will be your commission? If you can sponsor this transfer.
Consider this and get back at us as soon as possible.

Finally, it is our humble prayer that the information as contained herein
be accorded the necessary
attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it deserves.

I Expect your urgent response if you can handle this project. Call me at
this direct line +228 925 7418 after sending a mail for confirmation.

I am expecting your urgent response as soon as you receive my message.Kindly
send any message through my alternative email addresses below for security
measures thus;([email protected])

Respectfully yours,

Mr Koffi Danjima.

____________________________________ OK - time for a response...hope I am fair in my proposed deal.

Richard Stulsampl to koffi_danjima, koffi_danjima
More options 2/28/05 (3 days ago)
Mr. Danjima:

Thank you for the letter. I must say, the proposition sounds
interesting. You can trust me to show this request the urgency and
secrecy that it deserves.

I run a successful company that employs 275 people, so I have a
reputation that I must protect. As such, I trust you will likewise
maintain the secrecy of our transaction.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I can handle it. I oversee many international business
transactions and have multiple bank accounts around the world (I may
even have one at your bank, I will need to check).
2. I believe so. By "trust", do you mean the actual account, or a
term of friendship and honor? Either way, no problem.
3. My commission should be fair and reasonable, but also proportionate
to the urgency, secrecy and nature of this transaction. As such, I
would propose US$10million for my services. This leaves you with well
over $4million (which, at the present exchange rates, would actually
net you a higher return for life in Lome Togo than $10million does me
in New York). However, I do not wish to be greedy, so we can discuss
these figures.

I look forward to our future business transactions and a rewarding relationship.


Richard Stulsampl
F.O. Enterprises

______________ Now I get scolded because I sent my response to the wrong e-mail despite his instructions...oops.

Dear Richard Stulsampl ,
As I told you from my other email to reach you from my private email for security reasons, I once again thank you for confirming your interest towards this business. I will not hesitate to let you know the proceedures of this claim. First, I want you to know that I work in this bank and will be relaying every information to you on time before demand and have set my mechinaries in motion for a smooth and hitch free transfer. So I will not like you to drop this pressure of seriousness and fastness in forwarding claims to the deposit.
I must not also forget to bring to your knowledge that this transcation is to be kept secret between us until the fund moves into your account. This transaction has been scheduled to last for fourteen (14) bank working day, so I will not want us to employ any delay while on the process of this claim. Now, what you need to do now is to contact the bank with an application text for the claim. Bear in mind that the bank must not have any idea that I know about this move because I am still actively working in the bank. Always get back to me first whenever you get any responds from the foreign remittance dept. for proper advise.
Subsequent to this reason, I have drafted the below application (usual garbage - I didn't attach it here) on your behalf, I want you to fill in the application and send it to the bank direct to the director of foreign remittance of the bank through their email address or fax, preferably, use email address for urgency purpose. I drafted the application on your behalf to avoid any mistake. But before you commence, I want you to know that I did not accept you condition on the percentage ratio. How can you be so greedy (I guess I am a bit greedy wanting to take over 60% of non-existent funds) to take $10M, for you information, I do not accept, it will be a 50/50 deal. If you accept, then fill the application and send to the bank and if you don't accept, do not hesitate to delete all my message because I am not and will not plead with you in this matter because tis is business. (Wow! A scammer with pride) I surely will see who will assist and get this done.
So think wisely and take your decission, else, I don't need further mails from you. If you accept, I want you to get back to me as soon as you have submitted this application to the bank. Find the application below.
Call me for further oral. +2289257418, (what was that?)
Mr Koffi Danjima

____________________ Me thinks a right proper response is due
Mr. Danjami:

From the outset, I must tell you that I take great offense at your
statement that I am greedy. Let me remind you, it was you that
contacted me seeking assistance. It is you that is planning on
keeping money that belongs to someone else. It is you that needs my
bank and business knowledge. I stated that my proposed fee was
negotiable - as such, your insulting me is no way to build a business
relationship built upon trust and honor.

I do many international business transactions so I realize that the
value of a certain amount of currency is greater in some countries
than it is in other countries. You and I both know that US$1 million
will purchase you a much greater lifestyle in West Africa than it
would purchase me in Manhattan. That was the only reason I proposed
an unequal split.

However, that aside, I am willing to deviate from my proposed
allocation. I am a businessman so I can understand the need that we
share 50/50 in everything. As such, I will agree to that split, so
long as we also share equally the efforts, the costs and the risks in
this venture(I wonder what he will think about sharing 50/50 on costs).

To show you my willingness to share with you, please find my attached
photo (I attach a photo of Walt Disney). I would appreciate receiving a photo of you (along with copies
of proper identification evidencing your position with the bank).
Upon receipt of these documents, we can proceed. You can attach them
as scans or, if you wish, I can provide you with a business address so
that you can have these delivered via DHL. If you choose to have them
delivered via DHL, we need to coordinate this effort in advance as I
travel extensively and would not want my assistant to open any such
DHL packages in my absence.

As for your offer of oral, I will certainly decline. For now, our
interaction must remain via e-mail or written correspondence.



_____________________ OK - now he understands

Dear Richard Stulsampl,
Thanks for your mail. I understand how you fell (I did? Oh yes, it was a nice trip too) and your point, in any case, I apologise if my language got you offended. I thank you so much for your photo which you forwarded to me for my view.
I will like to deal with you in this matter with an addition of 10% as I have seen your view. In that case, you will be having 60% of the total sum while I take 40%. I hope you will be ok by that. (He didn't even want to share 50/50 on imaginary costs)
I also wanted to show you my seriousness in commencing this matter, as you demanded, I attach herewith, a copy of my international passport and my professional identity card for your perusal. Please I will like you to handle these my identifications with care please. I hope you know what I mean. (Sure I do - - you wouldn't want someone to see these and realize you produce such crap counterfeits)

If you agree with the percentage and satisfied with my clearifications, kindly fill in the application and send it to the bank immediately and get back to me.

I will be waiting to hear from you. Call me for oral discussion. (Hmmm...I'll pass again).


Mr Koffi.

____________________ Now I write to my good friend
Mr. Danjima:

I am happy that we are working together now, in the spirit of trust
and cooperation. Now it is I that feels bad about my words. Let me
propose this to you. Since the account funds, while not excessively
large, still contains over $14 million. As such, I will take $6
million, you will take $6 million and we shall jointly donate the
remaining funds to a worthy cause. I note from the articles you sent
that the late Mr. Morris was involved in land preservation so I
initially thought that we could contact his Alaska organization and
propose the generous donation. I thought that I could fly you out here
to New York and we could hold a big press conference, inviting
dignitaries, film stars and AVN-award winners (Note: AVN is adult video news - - - best porn stars around Shocked ). It would be lavish,
with plenty of expensive champagne, caviar (I prefer Osetra, but if
you like Beluga better, we could do that), and lobster. I would, of
course, pay for all costs incurred.

However, that would not allow us to proceed in strict confidence. So
I dismissed that idea, no matter how attractive it sounded. Instead,
since Mr. Morris trusted your country with the safekeeping of his
funds, I will defer to you to select a deserving local charity in your
country. After we arrange for the release of the funds, I will fly
over to meet you in person and we can jointly donate the funds to the
charity of your choice. I will then host the planned dinner party

Now, on with business. I will complete the form and send it in. In
fact, I actually completed it already yesterday in hope that we could
continue working together. But, surely someone of your position and
skill at an institution of integrity such as a bank must be aware of
identity issues and proof of credentials. I thank you for the copies
you sent me. However, we both realize that such documents can be
easily created. I need something additional, a token of respect and
trust, that the person to whom I am now writing is the same person as
appears in those excellent identity papers.

As such, can you arrange for a friend or family member to take an
additional photograph of you holding in one hand, the original
identity documents you scanned to me below, and in the other hand the
document that I have attached (a simple message referring to our
expected dinner of celebration between you, me and my family when we
donate the funds to your selected charity). That way, I can have
proof that I am indeed partnering with a man of integrity, honor and
endowment (or lack thereof). (I attach a document that reads "DICK & STULSAMPLS ARE MY FAVORITE FOR DINNER")

Thank you. I look forward to receiving the photo. In the meantime,
please find the attached photo of me. I apologize for the quality as
it is from an older local newspaper. But it is one of my favorites.
It is me dedicating the opening of our company's first manufacturing
plant. (In fact, it was a grainy image of Walt Disney at the opening of Disneyland).This plant was also the first of our three to break the $1
billion dollars in gross revenue.

Thank you and take care.

Your friend.


Richard "Dick" Stulsampl
President & CEO
F.O. Enterprises
"Let our moves move you!"

____________________________________ No reply..hmmmmm

Dear Mr. Koffi:

I wanted to let you know that I managed to reallocate funds within 3
of our company's offshore accounts (Geneva, Hong Kong and Reykjavik)(Iceland is known as one of the world banking powers...right?)
and one of my personal accounts (London) so that they are posed to
accept large amounts of cash. In addition, I have increased available
funds in my personal account in South Wales in case we need to cover
the ordinary and expected costs and fees that usually arise out of
this type of transaction.

In order to prepare for receipt of the funds, I need you to select one
of the bank locations mentioned above (Geneva and Hong Kong are both
BBL accounts while London is a Lloyds account and Reykjavik is a Banc
Eis account)(translation: Ice Bank). I understand if you have a preference as people in the banking industry, such as yourself, have established certain relationships with various locations and financial institutions.

How are we coming along with the photo? I have mentioned to my wife
that we may be taking a trip to West Africa soon for vacation and to
support a charity. She is thrilled. Of course, I did not mention our
business transaction yet in respect to your wishes of confidentiality.
I am enclosing a photo of my wife Labbie (her real name is Labia,
but I call her Labbie for short...its easier on the lips - no?) I feel
we are friends and friends need to share with each other personal
facts and photos. It helps build trust and friendship. You will
note, she is quite a bit younger (and much better looking) than I.
Just one of the benefits I enjoy due to my wealth! (I attach a nice photo of Lindsay Lohan)

As mentioned above, I have added funds to my Wales account. Do you
have an estimate of the anticipated bank, transfer, documentation, tax
and other fees and duties we will be incurring? I want to make sure
the $125,000 I have funded my account to date will suffice.

Thank you. And please, remember to send me the invoice for the
flowers and any expenses you incur in having the photo made. This is
my request to ease my heart and you should not have to assume any
costs associated with it.

Your friend,


Richard "Dick" Stulsampl
President & CEO
F.O. Enterprises
"Let our moves move you!"

___________________________ Oh oh - - I think he's onto me.
Mr Richard,
I want to remind you of what I earlier told you, I do not need people to do this business, rather I need a person and I don't like entertaining so much talks whenever it comes to business opportunity. I have just sent you my international passport photo and my bank identity. I am happy that you have not already forwarded an application to the bank for this claim. Please I want you to decline. I need seriousness and I don't have such time to play like a kid. All me time is for one good thing of the other. Sending me thousands of photos is not what I wanted. It is either you are in or out and I don't need all those your unwanted stories. Don't tell me of your Billions Dollars in one Billion account anymore in hundred and thousand countries.
Just don't bother my life again if you are not ready for this business. I am happy I have not sent any document of this deposit to you. If you need me to trust you in this business, Do take a picture, carrying a big basket on your hand and a marchet of the other. If you do this and send to me, then I will know you are the one in the photo you send me. Anything outside what I have told you, be out immediately.
Have to contact someone to conclude this soon.
Bye for now.
Mr Koffi.

_____________________________Time to attack back.

I am shocked and surprised (and humored) by the tone of your message. I thought we
were getting on quite well. (you even offered me oral - remember?) We have agreed upon a fair division of
the funds and I believe the estate of the individual who has rightful
title to these funds should be shown some respect. Its called karma -
you enter into business dealing with such respect and at the end of
the day, you will be justly rewarded. Stick "karma" into an Internet
search engine and you may learn something (if you are capable). I
offered to assume all costs and expenses incurred in this effort. Now,
you attack me.

I do not trust my reputation and business with just anyone. I did not
reach my position in life by blindly entering into business relations
with just anyone. It appears you do.

My "stories" were important details for this transaction. I need to
know in which country you want to have an account. I supplied you the
information of my accounts because I would assume that one in your
position at a bank would need this information.

Perhaps the Afrik Banque Togo is not a sophisticated financial
institution. Perhaps it is you that lack the necessary experience and
knowledge to complete this transaction. You can't even get the fiscal
numbers correct. I have no Billions of dollars in any account (I wish
that I had) - I stated that one of my plants has eclipsed the billion
dollar in gross receipts. Perhaps you can find a junior clerk at your
bank to explain to you what these business terms mean. If you are
still confused, I will send you a dictionary and a calculator (I will
have to take it on faith that you are capable of using either of these

You don't want to know my personal details? Fine - you will receive no more.

I, on the other hand, DEMAND facts and identity of people who APPROACH
me to conduct business. You came to me. I have no idea who you are.
You still have not even explained how you got my e-mail. But yet you
somehow want me to just jump right in and do business with you. Trust
me, if you find someone willing to blindly enter into this
relationship with you - that person will not have the business
experience or necessary funding to assist you. But, that is your
decision. I would have been more than happy to take any photo you
required - you would have had it in under 60 minutes. However, you
have not done me the courtesy of even supplying me more than poorly
scanned images of what appear to be old or faded documents. Perhaps
these pass for legitimate credentials at the Afrik Banque Togo. They
do not even come close to meeting minimum requirements in the United

If you change your mind and decide to cooperate with me, then I may be
willing to assist you. But you can forget about any dinner, any
party, any friendship. I will tell Labbie that we will instead be
vacationing in Paris this year. Per your request it will be straight
business - AFTER you prove your identity as I requested. If you are
unable or unwilling to do so, then please go find someone else.
Remember, I do not need this money - I would like it I admit, but I am
quite wealthy and have no dire need. I suspect that you do.

Good bye. If I hear from you (and I am not sure I care anymore) then
you best have th proper identity proof that I demand. Otherwise DO
NOT contact me, DO NOT waste my time, and DO NOT come begging back
when you are unable to find another partner.


Richard "Dick" Stulsampl
President & CEO
F.O. Enterprises
"Let our moves move you!"
No response ........yet........If silence continues, I'll send him one of the "You are a 419 scammer and an idiot" letters.[/b]
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