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 My 1st bait (Now in Colour)

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Master Baiter

Joined: 14 Feb 2005
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Location: Left a bit, right a bit, geting warmer, left a bit,warmer still, hotter,hotter, colder, left a bit

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 4:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first bate. It has now droped to a very childish level. But at least it is wasting his time.

Ben = me

Umar= The nasty mugu

Please feel free to give any advise/cristisium

Borring borring borring. Bank and bloke dead email

I reply

Please tell me more



Borring borring borring. Send all your personal details

Sounds like a good idea so i do

Dear Sir Benjamin
Thanks very much for your prompt response.I pray that this spirit of yours,will be maintained through out the period of this mutually benefiting and risk free business.I am also glad for your concern about my safety.Let me emphasis that it is because of the need for safety that i have decided that all the process leading to the transafer,will be done legally.
I have submitted your information to the bank and i know there will be contacting you as soon as possible.When they do,please let me know.
As i have told you,your maximum coperation will be required so that within 7 days,the funds would be in your account.
I will like you to always call me as it may not be very convenient for me to do that.
Mr. Benjamin,i hope i will not regret intrusting this huge amount of money to you as you know that i really do not know much of you.I will need some assurance.
I need your private phone please.
Best Regards.

Hi Umar

I have already emailed you my private phone number but here is is again for you

Phone/fax Number
(my k7 number)

And for the record id is SIR BENJAMIN not Mr as you wrote in the
middle of you email



Dear Sir. Benjamin

The correction is noted but let me tell you that i have called you atleast two times and in both instances,i left a mesage in your answering machine.I expected your call.

Meanwhlie,as i told you in my last mail,i have submitted your infromation to the bank .So,be expecting a response that is if you have not heard from them.

Pleas try to call me.

Have a nice weekend.


HI Umar

when i try you phone it is always engaged.

I have not got any answer phone measages from you. When i get home
today i will test it.

I look forwared to hearing from the bank


Sir Ben


Dear Sir Benjamin OBE,

Thanks for your mail.How are you and your family?
I have called you time and again and it keep entering answering device.It is very important we have orall discussion regarding what we are doing.
Let me also, tell you that for security reasons,it will be most convnient for you to call me any time of the day on my private # + 234-802-3363857 this is because,i do want my calls monitored.

Have you heard from the bank? Please let me know ASAP.

Have a nice day.
Expecting your usuall prompt response.

At this point I realise that i have been merrly deleating the bank emails thinking they were spam

No Umar

I have not heard from the bank!!

Is this some kind of joke? HA FUCKING HA

Your phone is always engaged, I have not recived any measages from you
or any calls. I have hardly been away from my phone today.

This is not Childrens Games!

Stop wasting my time I am a buissy man.

I sujest if you a serious about this you get onto the bank sharpish.


I dont think he liked that
Sir Benjamin OBE

I am very surprised at your attitude regarding this transaction.Do you by any means think i am joking like you are insenueting? If you think i am then you have another thin coming. I am a seasoned banker of repute and i just wanted to take advantage that presented itself with the banks inability to locate the deacesed next of kin.That is why i mistakenly contacted you thinking you are some one to do business with. Why do you lie when it is obvious that the bank has reached you do you want to take the funds($15.5m) alone? Well thank God you exposed your self early enough that i can stop the transaction.I will look for some one else who will appreciate my offer.

Do not bother to respond if you are no ready.

How can you even say that you are by your phone when i have called you about three times and it is always on machine.I can't imagine your excuse of not getting me.How rediculous

Listen here my boy

I have NOT been contacted by you bank. maybe "the banks inability to
locate the deceased next of kin" is the same reason they cant find my
email address!! (that they are incompitant)

If you are a example of you bank then i can see why they have these
problems.(you cant even get my name right).

Ring you bank now and get them to email me the details.

I do not whant to hear from you again untill I have spoken to your bank!

Go away little man.


Sir Ben Hatch OBE

Still not happy
Sir.Benjamin OBE

What do you mean i can't get your name well?

You said your name is SIR BENJAMIN OBE and that is what i have been addressing you as.Well,i have something to prove that the bank has contacted.They sent you what is required to process the funds in your favour.That is the standard pratice when an application is recieved.Yours can't be different.

Here is the email address of the bank:[email protected] you may email them to find out the through possition of things.The phone is + 234-1-4764027.

My #+234-802-3363857.

If you are throughly interested and not out to wast my time,then contact them NOW.

My friend,i take exception to your calling me SON.


Listen to me sonny boy

If you want to do business with me YOU will email the bank and get
them to Email ME

If you do not do this are business partnership is over!!

I know it is a lot of money but I am from a rich family and if it
comes down to it I will have to stick to my principals as i cant let
this you get away with treating me like this.

Below is the email you sent me with my name wrong!!

Sir Benjamin Hatch OBE

Sir Benjamin OBE

It is on the bases of the application i made on you behalf that the bank will reach you.I gave you the contacts so that you can confirm if i have made the application or not.Is there a problem with that?I strongly doubt that.

Why is it also dificult for you to call?

If you understood my second mail,you will appreciate why i can not be so involved because i am still a staff of the bank and the code of conduct forbids us to be engaged in any form of business.This explains why it will not be convenient security wise,to do what you are asking.But i will try.

But if you really want to do this business,Please do as i have told you.Contact them and just tell them that some one made an application on you behalf and you have not heard from them.

I am happy that you are from a rich home but you will still need more money.


I decide to email the bank but the email is dead

Umar I am geting sick of your games.

If this banks email works why cant i email them then.

Try it yourself!

I expect a apology tomorow!

Please get onto the bank and and get them to sort there act out.




Sir Benjamin OBE,
I have told you that i do not like your choice of words when you write me mails.What do you take me for? I expect some manners.Afterall,you do not know me and if not for this transaction,i do no not think i will have any thing to do with somebody like you with all your manners.
Well,i do not understand what you want me to send to the bank.What you sent to me is not clear.Could you come down from your high heavens and resend to the bank and copy me?There is nothing wrong with the bank's email address.
I thought you said the bank has not contacted you are you sure i can entrust you with the funds when it finnaly gets to your account?,why do you not want to call either the bank or myself? I wonder!
Find below the email and phone numbers of the bank:[email protected],+234-1-476-4027.And my number is +234-802-3363857.
Note that this is neither a JOKE NOR GAMES so be serious.

Ok lets try and get back to bussiness


The address you gave me before was the worng one
"[email protected]". I have sent a test measage to the address
you gave me this time and this one works.

So if you can be serious your self this time. And follow these instructions.

I will try emailing the bank for you again.

You sit down get your self a cool beer. Mabe hire yourself a young lady.
take time to think and relax. Get your head together

As soon as i hear from the bank i will email you.

Sir Ben

sent this to the bank

Dear Sirs

Unfortunatly due to matters out of my control I have not recived any
emails you send me.

These problems have now been rectifyed

Please can you re-send the emails

Sir Benjamin Hatch OBE
From the Desk of

Will update when i have more emails, feal free to add comments

Unome Razz

"I will work it out and get back at you, but am sure
that it will travel quite far in 10 kilometers" -Mr Grazzito Magritto AKA Mike

"and also you can be charged of money smoggling" - Mike


Mortar x2

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Mr. Hugh Jarse
Not quite a Newb

Joined: 29 Jan 2005
Posts: 36
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 4:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

[email protected],
Apologise for the confusion and tell him you took his
advice and hired a young lady to relax. Give him a good description of what you both did, then ask his advice about the nasty rash which is
causing your pubic hair to fall out, blame it all on him.

Then while he is distracted with that, check out the fake bank site if you
have the bank name and see if it exists, or is dead. If alive get it killed.

I have never laughed so much since my granny caught her tits in the mangle.
Dead Banks-:ru:
Irrespective of the fact that i want to do business with you,i can never condescend so low as to engage in derogatory issues like labelling myself as a black monkey!

My attorney says that what you are asking for,is exactly what the old white farmers in the USA used to subject their black slaves to
No sane black woman filled with the milk of pure blackness would accept your hand in marriage.You are just a genetic garbage!

Go roast in hell with your silly white pranks.

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Master Baiter

Joined: 14 Feb 2005
Posts: 157
Location: Left a bit, right a bit, geting warmer, left a bit,warmer still, hotter,hotter, colder, left a bit

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 6:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


Sorry if you had a job following my bait but t'was my advice about the Young Lady Embarassed

I have colour coded for a easyer read. Idea



"I will work it out and get back at you, but am sure
that it will travel quite far in 10 kilometers" -Mr Grazzito Magritto AKA Mike

"and also you can be charged of money smoggling" - Mike


Mortar x2
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Gold Hat
*** BANNED ***

Joined: 18 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 7:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well done - you have already mastered the mugu slap clapping

Keep us updated on his reaction Twisted Evil

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