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 Serial killers having fun with scammers

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 11:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello Sir,
I saw your ad i have to know the price you want to sell it and i can't pay you cash i will send you a cheque and cash it over there and remove your money inside and remove the money you will use to send it to me here and send my my change and tell me the assual price you want to sell it and mail me back. Mr kelvi

Hi kelvi, This car you asked me about is still for sale. (pictures are attached) This is a very rare 1969 camaro rs/ss convertable pace car, that only has 26k original miles. My poor health forces the sale of this car as I can no longer pay for the storage. The exterior is perfect, rustfree and totally original. The interior has just been replaced and is totally made from the finest skins of all the BTK 's people. Nothing is needed for this car to be brought to shows. The engine is singers finest, having a dual tredle, and self threading bobbin. There is a brand new Ted Bundy transmission too. I am asking only $13,500 for this car and will ship it anywhere in the world. Please repond as soon as possible if you are interested.
Thank you, David Berkowitz

Hello Sir,
I have seen the pix of the car and i really luv it and i can' pay you that amount of money you said i will pay you $10,000. if you can assept that you can mail me back so i can know how i will pay you, but i'm not with cash here but i will send you cheque so that you can cash it over there.

Hello kevlar, If the best you can do is $10,000 I guess I have to accept, as my health is failing and I really need the money. Let me know what the next step is thanks, David Berkowitz AKA Son of sam

How are you today and how is everything over there, But can you remember that i told you that i'm going to pay you with cheque and it will care $19,500, i will cal my client in USA, so it will post the cheque to you and you will cash it over there and take your money inside and send me the remaining $9,500, all what i need from you now is your full name,home address, city, state, zip code, phone number, that is the information to send the cheque to you over there, so mail me back quickly to know what next..................................ok
Mr Kelvi

Yo kelsie,
Please send the check to David Berkowitz, 35 Pine Street, Yonkers, NY 10701
My phone line is shared with a service line, listen to all the messages and push the appropriate option. I am good with that payment situation and hope to hear from you soon.
David ( son of sam).

I forgot to give you the phone number. It is 212-479-7990.
My phone line is shared with a service line, listen to all the messages and push the appropriate option.
David ( son of sam).

Hello , Mr. kelvi,
I just wanted to get back in touch with you as I have another interested buyer for the car. If you say you are sending a check I will tell him it is sold. Please let me know your response. David Bezerkowitz

Full Name : David Berkowitz
Home Address: 35 pine street
City: Yonkers
State: New York
Zipcode: 10701
Phone number: 212-479-7990
I will hold the car for you, the payment situation is ok, just send it as soon as possible.
My phone is a service line, listen to all the message and choose the appropriate selection.
Thanks, David ( son of sam)

The cheque will get there next week but i can't say the day you will get it , so leep the car for me well and take good care of it.....................ok

Hello Mr. Kelvin,
Hi I just wanted to tell you the check arrived today. I am really tired right now as I was out most of the night looking for people to do in. I think I got one. When is that dog going to stop? He never shuts up.
Anyway, when are you going to pick up the car? The voices say to clean out that space I will need it for the people I do in. Thanks, David Berkowitz (son of sam, 44 caliber kilar)

Ok, but have you cash it by now, if you have cash the cheque don't forget me change, so you can send my money with these, Name: mukaila Ogunbowale, Address:Lagos Nigeria, Zip code:2340, that is the address to send the money, when you have got the money and i will give you the address to send the motor, and i know my now you will have got the money so send me my change and tell me the type of car you have again....................................ok
Mr kelvi

I'm waiting for you, how far and these is the address to send the car plot 95 Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, pls mail me back now and let me know what happen, pls mail me back when you get these message.
ZIP CODE:23401

Hello Kelvinator,
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Ever since I got that check I have been out partying. Man am I tired! I have never had this much money before and it's great to be able to go to a bar and buy everybody in the place drinks all night long! After that we scored some blow and got a few hookers, what a blast.
I don't know for sure when I will be able to get get back to you again, we are going to the bunny ranch ( whore house), getting dinner at a real expensive restaurant and then doing vegas! Oh man this is great! Just wanted to tell you that the 1983 renault fuego you bought from me caught on fire. Jorge and I were smoking crack in there and it went up. Sorry. The fire dept came and put it out though and had to use a ton of water, which froze. They towed it to the impound and you will have to go there, pay the bill, have it towed to a junkyard and pay them for getting rid of it.
Have you ever done LSD? Wow man, I am trippin right now and I just thought I gave a pile of cash to a jehovah witness that came to the door, or did I ? Hmmm..

Anyway, Bob, It was nice to be able to talk to you over dinner, I just hope next time we get together you get the tip, you cheap bastard. Oh no, the cops are here, I've got to go, tell the wife and kids I said hello and bob Jr to stop doing that or he will go blind. Peace, I'm outta here. Fandango

More to come......
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