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 A new beginning...

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A year ago my favorite pet twigged because of the one chop to many.

I didn't expect to hear from him again but then, out of the blue...

Michael: Hi

Nikita: hey kid, never expected to hear from you again
how are you doing?
are you there?

Michael: I'm alright
Hw is Rudy
Have you killed him?
Nikita when will you be here let's discuss another way of making money from Rudy
Do you have any suggestion?

Nikita: hi
no I haven't killed Rudy
what are you up to?
I'm here later this evening

Michael: Okay which options do you think is okay.

Nikita: are you here?

Michael: Yes

Nikita: hey kid, where have you been?

Michael: I hav been around
Trying to put myself together

Nikita: how's business?

Michael: Since that idiot fucked me up
Business is nice and cool we're working to get d mega hit
How is Rudy?

Nikita: sometimes good, sometimes fucked up

Michael: Yeah that's it
How far have you gone with your plans ?

Nikita: what do you mean?
killing him?

Michael: Wasn't that what you've ever wanted,?
Or have you grown to love him now?

Nikita: Do you think it's easy to kill someone?

Michael: It isn't that's why I'm asking how far you have gone with your plans.
Nikita I'm trying to see if I can still get something out of this at all
I've been fucked so much by those idiot i thought has the same mindset as me
Is there anything you can out up for me?

Nikita: you mean baracus?
I thought you were about to score a mega hit?

Michael: He made away with the money

Nikita: yeah I know

Michael: Okay
I was left with nothing you know.

Nikita: yeah

Michael: Nothing really but help me get my own shear.

Nikita: which shear do you mean?
you still owe me $2,500

Michael: Nikita forget about that for now I don't have it to give
I'm contact in you to see if we can still work together again so I can still get something from Rudy and win this time not losing out all the time.

Nikita: and what's in it for me then? except work?

Michael: We can both get the money divide it between us
I'll need you to put up something for us to work with

Nikita: I have access to all the money now and your deal is to divide it between us
that's not a good option I think

Michael: I know you have everything
All I ask for is you help me out with a deal
Tell me what you want in return

Nikita: are you able to kill the fool?

Michael: What's your options?

Nikita: what do you mean?

Michael: Which option do you intend using?

Nikita: to kill him?

Michael: Yes

Nikita: I don’t know

Michael: Is voodoo an option?

Nikita: you are nuts

Michael: I'm not it works though only if it come s in contact with it

Nikita: that's just bullshit

Michael: You want to bring him down to African?

Nikita: that's a possibility

Michael: Okay I think it can be arranged to look like an accident
I'll need money to put that in place

Nikita: I'm not going to send you any money up front if that's what you mean.

Michael: Then how do you want me to do it without money?

Nikita: what do you need the money for?

Michael: What's your budget on this?

Nikita: budget is limitless

Michael: That's great
You ready to put in $200k for this?
I'll need to put things in place for a smooth deal without trace

Nikita: sure

Michael: Okay I'm in cause this is the only way I can get money from Rudy without being rob again
Rudy will never abide with instruction even if I put up another scam on him

Nikita: you never know with the fool

Michael: He's unpredictable

Nikita: that's the least you can say

Michael: Yeah
When do you want this done?
He is sure an idiot that will never abide with instructions

Nikita: The thing is he comes with instructions himself. but if you manage to comply you can get things done
He made the donation to the orphanage, remember

Michael: Yeah but the idiot robbed it

Nikita: that's not rudy's fault

Michael: Yeah I know
Also I believe his email is being monitored

Nikita: after all this time?

Michael: Yes
Nikita if I'm to put up a scam can you talk Rudy into increasing his investment with his loan company?

Nikita: I don't know
I don't interfere with his investments

Michael: Let's go with your own deal then
I'll need mobilization
Are you in with it?

Nikita: oke

Michael: That means you're to send money to start off preparation

Nikita: no money up front I told you
I'll pay you once we meet in Africa

Michael: How then do I travel out of my country to begin ?
Nikita you'll need yo trust me a little for this to be a success

Nikita: look kid, you're an advanced fee scammer. Do you really think I will send you $200,000 up front?

Michael: No not all upfront

Nikita: not one penny

Michael: Yes I'm a scammer but not with you

Nikita: haha that's a good one

Michael: I was thinking you can tell how much you'll send in advance

Nikita: look back a few lines

Michael: Nikita without money I can't make moves to getting a suitable place where this can be done.

Nikita: that's just bullshit
if that's the case you are a lousy scammer

Michael: Yes I am

Nikita: that's even worse

Michael: I tried making the big one but got fucked up by a stupid partner
So are you in with me?

Nikita: I pay you 200k once we meet and 200k after the job is done, how's that?
money isn't the issue
but I'm not going to send it up front

Michael: If I had the money to get traveling documents done then I'll make moves myself
I don't have it now things are pretty bad that's why I'm in for this deal

Nikita: I already thought so
so let's scam poor nikita

Michael: If you'll mobilize my traveling papers then I have no issues

Nikita: No. Money. Up. Front.
I hope you don't keep arguing about that

Michael: Well there is nothing I can do to make moves myself

Nikita: Well that's already the end of this deal then

Michael: Yes cause I've gat no money to make moves on my own
Are you helping me talk Rudy into investment with his company?

Nikita: you're an asshole

Michael: Okay think about it and get back to me if need b

So we're off for a new chapter Smile

"I am truly not a happy fellow at the moment." - Mr.George
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