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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 5:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was channeling Butch Driveshaft tonight....

The lad is in red and personal snide comments are bolded....

This gets a To Be Continued.....

[/color] bmcslacker: I need to get my hands on some gold for a new project...
strawberryman_07: where u from
strawberryman_07: asl
bmcslacker: US
[/color] bmcslacker: And the rest does not concern you.
strawberryman_07: hey
strawberryman_07: my name is Oliver Ebube
strawberryman_07: i,m from Ghana
bmcslacker: I'm Butch McSlacker from Washington, US. What are you offering?
strawberryman_07: i,m a Gold minner
strawberryman_07: from Ghana
strawberryman_07: we have gold for sale
bmcslacker: OK - How much gold and how much/oz? And is it assayed?
strawberryman_07: we sale $7,500 usd per 1 kg
strawberryman_07: i have details and some picture of our site and picture of our good in my mail box , if you want detail i can send to you
bmcslacker: Please do - [email protected]
[/color] bmcslacker: Send it.
strawberryman_07: SENT
bmcslacker: Good
strawberryman_07: LET ME KNOW WHEN U RECIEVE IT
bmcslacker: Looks like rough gold - I don't see an assay mark.
strawberryman_07: ITS PMMC,
strawberryman_07: TO BUYERS DESTINATION
strawberryman_07: WE CAN GO INTO TRANSACTION
bmcslacker: PMMC? Never heard of them.
strawberryman_07: GOT IT
bmcslacker: OK - 2 requests: 1st. Stop typing in all fucking capitol letters. It's fucking hard to read. : 2nd. What's the PMMC website?
strawberryman_07: Pmmc DOES NOT HAVE WEBSITE
bmcslacker: When I Google for PMMC, I get about a million charities.
bmcslacker: Any online references?
strawberryman_07: how do u mean
strawberryman_07: we are local minners
strawberryman_07: thats whyi send to you all our site and picture of our good
bmcslacker: Like any fucking news articles that refer to the PMMC? Without the assay mark, it becomes scrap gold, and it's a lot cheaper on the open market.
strawberryman_07: it do have Pmmc mark on it
strawberryman_07: Good will be taking to Pmmc office for texting purity and stamp before exportation take place
bmcslacker: It better. Those pictures you sent don't have the assay on them.
bmcslacker: Do you have the FCO?
strawberryman_07: cause its sample
bmcslacker: 5 ingots as samples? That's a lot of fucking work for a sample.
strawberryman_07: if you reply our mail, and let us know how mnay kg you need
strawberryman_07: we provide FCO
strawberryman_07: K
bmcslacker: Replied.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: we shall get backto you on monday next week
strawberryman_07: its Holiday now
strawberryman_07: k
bmcslacker: Why do you have USA in your address when you're in Ghana?
strawberryman_07: oh
strawberryman_07: its a name by our partner before he left for switzerland
strawberryman_07: now he is late
strawberryman_07: this is our official email
strawberryman_07: [email protected] Bait away, gang! Tell the lad Butch McSlacker sent you!
strawberryman_07: u can reply to any of the two
strawberryman_07: k
bmcslacker: As you can tell, I don't deal with any bullshit. You ain't bullshitting me about this deal are you oliver?
bmcslacker: You got the fucking gold, right?
strawberryman_07: sure
strawberryman_07: i,m not joking or playing
strawberryman_07: this is our company name
bmcslacker: Good. No fucking bullshit, right?
bmcslacker: I need the damn gold for electroplating my new circuits.
bmcslacker: You there?
bmcslacker: Good - you're back. What the fuck happened?
strawberryman_07: my puter got booted
strawberryman_07: sorry
strawberryman_07: now let me explain to you\
[color=red] strawberryman_07: there are many non -register company here selling Gold, such people dosent have export license and the good is not recorgnise by Pmmc for Exportation
strawberryman_07: so beware
strawberryman_07: there are many bad people here in africa who swindle people money
strawberryman_07: even on net here
strawberryman_07: so my advice to you is to be very careful\
strawberryman_07: with who u deal with This is where my irony meter exploded
bmcslacker: Believe me, I'm very fucking aware. I just need some gold for the fucking circuits.
strawberryman_07: yes
strawberryman_07: we can offer you
strawberryman_07: but , i will advice you to come down to Ghana personally
strawberryman_07: to take sample free for texting
bmcslacker: That's why I'm concerned about the assay mark.
strawberryman_07: and we will give you all neccesary support
bmcslacker: The pictures could be of painted lead for all I know.
strawberryman_07: u are right, but what you are seen is real Gold melted in our refinery here
strawberryman_07: so if you come here
strawberryman_07: i will take u to our site farm
strawberryman_07: so you know we are real
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: OK - You e-mail me some more details and then I can book the flight.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: since its ur first time dealing with us, i will advice you to come down
strawberryman_07: to see things for yourself
strawberryman_07: if you got convinced
strawberryman_07: u deal with us
strawberryman_07: but if what you are looking for is not what we offer
strawberryman_07: you can go back
strawberryman_07: thats how we do our business
strawberryman_07: can i have ur number\
strawberryman_07: maybe i can cal you sometimes later
bmcslacker: edit number
[/color] bmcslacker: I'm not in the office much, so leave a message.
strawberryman_07: mine is 00233277-860549 Another lad number to send to other lads! Smile
[color=red] strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: Got it.
strawberryman_07: my name is PRINCE OLIVER EBUBE
strawberryman_07: YOUR FULL NAME ?
bmcslacker: You ain't bullshitting me are you?
strawberryman_07: LISTEN my friend
bmcslacker: I told you earlier - my name is Butch McSlacker.
strawberryman_07: i,m a responsible man
strawberryman_07: and i look forward to have business with a responsible and God fearing man /woman in life
strawberryman_07: k
bmcslacker: My fucking name is Butch! Do you think that's a fucking woman's name?
strawberryman_07: i know u are a male
strawberryman_07: just want to be sure i write down the right name
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: so , when will u be able to come down
bmcslacker: Depends on when the fucking airlines can get me there. It's gonna be in 2005 for sure. I'm working on a new deal in Siberia now.
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: It's fucking cold in Siberia, but I have to get on a fucking plane there on Jan 4 to fly to that fucking frozen hell-hole.
strawberryman_07: anytime you ready, i canm assure you, u will never regret having a business with us
bmcslacker: I'll fucking need to get to fucking africa to thaw out after that Siberian shit.
strawberryman_07: so from saberia u come to Ghana ?
bmcslacker: I don't think I can get from fucking Smerlovisck to Ghana. I'll have to make a pit stop back in the US first.
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: Do you like racing, Oliver? I do. I want to start my own race team. topic shift #1
strawberryman_07: you mean race ?
strawberryman_07: how\
bmcslacker: Fast fucking car racing - you know - NASCAR, F-1, CART - that shit.
strawberryman_07: oh iccccc
strawberryman_07: i love it too
strawberryman_07: but is not exisit in africa
strawberryman_07: so , all you need for now is 10 KG?
bmcslacker: So you watch the F-1?
strawberryman_07: sometimes
bmcslacker: Right now I only need 10 kg. The plating process only needs a few microns of gold. The circuit boards need it because of the environmental conditions.
strawberryman_07: ok\
strawberryman_07: just come down
strawberryman_07: then u got it
bmcslacker: If the circuits take off, I'll need a shitload more.
strawberryman_07: but make sure u come with ur money
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: cause you will go back along with ur good
strawberryman_07: once u buy
strawberryman_07: we shall assist you with exportation formalities here, like custum duties, taxes, and others Enter the sting...
bmcslacker: Of course I'll have the fucking money! You think I'm an idiot? I know this will be a cash deal. This is how the fucking industry works!
strawberryman_07: yes i know
strawberryman_07: some buyer come saying the want credit saying when it get there
strawberryman_07: they pay
strawberryman_07: so we don,t do business that way
strawberryman_07: i can see you are good and straight forward business man
strawberryman_07: thats type of buyer we need
bmcslacker: Gold is $442 US/oz right now. I need to bring $155k. That's assuming the ingots have an assay mark.
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: No assay means a 50% discount. That's the scrap market now.
strawberryman_07: u are right
bmcslacker: Damn right I'm right.
strawberryman_07: have you been to any african country before ?
bmcslacker: I'd really like to see a picture of an ingot with an assay mark on it. It'd make the airfare worth it.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: no problem
strawberryman_07: everything will be set before u come At about the same time pigs fly out of my ass!
bmcslacker: Never been to Africa before. I've hit Asia, Australia, and Canada, but never Africa.
strawberryman_07: i don,t promise a thing i cannot do
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: i will do anything i promise
strawberryman_07: with help of God
strawberryman_07: so , this is what i will like you to do when you ready to come
strawberryman_07: u will have to send to us here your passport picture
bmcslacker: Can Do.
strawberryman_07: \so i will know u when u arrive and to be able to take you to your hotel
strawberryman_07: what you mean Can Do ?
strawberryman_07: explain
strawberryman_07: Dumb as a sack of hammers
bmcslacker: That means I can send you my fucking passport picture. What did you think I ment? I'd send you a cup of yogurt?
strawberryman_07: Lol
strawberryman_07: U are funny man
strawberryman_07: thats ok See above
[ strawberryman_07: u married ?
bmcslacker: I don't tolerate fools lightly. And no, I'm not married any more. Are You?
strawberryman_07: yes
strawberryman_07: i got 2 kid
strawberryman_07: they are doing pretie great
strawberryman_07: i,m happy man not for long... Twisted Evil
bmcslacker: Was Santa good to them tonight?
strawberryman_07: yep
strawberryman_07: very well
bmcslacker: What did they get?
strawberryman_07: some gift items
bmcslacker: How old are the kids?
strawberryman_07: 6 ^4
bmcslacker: Boys or girls?
strawberryman_07: boys and girl
bmcslacker: Is the boy 6 yr old?
strawberryman_07: yes
strawberryman_07: the boy is 6
strawberryman_07: while the girl is 4
bmcslacker: Did you give him a train yet? Yet even another topic drift
strawberryman_07: very inteligent girl
strawberryman_07: what train
strawberryman_07: ?
bmcslacker: Model Railroad
strawberryman_07: hahahahahahaha
strawberryman_07: they are still young
bmcslacker: Ya know - toy train. Every boy that age loves trains.
strawberryman_07: yep
bmcslacker: I got my first train when I was 5
strawberryman_07: very much
strawberryman_07: really
strawberryman_07: thats intresting
bmcslacker: Last year I bought my own private train car so I can travel everywhere in North America by train.
strawberryman_07: really
strawberryman_07: how many passanger it contain
bmcslacker: Yep. It's the only way to travel.
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: My car can have 10 passengers and the chief and the porter. They get their own rooms.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: you seems to be a nice man
strawberryman_07: we will be good friend when you come by january Again - when pigs fly out of my ass
strawberryman_07: how many days will you stay here be when u come for the 10 kg?
bmcslacker: I can be. Just don't piss me off.
strawberryman_07: how
strawberryman_07: piss u off
strawberryman_07: how do u mean my friend
bmcslacker: Don't make me spend money on a worthless trip. You be straight up with me, I'll be straight up with you.
strawberryman_07: listen to me clearly my friend
bmcslacker: To me, a handshake is worth more than any piece of paper.
strawberryman_07: all my life, i have been upright with who ever that comes my way
strawberryman_07: and God has been wonderful to me
strawberryman_07: and my family
bmcslacker: Good man.
strawberryman_07: so i will never do anything stupid erm...too late for that, mugu Twisted Evil
strawberryman_07: and i want you to know that you are dealing with right person
strawberryman_07: and you will never regret today as you know me
bmcslacker: Perhaps someday I can take you and your family for a ride through the Rockies.
strawberryman_07: NOTED
strawberryman_07: lol
strawberryman_07: that would be wonderful Hook firmly set
strawberryman_07: are u coming alone or with some friend ?
strawberryman_07: to Ghana to buy the 10 kg?
bmcslacker: It'll just be me.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: all you need doing is send ur passport pic to me
strawberryman_07: and let me know when u be coming here
strawberryman_07: you can book ur flight now
strawberryman_07: to make it faster
bmcslacker: I can't do the passport pic tonight, but I can send you a picture of my rail car.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: but send the passport pic later to me
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: send the rail car now
strawberryman_07: [email protected] ASEM away, folks!
strawberryman_07: k
bmcslacker: Sending it to you now via the chat.
strawberryman_07: please send to mail box
strawberryman_07: it save there\
bmcslacker: I'll send the picture after I the passport out of the safety deposit box.
strawberryman_07: what is safety deposit box ?
strawberryman_07: is that where u keep ur passport
bmcslacker: Picture sent.
[/color] bmcslacker: That's where I keep it.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: i will go see
strawberryman_07: ok
bmcslacker: I'll lose it if I keep it in the house.
strawberryman_07: nice talking with u Mr Butch McSlacker
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: is ur house not save
bmcslacker: I live in the US - I have a couple of guns, but I'd rather keep the passport safe - esp. after 9/11
strawberryman_07: good\
strawberryman_07: i say ur train
strawberryman_07: u are genius
bmcslacker: Can't be too carefull these days.
strawberryman_07: yes
strawberryman_07: i like someone like you
strawberryman_07: security alert
strawberryman_07: is good
strawberryman_07: i will have to go now
strawberryman_07: i will wait your passport picture later
strawberryman_07: and try to book your ticket now
bmcslacker: I'll send it along on Tuesday.
strawberryman_07: so that it can be faster
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: better
strawberryman_07: coming teusday right ?
strawberryman_07: i will look for it
bmcslacker: Just have to find a kennel for my dog.
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: nice talking with u
strawberryman_07: i have to go now
bmcslacker: The bank is open again on Tuesday.\
strawberryman_07: talk later
bmcslacker: K
strawberryman_07: yes
strawberryman_07: i,m happy to meet you
strawberryman_07: see u
strawberryman_07: got to go now
One chatty lad for sure!
bmcslacker: Nice to talk to you.
strawberryman_07: same here
bmcslacker: Go take the kids out for a Christmas dinner.
strawberryman_07: we talk later
strawberryman_07: ok
strawberryman_07: i will do that
strawberryman_07: lol
bmcslacker: K
strawberryman_07: thganks
strawberryman_07: thanks
strawberryman_07: bye

At least the lad finally shut up afer a couple of hours of time wasting.

More fun will ensue. Time for a few .dll files. Twisted Evil


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Good stuff! I think I'm gonna have to get into this IM stuff one day...

AKA Mugu named Tony Ovie
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