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 Yahoo chatroom micro-baits

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Charlie Fake
Master of Master Baiters

Joined: 03 Nov 2003
Posts: 773
Location: Scotland

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 6:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

These are great fun. The Small Business rooms are crammed with scammers during the day. You can pick and choose - trunk boxes, fake gold, cashiers cheque, the lot.

Here is a lad trying to order laptops from me with dodgy credit cards. Note - I point him at the Tired old crap site, although I intend to handle this lad myself. I believe tF has enough on his plate already! I have also blocked out the lads fake credit card numbers.

rnwaehie = me
niyi_ben2000 = scammer
Comments in blue

rnwaehie: who are you then?
niyi_ben2000: my name is niyi
niyi_ben2000: asl
rnwaehie: what do you want
niyi_ben2000: i what to order in your store
rnwaehie: what are you looking for
rnwaehie: you are too slow
rnwaehie: either answer me or get lost
niyi_ben2000: your Product
rnwaehie: we sell laptop computers, mobile phones and hi-fi equipment
rnwaehie: also projection TV's and DVD's
niyi_ben2000: laptopand DVD
rnwaehie: what model
rnwaehie: how many
niyi_ben2000: give me your zit
niyi_ben2000: now

rnwaehie: what the hell is a zit
niyi_ben2000: your waep sit
niyi_ben2000: now
niyi_ben2000: ok

rnwaehie: our site only shows our laptop series right now
rnwaehie: we can get anything electronic you want
niyi_ben2000: okl
rnwaehie: so what do you want to order?
niyi_ben2000: send me the item now
niyi_ben2000: so i can order now

rnwaehie: how can i send you an 'item' when I dont' know what the hell it is you want to order?
rnwaehie: you havent even asked me for a price either
rnwaehie: if you dont type faster, i am going to quit talking to you
rnwaehie: you are too slow

(This guy takes ages to respond. Probably trying to think of the best way to work it)

niyi_ben2000: ok
rnwaehie: you have 20 seconds to respond
rnwaehie: then i am hanging up on you
niyi_ben2000: laptopand DVD 5
rnwaehie: how many
rnwaehie: 5?
rnwaehie: our range of laptops all have dvd players built-in
niyi_ben2000: yes
rnwaehie: which model?
rnwaehie: XXL, XL or PDQ?
rnwaehie: XXL is the highest priced
niyi_ben2000: that is what a m telling u
rnwaehie: how will you be paying
niyi_ben2000: aptops2
rnwaehie: ?
rnwaehie: you have 10 seconds to answer
niyi_ben2000: bycreditCARD
rnwaehie: five XXL laptops with DVD will come to $11,250
niyi_ben2000: sorry i a m bussy

(talking to plenty of other magas, no doubt)

rnwaehie: well if you dont hurry up then I am going
niyi_ben2000: total cost
rnwaehie: $11,250
niyi_ben2000: ok
rnwaehie: where are you located
rnwaehie: which country
niyi_ben2000: nigeria
rnwaehie: ok
rnwaehie: lets have the card details
rnwaehie: name, card number, expiry date
niyi_ben2000: ok
niyi_ben2000: plz
niyi_ben2000: hold
niyi_ben2000: on

rnwaehie: hurry up
rnwaehie: I have important business clients to attend to
rnwaehie: you now have 20 seconds to comply
niyi_ben2000: ok
niyi_ben2000: Card Type visa Card Card Number :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Card Expiry : 02/2006

rnwaehie: ok
rnwaehie: let me check it
rnwaehie: one moment
niyi_ben2000: ok
rnwaehie: your card is coming back rejected
rnwaehie: 'credit limit exceeded'
niyi_ben2000: no
rnwaehie: i will try again
niyi_ben2000: what
niyi_ben2000: not

rnwaehie: it has been rejected again
niyi_ben2000: dont play games
rnwaehie: i dont
rnwaehie: i am checking out you card details on our computer and it is telling me your card has reached its maximum credit limit
rnwaehie: therefore we cannot accept your credit card as a form of payment
rnwaehie: its your problem, nothing to do with us
rnwaehie: may i suggest you pay in some other way
niyi_ben2000: ok
niyi_ben2000: no
niyi_ben2000: what abut this
niyi_ben2000: hello

rnwaehie: you can pay by cash, check, money order or bank transfer
niyi_ben2000: r u there
niyi_ben2000: Card Type:Master Card Card Number :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Card Expiry : 02/2006

rnwaehie: ok, let me check
rnwaehie: the computer is telling me that this card has been reported stolen
niyi_ben2000: check it now
niyi_ben2000: no
niyi_ben2000: it
niyi_ben2000: my
niyi_ben2000: *DELETED*
niyi_ben2000: card

rnwaehie: well, it has been reported to Mastercard as being stolen
niyi_ben2000: can u mail me [email protected]
rnwaehie: what for?
niyi_ben2000: hello
niyi_ben2000: r u ehere

rnwaehie: yes i am here
rnwaehie: do you want to order these computers or not
niyi_ben2000: yes\
rnwaehie: well, in that case I will need a valid credit card from you
niyi_ben2000: ok
rnwaehie: so far you have given me two that we cannot accept
niyi_ben2000: con i pay with my account number
rnwaehie: account number for what?
rnwaehie: a bank account?
niyi_ben2000: for the goods
niyi_ben2000: cos i dont have another card

rnwaehie: we can accept cash, check or money transfer
niyi_ben2000: yes
niyi_ben2000: ok

rnwaehie: so how do you want to do this?
niyi_ben2000: ok
niyi_ben2000: ok

niyi_ben2000: may be i will get u the card tomorrow from my brother
niyi_ben2000: ok

rnwaehie: another credit card?
niyi_ben2000: ok. send ur email adress now
rnwaehie: [email protected]
niyi_ben2000: so i can send the card u
niyi_ben2000: your name

rnwaehie: very well, but if your card is rejected a third time, we shall have to cancel your order
niyi_ben2000: plz
rnwaehie: my name is Mr xxx
niyi_ben2000: ok
rnwaehie: we expect your card details tomorrow
rnwaehie: your laptops will be placed on reserve for you
niyi_ben2000: i will get it to u
niyi_ben2000: have a nice day
niyi_ben2000: bye

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Mad Matt
Not quite a Newb

Joined: 08 Dec 2004
Posts: 43
Location: UK

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 6:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hee, hee. Nice bait. Wink Very Happy

First bait completed!!!
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spiny norman
Master Baiter

Joined: 27 Jul 2004
Posts: 124
Location: 6 hours behind GMT

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

You can almost see him pissing himself!

Nice bait. I'm going to have to give this a go sometime.

.Please understand that am a very strict human being and whatever I do is born out of deep thinking.That I asked you to reconfirm your address does not mean I dont have it, ok.So dont think am stupid.
-Samual [email protected]
Mark has agree to help us and send us the form to fill and we thank God we have fill the form he gave to us so all this kept me busy. (I should hope so!)
-Pastor [email protected]
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The False Italian
*** BANNED ***

Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 3779

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

02/2006 seems to be popular. A lad gave me three VISA cards with the same expiry date.
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419Eater is my life

Joined: 22 Aug 2004
Posts: 349
Location: Mugu-Occupied Caprica

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 12:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

That's good work Charlie. I like to visit the Small Business rooms also, sometimes I pose as a businessman and sometimes I pose as a Barrister!! Twisted Evil I look for jobs or looking to give somebody a job.

So if you even see some Barrister in the chat rooms saying, "I dey here now mugu so u go now or I give you the snip snip!" well, that is me so no need to "bait" me. Wink

Charles Soludo (after WU trip #10): " may not understand what it is for my secretary to be going westernunion to westernunion just to present false informations to them."

Mr. Koffi after failed Airport meet - "The line and question is, why have you decided to play with me, you allowed me to waste my time, energy and money to put things(documnets) in your name , why?"

Mr. Obasanjo - "I have severally warned you to mind your language while addressing Prof. Soludo or any other person in that matter this is a serious business not some American movie Gangster. If you repeat it next time I will have your file thrown out of my office."

Jolly Roger Mortar x9
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