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 NSFW - 3 year love bait comes to a sticky end.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

NSFW and the mails represent the views of my characters - not necessarily mine. Obviously heavily summarized low down of a 3 year bait.

My siggy makes reference to Simon Dormoo who I have baited for 3 years now. Standard 419 scam which developed in to a romance scam once he found out his victim Elizabeth was a rich, old widow. Over the years he'd got so close to her money but those Moneygrams, Western Unions, bank transfers, foreign trips never quite seemed to work out despite Elizabeth's best efforts. She even sent him a £40,000 gift box (valuable watch, iPhone, solid gold engagement ring etc.) until those 'barstard crooks' (his words) from GPS Tracklng delivery company stole the package en route to him.

So, as a final hurrah I decided to try something I'd never done before and to be honest at first I felt a little uneasy doing so. My scheming nephew had already crossed swords with the lad several times. Typical email follows

Right Simon,

Let me be fucking clear about something. I spoke to my aunt yesterday and I was astounded to hear she was still writing to you. She told me she even went to Germany on holiday in the hope of meeting your agent who didn't even fucking turn up. Then you fucking well send her an email saying her relations (i.e me) are EVIL. Well fuck you asshole. I'll show you how fucking evil I can be. If you ever write to my aunt again I'll fucking well come down to your backward, shitty little country and personally wash your fucking mouth out with bleach for telling lies - not just to me but to my aunt too. You are obviously some shitty Nigerian scammer so fuck off and leave my aunt in peace.

Hope you understand simple English - eve a simpleton like you should be able to understand all this.

Now fuck off.


The nephew eventually took his aunt Elizabeth to the Dignitas clinic to bump her off and collect the inheritance. Of course my darling Simon knew nothing about what the Dignitas clinic is for and was all in favour. However once the penny dropped (worried emails from Elizabeth alerting him to what was happening) he was outraged and shocked that Elizabeth's nephew could be so evil and scheming.

> On 27 Sep 2016, at 21:04, Simon Dormoo <[email protected]> wrote:
> My Sweet Honey Baby,
> Thank God for arriving Switzerland Safely. My mind has relax as i saw
> your mail informing me that you are in the clinic now.
> Honey Don't worry you will see the Doctor and God will perfect every
> thing. Honey Bunny you will try and sort out the transfer tomorrow
> without delay so that i will proceed my trip to Switzerland
> immediately.
> Sweet Heart please let is be bank to bank wire transfer so that they
> will issue you payment slip so that i will use it and cash the money
> from the account owner. My Baby for our love try and keep every thing
> secret so that Howard will not be aware of the transaction.
> Secondly i will start my arrangement of my passport and Visa
> immediately you sent me the payment slip so that by Monday next week
> in will be in Switzerland to take care of you.Am glad that Howard will
> not stay long and i will not like to see him.
> Am sure before my arrival he will go back. How please tell me what and
> i should bring for you when am coming.
> I love you and nothing will take away my love from you.
> I will be expecting your message tomorrow. I wish you Good night my Baby.
> Yours Darling
> Simon. Sweet Heart,

Darling, darling, HELP ME, HELP ME,

I HAVE FOUND OUT what Dignitas do, they kill sick people, DEAR GOD, I am only booked for 3 days and now I know why. I am going to be killed tomorrow. They will slip poison in to my food and I will die.

Darling, darling, I know this sounds incredulous and I can hardly believe it myself but it is true. I found out all about this place on the Internet, they make no secret of it. Here are some links...

I've signed all the paperwork, it was all those forms Howard gave to me to sign and tomorrow they say they will give me my pills to put me to sleep forever.

Darling, what should I do. HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME! I am so scared

Your honey bunny



Am glad to hear from you. Since today i have not been eating, i was
praying to God for your life. I was scared even i told my pastor to
put you in prayer.

Honey you have to be careful and should not let Howard know your plan.
You have to do every thing fast and leave that place.

This is not time to delay, what ever it will take you to go out from
that place kindly do it now. If you know you love me and you dont want
me to die kindly look a way and leave that place and you should not
disclose Howard any thing.

Waiting to hear from you Now.

Yours In Heart,

Cut a very long story short, my character died in Dignitas and the lad was heartbroken at losing his cash cow, oops sorry I meant fiancé. I decided to push the bait along by getting Howard to send him a commiserations email.

Hello Simon,

Not sure if you remember me, my name is Howard and I am Aunt Lizzie's

Now I know we have had our differences in the past but out of simple
human decency I thought I should keep you up to date on news about my
aunt. There is no easy way of putting this but the sad news is that she
died peacefully in her sleep last week. You may know that she hasn't
been well for months now and she wanted to leave her convalescence home
and go back to her home. I tried to persuade her she was better in the
nursing home but she insisted. Anyway, last week I left her around 18:00
and she looked OK. Then the next morning she was found dead in her bed
by her health visitor. The doc said she must have had a heart attack but
she died without any pain so that's some comfort.

I have a whole mass of legal stuff to sort out now including her banking

Like I say I know we've had our differences but now isn't the time to
let these fester. I know, despite my misgivings, how fond Lizzie was of
you so for what it's worth I'm sorry to give you this sad news.


Simon was not at all impressed, after all Elizabeth had told him what her nephew had planned. His moral outrage and hypocrisy shone through the next batch of email - sample follows.

Hello Howard,

It is a very shameful to you that you plan to kill a widow, your Aunty
and your blood in other to inherit her property with her money.

Howard what did the old Innocent woman did to you that make you to
kill her. You collided with doctor and take her to Dignitas clinic in
Switzerland on 27th of September and killed her on the 30th.

What an Evil heart do you have because Earthly things. As you killed
this woman that is how the Almighty God will kill you and your entire
family and your generation. You have committed unforgivable Sin before
man and God.

The blood of Elizabeth is crying how can a nephew kill his aunty,
Howard you will not go free, if i be a man of God,you and your entire
generation will not have peace. As am writing this mail to you, am
crying and the God i severed must sure fight for Elizabeth.

First you planned with a Lawyer and convinced the old woman and
changed all her WILL/INHERITANCE in your name that you are taking her
to Switzerland to treat her not knowing you are taking her to Dignitas
clinic to kill her in other to take her properties. God will never
forgive you.

Yes You have killed her but she is in the right hand of God and know
you that one day you will die and you will see lizzy. You have
committed an abomination before man and God.

I am sorry for you. I have all evidence of all you did and you must
pay with your blood for this evil act.

What shall it profit you to gain every thing and lose your soul at the
last day. Dont you know that you are a murdera, a killer.

The Spirit of Lizzy must visit you. I will wake up her Spirit to be
following you. I am a man of God and i will tell you that the God i
Serve answers prayer.

Elder Simon Dormoo.

Howard (the nephew) denied everything but gave the lad the opportunity to blackmail him. Would the lad stick to his moral principals or would the blackmail begin- what do you think? Yep, if I pay him he'll keep his mouth shut about Dignitas.

Hello Howard,

To tell you the truth and i can not lie to you, all am saying is
nothing but the truth. I have all evidence of all the information i
gave to you on the day Elizabeth died she visited in the dream.

Hey Buddy as you called me, my question is that how do i know that you
took her to Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. (2) How do i know that she
traveled on the 27th of September with Afternoon Flight. (3) How do i
know that doctor did not see her on that 1st day and doctor saw her on
28th and she told the doctor that it is a mistake and she dont want to
die and doctor told her that some people may come and change their
mind. And when all this happening, you are there in the clinic
monitoring her.

Howard the day you brought the lawyer in her house for her to change
her WILL i knew even all the time you are given her forms to file i
knew all this. I told her but she said no you are her nephew.

Let me tell you when Lizy was in coma for more than one week it is me
that save her. I have lived for 21 years in UK, I am a spiritual man i
know the level i operate.

If i decide to do bad to you, it will affect your life even your
family but what will i gain. I dont tell lies i have evidence of all
am saying. But i shade tears for the death of Lizy and she told me
revenge for her.

Even the name of the doctor in Dignitas that kills her i have it all
so if i want to go further all this will appear in black and white.

If i go further, it will affect you. So what do you want me to do.
Hence you want me to shut up my mouth, how much do you want to pay me,
if it is ok for me i will direct you what to do.

I want you to say it by yourself.

Elder Simon.

Anyway, I've now decided to put Simon Dormoo firmly to bed, no more baiting of him. That's 3 years of frustration for him and nothing to show for his considerable efforts except lots of lost money etc and all 'his' money going to the evil nephew.

Sometimes you wish you could gloat a bit more but not letting the lad know he's been thoroughly baited is a reward in itself.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Poor Simon - so close, but no cigar Laughing

Love that he only realised at the last minute what the Dignitas clinic actually is.....

Excellent bait! Thumbs up

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

congratulations. your lad must be butthurt right now, and for the next while.

an evil idea if you want to reopen your bait: read the shorty-bait where charlene (or another character) was killed and then her spirit took over somebody else to write with him.

of course, she wants revenge Twisted Evil and starts killing hospital staff. and she writes with simon by controlling a weak nurses body.

the lad will freak out and won't be able to think straight anymore.

from this point on, there are endless possibilities.

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