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 Kate/Louis - What has writting has already be writting

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This started wrong in so many ways. Then continued wrongly.


Louis?: Hi
I'm louis from united states california, I'm interested in meeting a man to start a friendship that will lead to a serious relationship. A man that will be my best friend, confidant, companion, partner, husband, father and the best lover in the world. A man that is intelligent, playful, romantic, sexy, laughs a lot, has good sense of humor, puts family first, a charmer,one who knows how to treat a woman and make her melt. Someone who thinks and does as much for me as i would them regardless of the means
Sal: Well, Louis, tell me about yourself. Where you're from, your hopes and dreams, what you do.
Louis?: well,i am 28 years of age, what about you?
Sal: 32.
Louis?: ok
Can you brief your experience on internet for me, because i have been scammed and hurt on the internet and I'm still in the mess till now and sometimes, it's hard for me to trust a man on the internet again because i think your all the same but i believe my man is still out there. Are you my man? Lol. but so far, I think you are different.
Sal: Scammed? What do you mean?
Louis?: At this junction, i think ineed to tell you the kind of person iam and my past
But promise me your not gonna judge me for it
Sal: I never judge.
Louis?: ok
What happened was that I was once a pornstar and that was my past and im not into it anymore, I just decide to stop and start looking for a man that i can spend the rest of my life with. So i decide to meet a man who will love and take good care of me as his beloved wife. But instead of me finding true love on here, all i got is pain from a guy
Sal: Interesting. I've boinked a lot of porn stars. I don't remember you. At least with porn stars, you know they're down for Omo Eye.

Side note: A lad mistakenly sent “Omo iya” to Padme while posing as someone else. Since then, there has been some group de-education regarding this term, including posted claims it means, “sex in a Frank Zappa manner.”

Louis?: lol
Sal: But I understand the finding someone right shit!
Louis?: Well what happened to me was a long story, I will just brief what happened to you. If you wish to help me out i will be glad.
Sal: Help you find love?
Louis?: lol
Sal: What's funny chickie poo?
Louis?: Nothing
I met this guy on internet about 4 months ago and he told me that he loved me to be his wife and i accept because this guy was so good and nice to me. I dont know he's a scam.
Sal: Damn.
Louis?: The asshole told me he's from Australia but he is working in an oil company in west africa Nigeria, i sent the son of a bitch almost $20000 and he keep asking for more and i told him no more that we need to meet and he invited me to come to this country called Nigeria and i flew to Nigeria. when i got here he took me to this hotel called royal apple hotel, and we slept here till the following day but we didnt have sex.
Sal: I know that country Nigeria. I've had some dealings with them.
Louis?: Really
Sal: I have investments and clients all over the world hottie.
Louis?: okay
So, when i woke up the following day i told him I wanna meet his people and that we should go to his country which is Australia and introduce me to his family but he refused to do that
Sal: What a basturd, huh?
Louis?: It was really a sad story
I agree with the asshole to come down to africa because i thought i would never find a man who will want to marry a porn artist in the state because the guy i was dating back in the states too use me for my money
Sal: No shit? How?
Louis?: Just because of what i am
And thats the reason why i flew down here to Africa and you can see the mess i get myself into again
Sal: You're the first porn star I met that felt sorry for themselves.
Louis?: Things is getting more worser
Sal: I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.
Louis?: The sad part is that before i woke up the following day, the guy stole my money and jewelries then run away. He left me in the hotel and I've been here for the past one month, I'm going to be back as soon as i pay the hotel bill
What has writting has already be writting
No one is above that
Sal: Holy buckets of smoke! You're in Nigeria right now?
Louis?: Yea and i will be glad if you can assist me to pay the bill, because the hotel have seized up my return ticket and passport due to hotel bill that i am owing them, and the bill is just $500, without payment they will not release my travel document. if u can help me out of this shit hole, I will be very grateful
Sal: What's your bank account for transfer?
Louis?: You mean your going to help me out of this hole
Sal: If your ass doesn't want me to, I won't. No big whip.
Louis?: i will be very grateful
Sal: I'm glad you will be grated.
Louis?: But you know i'm just a novice here, and i dont have bank account
But you can easily use money gram tranfer
Sal: You know what they always say here about those. What does it mean you have no vices there? Want me to send the money to your DL card?
Louis?: No
Sal: That's probably the safest for you.
Louis?: You know money gram is the simplest way, i will just give the hotel management the reference number that you will send to confirm it
They will surely go to the bank themselve, so after it as been confirmed i will just take off immediately
I have nothing to do with the money, just to pay there fucking bill and come home is all i want
Please lets do it that way, i will be very grateful for it
Sal: Wait. Which hotel is it honeybuns?
Are you there?


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