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 The Unfolding of a Wealthy Orphaned Daughter

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Guys I'm back but this one is shaping up to be pretty fun so I figured we could all do it together. I will put the scammer's emails in red and mine in blue.

Opening email:

From:Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

For sure this mail would definitely come to you as a surprise, but do take your good time to go through it, My name is Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx,i am from Ivory Coast.

I lost my parents a year and couple of months ago. My father was a serving director of the Agro-exporting board until his death. He was assassinated by his business partners.Before his death, he made a deposit of US$9.7 Million Dollars here in Cote d'ivoire which was for the purchase of cocoa processing machine and development of another factory before his untimely death.

Being that this part of the world experiences political and crises time without number, there is no guarantee of lives and properties. I cannot invest this money here any long, despite the fact it had been my late father’s industrial plans.

I want you to do me a favor to receive this funds into your country or any safer place as the beneficiary, I have plans to invest this money in continuation with the investment vision of my late father, but not in this place again rather in your country. I have the vision of going into real estate and industrial production or any profitable business venture.

I will be ready to compensate you with 20% of the total Amount, now all my hope is banked on you and i really wants to invest this money in your country, where there is stability of Government, political and economic welfare.

My greatest worry now is how to move out of this country because my uncle is threatening to kill me as he killed my father,Please do not let anybody hear about this, it is between me and you alone because of my security reason.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx,

You are incredibly correct in saying this email came as a surprise. Regardless of the suddenness I am all to happy to help. My fiancé was assassinated by Russian mobsters because of her intimate involvement with the Russian mobster's son so I can definitely relate to what you are going through. I could not help but notice you are "Miss" Fxxxxx Yxxxx. Since you are planning to leave the country I believe it would be in your best interests to have a legitimate reason to leave. Why don't you come live with me over here the United States?

George Johnson

Hello Dear George Johnson,

I am very sorry to hear about your lost of your love one fiancé,That is part of life which I also found myself here now.

In the name of God I thank you for your kind consideration of using your valuable time to go through my first message and decided to come to my assistance which I don't have much to promise now rather to ask for your attention over purpose of God bringing both of us together in relationship through this transaction.

Who are mine to apply fears transferring this money into your hand whilst God our almighty has permitted my communication with you? I trust God and believe much in his divine directions and through my faith in the word of God I have trusted to transfer this money into your account and as well entrust the management of the investment of this money under your control.

I want you to understand one explanations before going further with my word. Contacting you in this transaction is not by my power rather a divine direction from God. If contacting you in this transaction is by my power as a human being, I couldn’t have done it due to fears. Through the assurance the living God has given to me, I have no reason of applying fears in my life because he has confirmed the safety of this funds into your hand .

My reason asking this help my late father evil uncles? has confiscated all my late father's properties and told me to quick from my father's house and find my way out from the compound because customs of our village does not permit female children have access to the claims of their late father's properties.

I prayed, cried to God who told me to leave there and look for a place to stay so that first, my life will be save from danger which I done accordingly and today, I am living in the refugee camp quarter

All I need much from you is caring by building my future with education which was my daddy's promise before his sudden death because my daddy used to say that education is power and a thief can come down to your house and collect all you have but will never thief your knowledge.

Some ignorant people use to regard women as people that are not important, more especially here in Africa due to their rubbish customs but civilization has made us to understand that a women can now rule a country and head several important positions in the society.

Please, please, in the name of God, the most essential thing for me is my education and I want you to stand by me and give me the best which I believe that with this inherited money from my daddy, it will create a solid foundation for me in future, benefit your life and entire generation.

From my sincere heart, I have no experience over money transaction and have not involve in any since my life. I am the only child of my late parents, no brother or sister now on my life rather alone in this wicked world but God who delivered me from the hand of my evil uncles have made me to know that I am not alone because he is on my side and has finally directed me to a hand that will take me as his own daughter.

I have visited bank where my daddy deposited this amount and the bank director confirmed the existence of my late father's deposited money in their care but requires a foreign partner before the funds will be release as agreed with their bank and my daddy that the money is for further transfer overseas for family investment.

Please I want you to stand by me as my late father's foreign partner whom I have introduce to the bank for you to establish a communication with them and furnish you with their procedures in releasing this deposited money from my late daddy to your own account.

I need all your assistance in every area so that I will not have any mistake in this transaction because is the last hope of my survival now which none of my evil uncles knows nothing about and will never and never know till we conclude this transaction and get myself out from this country to meet you and your family for my resettlement and continue my studies.
Please answer me this 3 question,

1) which kind of good profit investments would we do with this fund in your country ?

2) Would you put me in a good school in your country where i will finish my education and take care of me?

3) What is Your Occupation.?

Upon your responed to this mail i will give you more details on how to proceed.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Thanks and remain bless,
Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

Miss Yxxxx, I would be more than happy to put you in a good school! Your late father was very correct in saying no one can take your knowledge.
As for a good investment I say we invest in a kangaroo farm. I read on the internet that there is very little risk in this business. We purchase kangaroos, breed them and then we can sell them to Michael Kors. In America Michael Kors is a large company that makes women's purses. Few people know this but they use the pouches of kangaroos as the material for the making of these fine purses, What better material to use than one made by nature for the purpose of protecting their young?
And you also asked what I do for a living. I clean portable bathrooms. It pays rather well. I love getting myself into those restrooms to do what others can't. I am doing very well and am expecting a promotion in the near future.

George Johnson

Hello Dear George Johnson,

Thanks for assurance me that you will help me invest these money in a profitable business in your country.

The plans you have to invest this money In a kangaroo farm is good and you will be the one to handle the investment project while i will further my education.

Please i don't want my late father's brothers or any other outside person to claim this fund accept you that i am trusting the funds to now as my late father's foreign partner, because they will use the fund to do wicked things that will not glorify the name of God.

This is why I want you to receive the fund and use it for our future investment in your country and you take good care of my education when i come over to your country.

Since you have already made up your mind to help me handle this noble transaction, I want you to urgently forward to me your esteemed information's such as :

(1) Your Full name
(2) Your country
(3) Your age and Residential Address
(4) Private telephone,fax and mobile phone
(5) Your bank Name
(6) Your bank Account details
(7) Address of your bank e.t.c for the transfer
(Cool A copy of your passport or any identity
(9) Swift code
(10) IBN code

All this i will submit to the Bank where the funds is deposited as requested by the Bank officer, to enable them to proceed immediately with the transferring of the funds into your account on my behalf, since i am going to make you the legal next of kin to the deposit of the funds which i will send an application letter to the bank on your behalf.

I hopefully awaiting your soonest response and the needed information's so i can submit it to the Bank to proceed immediately.

Thanks and remain bless,

Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx,
My full name is George Quincy Johnson and I live in the United States. I am afraid giving my bank credentials is not something I can do at this time. Can we still continue the transaction?

Best wishes,
George Johnson

Hello Dear George Johnson,

Good day,

Thanks for your mail and the content is well noted. Please the details is what the bank required from me to start the transfer as my late father's partner which i appoint to them to receive this moeny for my investment abroad.

Please i will like you to contact the bank direct to discuss with them and you pass all the information to them where you want them to transfer the money,

Already i told the bank that i have gotten a partner from United States that will help me to recieve and invest the money, now they told me to inform you to contact them so that they will give you the details of the transfer

so my dear please i want you to contact the bank directly as soon as you read this mail,i have already told them about you and they will be waiting to hear from you,they also promisd me that it will take them 48 working hours to transfer the money into your account if we meet the requirements needed,

Just tell the bank that you are writing on behalf of Miss Fatima Yusuf,that i instructed you to contact them for the transfer of my inheritance money into your account in United States, i have writen the bank and told them everything they are aware of you and waiting to hear from you now.

Bellow is the bank contact please call or contact the bank

BANK EMAIL////// [email protected]
BANK MANAGER EMAIL///// [email protected] or [email protected]
BANK PHONE ///// +225 45121445
FAX ////////+22522525550

Finally please remember to inform me as soon as you contact the bank,i will join you in your country as soon as the money is transferred, always comply with the bank for easy and faster transfer,Just be polite with the bank so that they will attend to you quickly.

I hopefully awaiting your soonest response.

Thanks and remain bless,

Miss.Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx,

I just want to make absolutely sure that I am dealing with a real person. Can you send me a picture of yourself as proof?

Hello Dear George Johnson,

Good day,

Here attached is my picture and passport to proof you that you are dealing with me. Please try to contact the bank and discuss with them for the transfer of this money into your account so that I will come over to join you further my education and you help me invest the money in your country.

I hopefully awaiting your soonest response.

Thanks and remain bless,

Miss.Fxxxxx Yxxxx.

Here is what I was sent

(Ill post these at a later date)

Miss Fxxxxx Yxxxx,

I want to believe you. In fact I think I do believe you but I just need to be absolutely sure. Can you send me a picture of you holding a piece of paper that says "GE0RG3'5 F1R5T TR0PHY." Can do this for me and I can help you right away.


George Johnson

I doubt anyone cares but, if you do, my lads email got reported and taken down for scamming. So this seems like this may be over. Which is buns considering how close I was to my first trophy.

Well I'm pretty sure I went about getting a trophy wrong but I was doing this through mobile and wasn't exactly able to contact my mentor so I winged it figuring if it didn't work I would always have another opportunity.

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The lad read what you wrote on the first email. That is pretty rare. I believe that this is a sign that the lad is interested in playing the game, and not just in it for a quick and lazy payday.

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