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 MacBook Air - auction scam

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi there,
here is my a couple days project. I was little bit bored at home and decided to play around with scammer as a naive seller. Please read...

Info, first of all English is not my mother language so kindly ignore my spelling and grammar errors.
The story is following. I was tried to sell my MacBook Air on local auction portal and suddenly I got short message obviously translated by google:

My text in bold, his text in italic and my remarks in blue


Aktivní zaplatit cena? in English "Active pay price." Yes not very good translation, and I was sure its going to be a scam

Yes of course - my quick reply for hardly translated message, after that all communication in English

Thanks for the messsage. I am satisfy with your price and i want you to end the auction on aukro right now. I'll pay you 30,000czk for the item. I want you to know that I am buying the item for my Pastor son, who works with the Church of Christ Embassy in London,UK. I have to check the shipping cost to London from the post office EMS EXPRESS and its around 1,200czk. Get back to me with the total cost needed for the transfer to bank account.

give me your full bank account for payments such as

waiting for quick reply.

My false personal info
Name of MacBook owner: Svatoslav Lazewieski
Account number: 39720028/5500
Name of the Bank: RB
Phone number +420 573775577

Okay. I am ready to buy it and i need you to end the auction. I want you to know that i am buying this item for my Pastor Son. I was inform now that he is currently in South Africa now for a Church Program. I will add 1000czk to the shipment fee. I will transfer the money to you as fast as i can.
waiting for your reply.

God Bless You.

The auction has been stopped

Money has been sent to you and it has been confirmed to me,did you get the confirmation of the transfer from Barclays Bank,check your inbox or spam messages carefully for the transfer..i will urge you to take the item to the Post Office EMS EXPRESS and send it to the address and email the shipment copy to my bank so that they can verify it and complete the transfer to you account.

Take item to the post office and send it right now and send shipment receipt to my bank for them to release money to your account.

Shipping Address

Address : FLAT 39 PARKWOOD
Zip Code : 0182

Here is phone number for shipment +27618710885

God Bless You and Family.

Great thanks a lot,
I have to wait for Macbook owner to give me the green light to send you the item, once approval received I will rush to a nearest shipper

Okay. I will be waiting to hear from you.

The owner called to the bank and they are saying the payment will be most probably returned back to you as for international payments the sender needs to know an IBAN and SWIFT code. Otherwise the payment can not be processed in the European Union. Any idea? Idiot doesn't know what he needs for an international transactions...

Okay. What is the Iban and i will resend the payment.

And additionally transfers outside of European Union takes ages (up to 14 days). Any idea how to transfer money faster? I am completely out of ideas, just couple times I purchased some car spare parts from US via eBay and PayPal or Western seems like a silk and worry free option. I would like to hear from him why not Western Union Smile

Yes but i have told my bank i am making a rapid fast quick transfer because the macbook is needed urgently. Send me the Iban and i will give it to my bank and they will send you a new confirmation and then you can send the package and complete transaction today. I see. Rapid fast quick cash, I like it...

IBAN: CZ9155000000000039720028 and if you need also a SWIFT: RZBCCZPP

Okay. I have included the Swift and Iban and my bank told me it has been confirmed. Did you receive the confirmation from my bank? Now take the package to the post office and send it to te address with EMS and email my bank the shipment receipt for them to complete transaction today.

God Bless You.

Owner ask me to tell you, if you are familiar with the fact the keyboard layout is Czech so some letters and symbols are different from English standard to avoid some misunderstanding I do care about my customers...

OK no problem with that. have you send the package to the address?

Nope, waiting for the owner’s approval. Once money received he will notify me and the box will be handed over to a shipper Need my cash

I would like you to know that once the deposit i made into your bank account has been approved and confirmed the money is now available to be credit into your bank account and it s just for the bank to make their normal clearance on then shipment tracking scan slip of the consignment so kindly get the item shipped out and make it sure the package is insured before sending it because that would give both of us rest assured mind on the shipment.

I hope you understand the procedure of the transaction by now, i would be waiting to receive the shipment tracking scan slip of the consignment and please don t forget to email it to the bank.

if you have any question about the transfer of the money into your account ..i will be very glad to help out .
Yes I understand, his Bercleys London bla bla bla Bank is good for me

Ok understand. How much value you prefer to declare on the box?

You have to declare just 10,000czk for it. When do you think you will be sending the shipment. The item is needed urgently.

looks like tomorrow

Okay. Please talk to the mabook owner and let me know if you will be sending the package tomorrow morning. The item is needed urgently.

Hi Mary!
Yes, owner just sent me the box label. Is already on the way to you place. We hope the laptop make lot of happiness.

have a great day

Link for fake box label:!AqRHKhME9PZ2uBL9Ogq9UbGM78sk

I knew he needs a tracking number Very Happy So let's play I am completely idiot...
Where can i track the shipment and have you email it to my bank?

God Bless You.
I was pretty sure he needs to know a tracking number as his intention is most probably divert the box from original destination - probably fake one to another one. But I did just fake label and there is no tracking number in the postal system. So I tried to explain him, the economy box has no tracking number

He sent it as an economy box, tracking is only for regular more expensive boxes. The money you send are not good enough to cover premium box as he told me.

But i need to be able to track the item even if he sent it with Economy. Just tell him to ask them at the post office about where the shipment can be tracked.

Ok will call him


What is going on. I didnt hear from you. I call to the post and i was inform he didnt send the package. He only make a label for it.

On the way to home from work, I will double check the status of the box asap

Okay. Please checlk and also ask him about it and he should give you a link where i can track the shipment.

Yes so I spoke to him and is confirmed the box has been sent as international economy box where service track/trace is not available. Also he went after work back in the afternoon back to the post office to change the service to premium international but the box was already processed and dispatched to depot so no chance to change anything now. Anyway duty manager confirmed the box usually takes 8-12 days to be on the spot and before delivery usually custom office in country of destination will notify the addressee to pick up the box but local procedures may vary country by country. Anyway what is important box is safely on the way even tracking is not available in this case but doesn't matter really because when ready you will be notify by local custom authority. That’s all what I know and I can not provide more information. Anyway I know you or the kid can not wait when the MacBook will be with you, but just wait.

have a nice day and sorry for trouble, he is older guy and he does not understand what has been offered to him at the post office.


Okay. Tell him to ask the post office where the package can be tracked because my bank need to confirm that and they will release the money to his account. I do always send package with Economy too and their must be a link where package could be tracked. Please retify this so that bank can complete the transaction. He should ask the post office and they will give him link.

For this one only their internal tracking is available until leave of country of origin. Duty manager checked in their system the box is in depot. But there is no any kind of public tracking and no way for an international one. If you wish we can ask him and let you know when box left the country after that you will be notified by your custom or maybe you can see something on South African postal service after entered your country, but honestly no idea what services are provided in Africa. bla bla bla bla sorry no tracking number for fake box...

Okay. I will tel my bank about this. That will be tomorrow morning cause my bank is closed for now.

I have contact the Czech post myself and they told me he is lying to me. He didn't send any package. he only made a label for it. Tell him to stop fooling me around. If he really want to do business with me, He should go and send the package and email me the correct shipment tracking number.
I was pretty sure there was no call to my country

hmm I don't understand can you kindly provide the phone number you called to?

I told a friend in Czech to contact them. Can he just go to the post office and ask them for where the shipment can be tracked or he should send me all the receipt giving to him at the post.

Look I don't really know what’s wrong. I can tell him to go to post office again and speak to duty manager again if is any way how to help you. But personally I am out of the solutions now. We did what you ask for, except to send it premium express. Also we get the notification from your bank about the payment so I don't know why you are so desperate for tracking number. Its gonna be delivered with or without it, in worst scenario we'll get it back as returned mail. So no worry. We will get the money shortly as bank stated and you the box, simple business.

Okay. Tell me him to go to the pos office and he should ask them for a link where shipment can be tracked. I think that will be the best solution. Package must be able to be trace. Tell him to ask from the Manager or the manager should send us link of where he is tracking the package.

Good news !
I personally spoke with the duty manager via phone and the box can be returned to the sender and send later again under different service if somebody pick the box up from the depot. So up to you, you can have it sooner without tracking as I understand the time is priority or if you prefer to wait until next week we can take it back and send again it as premium international with tracking service, but it takes couple more days.

You are still not getting my point. Tell the Duty Manager to give you a place where we can check the shipment. Ohe receipt their is a tracking number on it. It is impossible to send package international without no tracking. Clarify this. He should tracking the package and send you script of the tracking.

As I told you yesterday. Only postal authority know where the parcel is if economy box within country of origin. If you are the sender they can tell you at the post office. Only way now is send it as premium international

Okay then.

the guy called me and he is no longer comfortable with the procedure to going every day couple times to post office. He prefers to sell the product locally as he spend money for postal which was later on canceled. If you ask kindly your bank to cover at least the shipping we can do it but otherwise we will not risk again to invest into postal fee to changed again and again. Anyway the box is till at the depot and after his work he can pick it up or leave it in process as economy box without your number. By the way why is it so important to you? You are just make us busy all day

You know i am concern about the Package because i dont want it to get lost. I have to be able to track it for the receiver. Well all payment has been sent already and my bank is only waiting for a trackable shipment details from you and money will be credited to your account. So tell him to send it Immediately that he want to change it to Priority and then it will be resend instantly.

I am afraid he is not gonna send anything if at least the postal fee will be covered in advance as he spend already 50 euros for the first attempt My try to get some money from him

He will just tell him to inform them at the post office that they should send the shipment in Priority mail and they will ask for just little money to add up for the shipment.

Explain this to him.

Well so.. insured, priority with track and trace service box cost 1.694 czk VAT included. There will be no chance to send the box without postal fee coverage. It is too expensive

Okay. Tell him to send it and then i will inform my bank about that too and they will add 2000czk to your money when it will be release to your account. Please make sure he send the package today.

God Bless You.

Better to wire the money directly to a post office

No i cant Just tell him to resend the shipment and money will be credited to his account. Well, He is an experienced scammer and he is going send anything in cash to me... bastard !! Very Happy

Ok so on Monday will be next and last attempt to send it as he said to my right now, otherwise the item will be sold locally even the final price will be lower

Okay. Tell him to send it first thing on Monday morning and he should send it with Priority email. Or he should see if their post office will open tomorrow then he can send maybe tomorrow.

Have you send the package to the address?

He will send it when at lunch break.

also he is asking to send him immediately by wire to a post office money to cover expensive shipping fee. Shortly he will text me sum and services. Most probably Western Union as Czech Post has a contract with this provider.

Okay. I will be waiting for the shipment receipt from you. Just make sure he send it with EMS EXPRESS that can always be track.

Hi, friend just left the post office, EMS express tracking number is EM315880255CZ

Also he is waiting for money for shipping fee to be wired to post office in best way via Western
Thanks to friend of mine, working at a post office he put into the postal system fake box and tracking is now available, but must be canceled at the end of the day when records from the day must be closed. At leas I have couple hours to make him happy how good is he and for sure he is not looking forward to get my brand new unopened MacBook Air

Real "fake" label from post office:!AqRHKhME9PZ2uBNBEk3gsGbT98mn

And Box in tracking system:!AqRHKhME9PZ2uBRLM6Tbz2buiH00

Okay. Send me the shipment receipt and also send it to the bank so that they can start the verification.

the shipment receipt is part of the box label check column “CHARGE” and amount 1399.92 czk it means it was little bit cheaper, please wire the sum via Western asap and let us know details

Ok. All the money will be release to your from my bank. Email them the shipment receipt so that they can start the verification and process money to your account as soon as possible.

God Bless You.

Yes, thank you and God bless you too, we already received notification from your bank. Everything works smooth, your business is appreciated. Just wire the extra money to cover the shipping. Friend pick them up from the postal office when back from work this evening.

have a good day

I have already inform my bank to add 1500czk and it will be added to the money that will be release to your account.

God Bless You.

Fantastic, let you know at the evening. Positive feedback will be posted


God Bless You.

friend just going to the post office as they are closing in 20 minutes to check if there is any payment from Western for the shipping fee. Can you send me the receipt. Thx

No i am not sending the money with western union. The money will be credited to his account tomorrow because my bank told me they verification has complete today. The money that will be credited to your account now will be 33,700czk.

Thanks and God Bless You.

I dont understand. The payment is set as rapid fast cash and nobody called me or contact me. Also deal was wire the money with Western for postal fee as he paid shipping twice. He is waiting for the money at post office and there are closing in 5 minutes

Tell him to be patient and the money will be credited to his account tomorrow because i made it a rapid transfer and it won't take long.

God Bless You.

The bank told me they have contact you on phone when the money is available tomorrow.

God Bless You.

Okay. Tell him i will send the shipment fee with western union tomorrow then.

Post office closed, no money for shipping and box already departed from post office. He was not able to take the box back to him. Also at this time all banks closed and we can not check payment status

No do it now, we can find another western union office in downtown opened 24hrs

Just tell him to be patient till tomorrow and i will send him a western union.

I am at work. I do not have my card with me here and i will only get back home tomorrow morning and i will send him a western union tomorrow. I promise okay.

I tried to calm him down, because he is upset as something is going wrong. But I told him wait tomorrow and you have 250 positive feedbacks so just calm. Give me couple minutes for response

hmm he is rejecting my calls now, let you know when any update

Okay. Just tel him everything is fine and i will send him the western union tomorrow morning. Give me his full details where i will send him the western union.


Swatoslav Laziewski
Dlouha 12
11150 Praha 1
Phn: +420 605 443 001

password for money pick up, use his phone number not make it complicated

Okay. Thank you and have you talk to him and what was his response?

his phone is now unreachable most probably on subway on the way home. I texted him

Okay. Just inform me anytime you have hear from him.

He texted me he is on the way to police and his son told him its going to be a scam or something

Oh tell him he won't be scammed. He should be patient and everything will be fine tomorrow.

Tell him to go back home and be patient and he will get all his money tomorrow.

I tried to explain him there is no worries as in case of problems will cover any lost and you have something like 250 positive feedback so it can not be a scam.

Okay. Let me know when he has agreed with you.

He is at the police station together with his son. I can not do anything now, it is solely his business now

So did he agreed with you?

Ok. just let him no i will send him western union tomorrow

I don't know, his son just texted me there are together at the police station waiting for an officer to be interviewed

Tell them to go home and they will get the money tomorrow.

No longer my business man, he started to be upset when he did not receive payment from Western today and since that he is not talking to me.

Okay. Just keep me inform about anything that is going on.

His son texted me, the police is going to take a control over the shipment

Oh just tell him he will get his money tomorrow.

Are you a scammer? I got a call and I have to handover all electronics communication with you to officials and also they need to see my computer tomorrow. Any explanation ?

Since that no answers... Laughing
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