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 US Navy Doctormy first scambaiting assignment

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was recently approached by a man On Tango he just popped up requesting to chat, I was kind of used to strangers popping up on Tango and trying to start a conversation with me every now and again so this was nothing out of the ordinary I didn't have any personal details on my profile apart from a profile picture and using my nickname.

I looked at his profile and it was a man called David Oscar his profile picture was of a very good looking guy dressed in US military uniform he was holding a young black child in his arms and wearing a stethoscope around his neck, there was only a message to me asking if I wanted to chat and as I'm only human and though he looked very hot I decided to reply back to him, I was quite bored at the time too so thought why not !!!

The following is the conversation that followed:-

2016 02 15 21:13:04.715 - You: Hi there !
2016 02 15 21:19:02.178 - You: How are you
2016 02 16 07:58:59.791 - David Oscar: Am David from u.s, am a
military doctor working now in Nigeria
2016 02 17 02:35:06.637 - You: Hi David wow you sound great babe I'm
a lawyer just returned back to the uk from Cyprus where I lived and worked for 3 years
2016 02 17 10:20:23.666 - David Oscar: Nice
2016 02 17 10:20:27.465 - David Oscar: U have whatsapp

I then decided to give my what's app number to continue the conversation my number is a pay as you go one and no details are registered with it so I didn't feel safety was an issue and the same as Tango I had no personal information on my what's app profile other than a profile picture and a nickname. I didn't see any harm at the time other than chatting to a sexy man in uniform so thought nothing of it at the beginning.

So i awaited for him to contact me through what's app to continue chatting below is the genuine correspondence of our what's app conversation

17/02/2016, 13:43:50: David Oscar: Hi
17/02/2016, 13:44:00: David Oscar: Honey
17/02/2016, 13:45:23: Me: Hi there how you doing
17/02/2016, 13:50:35: David Oscar: Am good
17/02/2016, 13:50:38: David Oscar: Tell me about u
17/02/2016, 16:47:27: David Oscar: My god
17/02/2016, 16:47:30: David Oscar: U so beautiful
17/02/2016, 22:25:31: David Oscar: I think u the woman I need
19/02/2016, 11:59:31: David Oscar: I want to be your man
19/02/2016, 12:09:05: David Oscar: Open your heart for me
19/02/2016, 12:19:23: David Oscar: Am the man u need

I had noticed that I had received several messages from him but had been busy to look at them properly so when I finally read them properly it was at this point I thought omg this guy is a bit desperate and I started to have my suspicions then. I thought to myself I would just go along with it though to see what other nonsense he would come out with next so I messaged him back at this point I was being rather sarcastic

19/02/2016, 12:44:31: Me: You certainly are
19/02/2016, 13:06:03: David Oscar: Can I ask u
19/02/2016, 13:06:14: Me: Ask me anything babe
20/02/2016, 09:30:55: David Oscar: Do you have a boyfriend
20/02/2016, 09:31:31: Me: No in single split from my boyfriend last year
20/02/2016, 09:33:25: David Oscar: I want u to delete tango
20/02/2016, 09:34:58: Me: Any reason why
20/02/2016, 09:39:19: David Oscar: Am very jealous
20/02/2016, 09:39:26: David Oscar: And is not safe
20/02/2016, 09:41:49: David Oscar: Am waiting
20/02/2016, 09:48:10: David Oscar: U can delete from your phone
20/02/2016, 09:52:43: David Oscar: Will u marry me

After the last lot of messages well I was besides myself with laughter and had thought of just blocking him, I decided though to continue playing along I thought to myself this guy was a bit of a fruit loop I had already told my boyfriend all about the weird messages and had said I'm going to have a laugh and just take the piss and play hm at his own game, thoughts about his motives had entered my head at this point too, I had said to my boyfriend "well he's either after a passport or money, but since he's meant to be an American citizen it's obviously money".
I started to engage in conversation again to see where it lead to next. I had also received pictures of him and a video of what appeared to be a white Guy masturbating his face wasn't showing but looking into the background it could have well been a military guy in the barracks as it looked that kind of scenery the man in the video was also wearing a Karky color t shirt which an army personnel might wear. the amount of pictures I'd received of the same good looking man and it hadn't occurred to me that it might be someone using fake pictures of someone else.

20/02/2016, 11:09:37: Me: I would love to marry you but I am not yet divorced from ex husband yet although divorce proceedings have begun
20/02/2016, 11:14:43: David Oscar: I want to meet u
20/02/2016, 11:16:40: Me: Sure would love to
20/02/2016, 11:18:34: David Oscar: When
20/02/2016, 11:28:23: David Oscar: Do u love me
20/02/2016, 11:30:38: Me: Obviously I would need to meet you properly to establish strong feelings such as love but so far so good
20/02/2016, 11:32:42: David Oscar: Am crazy about you
20/02/2016, 11:34:21: Me: And I am about you cant stop thinking about meeting you a rush of excitement runs right through me
20/02/2016, 11:38:05: David Oscar: When I chat with u I feel safe
20/02/2016, 11:39:27: Me: That is because you are safe with me I also feel safe chatting to you too
20/02/2016, 11:44:58: David Oscar: I will do anything to be with you
20/02/2016, 11:53:54: Me: I want to be with you now
20/02/2016, 11:54:18: David Oscar: Jusy tell me when u want me to come
20/02/2016, 11:57:23: Me: What is the soonest you could come
20/02/2016, 12:00:44: David Oscar: Am all yours
20/02/2016, 12:01:15: Me: And I am all yours too

This is when he dropped the bombshell I had been waiting on lol

20/02/2016, 12:01:28: David Oscar: My birthday is coming
20/02/2016, 12:03:03: Me: Really ? when babe
20/02/2016, 12:05:02: David Oscar: In 2 days time
20/02/2016, 12:05:06: David Oscar: I need a gift from you

At this point I was thinking you cheeky little bastard and this just fired me up even more to wind him up further

20/02/2016, 12:05:39: Me: And what would you like darling anything for you
20/02/2016, 12:05:49: David Oscar: Gift I can share with poor kids
20/02/2016, 12:08:28: Me: Yes of course what way is best to send it
20/02/2016, 12:08:41: David Oscar: Money gram or western union
20/02/2016, 12:09:06: Me: Cool send me the details and I will get on to it
20/02/2016, 12:09:13: David Oscar: Wow
20/02/2016, 12:09:23: David Oscar: What day can you send
20/02/2016, 12:15:28: Me: Monday would be best for me if that is ok and that will be on your birthday too darling
20/02/2016, 12:17:07: David Oscar: Wow
20/02/2016, 12:17:12: David Oscar: How much can u send

20/02/2016, 12:23:47: Me: I can only manage £100 gbp is that ok ?
20/02/2016, 12:27:18: David Oscar: Alot of kids here
20/02/2016, 12:27:23: David Oscar: Can u try 200
20/02/2016, 12:30:05: Me: I will see what I can do Hun
20/02/2016, 12:30:45: David Oscar: God bless u.
20/02/2016, 12:30:51: David Oscar: I love u so much
20/02/2016, 12:31:17: Me: Your welcome babe like I said anything for you darling
20/02/2016, 12:32:01: David Oscar: Promise u not leave me
20/02/2016, 12:35:07: Me: I promise you I will never leave you I think I am in love with you you are such a wonderful man helping those poor orphaned children
20/02/2016, 12:42:50: David Oscar: Did you delete your tango

20/02/2016, 12:06:15: Me: Do you have any more photos for me my future husband
20/02/2016, 12:07:12: Me: Sure anything i can do to help
20/02/2016, 12:07:32: David Oscar: It will be easy if u send money I buy cake and food for the poor kids here
20/02/2016, 12:43:13: Me: I did yes

I had blocked him from tango so he thought I had deleted the app just to reel him in a bit further and now I was going to up my game with him and really start to take the piss

20/02/2016, 12:43:40: David Oscar: Where are you now
20/02/2016, 13:20:39: Me: I'm just sat at home alone Sad
20/02/2016, 13:50:31: Me: I love a man in uniform

I had decided since I still had my old wedding dress that I would pretend to have gone out send bought one I had told my boyfriend all of my plans and I'd said "by the time I'm finished with him he will wish he'd never messaged me he will be owing me money by the end of it".

20/02/2016, 14:57:25: Me: Iv been shopping babe think your going to love what iv just bought I will model it for you later sweet cheeks Wink 😘
20/02/2016, 15:42:50: David Oscar: Honey
20/02/2016, 15:42:52: David Oscar: U make me happy
20/02/2016, 15:43:20: Me: I only want to make you happy
20/02/2016, 15:45:30: David Oscar: Am all yours
20/02/2016, 15:57:53: Me: Mmmmm love it

20/02/2016, 16:50:19: David Oscar: What are u doing now
20/02/2016, 16:50:55: Me: Getting dressed to go out
20/02/2016, 16:51:34: David Oscar: Where are you going too
20/02/2016, 16:51:50: Me: Visiting family
20/02/2016, 16:52:29: Me: What are you up to ?
20/02/2016, 16:55:31: David Oscar: Honey
20/02/2016, 16:55:37: David Oscar: Just thinking
20/02/2016, 16:55:45: David Oscar: I wish I can be with you tomorrow
20/02/2016, 16:56:33: Me: Shame your so far away
20/02/2016, 17:02:37: David Oscar: U killing me
20/02/2016, 17:02:39: David Oscar: I need u
20/02/2016, 17:02:40: David Oscar: Now
20/02/2016, 17:08:28: David Oscar: What are u doing now
20/02/2016, 18:44:16: David Oscar: U driving me crazy
20/02/2016, 18:46:09: Me: Well I told you I'm a lawyer I can push my divorce through fast and just bite the bullet I'm game if you are 👰20/02/2016, 18:46:43: David Oscar: I will kill to have u
20/02/2016, 18:47:04: Me: Well then what are we waiting for
20/02/2016, 18:47:39: David Oscar: After my birthday

I started to have little jibes at him and taking the piss out of him With him saying he was a Marine and the jokes about naval men and marines taking turns in the barrel

20/02/2016, 18:47:51: Me: I'll even go in the barrel for you darling
20/02/2016, 18:48:10: David Oscar: U the best
20/02/2016, 18:48:14: David Oscar: My god sent
20/02/2016, 18:49:28: Me: We can take turns I go in on a Monday your turn in the barrel Tuesday
20/02/2016, 18:49:54: David Oscar: Good
20/02/2016, 18:50:01: David Oscar: I will apply for my vacation letter
20/02/2016, 18:50:43: Me: Excellent babe

20/02/2016, 18:51:18: David Oscar: U giving me joy
20/02/2016, 20:35:38: Me: No your the best Hun can't believe my luck it's like fate you messaging me out of the blue, when we get married can we have a Siberian husky ?
20/02/2016, 20:38:37: Me: Send me another video I loved that last one you sent

He the proceeded to say he had a daughter i laughed to myself saying no doubt it will be her birthday soon too lol

20/02/2016, 21:37:37: David Oscar: Honey
20/02/2016, 21:37:41: David Oscar: Just told my daughter about u
20/02/2016, 21:38:26: Me: Really ?
20/02/2016, 21:39:36: David Oscar: Yes
20/02/2016, 21:39:40: David Oscar: She want to know u
20/02/2016, 21:39:58: Me: How old is she Hun
20/02/2016, 21:40:27: Me: When is her birthday

20/02/2016, 21:41:03: David Oscar: She 8
20/02/2016, 21:41:10: David Oscar: I miss her
20/02/2016, 21:41:30: Me: Is she still in the states then
20/02/2016, 21:41:40: David Oscar: California
20/02/2016, 21:41:41: David Oscar: Yes
20/02/2016, 21:42:39: Me: Iv always wanted to visit California iv frequent Miami several times on business trips and of course Orlando Smile
20/02/2016, 21:43:27: Me: We have an office in Miami
20/02/2016, 21:46:38: Me: Hey we could get married in Vegas ?
20/02/2016, 21:48:16: David Oscar: Wow
20/02/2016, 21:48:21: David Oscar: It will be nice

20/02/2016, 21:48:29: David Oscar: Am so happy
20/02/2016, 21:49:04: Me: Me too Smile
20/02/2016, 21:49:18: David Oscar: This is happening fast
20/02/2016, 21:59:44: Me: Hey if you think it's going to fast please tell me to slow down lol I don't want to put you under any pressure baby
20/02/2016, 22:01:15: David Oscar: Honey
20/02/2016, 22:01:20: David Oscar: I love been fast
20/02/2016, 22:01:26: David Oscar: Will not getting young
20/02/2016, 22:01:45: Me: Good I like to live life in the fast lane
20/02/2016, 22:02:02: David Oscar: Am all yours
20/02/2016, 22:02:54: Me: I feel like it's my birthday meeting you
20/02/2016, 22:08:50: David Oscar: Me too
20/02/2016, 22:08:55: David Oscar: U the best
20/02/2016, 22:08:56: David Oscar: God bless u
20/02/2016, 22:20:12: Me: Can I ask you how old you are
20/02/2016, 22:31:05: David Oscar: Am going 41
20/02/2016, 22:46:27: Me: I am 36
20/02/2016, 23:02:25: David Oscar: Age is just a number
20/02/2016, 23:11:22: Me: It certainly is
20/02/2016, 23:15:05: David Oscar: I want to grow old with u

20/02/2016, 23:27:24: Me: That is so sweet babe
21/02/2016, 06:39:42: David Oscar: Honey
21/02/2016, 06:39:46: David Oscar: Sorry just woke up
21/02/2016, 15:29:53: Me: Anyway I hope you like bought it for our special day da dah

I had sent him the picture of me in the wedding dress

21/02/2016, 15:30:27: Me: It cost me a fortune but you know what for you money is no object
21/02/2016, 16:00:35: Me: And since its your birthday tomorrow iv arranged another special surprise for you oh I love you so much just want to make you happy darling
21/02/2016, 19:03:58: David Oscar: Honey

21/02/2016, 19:04:00: David Oscar: How are u doing
21/02/2016, 19:05:15: Me: I'm great thanks
21/02/2016, 19:05:40: David Oscar: U make me miss u
21/02/2016, 19:05:44: David Oscar: So much
21/02/2016, 19:06:24: Me: Miss you too
21/02/2016, 19:12:35: David Oscar: Honey u still sending my gift tomorrow
21/02/2016, 19:13:35: Me: I sure am baby plus I have an extra little birthday gift for you
21/02/2016, 19:13:55: David Oscar: Tell me honey
21/02/2016, 19:15:34: Me: There might be a bit extra then the 200 since I'm in a very happy mood
21/02/2016, 19:15:48: Me: Anyway did you like my wedding dress
21/02/2016, 19:27:49: David Oscar: Yes honey
21/02/2016, 19:27:53: David Oscar: Keep it for me
21/02/2016, 19:36:32: Me: I sure will
21/02/2016, 19:38:13: Me: Will I tell you what the extra surprise is
21/02/2016, 19:39:22: David Oscar: Tell me honey
21/02/2016, 19:39:23: David Oscar: Please

I had made up a fake flight ticket confirmation of a flight booking to Nigeria and pretended to be arriving on his birthday his excuses were great lol I then introduced my boyfriend to him pretending he was my ex husband

21/02/2016, 19:42:37: David Oscar: No honey
21/02/2016, 19:42:41: David Oscar: I told u am coming
21/02/2016, 19:42:45: David Oscar: Nigeria is not safe

21/02/2016, 19:43:13: David Oscar: Have apply for my vacation letter
21/02/2016, 19:46:09: Me: It's ok I'm bringing my ex husband with me he won't divorce me until he meets you by the way he is ex British para and sas he will look after me no problem and you
21/02/2016, 19:49:33: Me: You should both get on very well both being military he was a pathfinder and has a large skill set in tracking people down I probably shouldn't say this but when he got threw out the military for attackibg his commanding officer he started working as an assassin and did some gun running in Africa so he knows the place very well
21/02/2016, 19:51:27: David Oscar: Wow
21/02/2016, 19:51:33: David Oscar: Can I ask you a question
21/02/2016, 19:51:47: Me: Ask away
21/02/2016, 19:53:54: David Oscar: Do u trust me
21/02/2016, 19:54:26: Me: Of course I do I love you you have made me feel so special
21/02/2016, 19:56:13: David Oscar: Tell me the true

21/02/2016, 19:57:07: Me: And I am hoping you will defend me as my ex husband can be very crazy as I told you he is s trained killer but I am sure as your a marine you will fight for me and kick his ass as he only a British special air service that's nothing compared to your US Marine training
21/02/2016, 19:58:25: Me: Maybe you could pay him off to stop him from hunting us down when we are finally together because he is coming for you he needs to see you before he will divorce me
21/02/2016, 19:59:46: David Oscar: Can will go to california

My boyfriend is ex military himself and in fact 1 para 16 air assault and we wanted to try and get some more information from him as at this point my boyfriend was fuming with this guy and wanted to rip his head off. And we knew by now that this guy was no US Marine Doctor helping orphaned children in Africa. So thought we would tease him a bit more and putting in little references to the A Team which obviously just went over his head

21/02/2016, 20:00:39: Me: Excellent I knew you would have a plan I love it when a plan comes together
21/02/2016, 20:01:45: David Oscar: I will meet u in uk this week
21/02/2016, 20:01:57: David Oscar: Trust me your ex can not do anything
21/02/2016, 20:03:05: Me: Ok you have put my mind at rest thank you
21/02/2016, 20:04:56: David Oscar: Good
21/02/2016, 20:05:03: David Oscar: Honey how much are you sending tomorrow
21/02/2016, 20:26:49: Me: Actually I'm thinking of the bigger picture but I need to be able to trust you. can I trust you? my husband the ex sas as I said was in Sierra Leone when they assassinated the west end boys in 2001 well when he was there he stole a load of blood diamonds and he still has them along with a large amount of cash which he can't for obvious reasons put in a bank and he can't declare the cash from the diamonds he has already sold

He is starting at this point to get suspicious I think hence the reason he wanted to show himself on camera but I continued with my stories anyway and I ignored his plea to go on webcam

21/02/2016, 20:28:08: David Oscar: Do u want to see me on skype video call
21/02/2016, 20:28:39: Me: Maybe me and you could get that money somehow I'm sure with your expertise we could get it all from him and me and you could live the life of Riley xx
21/02/2016, 20:29:47: David Oscar: I told not need is money
21/02/2016, 20:30:04: David Oscar: I don't need anything from you guys
21/02/2016, 20:30:08: David Oscar: All I need is your love
21/02/2016, 22:13:57: David Oscar: Are you busy
22/02/2016, 00:56:42: Me: No I'm not busy but look everything will be ok for us both he won't kill me we were married for 10 years and he was like my Leon he trained me and I was his Matilda I'm a better shot then he is and I know where he hides his SA80 rifle, as I said I am a lawyer and I worked for the kamora Italian mafia in Naples I still have my contacts I'm thinking I they could move the diamonds for us just think on it me you and our Siberian husky living happily ever after in California like you said
22/02/2016, 01:05:45: David Oscar: I don't need your diamond

I had also before this point done loads of online research and found many many other forums and sites about this scam and I now knew the full name of the man In the pictures he was in fact a real Us navy Doctor and had also appeared on the batchelor an American dating programme I had watched several different interviews of the real Doctor online. Obviously me being British I'd never watched this tv programme so hadn't recognized him from the start. I decided to come clean to him at this point and let him know that I knew exactly what his game was

Which I now know is the wrong thing to do but live and learn as they say

22/02/2016, 01:10:29: Me: No you just want to take money from vulnerable women you piece of shit scum bag !! David Oscar !! the man in your photos is a dr Andy Baldwin you thieving piece of shit now Piss off oh and by the way I lied too I'm not the woman in my pics either this is really me

At the time as previously said I didn't start this thing with intent to scambait him it just kind of continued and I enjoyed doing it and wasn't aware of the ethics etc of the site I had only came across his site as I was looking for fake WU receipts to send him and thought wow great great site so I therefore joined to gain some tips I didn't even know there was such thing as an expert in scambaiting I had dabbled with it before without knowing I was doing it but just doing stuff for m wn enjoyment if I'd had any dodgy emsils or anything before I would kind of waste their time a bit the same as I did when. Was n dating sites!

I then sent a photo of a completely different person

22/02/2016, 01:12:19: David Oscar: What is this

22/02/2016, 01:12:26: David Oscar: Can will skype now
22/02/2016, 01:12:35: David Oscar: I want to show u my face on skype
22/02/2016, 01:12:36: David Oscar: Now
22/02/2016, 01:17:54: David Oscar: U are work
22/02/2016, 01:18:00: David Oscar: U are wrong
22/02/2016, 01:18:05: David Oscar: Can will skype
22/02/2016, 01:18:12: David Oscar: Do u have skype
22/02/2016, 01:19:20: Me: have a nice birthday and your not getting no present from me
22/02/2016, 01:19:45: David Oscar: Can will skype
22/02/2016, 01:19:47: David Oscar: Please

22/02/2016, 01:19:55: David Oscar: Just see who u talking to
22/02/2016, 01:20:06: Me: In fact you owe me money 800 quid
22/02/2016, 01:22:47: David Oscar: My real name is andy
22/02/2016, 01:35:29: David Oscar: Dav43370
22/02/2016, 01:36:09: David Oscar: When can will skype
22/02/2016, 01:37:51: David Oscar: Hello

He was really starting to panic now and clasping at straws to try and keep me in his clutch so I decided I would accept his request to video call so I could tell this scumbag to his face what I thought of him

22/02/2016, 01:38:06: Me: Iv sent request on Skype
22/02/2016, 01:38:19: David Oscar: Ok

22/02/2016, 01:41:01: David Oscar: Did not see
22/02/2016, 01:41:03: David Oscar: Send again

He video called me and this is where I couldn't believe the lengths this guy was willing to go to to scam money from women the video call was the real Doctor who I now knew was called Andy he appeared to me talking directly to me and was giving some lame excuse on why he had lied to me saying some rubbish about the United Nations not letting him give away his true identity and apologized to me saying that he really did love me and the only thing he wanted from me was to pick him up later that week from a UK airport and that he was coming to see me.

I had of course like I said already watched some video clips of dr Andy so I knew exactly how he sounded and the words coming from the guys mouth sounded completely different he had a Nigerian twang accent and everything. I was fixated on watching his lips move which were actually in sync to what he was telling me the video call was very cleverly done using hi tech software. I knew it wasn't him but i can understand how he manages to scam all these women some of which have given their life savings over. At the end of the call I was even starting to doubt myself for a little while. In the video he was wearing blue surgeons scrubs so after I hung up on him I researched online in more detail until I found the interview of dr Andy which was the same one shown to me with the lip sync cleverly done. After the call he continued to message me thinking he had put my mind at ease I was starting to ge bored at this point and thought I would just stall him a little bit longer

22/02/2016, 01:48:29: David Oscar: Where are you
22/02/2016, 01:50:14: Me: I am at home
22/02/2016, 01:54:21: David Oscar: U trust me now
22/02/2016, 02:10:24: Me: Yes I do and I'm sorry please forgive me
22/02/2016, 06:34:25: David Oscar: Honey
22/02/2016, 06:34:29: David Oscar: Good morning
22/02/2016, 06:34:33: David Oscar: How was your night
22/02/2016, 13:18:24: Me: Good afternoon.
22/02/2016, 13:18:38: David Oscar: Am sad with u
22/02/2016, 13:18:52: Me: Why are you sad

22/02/2016, 13:20:29: Me: Iv just woke up happy birthday honey
22/02/2016, 13:20:41: David Oscar: Am sorry
22/02/2016, 13:20:44: David Oscar: I really miss you
22/02/2016, 13:20:50: David Oscar: Have u eating
22/02/2016, 13:21:10: Me: I know I'm sorry too I miss and love you so much
22/02/2016, 13:21:30: David Oscar: Can u still send me my gift today
22/02/2016, 13:23:18: Me: Yes of course I can I will go To the western union or money gram place what do I have to do as iv never used any of them before
22/02/2016, 13:23:40: David Oscar: How much are u sending
22/02/2016, 13:23:50: Me: 300

He gave me the details to send the money transfer I was running out of ideas to continue winding him up and was biding some time stalling him whilst I tried to come up with a fake WU receipt

22/02/2016, 13:24:05: David Oscar: Receiver name - faith obasoyen
County - nigeria
Address - benin city, nigeria

2/02/2016, 13:24:28: David Oscar: Use this information to send the money
22/02/2016, 13:25:02: Me: Ok I will thanks I will let you know when iv been and done it babe
22/02/2016, 13:25:12: David Oscar: I love u
22/02/2016, 13:25:14: David Oscar: So much
22/02/2016, 13:25:24: Me: I love you too
22/02/2016, 13:25:31: David Oscar: What are u doing now
22/02/2016, 13:25:48: Me: I'm still in bed lol
22/02/2016, 13:26:51: David Oscar: Lol
22/02/2016, 13:26:55: David Oscar: What time u go to bank
22/02/2016, 13:27:23: Me: Probably around

22/02/2016, 13:36:54: David Oscar: Can u try 2pm
22/02/2016, 14:23:40: David Oscar: Honey
22/02/2016, 14:49:34: David Oscar: Why are u not talking to me
22/02/2016, 14:49:34: David Oscar: ?
22/02/2016, 15:39:05: David Oscar: I love u
22/02/2016, 20:04:23: David Oscar: Helo
22/02/2016, 20:04:24: David Oscar: Helo
22/02/2016, 20:04:24: David Oscar: Where are you
22/02/2016, 20:34:29: David Oscar: Talk to me
22/02/2016, 20:35:53: Me: I'm here I'm my friends house having some drinks battery went dead

22/02/2016, 20:37:39: David Oscar: Ok
22/02/2016, 20:37:39: David Oscar: Did u still send the money
22/02/2016, 20:38:44: Me: I have to go back tomorrow as I had picked up the wrong passport I had my works passport
22/02/2016, 20:39:50: Me: I'm going to try and do it online when I get home as iv been told I can do it that way
22/02/2016, 20:43:35: David Oscar: Yes
22/02/2016, 20:43:44: David Oscar: Can you try it online
22/02/2016, 20:44:13: Me: Yes babe will try as soon as I get home
22/02/2016, 20:44:32: David Oscar: Promise
22/02/2016, 20:45:00: Me: Scouts honour
22/02/2016, 20:47:17: David Oscar: Honey
22/02/2016, 20:47:17: David Oscar: Missing you
22/02/2016, 20:47:17: David Oscar: Text me when u home
22/02/2016, 20:47:54: Me: Miss you too will message you as soon as I get home

I now had found this site about scambaiting and had read some tips etc so I tried to keep him hooked so it's less time for him to scam other vulnerable women who might fall for his patter and give him large amounts of money. I wanted to set him up and get him so bad that I decided to send him a picture from the Internet showing huge bundles of cash set out on a table.

Myself and my boyfriend had just sold a car that day and we had £5000 put away ready to go in the bank so we took another picture of me hiding all the Money fanned out in my hands so you see it was a substantial amount and we took a picture of me which I sent to him

22/02/2016, 22:37:34: Me: Hi honey I'm home Smile look what I managed to get my hands on and that's just the start of it haha daft twat doesn't have a clue I nicked it woo hoo !!the start of good things to come for me and you
22/02/2016, 23:19:36: Me: Cool
22/02/2016, 23:19:55: David Oscar: Why are u fooling me
22/02/2016, 23:20:35: Me: I'm not fooling darling why would I do that I love you and want to marry you !!
23/02/2016, 05:14:34: David Oscar: Did u still transfer the money

Unfortunately I was blocked after that lol although he did message me a few weeks later with a different number but I never replied back

I still have all the photos etc what I sent to him of wedding dress, flight confirmation and the Money pics along with not sure how to upload them on here lol but I did have fun playing this guy. I am currently baiting another Nigerian at the minute I have an item being the wedding dress on sale on gumtree and within hours of posting adverts iv had two enquiries both from the same person/group of people since they got the emails mixed up and sent me from the wrong one which proves its the same persons 1 is a marine engineer who is at sea and has tried to do the PayPal scam and shipment by WU thing the other is RAF same sort of shit. I have managed to finish baiting the RAF one and I Must admit I played a blinder they had no coming back with my response to him and the marine is still ongoing so will upload once finished but it is quite funny and think iv done well for a novice lol

Last edited by illegallyblonde100 on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:35 am; edited 1 time in total
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Welcome to Eater!

Nice first bait but I really urge you to read the stickies. We preach safe baiting here and there are several points when you gave this scammer your personal information. He has your info on What'sApp including your account ID. You sent him pictures of yourself and were on cam. Had you thought that he might be recording? Or that your pictures can be photoshopped and used with other victims?

Not trying to be a buzz kill, but you are dealing with criminals. Do NOT give out personal info even through apps. Don't send your photos. Also, we advise that you don't "burn" your bait-don't let the scammer know you are on to him. Why educate him?

Finally, I'm ging to ask you to edit your post to remove your screen name and ID. Lads have been known to stop by here as well.

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Hello I'm New here!

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Well as you can tell I am new to all of this lol and it didn't really start out for me to bait the scammer, I was just bored at the time and as it progressed I began to enjoy it so kept it up for as long as I could.

I have noted your points and I have taken time to read through many posts on here to learn from you guys, and to be honest at first I didn't really care about him having my what's app as wasn't really aware of the consequences that could happen or even the fact of him being a big time criminal. I am well aware now though and my safety and also other potential victims will be paramount!!!

As well as pictures etc and I now know and won't 'burn the bait' I'm still Trying to get up to speed with some of the terms used for things but m sure I'll learn them in time.

I will get onto your request now regarding ID name and screen name

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Hello I'm New here!

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illegallyblonde100 wrote:
Well as you can tell I am new to all of this lol and it didn't really start out for me to bait the scammer, I was just bored at the time and as it progressed I began to enjoy it so kept it up for as long as I could.

That's how we all started. Have seem to have a good head for this. Keep it up!

No, I'm really not new here. I just don't post much.
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excellent, especially under those circumstances. Welcome!


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Please don't necro old threads.

Locking on my way out.


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