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 Dr. Chaka Nomvete or Nomvete Chaka

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here's my first sucessful scam bait. It netted me one trophy picture. Props go out to Shivers whose tale of the Painted Breast inspired my new hobby.


Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 11:56:55 -0700
From: [email protected]

Dear Friend,

I write to seek your cooperation as my foreign partner and your
to enable us to own properties and invest in the stable economy of your
country.I apologize if this mail does not suit your personal or
My names are Dr Chaka Nomvete.We are making this venture proposal
you in strict confident.As senior civil servants in the South African
the south African civil service law {Code of Conduct Bureau} forbid us
own a foreign account. The money we have in possession is an overdue
bill totaling $26,426,000,00 which we want to transfer abroad with the
and co-operation of a company/or an individual to receive the said fund
via a reliable Bank account.
If you will like to assist us as partner,then indicate you interest
after which we shall both discuss on the modalities. All other
to facilitate the remittance of the fund will be revealed to you in due
course.For your assistance, you shall receive 30% amounting to
of the $26,426.000.00, 60% amounting to $15,855.600 for us and 10%
to 2,642.600 will be used to settle taxation and other miscellaneous
in the course of transferring the funds to your account.
Please indicate you direct telephone and fax number when replying
business proposal preferably through my alternative email address;
[email protected]
.I will call you when necessary.If you are not interested,please also
so that it will enable me contact other foreign parners with
to carry out this deal.
A swift acknowledgement on the receipt of this mail will be
Thank you and God bless you.

Dr Chaka Nomvete

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:19:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fr. Nick Tungsten" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: [email protected]

May God bless you!

It sounds as if this situation could greatly benefit
my church. As a priest of St. Thomas Alva of the
Divine Light and head of economic development, I know
that this plan could help us. What do you need from me
to help get this started?

Father Nick Tungsten
St. Thomas Alva of the Divine Light
Church and Parochial School
Rockville, MD 20852

Proverbs 4:18
The path of the just is as the shining light, that
shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

I'll just cut the Proverb out since it's on each message

From: "DR NOMVETE CHAKA" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
To: "Fr. Nick Tungsten" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:33:54 +0800

Dear Friend/partner,

Good day to you, I hope this letter meets you in good health. Thank you
very much for your positive reply to our letter of mutually benefiting
business proposal. In this transaction that is going to be of mutual
benefit to both of us, you should not be scared at all, be rest
assured that, you are in safe hands, all I need from you is your
understanding and assistance to act as the beneficiary of the funds. We already
have an investor who is going to assist in offsetting some major expenses
when the time comes.

We the three colleagues involved in this transaction, have deliberated
extensively on your response and unanimously agreed to commence this
transaction with you and we have decided to furnish you with further
information and proof regarding this great transaction. It is pertinent
at this stage to assure you that this project will be carried out
strictly and religiously within all laid down procedures and the transaction
will also pass through all local and International laws and regulations
which you are going to see as we progress in the successful realization
of this transaction.


There is a “claims form” of the Department of Transport that, will be
required of you to complete with your company details (if you do not
own a company, simply fill in your personal details) and send back to me
If you encounter any difficulty completing the form, do not hesitate
to call for assistance from me. Bank details are not necessary if
preferred mode of payment is by Bank draft.

On receipt of the above requirement we shall commence all
pre-application processes including the Incorporation of a new company for you here
at the Department of Transport as a category “C” contractor who has
legal rights to execute contracts of such magnitude in South Africa. We
shall also obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate in the name of your company
indicating that your company has paid company tax for three years as
this is a pre-requisite for all category “C” contractors in South Africa.
We have made arrangements for all these initial expenses, so we will
not be needing your financial help. We will also meet all equity
requirements for the operation of a foreign company as spelt out by the
Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Immediately these pre-application requirements are met, we will legally
sub-contract the entitlement of US$26.426M to your company making it
legal. And then the Department of Transport of which I am an executive
accountant, will validate the claim and the application proper will be
submitted to the account Division of the Department of Transport for the
approval for payment of the entitlement in the name of your company.
All these are directly under my supervision. Immediately the approval is
given by the DT, your company becomes a legal creditor/beneficiary of
DT to the tune of the entitlement and your payment file will be moved
to the Exchange Control Division of the South African Reserve Bank
(SARB) which is our Apex Bank for the all-important approval.

At this point you will be expected to come personally to Johannesburg
to endorse the Fund Release Documents, witness the telegraphic transfer
of the funds to your account and re-confirm your Bank particulars if
necessary or alternative payment by Bank Draft. In case you cannot come,
you have a choice of retaining the services of a locally accredited
Attorney registered with the SARB to perform the endorsement on your
behalf. For any option chosen 48-72hours after the endorsement of your Fund
Release Documents, your funds will hit your account by telegraphic
transfer, or you can receive a Bank Draft/Cashier’s Cheque draw able in any
correspondence Bank of the Federal Reserve Bank worldwide.

The above is our master plan for success, which is 100% risk and hitch
free and everything will be done legally and perfectly. With your
unwavering assistance and co-operation and following our instructions
religiously, this transaction will be concluded within 10-14 working days. On
receipt of the funds in your account, my associates and I will fly to
your country and meet with you for the sharing purpose and to commence
our business plans. As we cannot bring back cash into South Africa, we
will count on your business acumen and network for our investment plans.

Once again I thank you for your prompt positive response and remember
that confidentiality is our watchword, as the advantages accruable to us
from strict compliance can never be over emphasized.

Best regards.
Dr. Chaka.

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 04:40:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Nick Tungsten" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: THE FORM
To: "DR NOMVETE CHAKA" <[email protected]>

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord Dr.

There is a bit of a problem. We do not keep the
church's money in a bank account. And, as I am a
priest, I have no bank account of my own. Would it be
possible to have a certified check issued instead of a
bank transfer?

Also, i will be leaving for the weekend and may not
have access to a computer, therefore I may not have a
chance to speak with you until Monday.

Till then, keep your feet on the ground and keep
reaching for the stars!

Dear Friend,

Read and digest all the information forwarded to you here
carefully and comply accordingly. Don”t hesitate to Email me or call me on
+27736627472 if need be. Though I will always prefer us to use Email except
when it is extremely necessary. You will also have to return your
completed Form to me for submission via Email by scan as my fax is not yet
in order. For some of the vital information you will require for the
completion of the form, Contract No is DT/ ZA/ 02/ 007. Category of
contract is C and the Contract amount is Twenty six million, four hundred
and twenty six thousand united states Dollars($26,426000.00). Every
other space there can be completed by you. From the contract number, you
can see that the contract was executed in 2002. And it is number 7 in the
Serial Number. I wish you God's Blessings as you do your best to assist
Endavour to include your phone and fax numbers when replying this mail.
Thank and God bless you,
Friendly Yours,
Dr. Chaka.

Form filled out by me down a bit in this post.

Blessed be Dr. Chaka

So what you are saying is that we can not complete
this transaction without a bank account?

I will have to speak with the church elders and see
how we can proceed in this matter.

Dear Nick,
It is not impossible to get this transaction done through a Bank
certified cheque, but the only problem is that all the procedures that will
be involved in the transfer might at one point or the other requre that
you have an account particulars whether for the church or your private
one. For instance, our full responsibility here is to do all necessary
paper works and do all local payments and registrations of what ever
company name you wish to use as well as pay all the three years company
tax in the name of your company or what ever name you will want us to
use. And note that at the end of the transaction, the certified Bank
draft will be paid into a bank account for clearance and payment. we are
willing to work with you moreso when we know that a man of God is very
trust worthy.
But what ever way you want us to do it, what is important first of all
is to quickly file in all the necessary claim papers so that we can
start processing the release of the funds. Please I need your phone and
fax numbers as soon as possible.
Thank you and God Bless.
Dr. Chaka.

Attached is the form. Please let me know what I can
expect next.

Also, Are you interested in joining my church?
My dear Friend,
Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am very happy with
this great assistance you are giving to us and I can assure you that in a
few days time you will see how wonderful God is.
With the submission of the Claims form, we shall now use the
information therein to proceed with incorporation of your Name with the corporate
Affairs Commission here in South Africa, Register your name with the
Department of Transport as a Category 'C' contractor who is qualified to
handle contracts of such magnitude and as well pay for three years
company tax in your name as it is a prerequisit to qualify for award of
Contracts in this country. these will take us at least the next five days.
After these, we shall forward all the obtained certificates to you.
After filing in all the mentioned documents with your claims form to the
Department of Transport in the next 6 to 7 days, the Department of
Transport will request you to come down to South Africa to appear for an
interview and Endorsement of your fund release Documents or retain the
services of the Department's Accredited Attorney to handle the the
exercise on your behalf. So you will now wait for us to finish our paper works
here and get back to you in the next seven days.
Be informed also that your phone and fax numbers must mandatorily
appear on your claims form. So you should email it immediately for me to
enter it into your form or you refill the form and resend it.
We shall consider the issue of Joining your church as soon as the fund
is in your hands and we come to meet with you there in the USA.
Thank you and God Bless.
Dr. Chaka.

I apologize for not including the phone numbers for
you. We use the same number for both voice and Fax, it
is 1-817-549-9998.

As for my trip to South Africa, I am very excited!
Please tell me when I should arrive so that I may buy
a plane ticket as soon as possible.

Also Please send a picture to me so that I will know
you when I get to the airport. In the picture, please
show the sign of blessings and peace which we use in
our church. You hold up all of your fingers except the
ring finger. I have attached a picture of me during a
recent church service, blessing the children of the

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully after our
business is concluded, you my come to the United
States with me (I'll even buy the ticket for you)!

Probably going to hell for Photoshopping a priest giving the "shocker" to a bunch of kids.
Dear Nick,

How are you today?
We have actually completed all the registratons and doumentation
procedures.What is left now is for the photographer to deliver the
snaped pictures.If those thing are ready i will have to forward them to
How are you preparing for the interview? Though from the information
we are gathering from the Department of Transport as to the pattern the
interview is going to take, we might advise you not to appear
physically for the interview and also postpone your trip until
immediately after you have received the funds in your Bank. We wouldn't
want them to ask you any questions about the Contract which you will
not be able to answer and it will turn a serious embarrassment to all
of us. So whaTever the case may be, we shall tell you the best option
to take later.
We have also set up a three man committee to help us organise a kind of
Christian Gathering in preparation for your expected visit in few days
time. We will like the reception to be very grand and that is also one
of the reasons why we are thinking that it might even be better to have
our money out before then so that we shall have enough funds for the
I await your response.
Thank you and God Bless.

Oh boy, a gathering for me!!
May the Lord bless you and angels caress you Dr. Chaka

It is good to hear that all is progressing as planned.
I will wait to make any airline reservations for the
time, but I will keep my suitcase packed.

If there is anything which I should know for a
possible interview, please tell me so I can study and
memorize these facts. I'm sure that you could better
tell me what I should know.

It is good to hear that you are preparing for my
arrival. I don't need anything special, but I'm not
one to turn down a party.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Nick,
These are the informaions regarding the documents that i told you
of.All these documents have been filed and appropriately documented in
the Department of Transport.
The department of transport will contact you soon.And please do
contact me once you get this documents and keep me posted when the
department of trasport contacts you so that i will inform you on what

Thanksand God Bless.
Dr Chaka.

Here are the forms, I do love the misspellings

Dear Father Nick,
This is the picture you requested i should send to you.

Thanks and God Bless.
Dr Chaka

What a pleasent surprise. I now have a dude in a shirt and tie giving the old "two in the pink, one in the stink" gesture. Woohoo!

I have downloaded these documents and will look them
over this evening. When do you anticipate the Dept. of
Transportation contacting me?

Also, I received your picture. You are a handsome and
well groomed man. As you have shown trust and peace in
the picture, I return that trust and peace! I look
with pleasure to the day when I get to me you sir.

God Bless!
Dear Nick,
How are you doing?
You will have to tell them exactly the same thing you have been filling
in your form. Put CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT. I would have liked to know
which Department the letter is coming from and who signed it. These
information are very necessary for security reasons. Infact if you have the
means, the best thing would have been to scan and email the letter to me.
But for the sake of time, go ahead and respond to them immediately.
Thank you and God Bless.
Dr. Chaka.

I then received a message from the government agency. I lost this though, but I didn't have the heart to tell Chaka.

Dear Nick,
How are you today? Have you faxed that document back to contract
Review Panel committee?
Please if you have not sent it,quickly go ahead and do that as time
is of great essence in this transaction.
Get back to be soonnext.

Thanks and God Bless.

Dr. Chaka,

I am doing very well today. I had a wonderful weekend
also. I performed a wedding on Saturday and presided
over 3 masses on Sunday. Busy, yet fulfilling.

I did find time to fax the notes to the committee.
When should I expect to here from them?

So I just pretended that I did.
Dear NIck,
Let us wait and see what happens next but get in touch with us as
soon as they contact you.And please keep absolute confidentiality and
don't tell anybody about this transaction.

Thanks and God Bless.

OK I'll wait, and wait
Dear Nick,
Since i read your mail that you have faxed the papers to the CRPC
and since then you have not heard from them,why not fax a reminder
message to the CRPC that since you sent them the fax and you have not heard
from them,that what is going on.

Please, keep me posted.

Thanks and God Bless.
Dr Chaka,

I have attempted to send the documents three times
now. Everything appears to work well. Do you have an
Email address for this office. Perhaps I could scan
the documents and send it to them by Email since my
faxes don't seem to go through.

Thank you for all of your help!
Dear Nick,
What you should do is to call them in your early hours about 8 to
9am your local time,then they will be able to tell you what to do on
how you should send them the fax.

You should also try the faxing around that time so that they will
tell you what to do.

Thanks and God Bless.
Dr Chaka,

I spoke to the gentleman who fixes our computers at
the church and he looked into the problem with our fax
machine. He told me that our phone service does not
allow calling outside of the country and that the fax
machine tries to send anyway. So my faxes have been
going nowhere. I can't call them because of this
either, what should I do?

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 07:48:34 -0800 (PST)
From: "DR CHAKA NOMVETE" <[email protected]> Book
Subject: HOW ARE YOU.
To: [email protected]

Dear Nick,
How are you today?hope you are in good health.

I have not heard from you since i sent yiou the last mail of which i told you the best way we should fax the documents to the department since you said your fax can work.
Please to get back to me as soon as possible so that we will know what is delaying you.

Thanks and God Bless.

He didn't here from me because he lost his Email account, notice the change. Since this does seem to be going much further, I decided to mess with him a bit.
Chaka my friend, I need help.

I am in Tanzania and I'm making my way to you now.
Could you please arrange for a hotel for me and find a
reputable bank for me to deposit some money? I trust
the man who will be driving me there, but I won't know
anyone when I get there.

I'll try to check my Email often, but I don't know
when I will have the chance.

God bless.

Fr. Nick
Dear Nick,

I must tell you that i am very happy and thanks to God that you sent this mail to me.

Coming to the fact that you are in Tanzania now,what happened and why are you there? is anything the matter? Please feel free to let me know..

Nick, do you now that we almost lost the fund? because of the delay,i mean as a result of the Committee trying to reach you without success.

I dont really know what is happening.

I will really love to hear from you.Please i want to be cleared.

Thanks and God


Dr Chaka,

I will try to tell you the story in the short time

I was making plans to go through with the transaction.
Last weekend, a fellow priest found out about this and
told me that it was a bad idea. I told them that you
and I had talked at length and that this was a safe
transaction. He told Bishop Jacques Meehov who told me
to stop the proceedings. At this point, I took some of
the money from the church and left. As I was an army
chaplin 10 years ago, I still knew some people in the
military and I was able to get a flight to Africa, the
first available flight went into Tanzania. I met with
a Catholic priest there and told him some of our story
and asked for help getting to you. He told me that he
would help.

Now, what I need is a place to stay and a place to put
the money which I brought. Could you please make
reservations for me?

Once our transaction is finished, then I'll repay the
church and explain my secrecy.

Have to run now.

Fr. Nick
Dear Nick,
Thank you very much for your mails which I have just read. I must sincerely appologise for not responding to the mails on time. I had to rush to the village over the weekend as I had an emergncy call to be in the village without delay. I got there to discover that my father was terribly ill.As the first son, I am the first person that must report in such situations otherwise the community will penalise me and might even bannish me from the village.I only came back this evening to read your mails. How are you doing? I hope you are safe and healthy where you are? We thank God for everything. He will surely see us through because we are almost at the end of the transaction already. You requested I should. Make hotel reservations and other arrangements for you to meet us in South Africa now, I don't think it will be safe at this point. I will advise that you remain in Tanzania until our money has been transfered. As soon as that is done, we shall carry our Certified Bank Draft and travel to any part of the country where we can Cash it. The major problem now is that Bishop Jacquis from all indications, knows that you are coming to meet us in South Africa and it will be very tactless for them to trace you to South Africa and meet you here. One other thing that touched my heart too was the question one of our colleaques asked this evening after reading your mails. He asked if we are sure that you will not run away with our Certified Bank draft the way you have done to the church. But I have been able to convince them that it was out of the fraustration they were putting on you by discouraging that made you do what you did. But if you had told me before taking that action, I would have asked you not to do it because the amount of money you will need to retain the services of the Government accredited attorney is not even much. But what ever the case may be, since you have promised to pay the church back their money as soon as our funds are released, we must forge ahead. Let me know immediately what your general condition is like so that we can proceed and finalise this project on time. I blamed you in any case for exposing this transaction to all your church members even against all our warnings on the confidential nature of this transaction. Get in touch with me soonest so that we can proceed.

Thank ou and God Bless.
Dr. Chaka.

Nomvete, I'm in South Africa and I need help. I'm not
exactly sure where I am other then I entered from
Mosambique. The driver was not allowed to enter the
country so I had to walk in. I don't know where I am
to go. The guard allowed me to use his laptop to send
this message but told me to move on. He does not speak
much English, so I couldn't understand the other stuff
he was saying. I asked him about Johanesburg, and he
pointed to the south west. I will hopefull get another
chance to connact you. please write back, I am very

Fr. Nick
Dear Nick,

There is no problems at all. All I am trying to avoid is any thing that will put me in jail and jeopardise this project. Your being in South Africa now would have been of Great Value if only you actually executed this contract because you would have been able to attend to any question or interogation that would have arisen from it. But because of the procedure we are taking in the realisation of this project, your being in South Africa already is very risky and dangerous to all of us. In the first place, how do you now attend to all your communication with the various departments and how do you communicate in South Africa without the Contract Review Panel knowing that you are here.

I feel highly insecured. and my colleagues are feeling the same way too. If you are in South Africa and retain the Services of an Accredited attorney, The attorney will become suspicious. Meanwhile for tactical reasons, you cannot appear before the Panel so you can see where your running out of USA has affected this project. In any case, let me conclude discussions with my colleagues and know how we settle this issue.

I will get back to you soonest.

Thank you and God Bless.

Dr. Chaka.
Dr. Chaka,

I am now in Pretoria. I am staying with my fellow
priests at Christ the King Catholic Church in the
Queenswood part of the city. Things are going well in
that respect.

However, I have noticed a man who has been following
me. I'm guessing that it is South African because of
his manner of dress, but I have not seen him up close
or heard him at all. I just know that he is a tall
skinny, black man who wears sunglasses with orange

Please let me know where to meet you or if I should
plan some other action.
Dear Nick,

How are you doing? I hope all is well with you? To God be the Glory.

After series of meetings with my colleagues and the parties involved in this transcation, we have resolved that your movement is very suspicious and creates a lot of room for doubts. We would have prefered a situation where you did not present yourself as a Reverend Father who could run away with church funds and also you couldn't have sneaked into South Africa (if at all you are in South Africa) without due consultations and even without the knowledge of your so called partners. Were you not informed right in the USA that it will be wreckless for you to come into South Africa now that the funds are not yet transafered? We fill that mingling with you in South Africa at this stage of the transaction will not only destroy this project but show us the way to prison. So think of what you can do to save this situation or we asume that you never wanted to assist us in this transaction. Most of our colleagues are scared. They said your behaviour is in line with that of a security agent who might expose us. You can only regain our confidence by proving us otherwise.

Please tell us where you are in South Africa and give us your phone number.

We await your urgent response.

Thank You and Remain Blessed.

Dr. Chaka.


Dr. Chaka.

The gentleman who was following me is a police officer of some sort. He asked that you call the police station in Pretoria immediately to clear some things up.

I am cooperating fully with them.

Fr. Nick

At this point, he never replies, so I bombard his Email account with gay porn.
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