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 Forced to leave my church

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This bait is only just starting and is very much work in progress, I will update the thread each time he/me/ replies.

It starts with an offer of of $21 Million Dollars that he want's to deposit into my bank account.

Now then, I am playing it like this. My church has now been taken over by my other character, the power crazed who will soon be the Pope. This means I have a problem, as I am a nun without a church and am living in a homless nuns unit Laughing

Because has taken my church and made me homeless, I really detest the bastard and want to get my own back on him Twisted Evil. This means I will be happy to work with Benjamin to trick into using his account and accepting the $21 Million Dollars into it, I can then use the money to run away to Africa and start a new life.

I am only a nun by name now, so I will try the love angle on Benjamin as well, I am a young looking 52 year old who has never had sex with a man and would he be willing to teach me the art of loving when I visit Africa, lets see how it goes from here Very Happy

Transfer Assistance/Strictly Confidential



How is your health,family and your business,I hope that God is in absolute &control!!!.

With due respect, trust and humility I write this letter to you seeking your assistance though it's difficult since we have not met before. I believe that you are capable and reliable to handle an urgent and confidential international transaction of this sort.

I am the Ivory Coast former politician who was also a businessman. Because of my father's sincerity he was killed by a planned motor accident along Mashonalai province of Ivory Caost.

The planners of the accident are said to be dissident soldiers but it later occurred that they had the backing of the Oppositional party.

when this accident occurred at about 10:15 am , my father did not die on the spot rather he was rushed to Harare hospital by some good Samaritans. From his hospital bed before he died my father managed to sneak a written message to me explaining his condition. He most importantly informed me of funds he had deposited in Benin Republic in a reserve bank which is US$21 Million.(Twenty One million united states dollars)only................ SNIP

I am telling all scammers that mail me that my church has been taken over and sending them to my other character

To whom it may concern,

I am both pleased and sad to say that my Church is no longer in operation, another Church called the Church of Goodwill has taken over the running ofour church. So for further discussion with the new owner, please contact () at his Church website which you can visit here:


He replied with a long boring email with the caps lock stuck on at the start Rolling Eyes thinking I had told my other character about the deal, and then lowercase text inthe rest of the email:




Thanks for your reply, i was glad to receive your mail and i want to appreciate the fact that you replied to me even as we have not met before which from the first time stands as breach for me. I thank you on behalf of myself ,as you read from my first mail you have been able to know who iam ,where iam from and where iam including what i want from you.

Seeing the widenss between me and you it seems hard for me to accept joining hands with you into this transaction ,my fears is that you do not betray me or to sabotage by risking my life for knowing you. How sure is my life whenever i come to your country is important because iam an orphan ,i have friends and relations that can help me but my fears is how sure and save my life will be in their hands.

Becuase of that i decided not to inform anyone about my whereabout,nobdoy knows where iam ,so it is important that you keep it confidential to yourself without linking any man about me. If you can keep those details of mine ,we can do the business and that shows that you love me and by compassion helping. Not fearing man or doing as the way of man seems good to him but to fear God . By keeping those things it is the best agreement i can ever thougt to sign with you.

Concerning the money i have not covering documents about it as papers but i have all the informations,i left the papers by fears to enable me pass border safely to Benin. And i have gone to the bank and reconfirmed it and it was accorded from where i have obtained the transfer informations with the bank.

Due to my resident status as a student the laws in this country forbids to operate an account above with 200.000 us $ , and because the owner of the money whose name is registered with the account is now dead the bank ,the bank will need to do Change Of
Ownership first with the next beneficiary .

Change of onwership is to change the certificated informations and deposit details about the money into another person name to make the person the next rightful owner of the money by law . This is to help bank give an account of the money to the bank and to the fedral ministry of finance benin republique. When this is done, the transfer could be easily processed without fears for hitch or frauding suspecting matters.

Now iam going to appoint you as the Next Of Kin to inherit the money so that through you ,we shall demand for transferring of the money to your account where it will be easy for me to utilise the money for any investment project that i may undergo in your country or anywhere in the world. This will require your present at the bank to enable the procedures,to sign and to give us the time to know ourselves after which we can travel together to your country after the transfer.

The change of ownership will cost us money about 1700.00US$.and iam going to pay this money to the bank to obtain the Ownership Certificate in your name to make sure that everything work out successful for us. When it is done,all other expenses that we might undergo to transfer the money will be withdrawn from the account through your name and signatory because it is now valid for utility.

We need Non Drug Law Certificate ,and other documents to protect the transfer so we still have more expenses to do but it will be withrdawn from the money,that is why i do not have the exact days it will take us to complete the transfer but it will not surpass two weeks from the time you come. We shall lodge together in the hotel within the few days to accomplish this transaction before leaving to your country.

I do not really know how difficult it may take you to visit benin as a matter of emergency,but in whatsoever, i wish you make it so that we can have access to the money before the december season comes closer so that i will not spend my days here by next year 2005.

While coming,the bank will require these details to do thework for us.

Your age,date of birth, a place of birth,state and country,married status ,business,phone and fax, and bank account details.

So you will prepare yourself .Too before agreeing with me,i want you to let me know if there is something that will make you not to do this business cause i won't like to withdraw back application after the bank might have noticed your application.

Hope to be hearing from you soon.

Yours .

I replied saying I am only a poor nun with no bank account, no money blah blah, that will come in handy later on Wink:


You don't seem to understand, I cannot help you, I am but a poor Nun, I have no money, no savings and no bank account. I cannot visit Benin either as I have no money for air fares, I would have been able to help you in my previous position as Financial Development Manager for the Church, but my Church has been taken over by another Church, details are below. I have not told anyone about your email, I simply suggest that you try the Church of Goodwill as I am not in a position to help you.

So, for further discussion with the new owner, please contact at his Church website which you can visit here:


He then replies, wanting me, a nun, to do the dirty work and work on to get him to use his account to transfer the money Shocked Laughing

Dear ,
thanks for your reply and may you remain always blessed by the Lord God for your kindness .

There is one thing that i want you to please help me to contact the man you are talking about,lets it be that you are helping me tyhrough him and i will be leting you know anything we do and from your advise i can go forward with him.

Explain to him about the business transaction ,do not get him into knowing whom iam or how we know ourselves (I won't say a word, honest Laughing),tell him that iam a friend and would like to suport in your dreaming ministry because if I suceed in this with you, I will support you and support myself by knowing more the word of God and to spread it to many.

So me this favour by consulting him,his requirements is only to undertake in his responsibility pertaing to the transaction as I have explained to you, by visiting Benin and to provide his account to transfer the money .

Then when that is completed,by coming to your country i will have to introduce myself in person to you and to reunion our coperation in an business implimentation .

Hope to be hearung from you soon.


My reply:

Dear ,

I think you have been sent by god to help me, you writing to me can only be a sign of divine intervention, nothing else can explain it in this my hour of need.

Darling Benjamin, I must tell you that is a very nasty man, he is a power crazed man, he treated me very badly when he came to our Church before he bought it, he treats everyone so bad that I think he needs to have a taste of his own medicine.

I really do hate him with all my soul, he took my Church and my home, I am now living in a homeless nuns unit here and am no longer a Sister of the Church, simply a Sister in name only. I will be happy to work with you to trick into using his accounts for the money transfer, then I can run away to another country with my money from you and start a new life.

Is it nice where you live, I would like to come and see you after this is all done, Benjamin, may I ask how old you are please? I am 52 years old but look a lot younger than that and I am quite attractive, although I have never taken the company of a man in my life as I have been a nun since I was 16.

What do we do next, what shall I say to ?


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 8:39 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Brilliant storyline. Inspired. I wish I'd thought of it!

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