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 One of my first ongoing baits.

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Uno Nisu
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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 8:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Since he broke out of script:
lad wrote:
Dear xxx,

I have read your recent email and the confirmation made that you not handled a transaction of this nature and the amount that is involved, this has been noted and I want to assure you from my side as my trustee that this should be no problem so long as you maintain the confidentiality of this project and adhere to my instructions strictly,

I have in my last email explained to you the process which I will want you to give me the answers to be well guided on the arrangement from my side on the execution of this project.

me wrote:
Dear dr,

I seem to have losing your last email, in which you give informations I need to fill, please send again.

GOD, please touch you,

At this point he resends one of his script responses

me wrote:
I do not think I can travel now so point 2 seems viable operation.

May GOD touch your nether and mine,

lad wrote:
Another long script response

me wrote:

My dearest doctor,

I do not have a scanner. I can sent you the digitally signed certificate for identificatsion?

I trust GOD

lad wrote:
Dear xxx,

I have read your recent email and the information given that you do not have a scanner and that you can send me a digitally signed certificate, I am sorry to declare my refusal on this because as far as the official introduction of our person to the management of Exxon Mobil Corporation a copy of your ID documents is imperative, so I will advise you for the success of this project, you should hurriedly go to the store an pick up a scanner to make easy flow of communication and processes.

me wrote:
Dear dr,

The stores are closed on weekend and on monday-tuesday because we have national holiday then.

May GOD touch your nether and mind

lad wrote:
Dear xxx,
I have read your recent email and the explanation made this is weekend and stores are closed you have also confirmed that Monday and Tuesday are public holidays to mark there in the USA.
As I have explained to you that I cannot complete the introduction process without you send to me your official identification document scanned , so I hope you know and understand the importance of this document and do the needful to send it to me as soon as possible.

lad in a few days wrote:
Dear xxx,

I am still waiting for your response to be rest assured of sending the scanned copy of your ID by Wednesday after the Holidays.

me wrote:
I am replying, because to tell you about the scanner(mail conveniently cuts off here)

lad wrote:
Dear xxx,

I have read your email but you have failed to say anything about the scanner, I want to know if you should be able to get the scanner by Wednesday and forward the scanned copy of your identification.
It is important we remain constant in communication as every arrangement on this project execution unfolds.

me wrote:
I accidentally the email. I will see how much the scanners cost on wednesday evening.

lad wrote:
Dear Iama,
Please you should proceed and get the scanner and also let me know how much it is because it will be regarded as part of expenses on the execution of this project which shall be reimbursed immediately the total amount is transferred into your bank account.

me wrote:
Dear docvtor

attatched is the scan.
(not really)

lad wrote:

I herein forward to you the last email from you to confirm that your last email to me has no attachment, could you please resend the copy of the Attachment to me

me wrote:
Ah sorry about that
(with a 7mb junk pdf file)

lad wrote:

Dear xx,

i have made every effort to download the attached copy of your ID, but could not it is either you did not upload it the right way of the size is too large, could you please make amends and get back to me with a better copy,
To buttress I want you to view the attached copy on your desk top to confirm what I mean

me wrote:
I try again, different format
(with a 24mb png file)

lad wrote:
Dear xxx,

I am unable to down the file, please you should send it with a JPG File or PDF or look for some body since you just bought a scanner that will direct you on what to do and how to go about it.

I guess he is a bit hooked already Smile note the miseducation attempt with funky grammar.
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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 9:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Great job! Laughing De-education is so much fun.

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