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 When things don't go right...

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:46 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Cammy has contacted a lawyer about claiming a DBC's funds!


Thanks very much for the relief news I received from you today. You have really made my day a very memorable one which has so gladdened my heart. You are a darling. Please let me know the progress you make from time to time. You have my fate, life and future right there in your hands now.
I look to meeting with you when the money enters your account. Please my dear, ensure you conclude with the payment before your trip to England.
You will forever remain my favorite.

But Cammy says that the lawyers have tried to trick her!


I was not expecting that there was anything to ping on the transaction at this stage from any quarters having surmounted all the hurdles and gotten this far. What is the problem? Please let me know about it, I am so pissed out when you said they are putting up bullshit and crap. What exactly is the problem?
Please let me be well informed to stem down my mind and anxiety that has caught up with me right now. Have a blissful weekend sweet Camille and my regards to your people around especially your boyfriend.

Cammy intends to get some documents from the DBC's homeland!


Thanks for your mail which I read this morning and was so disturbed and worried about the content. Please, please and please my sweet Camille don't trade on such rough path as trying to get those certificates from Germany for safety and security reasons in order not to jeopardize our chances of successfully concluding this deal without any problem. I told you from the word go that this is a deal and the fund original owner is a German national. He was in Benin Republic until his death and all attempts made to reach his kins and relatives for years failed. He had no written will at the time of his death. It was as a result of the no contact showing up for him that made myself the Driector Audit Dept (Dr. Makinde Talfida) to seek for your consent to perfect the deal since the fund has remained unclaimed till date. Any attempt to get the certificates from Germany may trigger off some questions from either their government quarters or the Board of Director or even the external Auditors from outside the country.
Kindly do all your best to save the situation by giving it a closed circuit dealing within the territorial boundaries of Benin Republic. It may not be that Dr. Zongo wants to give the Lawyers work, but he may see it as a new development since no such case involving foreign nationals have taken place in the life history of the bank before And also, keep Dr. Zongo in the dark about the deal as he is not included and does not have any atom of knowledge about it.
Please my Darling Camille, save the chances of our getting through by keeping to the rules, even it may be internationally acceptable, but in this deal, let us look unwise to get it through as long as it is legally and legitimately allowed and acceptable by the bank authorities, let all due protocols be observed for our own interest.
Good a thing you told me about it in time. Please my Dear, limit all dealings internally for my and your good. We are partners for good and anything that can bring possible problems, let us stop it for good in time. Kindly speed up all efforts to getting the transfer done quickly and as goes, scout for a possible lucrative areas of investments in your country for me and advice me, so that as soon as the fund moves into your account, you can take off on that.
I once told you that there is more in a relationship than sex. I look forward to you to be a source of light and hope in a mutual understanding.

Cammy's lawyer is suspicious!


What is this Mr. Caldwell talking about? Who is he and what does he know about Andreas and family who lived all his life here in Benin? He is biased about the whole thing and can not be telling you the truth. You need to prove him wrong because the plane crash news was in BBC news. No one say anything to the contrary about it. You can read the news again. If he is aware of it he must know the realities of it all.
My Dear, please don't mind him. Lets go on to prove him wrong as the end will justify us. If you insist on getting the certificates from Germany, no problems but you have to be careful of who you talk to. You can see the effects of getting very biased information as with Mr. Caldwell. Is he trying to say that the deceased had no bank account or never lived in Benin Republic or he did not die in the plane crash? That wrong information wont deter us from successfully accomplishing and concluding the deal. It is as well as perfected and concluded. Please if he can not get the desired certificates, let us seek it from within, its all same and serves the purpose as well.
Just be careful who to talk to and what you say to people. They maybe enemies of progress and know you that some people are so myopic in reasoning.
Looking forward to hear of progress report made on this aspect as it is the only documents needed to pull the transfer immediately.

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