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 Stupidity strikes back - or another african love story

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Jun 2013
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello at all. Now I want to present you the next black sheep in my contacts. But this one is a real „Mugu“.

As always it started on skype. My new lovely girl was shy at the beginning but came straight to the point very quickly.
We all know what's the oldest business in the world is and there is one things that goes quite smoothly with it. MONEY

Met her on skype again. This time I did the first step
Name: prospera.marie
DOB: 23.10.1988
AGE: 24
TEL: +233202186407
ABOUT ME: Looking for someone special.

[18/06/2013 17:34:24] abc: Hello. Found you on addmecontacts and like to get to know you. Some chat from time to time... Maybe I am someone special for you? abc
[19/06/2013 18:46:51] *** prospera marie hat Kontaktdetails mit abc ausgetauscht. ***
[19/06/2013 19:02:49] abc: Hello.
[19/06/2013 19:02:59] prospera marie: i
[19/06/2013 19:03:37] abc: How are you today?
[19/06/2013 19:04:58] prospera marie: am fine
[19/06/2013 19:05:41] abc: That's nice to hear. Anything you want to know about me?
[19/06/2013 19:05:58] prospera marie: wat do u do
[19/06/2013 19:06:35] abc: Not much at the moment. Sitting outside and enjoy the sun. And you?
[19/06/2013 19:08:48] prospera marie: nice
[19/06/2013 19:10:11] abc: It's always nice to have some joys in life, isn't it?
[19/06/2013 19:20:14] prospera marie: yes
[19/06/2013 19:20:50] abc: So what are your joys in life?
[19/06/2013 19:21:04] prospera marie: chatin with u
[19/06/2013 19:21:27] abc: Oh thank you very much.
[19/06/2013 19:23:13] abc: You're very kind. Smile
[19/06/2013 19:23:25] prospera marie: why
[19/06/2013 19:24:12] abc: Because you are. I know it is a stupid answer but I can tell from what and how you write.
[19/06/2013 20:04:10] abc: Or are you not kind? Would you like to tell me a bit more about you?

So far - so good...

[24/06/2013 14:30:09] prospera marie: hi how are u doin today
[24/06/2013 14:31:09] abc: I am fine. And you? How are you?
[24/06/2013 14:31:41] prospera marie: 'am also cool\
[24/06/2013 14:32:20] abc: Good to know. What r u doing?
[24/06/2013 14:33:06] prospera marie: am just chattin
[24/06/2013 14:35:17] abc: Just as I do. Laying lazily on my couch.... Very Happy
[24/06/2013 14:35:26] prospera marie: ok
[24/06/2013 14:36:19] abc: Jepp. Wanna tell me a bit more about you?
[24/06/2013 14:36:37] prospera marie: ok wat do u wanna know
[24/06/2013 14:36:51] abc: Everything.... Wink
[24/06/2013 14:38:47] abc: Or whatever you wanna tell me....
[24/06/2013 14:38:50] prospera marie: like what]
[24/06/2013 14:39:46] abc: What do you like /dislike.... What you doing. Job... Studying.... etc....
[24/06/2013 14:40:17] prospera marie: am workin for a non govermental organisation
[24/06/2013 14:40:49] abc: Aha. Is it interesting?
[24/06/2013 14:43:23] prospera marie: where dop u also work at
[24/06/2013 14:43:47] abc: I work in travel agency.
[24/06/2013 14:47:01] abc: What you do in your freetime? Going out? Staying in...
[24/06/2013 14:47:44] prospera marie: stayin in chattin with friends
[24/06/2013 14:47:51] prospera marie: what abouy you
[24/06/2013 14:48:37] abc: Depends. Sometimes out but staying in as well.

Now here we go!

[24/06/2013 14:49:46] prospera marie: u know what
[24/06/2013 14:50:08] abc: What?
[24/06/2013 14:50:23] prospera marie: i need 100$
[24/06/2013 14:50:38] abc: For what? If I may ask
[24/06/2013 14:53:14] abc: Say it
[24/06/2013 14:53:15] prospera marie: i want to pay for my internet charges
[24/06/2013 14:53:38] abc: I can give it to you.
[24/06/2013 14:54:25] prospera marie: ok through western union? because i need it urgently
[24/06/2013 15:03:18] abc: Right then. Give me your details and tell me what are you doing in return
[24/06/2013 15:10:44] abc: So?
[24/06/2013 15:30:13] abc: Don't want the money? If you are in need of some - no problem....

The following is copied from the skype chat in my mobile:
Marie: Yeah
Me: If you need some money I can give you some.
Marie: ok i need the money. should I give you my details now
Me: How much you need?
Marie: 100 $
Me: Only?
Marie: Can you add more
Me: Yes.
Marie: OK how much can you help me with?
Me: 200-250 $
Marie: Ok 250 $ please sweety.
Me: What will you give me in return?
Marie: Love
Me: Love? How?
Marie: Cam
Me: Okay. Got a pic of you? What will you do on cam? Btw If Iam going to like what you do I might be able to give you a weekly "donation".
Marie: sweety wat do you need
Me: What do you mean? For the money.... your details. For the show up to you.
Marie: (after sending 3 pictures) Did you receive the image?
Me: Yes. Thank you.
Marie: So when will I receive my money you promised
Me: When you give me all details I'll send it.
Marie: so what details you need
Me: Where do you want me to send the money to.
Marie: Ghana, upper east region
Me: A name would be nice. Or it won't work with moneygramm
Marie: My name prospera marie
Me: Town?
Marie: Bolgatanga
Me: Post code & mobile? So I can send you the code.
Marie: i don't have a post code. so can you please send it through western union?

[24/06/2013 21:19:58] *** Verpasster Anruf von prospera marie. ***
[24/06/2013 21:20:33] *** Verpasster Anruf von prospera marie. ***

Then I tried the mobile number. It worked. I was asking her a few times if she still want the money...
[21:08:45] prospera marie: hello fatalist am here
[21:09:12] abc: Finally.
[21:10:27] abc: So still want the 250$ ?
[21:10:36] prospera marie: yes
[21:10:53] abc: Good.
[21:11:37] prospera marie: so i told you i needed it through western union
[21:11:55] abc: I've got all the papers here but unfortunately it is too late to send everything. Where have you been the whole time? Too busy?
[21:12:27] abc: The western union shop here is closed already.... Sad
[21:14:48] abc: So you have to wait one more day!
[21:15:39] prospera marie: ok
[21:15:59] prospera marie: so what details do you need so you dont bother me next time
[21:16:30] abc: And there are a few problems as well. Because I am going to send it to Africa they require a few things...
[21:17:12] prospera marie: what do you require
[21:17:22] abc: BOTHER YOU? REALLY? You want some money and therefore you shouldn't talk like that.
[21:18:09] abc: We have to set up a security question and an answer and I need some proof of your ID.
[21:20:17] prospera marie: what do you need
[21:21:24] abc: As I said. We have to set up a security question and the matching answer. Furthermore I need some proof of your ID that I can show them that you are the one who gets the money.
[21:22:09] prospera marie: so what is the security question...who is your lover
[21:22:23] prospera marie: and the answer fatalist
[21:22:51] abc: Yes. We can do that. I ask the question WHO IS YOUR LOVER? And your answer will be.....
[21:23:00] abc: Exactly.
[21:23:06] prospera marie:
[21:23:45] abc: How can we then proof your ID my littke sweety?
[21:24:26] prospera marie: what type of i d do you need
[21:25:35] abc: ID card... Passport... One of it will do.
[21:26:40] prospera marie: take my pic as the passport
[21:27:53] abc: Has to official. I was suggesting that already. They need your lovely pic together with you lovely name and an official stamp.... Sorry.... Sad
[21:29:28] abc: But it will do once. Then they have it in their system and I can send you a bit every week.
[21:32:09] abc: ?
[21:35:44] prospera marie: i dont have one
[21:36:17] abc: What? No ID card... Passport... Driving license?
[21:36:44] prospera marie: okok
[21:36:52] prospera marie: should i scan it for you
[21:37:00] abc: So?
[21:37:41] abc: Yes. Scan it, make it as a pic and send it please.

And again she was offline. So I texted her again. She then invited me at whatsapp. And that was the biggest mistake "Marie" could have done...
There you can have a look at the profile as well.... It is quite stupid if you add your victims and have a status like: THE YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE... it is even more stupid to leave your original picture in it. Which shows you in a US-Army uniform and your real face. So it turned out that "Marie" is a stupid man from somewhere in Africa.
I am quite looking forward for all the IDs I need to send the money.... Because now we are talking about 250 $.


I am the phantom of your future.
I am the fear behind the doors.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Jun 2013
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:11 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Some nice images of "Maria".

Twisted Evil

AND NOW THE REAL FACE. (or it is the security guard outside the house).

aka Josie or josiemodel an adult cam model (the girl of course)

I am the phantom of your future.
I am the fear behind the doors.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Jun 2013
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

After I was asking for some proofen ID it took him quite a while to reply. First he had some problems at home with his scanner.
Later he tried to go to a internet cafe to do it there. Unfortunately it was closed already.

Yesterday he told me that he doesn't need my money anymore because he was able to get the needed amount himself.

I was so looking forward to see what kind of ID he would come up with. But I think he hasn't got the right stuff down in his cellar.

Since yesterday 2pm no further messages arrived. So I think that is the end of it.

I am the phantom of your future.
I am the fear behind the doors.
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