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 "Ghana dose operate as a country"

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Customs Lad wants to send Mal a box of cash:

I wish to bring to your notice about One Trunk Box carrying your name and email address tag on it.

After some more exchanges, Mal countered:

Seriously - why don't you take the money? It's yours to do with as you want, and it's clear that you don't have any issues with how it was made, so you clearly have no scruples worth a damn.

The Lad was furious at my vile insult to his nation's honour:

You advising me to take the box means Ghana dose operate as a country and that is an insult to me.
We do not take luggage, box, and consignment the way you think it. I don't even have the right to open the box but have right to scan it to know the content.

Mal was suitable chastened:

I have no idea why my suggestion that you keep the money for yourself is an attack on your country. It's a comment on your moral values, inasmuch as you have no problems with the thought that the money may be made by child prostitution, blood diamond trading, or drugs. That thought worries me; but it doesn't worry you. Thus I thought that you might have no problems taking the money for yourself.

Nothing else yet... the Lad was doubtless celebrating his victory.

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